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Beartooth radio is a device that wants to be heard… you heard of a walkie talkie radio called Beartooth? Well, if you have not heard of it, you are definitely at a loss because this walkie talkie radio is one of the best latest technology products. This device has it all. If you do not have any Wi-Fi or cellular network, well, you do not have to worry about that any more Beartooth radio is able to connect you with others by creating a localized network between users that are very close. You do not even have to worry about a flat battery of your phone all that you need to have with you is a Beartooth radio.

With this device, the future has never been closer. We have tested this radio, and in this article, you will be reading a full Beartooth radio review. So, stay tuned and keep reading to find out more about it.

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What is the Beartooth device?… Beartooth is a very tiny, yet very powerful device. This device is made so that it can be connected to your smartphone, and it supports both IOS and Android devices, which is really amazing. If you have this device with you, but your smartphone has no cellular service, you will still be able to talk to your friends, send them texts, and use GPS and maps.

Another great feature that this device has is that you have the ability to share your location with other Beartooth users that are within your range. And, what can you do if your phone’s battery is dying? Well, you do not have to worry about that at all, because Beartooth is there to help. This device can be used as a backup battery for your phone if needed.

Beartooth Radio Review – Our pick of the best handheld device you can buy this year

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Are Beartooth radios good?

Yes! Beartooth radios are really helpful and can be used every day. Some sources say that this 2-way radio is not good for your health and that it’s radioactive. On the other hand, there is no scientific proof that confirms this statement. To answer the question, yes, Beartooth radios are good and very helpful. You do not have to worry about getting lost when your phone runs out of service. As long as you have your Beartooth walkie talkie two-way radio with you, you will be safe.

Why is this radio Important and for who?

This radio can be used by everyone, literally. It is very important to have this kind of device with you just in case if you get into some kind of trouble, or you get lost. Since this device can work even when your cellphone has no service, it can be very helpful in case of an emergency, it can even save lives.

Why Do You Need this Radio?

This radio guarantees your safety. You will never get lost if you have this Beartooth walkie talkie radio by your side, you will always find your way back home. Besides all of this, even when you run out of cell service or Wi-Fi, you will always have the ability to contact your friends wherever you are!

This radio’s frequency is out of this world!

This device has a digital transceiver, and it is using DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum. In other words, this device has the ability to hop from one frequency to another so that it could transmit and broadcast all kinds of messages. Beartooth radio’s frequency range can vary, but, it usually works on 900 MHz, or somewhere between 902 MHz and 928 MHz.

Beartooth Radio Design & Feature Review

This radio has a very modern design without any antennas. Due to its practical size, it can fit into any kind of pocket or purse. Even though it is small, it is very powerful and has the ability to enable your communication with other radios that are in your range (the range of 36 miles).

Besides all of these, your Beartooth radio cannot be interrupted by other walkie talkies. This company respects privacy, and that is why they have added the privacy mode to their latest Beartooth radio. You will have the ability to talk to someone without being interrupted by others that catch up on your signal.

And, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, just stay calm, you have your Beartooth radio with you. This radio has a built-in SOS siren that can be heard by people that are miles away from you.

Highlight Feature

  • Very practical design and size.
  • Has a 36-mile range.
  • Has an SOS siren that can be used for emergencies
  • Batteries are able to last for 11 hours and more when fully charged.
  • Why should you buy this radio

This radio is one of those devices that you just must have near you. In order to use this device, the Beartooth application on your phone must be turned on, or else you will not be able to receive or send messages. One amazing thing about the Beartooth company is that they offer fast shipping, your device will be by your side in just a couple of days.

Beartooth radio supports IOS and Android devices. If your Android phone has a 5.0 operative system version and higher, you will have the ability to connect your radio to it. There are two generations of this device available (Gen 1 and Gen 2). And both of these generations have LED light built into the device.

There are often new updates available for the device. You can always update it by using the application on your phone.

Our take of Beartooth radio review

best beartooth radio review

Why should you trust us?

We have tested this device and we are telling you our honest opinion in this Beartooth radio review article. It is our job to test and give out our honest opinion and educate others. And we can say that we are really satisfied with this device, and it has definitely become a device that we use every day.

How we tested and picked this device

If you are wondering how we tested this device, well, we have been using it for a while to see how it works. And, we can tell you that this device will soon be very popular. Everyone should have this Beartooth radio device near them especially if they are going on a hike or swimming. What’s amazing is that this device is actually waterproof.

There is no doubt that this device definitely stands out and that there is no similar device to this one.

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Is there a better alternative?

There are many walkie-talkies available on Amazon and eBay. But, we must say that they do not even come close to this device. They do not have the same features, and for sure have less quality than this Beartooth radio.


In conclusion, we must say that the preferences that this radio has been too good to be true! We think that this radio will soon become a necessity among people on this Earth. The thought of being able to communicate with other people without cell service is just beyond awesome.

We highly recommend the usage of this radio it is very practical and just helpful. With this radio, the future has never been closer!

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FAQ of the BEARTOOTH Smart Walkie Talkie Radio

1. How to program this radio?

Programming this radio is really a piece of cake. All that you have to do is to download the Beartooth application on your smartphone. Have in mind that you will need to have at least two Beartooth radios near in order for them to work. The Beartooth application is available for both Android and IOS devices, and it must be turned on anytime you want to receive messages.

After you have downloaded the app, all that you have to do is open it on your phone and turn on the Beartooth device. Connect your phone with Beartooth via Bluetooth. The LED light will be blinking if you have established an active connection between your phone and Beartooth radio.

And that is pretty much it, you will be able to use Beartooth radio to receive and send messages as long as it is connected to your phone.

2. How to use this radio?

All that you have to do is to connect this radio with your phone so that it becomes usable. Once you do that, you will be able to communicate with other people that have the same device, and that are in your range. Besides that, the Beartooth device can be used as your phone’s spare battery.

3. Is this radio illegal?

No, this radio is legal in all of the ITU Region 2 countries (Europe, Africa, America…)

4. Why is this radio’s price good?

The Beartooth company wants to enable communication even when you are out of service on your phone. That is why the price of this radio is really good they wanted it to be affordable for everyone. This radio really comes in handy in emergency situations, and at least one emergency situation happens every day and there is no cell service to call the ambulance or help.



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