10 Best BaoFeng Radio Review [Handheld Ham & Mobile Radios]

First, A Small Talk About BaoFeng Radios

The BaoFeng radios are inexpensive radios for licensed amateur and commercial radio users and commercial users. Also, BaoFeng radios are designed to operate in both VHF and UHF frequencies.

The radios BaoFeng can operate in narrowband (12.5 kHz) or wideband (25 kHz). BaoFeng radios are flexible and user-friendly. All the models can be either PC or manually programmed.

After The General Topics, Some Particular Features

Along with this review of the best BaoFeng Radio, we will talk about these BaoFeng Radio models, so have a sneak peek and check our top pick models, to know more about the most popular, affordable, and appealing models from this brand. There are even more features to explore, read the full post to know everything you need to learn about this brand.

Discovering among this list the right model for you will be an easy task. BaoFeng has radios for everyone.

Comparison Chart of Best BaoFeng Radio reviews at a glance 2022:


71q8H7X3FRL. AC SL1500

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen)
  • Light model, easy to transport.
  • It counts with three power settings according to the distance you want to communicate and saving battery modes from 8W, to 4W, and 1W.
  • The Display is Tri-Color
  • Includes a 7’’ High Gain Antenna
  • Frequency Range: VHF 136-174 MHz; UHF 400-520 MHz
  • 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio)
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81 l1pNW0jL. AC SL1500

2. BaoFeng BTECH UV-5X3
  • Ergonomic and comfortable model, just 7.4 oz weight, easy to carry
  • It has 3 different power settings from the highest 5W that works with VHF mode, middle 4W, and low 1 W for shorter distances or longer battery life
  • The radio display is Tri-Color
  • Comes with a V-85 Dual Band Antenna
  • Frequency range: 130-179MHz; 220-225MHz ; 400-520MHz; 65-108MHz RX Only(FM Radio)
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41AblQ3HbyL. AC

3. BaoFeng UV-82C
  • One of the lightest BaoFeng models, 4.5 oz with ergonomic handling
  • Triple Frequency range: 136-174MHz; 400-520MHz & 65-108MHz RX Only(FM Radio)
  • Double Power setting and lasting battery life with two modes: High 5W & Low 1W
  • Tri-Color Display
  • Enhanced Calls Through High Gain Dual Band Antenna
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4. BaoFeng UV-5R
  • Firm and rigid model, accessible buttons. Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Frequency range: 136-174MHz; 400-520MHz & 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio)
  • Two different modes are available for power settings: High 4W up to 8 km & Low 1W up to 5 km
  • Tri-Color Display
  • The model includes an SMA-Female Antenna
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61PKaeAQAVL. AC SL1320

5. BaoFeng BF-888S
(Pack of 6pcs radios)
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Frequency range: 400-470 Mhz
  • One mode Power setting for communication up to 7 km.: 3W
  • This model has no Display
  • Includes a rigid 13 cm 50 Ω Antenna
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81Rp1OYgtWL. AC SL1500

6. BaeFong BTECH GMRS-V1
  • Easy-to carry Weight: 7.7 oz
  • Multiple frequency ranges in different channels: 15 GMRS Two-Way Channels; 8 GMRS Repeater Channels; 130-179MHz RX Only; 400-520MHz RX Only; 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio)
  • Two Power Settings to Improve Battery Life and Use Outdoors: High 2W & Low 500mW
  • Comfortable and easy to read Tri-Color Display
  • The model includes a Dual Band V-85 Antenna
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71+WaJV4nYL. AC SL1410

7. BTECH Mini UV-25X2 25 Watt Dual Band Base
  • Convenient for reduced-space environments, Weight: 0.9 lb
  • Frequency range: 130-179MHz; 400-520MHz & 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio)
  • Two power settings to cover up to 20 and 12 km respectively: High 25W & Low 10W
  • Easy to Read Full-Color LCD
  • The model also supports UHF Jack SO-239 Antenna
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71Fv6X FAfL. AC SL1410

