Anytone AT-5555N Review | 10 Meter Amateur Radio with SSB/FM/AM/PA Mode

Who wouldn’t like to communicate clearly and for free from home or in remote zones?

Are you looking for a radio that combines professional features and a friendly interface? The large offer and price range of ham radios can be overwhelming for beginners. This Anytone AT-5555N Review will show you the reasons why amateur radio users around the world keep choosing it.

You will have at your service the highest operability and greatest visual features. Without a doubt the Anytone Radio AT-5555N it’s the right amateur choice because it offers an affordable price and all the best features to enjoy the radio connection world.

Anytone AT-5555N


In-depth Anytone AT-5555N Review

Who is Anytone AT-5555N for?

This radio is the right one for Amateur Radio Operators that love radios with old-school designs and novel specs. Also, it provides clear communication in closed areas with low or null cellphone reception, which is key for Storage Personal and Logistic Operators.

Truck Drivers choose it for its endurance and clear sound. As well as the staff from institutions with Industrial and Business Licenses such as Educational Workers, Ecclesiastical Institutions Members, and Hospital Operators can improve their tasks’ development and performance with this radio.

Design & Feature of Anytone AT 5555 N

The Anytone AT-5555N is a light and ergonomic device, its weight is 3.31 pounds and its dimensions are 11 x 2.4 x 9.8 inches, completely light and easy to carry. This radio can be converted into 11 meter CB Radio. Its frequency response in AM/FM mode is 300 to 3000Hz and when using as SSB 450 to 2500Hz. Other important features are:

  • Dual-Digital Tube for Channel Display
  • 6 Modes available: PA, CW, AM, FM, USB, LSB
  • 360 programmable channels
  • Big LCD Display
  • Frequency Range from 28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz
  • Frequency Tunning Step 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz
  • PC Programming Software
  • Power Output 12W AM, 30W FM, 30W SSB
  • SCAN Function


Blinded by This Brilliant Radio? The AnyTone AT-5555N Review is Just Starting. Get Ready, There is More…

The Anytone AT-5555N design keeps an analog look and feel, while displaying advanced features. When you buy it you will also receive the Stock Microphone, Bracket Screws, and Power Cord.

This programmable radio is manufactured and designed for users who require easy-to-use communication equipment. You will have the highest communication quality and performance, as well as excellent reliability.

The readability of the radio display is excellent. You can switch easily between mods CB and 10 meters by simply holding down two keys.

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Become the Expert, Discover The Anytone AT-5555N Yourself

It’s certainly a powerful, all-mode radio that you can buy for an affordable price. The build quality turns it into a lasting and reliable device with impressive sensitivity.

This radio provides a flawless experience for each user, you can set the menu-driven system according to your personal preferences easily.

Highlighted Assets

  • PC Programmable
  • High-End harmonic suppression
  • Excellent frequency accuracy
  • CW capable

The positive assets of this radio outweigh the few cons that we discovered while using this device. As a con, it has only 5 kHz steps which make it easy to miss a weak signal on SSB. Also, the radio doesn’t include a repeater shift (you need to use the programming software to get that to work). You will find the AT-5555N connect systems in the interior of the device, which makes it a bit uncomfortable for programming.

Potential Shortcomings

  • Offers CW but lacks better CW filter options
  • No service manual available
  • No external USB socket for programming

Anytone AT-5555N Review 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Why Choose AnyTone AT-5555N?

You can read easily in both direct sunlight and darkness from its big and clear blue screen. This high-quality screen is a remarkable asset for truck drivers’ and hikers’ needs.

You can give a quick and clear response in every situation. The AnyTone AT-5555N provides fast communication in long-distance ranges and the transmissions are free of noise and distortion.

If you are a new user or beginner, you are going to learn how to use a professional radio through a friendly interface.

Set-Up and User Experience

Users find several advantages in terms of quality, this radio is placed at the top of its price category. It’s easy to personalize your experience by changing the initial functions and parameters.

As a radio designed for professionals and amateurs alike, you can set up its default functions by using a simple menu interface. Switch the Default Frequency, the content displayed on the LCD, and the Scanning Mode to your preference.

Conclusion Anytone AT 5555 N Review

If you haven’t decided yet which radio is best for you, we hope this AnyTone AT-5555N Review will help you to make a decision. In conclusion, we can say it’s the perfect choice for every radio lover. The best part is that it the AnyTone AT-5555N specs and features are a professional range at a convenient price. All the features that every radio user looks for are combined on the AnyTone AT-5555N.


Q-1: How should I plug in the radio Antenna?

A: Connect the antenna to location “B” on the back panel of the equipment and then set the SWR before transmitting.

Q-2: How do I restore the radio factory settings?


  1. Power off the radio.
  2. Press FUNC and SCAN keys and hold them at the same time, followed by powering on the radio.
  3. Release the two keys when the LCD displays “RES”.

When the LCD displays “REND” all the formers will be already replaced by Factory Settings.



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