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what is fm radio

What is FM radio?

FM, short for Frequency Modulation, is one of the few types of radio broadcasting in use today. As the name suggests it uses frequency modulation to give radio users high fidelity sound over their device. High fidelity is a term used to define the high-quality sound reproduction offered by FM radio, which is in contrast …

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When did FM radio start

When did FM radio start

Do you ever wonder while listening to the car radio, while driving to or from work, how did we ever get the luxury of listening to such high-quality sound of music or the news? All that without needing to be connected to the internet or something similar that would be costly and constraint our movement …

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How does an AM radio work

How does an AM radio work

Many people do not really know what radios are and how do they work. Our job here today is to change that and tell you all of the basic information that you need to know about AM radio. Basically, AM radios use a certain approach to radio signals, collect them and transform them into audio …

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