8. BTECH Mini UV-25X4 25 Watt Tri-Band Base
  • Lighter than professional Mobile Radios but with a rigid case. Weight: 2lb
  • Frequency range: 130-179MHz; 220-260MHz (US/Asia); 350-390MHz (EU/Asia); 400-520MHz & 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio)
  • Two Power settings are available for UHF and VHF to cover up to 25 and 12 km respectively: High 25W (VHF) 20W (UHF) & Low 10W (VHF) 10W (UHF)
  • Big and Full Color LCD
  • The model supports as well the UHF Jack SO-239 Antenna
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71vNDncMPnL. AC SL1500

9. BTECH Mobile UV-50X3 50 Watt Tri-Band Radio
  • Big and resistant professional Mobile Radio, designed for working spaces. Weight: 4.6 lb
  • Wide Frequency range: 136-174MHz; 222-225MHz; 400-480MHz; 500-1719Hz RX Only (AM Radio); 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio); 108-135MHz RX Only (Airband); 174-250MHz RX Only; 300-399MHz RX Only & 481-520MHz RX Only;
  • Three Power settings to cover a range up to 35, 18, and 10 km respectively: High-50W; Med-20W & Low-5W
  • Eight Color Screen
  • The model also supports UHF Jack SO-239 Antenna
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81A0G7ivW9L. AC SL1424

10. Deluxe Radio Receiver: Eton S350DL-B Am FM SW deluxe radio receiver
  • Resistant and strong model, weight: 8.8 oz
  • Triple frequency range: 136-174MHz; 400-520MHz; 65-108MHz RX Only (FM Radio)
  • Triple Power Setting is easily adjustable
  • High 8W (VHF) 7W (UHF)
  • Med 4W
  • Low 1WHF)/4W/1W) (8W(VHF)7W(UHF)/4W/1W)
  • Tri-Color Display
  • High Gain V-85 Antenna
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5 Reasons to Buy The BaoFeng Radio Products

1. Team Communication

No matter what type of business you own, a two-way radio system can help improve customer experiences. Additionally, it can make the workplace safer and stronger. This is due to the fact that your team will be able to quickly communicate and find solutions to business and customer problems.

Unlike landline phones, you won’t be stuck in a certain location while trying to talk to your team. Also, cell phone signals will no longer be a problem. You can also cut down the time it takes to hunt an employee down for a face-to-face conversation when you use radios.

2. Two-Way Radios are Very Reliable

Not only are these types of radios mobile, but they are also exceptionally reliable. The conversations you will have to happen in real-time and with rechargeable batteries will always be ready to go. The radios produced by BaoFeng are also very durable. Working sometimes leads to phones or radios being dropped and these products will be able to withstand the abuse.

3. Help Promote Safety in Hazardous Work Environments

If your crew works in remote locations, factories, or construction sites, having two-way radios can be critical. They provide quick access to help if and when it is ever needed. With the simple press of a button and help can be on the way. With all of the different options in radios, your team will be well-protected. Some features can include things like a “man-down” signal or even settings for when you are working alone.

4. Finding the Accessories You Need is a Cinch

Sure, the radio itself is very important, but what about the added accessories that you may need? Many radios are not going to be compatible with accessories like the ability to use them hands-free, enable privacy settings, or get that bit of extra power so your battery lasts longer. BaoFeng Tech offers accessories for all of the products that will make them fit your needs more easily. Naturally, they will be easily compatible because they are all made by the same brand.

5. BaoFeng Radios are Great for Work and for Play

Most of the reasons we have listed are ways these radios will improve a work situation, but what about non-work situations? Two-way radios can be of great use to hunters, hikers, and even people with large yards or houses. Being able to quickly communicate with people out of earshot can be fun and keep everyone on the same page.

There Is Still More… The 10 Top BaoFeng Radios List Is Here as below, With All The Information You Need to Find The Best BaoFeng Radio Today!

Would you believe us if we tell you there’s a perfect way to find the ideal Baofeng radio? If you trust us! it’s possible and easier than you think. The amazing world of radio is wide and complex but we found a brand that has the perfect model for each user.

