The Definitive AnyTone AT-6666 Review in 2022

AnyTone AT-6666 is one of the best 10 meters SSB/FM/ AM /PA mode amateur(ham) Radio for trucks.

Would you like to have a radio that combines a friendly interface with professional features?

If the answer is yes, you don’t need to worry; it’s easier than you think. Whether this is your first time getting a radio or you have the previous amateur experience, finding the right model is an adventure itself. To help you in the process, this Anytone AT-6666 Review will lead you to the right questions and answers you need.


It doesn’t matter where are you going to use this radio, all over the world in the most remote areas you will have clear communications. This radio is definitively the right amateur choice to enjoy a fulfilling radio experience.

Sincere Opinion; Upfront Truth About This Radio:

From the first look, you will notice that it has the appearance of a HAM radio, which is really attractive for most of the users. This radio operates with multiple mods, it’s light, smaller than previous models, and easily portable.

The clarity in communication that his radio offers is impressive. Although there are some features where it can be improved. So let’s dig down on the comparison of the good and not-so-good features of this radio and you will come to your own conclusions.

AnyTone AT-6666 spec


  • Excellent Harmonic Suppression.
  • Ergonomic Microphone
  • High Transmit Power
  • Big and Clear 7 Color Display
  • Set the Display to Show Channel Numbers or Frequency


  • Programming Cable Is Not Included
  • Background Noise In Some Communications
  • Unclear SSB Reception
  • The Radio May Over Heat

Revealing All The Facts; Master The Radio Experience After This AnyTone AT-6666 Review

When your purchase arrives, you will receive the Radio Transceiver, the Service Manual, Belt Clip, and Microphone. The small size of this 10-meter radio is amazing, even half of the size of other 10-meter radio models, really convenient for users with limited space.

Because it’s easy to transport, this is the perfect choice for truck drivers. Although it is comfortable, one of the problems of this radio related to the size is overheating. For extended use, try to set it with the lowest output power possible for you.

By just pressing the right combination of buttons the conversion into an 11-meter or CB. Compared with other models, where is required to. Nevertheless, the alignment of this radio is ready to be used as a 10-meter out of the box. This radio is easier and friendlier than previous models for its use.

The AnyTone AT-6666 mods such as the CTCSS board comes already installed, ready to pass the audio when the tone is received.

There Is Still More AnyTone AT-6666 Review. Discover Everything You Need To Know

anytone at-6666 review

If you ever wondered who makes all AnyTone radios, the answer is Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co, Ltd. A Chinese with over 20 years in the market. And the manufacturers have definitively kept improving over time.

One of the most remarkable assets of this radio is its big and clear screen, which you can easily set in 7 different colors. This feature besides being trendy, fun, and good-looking for its usage, is especially helpful for the outdoors.

If you are a beginner this radio has professional features and a friendly interface really easy to get used to. On the other hand, improving its assets or increasing the power of your radio can be challenging. There is not much information available about how to program, and none of it is official, this can be confusing for beginners.

The following list includes the most important features of this radio, that places it in the best price range of its category:

  • It has 5 available modes, FM, AM, SSB, LSB, PA
  • AM/FM Frequency: 10.695MHz 1st IF, 455KHz 2nd IF
  • SSB Frequency:10.695MHz
  • 8-OHMS Built-In Speaker
  • Choose your screen color (Green, Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Cyan)
  • Power Output: 15W/45W/60W From AM/FM/SSL respectively.
 AnyTone AT-6666 design Review

Our Take: Don’t Know Yet If This Radio Fits You? Read The AnyTone AT-6666 Review And Users Experience Before You Buy It

This radio has a complete set of features. The radio’s endurance and clear sound make it the right choice for truck drivers and patrols. All the pros of this radio outweigh the few cons that we have mentioned, but it could be important to consider the lack of information related to its programming.

Whether you’d like to update the firmware or install the programming software you will need to purchase the programming cable and research for the information at non-official sites.

The bright side is that the radio is already set and ready to use when you unbox it, so this is actually just for people who would like to change any particular setting. Also, considering the price range, this radio has an additional advantage for users.

Does It Worth Its Price?

The price range of this model varies around 260 USD, which is a little bit higher than the average price for a 10-meter radio. But it’s definitely cheaper than radios with all the potential features after easily converting this model into an 11-meter radio. Furthermore, additional assets as its convenient size and weight, combined with a clear color screen turn this purchase into a win-win.

Is There a Better Model?

Since 2019 is announced the AnyTone AT-6666 PLUS which claims to be an upgraded model and according to the pictures and description is actually more appealing.

Unfortunately, this model it’s not still available for purchase. So far, the AnyTone AT-6666 is the best model in its category.

Should You Buy It?

As we presented, if you’re a professional or amateur who wants to improve your radio experience this is a great choice for you, 100% yes. You will find an ergonomic and friendly model with great assets, reliability and outstanding.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right radio for each user can take along. It needs time and dedication. We hope this AnyTone AT-6666 Review helped you to arrive at several conclusions.

In fact, we highlight a few; convenient for your usage, this radio comes ready to use out of the box, it’s light and has a big LCS color screen. Great for your wallet, it’s a lasting and reliable product for an affordable price. Explore and discover the radio communication world with the best product. In summary-

  • This is a great 10-meter ham radio; you can convert it into 11 meter CB Radio Kit 40 Channel for your truck.
  • It has AM:15W/FM:45W/SSB:60W(PEP) power output
  • This is 12A(with modulation) Drain
  • This model has FM/AM/USB/LSB Modulation
  • Innter- more than -25dB;5th order , more than -35dB modulation Distortion:SSB:3rd order
  • This is 55dB SSB Carrier Suppression and 50dB unwanted sideband
  • This is AM/FM:300 to 3000Hz SSB: 450 to 2500Hz Frequency Response
  • Adjacent-Channel Selectivity is AM/FM:60dB SSB:70dB
  • Image Rejection is More than 65dB
  • IF Frequency has AM/FM:10.695MHz 1st IF, 455KHz 2nd IF SSB:10.695MHz
  • It has 45dB adjustable for optimum signal reception RF Gain Control
  • Automatic Gain Control(AGC) is a Less than 10dB change in audio output for inputs from 10 to 100,000microvolt.
  • It has 3watts into 8 ohms Audio Output Power
  • Has 8ohms Built-in Speaker
  • External Speaker is 8ohms; disables the internal speaker when connected.

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