Discover 10 different models on the above Comparison Chart, that would help to find the Best Baofeng Radios. Explore the best assets and recommended tips for each model. You will finish this trip being a real expert and able to choose as a radio master. This way you will find a reliable and trustworthy radio for you, without doing more than going deep in this article.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products of the BaoFeng radios; you can learn more about this brand radio. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

So, read on for reviews of some of the best Handheld ham and Mobile BaoFeng radios.

Review on 7 Best Baofeng Handheld Radio

If you have spent any time looking into two-way radios, then you have quickly realized that there are a ton of different options with different features. Obviously, each one is going to work better for some rather than others. Let’s take a look at what BaoFeng has to offer in the ways of two-way radios and more…

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen)

Why Did We Pick It?

The version BF-F8HP (High Power) is the updated version of the UV-5R radio. This radio compiles an amazing amount of settings, it has a lasting and reliable high-power battery and a wide range.

With the purchase, you will receive a V-85 Antenna, Power Adapter, Earpiece, Belt Clip, Hand Strap, Battery Charger, and User Manual.

Who is it for?
BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen)
This radio is specially designed for amateurs thanks to its easy-going display and features that you can set up manually or through the programming software and help yourself with the radio manual.
The use of this radio requires an Amateur Radio License.

Why Should You Buy It?

One of the best advantages of the long-lasting battery (up to 24 hours) is that you can use the built-In flashlight and the built-in FM radio anytime without worries.

What Can We Say About The Price? This is one of the most modern models from the brand, and the price range is surprisingly convenient; you can find it for around 60 USD. Considering that it has the best and more advanced features you can ask for from a handheld radio, the price is worth it.


2. BaoFeng BTECH UV-5X3

Why Did We Pick It?

This Radio is the first affordable radio that also can respond to remote commands. Program and customize it exactly how you want it and use its 128 programmable channels for a better experience.

Who Is It For?
BaoFeng BTECH UV-5X3
This radio is specially designed for those that want to have the most information at their fingertips. With its features, you can ‘Sync’ the dual displays and be able to show both the name and frequency.

Why Should You Buy It?

This amazing radio can respond to remote commands. By remotely sending DTMF tones you can ‘Stun’ or ‘Kill’ the radio. Aso ‘Revive’ a radio from its “stun” or “kill” mode. Turn on remotely the microphone ‘Monitor’ or ensure the radio is within range.

With your purchase, you will receive a 1500mAh Battery, V-85 Dual Band Antenna, 220MHz Single Band Antenna, CH-5 Charger, CH-5 110V Adapter, Earpiece Kit, Wrist Strap, Belt Clip, and User Manual.

What Can We Say About The Price? You can purchase this radio with a 75 USD budget, which is not clearly the cheapest BaoFeng you can get, but this radio is especially resistant so if you are planning long-term usage this could be a good investment.

So, The Firmware of this model offers plenty for all radio enthusiasts. It allows you to synchronize your display. This allows you to see two channels’ frequencies at the same time, giving you more information at a glance. It also allows you to modify the scanning list and modify the channel modes without needing to delete the entire channel and start from scratch. On top of all that, it also allows you to scan a certain range of frequencies. This offers a fine-tuned search.


3. BaoFeng UV-82C

Why Did We Pick It?

This is a classic BaoFeng model. It has a solid case, that turns this into a really resistant model. And larger buttons for easier use. The speaker is also clear and loud due to its 1W power.

Who Is It For?
BaoFeng UV-82C
This model requires the first programming and set up which is great training for those who are recently discovering the radio experience. At the same time, as an experimented user, go through the programming software will be easy. This radio comes with a Part 90 approved level.

Why Should You Buy It?

The most important reason for purchasing this radio is that this model provides you with and a new chipset and PCB board. These specs outperform the range, accuracy, and output of the radio for user experience.

With your purchase, you will receive the full kit: 7.4V 1800mAh Battery, Earpiece, Antenna, Charger and Adapter, Belt Clip, Hand Strap, User Manual

What Can We Say About The Price? In this case, the Radio is around 50 USD which places it at the most affordable price. Anyways, if your budget can stretch about 10 more USD you will be able to get a modern model. If you look for the lowest price or you love classic models, this will be the greatest purchase for you.

So, This radio is approved by the FCC and is great for commercial use. You will need to know the frequencies needed because they are pre-programmed for you. This radio has recently been upgraded to include a louder speaker, larger buttons, and a stronger case. It will be able to take the abuse that sometimes comes while working with radios.


4. BaoFeng UV-5R

Why Did We Pick It?

A remarkable feature of this radio is that listens to the FM Broadcast radio, anytime. Even if you are monitoring your radio frequencies in the background. Your incoming calls will be given priority so you will never miss an important call while listening to the radio.

Who Is It For?
BaoFeng UV-5R
This radio is versatile and legal for amateur use. This radio supports CTCSS, DCS, and DTMF calling methods, ideal for users who want to communicate by analog tones.

Why Should You Buy It?

This radio offers you the opportunity to add or remove channels from the scanning list using free computer software. This allows you also to choose your communication distance through 2 power levels.

This radio comes with an SMA-Female antenna, 1500 mAh Battery, belt clip, wrist strap, AC adapter, and drop-in charging tray. The radio requires the PC03 FTDI programming cable.

What Can We Say About The Price? The price range is around 27 USD, this is the most inexpensive radio you may find. The features are pretty basic but you will find a reliable and complete radio for a beginner.

Read Our Full Brand Review


5. BaoFeng BF-888S

Why Did We Pick It?

This is a Low-Cost Walkie Talkie model that you can customize to your taste. The maximum wide range is 4 km.

Who Is It For?
BaoFeng BF-888S
This Walkie-Talkie model requires no license and it’s ideal for users with no experience in radio communications as a first start. It has a scanning function and programmable software.

Why Should You Buy It?

This radio will offer you crystal clear sound for an affordable price.

What Can We Say About The Price? You will get two radios for 27 USD. The packaging also includes 2 rechargeable 1500 mAh batteries, 2 chargers, 2 belt clips, 2 lanyards

Read Our Full Brand Review


6. BaeFong BTECH GMRS-V1

Why Did We Pick It?

Although this unique radio presents just one built-in receiver, you will be also to “watch” two channels with it (semi duplex). You can monitor 2 GMRS channels or two different frequencies, even on different bands (VHF or UHF). The radio will monitor both frequencies until you receive the first incoming call in any of them.

Who Is It For?
This radio is designed for users with radio experience willing to communicate with all brands of FRS and GMRS radios. Furthermore, it is compatible with GMRS repeaters. Its radio channels are wideband and narrowband compatible. Definitely, the right decision for those who want an expansive radio experience.

Why Should You Buy It?

You won’t lose your personal settings. The radio will save any modification to the channel and remember any channel change you make by using the radio in any mode. Also, all the CTCSS and DCS tones are supported.

The radio’s kit includes the 1800mAh Battery, V-85 Dual Band Antenna, CH-8 Charger, CH-8 110V Adapter, Earpiece Kit, Wrist Strap, Belt Clip, User Manual

What Can We Say About The Price? This radio value is around 66 USD and it’s not one of the cheapest radios in the market, considering the high and wide amount of features it offers. You can even find BaoFeng radios with a similar price and better features. If your plan is getting a low price, this is still a great choice.


Review on Best Mobile BaoFeng Radios

7. BTECH Mini UV-25X2 25 Watt Dual Band Base

BTECH Mini UV-25X2 25 Watt Dual Band Base


Why Did We Pick It? With this radio, you can sync two different channels (dual or single) and display them both frequency and name at the same time. Also, you can edit your channel features with no need to program new channels.

Who Is It For? This is a radio designed for any amateur user. The scanning channels and frequencies mode has an easy interface. You can select scanning resume methods. and set the radio to start scanning during reboot. This radio requires an Amateur Individual License.

Why Should You Buy It? This radio will provide you with professional features without the need to be an expert and you can have radio experience. This radio will arrive with the speaker Mic, 6-foot DC Cable with Cigarette Plug Connector, Radio & Mic Brackets, Mounting Hardware, and User Guide

What Can We Say About The Price? The price range of this radio is around 140 USD. This price range is higher than the average range but still, you will find professional features and a reliable product. Definitely, if you are looking for a complete radio experience this will be a great investment.

8. BTECH Mini UV-25X4 25 Watt Tri-Band Base

BTECH Mini UV-25X4 25 Watt Tri-Band Base


Why Did We Pick It? This radio offers a fully customizable Multi-Color LCD screen. Also, you will be able to customize your channels to show their alpha-numeric names or frequency settings. For analog communications, this radio supports CTCSS, DCS, 2Tone, 5Tone, and DTMF calling methods.

Who Is It For? Amateur Radio Users with a License can enjoy the complete experience of this radio. This offers great features for professional users such as school staff or maintenance personnel to truck drivers anytime.

Why Should You Buy It? This model will offer you a loud 2W Speaker, and the radio includes a 3.5mm Line In and Line Out multi-jack for remote audio output and input. By purchasing this radio you also get the best Speaker Mic, 6-foot DC Cable with Cigarette Plug Connector, Radio & Mic Brackets, Mounting Hardware, and a User Guide

What Can We Say About The Price? You can find this radio and fit it into a 160 USD price range. Due to the three-band base features, the price is more than affordable. But for those who don’t need to adjust their radio experience to a three-band radio, the previous model UV-25X2 is still cheaper and with similar features.

9. BTECH Mobile UV-50X3 50 Watt Tri-Band Radio

BTECH Mobile UV-50X3 50 Watt Tri-Band Radio


Why Did We Pick It? If you were wondering; which is the most powerful BaoFeng Radio? this is the answer, this model has the best output power features, and that’s why we choose it

Who Is It For? This model is destined for amateurs but especially for businesses and organizations. Its features are ideal for its institutional usage and also for Public Safety workers, whether health employees or rescue patrols

Why Should You Buy It? With this radio, you will have access to the most complete and wide range of features and you will be able to communicate within longer distances. You will have loud and clear communication and response everywhere. You will receive it with Front Panel, DTMF Microphone, Suction Cup, 10′ DC Cable, 15′ Panel Cable, Bracket, Fan Kit, Manual

What Can We Say About The Price? Because of its price, this model of radio is for those licensed amateurs who are looking for a forever radio. You will find it around 400 USD, so a professional investment is clearly a great choice.

10. BaoFeng UV-82HP

BaoFeng UV-82HP


Why Did We Pick It? One of the highlighted features of this radio compared to other previous models is its speaker. This radio comes with a much louder speaker (1 Watt) compared with the 700mW speakers of other BaoFeng radios.

Who Is It For? This High Power model is designed for users who want a reliable and lasting tool for their communications. In this case, also you will be also able to program your radio even through your computer and use alphanumeric characters to add new channels.

Why Should You Buy It? This radio comes with a dual push-to-talk button (PTT). The PTT button is really helpful if you want to transmit on two frequencies. Just press ‘up’ and transmit on ‘Frequency A’ then push ‘down’ and transmit on ‘Frequency B’.

What Can We Say About The Price? This radio price is around 65 USD. This price range is quite similar to the better models available. Although you can get a radio with more features for the same price, the high advantage related to the speaker power puts this radio in a good and affordable place.

Buying Guide: Now That You Are Getting Closer To Find The Best BaoFeng Radio; Some Important Facts Before Buying

“BaoFeng Radios Suit All Your Communication Needs”

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to radios produced by BaoFeng Tech.

Whether you are a radio enthusiast, or you use them for commercial purposes, BaoFeng has the perfect option for you. With products that run on both narrow and wide bandwidths, you will easily be able to find the range that you need. Additionally, they offer mobile and handheld devices, as well as, accessories.

Every company has a different set of core values that they strive to achieve. BaoFeng is no different. They work hard to keep their customers connected through quality technology. They keep their items affordable and they don’t sacrifice quality to do it.

baofeng radio comparison
Photo: amazon.com

BaoFeng Tech is a Company that Cares

Investing your hard-earned money into any product can be a bit scary as you never know what you are going to get. When you decide to put your trust in BaoFeng, your worries can be set aside. They are a company that not only sells radios but knows and loves them, as well. You will be supported by your products from BaoFeng. They are easy to reach and will never charge you fees when you need support. Many people really love the fact that this brand is based in the USA. You won’t have to wait a long time for your shipment once you place your order and all of their radios are shipped on the same day that you order them. BaoFeng Radios are top-quality and if you ever find that you are having a problem their support staff is here to help you. All warranty claims are handled in-house and are free of charge. On top of all that, their Firmware is always up to date.

Best BaoFeng Radio Review [Handheld Ham & Mobile Radios]

A Final Word; Are BaoFeng Good Radios?

BaoFeng Radios are good for those who want excellent quality for a low price. Even for professional investments, you will find within these 10 models the Best BaoFeng Radio for you. With no doubt, the one you need.

For all kinds of users with any previous experience, this brand offers also friendly software to explore its features. Compared with any other radio brand, here you will find the right solution for an unexpectedly low price.

FAQs related BaoFeng Radios

Q-1. How To Programme A BaoFeng Radio?

BaoFeng radios have a simple software you can download for free, called CHIRP. Make sure you download the software on your Windows computer and Follow This Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Download contents from the radio. Start CHIRP and Click the Radio menu. Choose Download From Radio. When the Clone window opens choose the Serial Port, Vendor, and Model.
  • Start the download process.
  • Step 2: Make changes Display the radio content in the memory editor and proceed to make your changes.
  • Step 3: Upload changes to the radio Go to the Radio menu and select Upload To Radio and choose a serial port.

Q-2. How To Unlock A BaoFeng Radio?

If you find that your device is not being able to transmit, you will need to proceed to unlock it, There are Two Simple Ways to fix it.

Mode 1: Recovery with CHIRP Software:

  • Open the CHIRP software and select “Radio download” to create a current image.
  • Save the image file.
  • Select “settings” and find the firmware version
  • Go to the CHIRP recovery site and download the recovery image that matches your radio’s firmware version and save it.
  • Select Radio
  • Select Upload radio
  • Upload the new recovery image to your radio.

Your radio is now set to its original settings.

Mode 2: Recovery with Factory software

  • Open the factory software
  • Open the tab called “other” at the top of the page
  • Choose “read”
  • Select “more than 480MHz to allow transmit.” The radio frequency band should be 136-174 MHz (VHF) and 400-520 MHz (UHF).
  • Select WRITE

Q-3. How To Detect A Fake BaoFeng Radio?

Usually, you can compare the packaging pictures and the back pictures of the original models on the BaoFeng website with the delivered product you receive. You will find clear differences in the labels and even on the box presentation. A good way to prevent receiving a fake BaoFeng radio without ordering it could be to register your order through an official distributor. You can see the full list here: https://baofengtech.com/baofeng-authorized-distributors.

Q-4. Did The FCC Banned BaoFeng Radios?

Simple as no. BaoFeng radios that don’t have Part 95 certification, are not authorized for use in FRS or GMRS. This means that these radios are not capable of operating under this subpart. But these models still can be used by amateurs, on amateur frequencies. What about other countries? The same regulation related to certification and licenses applies to all countries.

Q-5. Why Are BaoFeng Radios So Cheap?

Many customers wonder how it’s possible that you can get a radio with professional features for 70 USD. This United States of America radio brand has low-cost manufacture with good quality and its intended target is wide enough to keep cheap advertising only through selling websites. These two reasons combined make the perfect recipe to create a product with a low price tag.

But don’t mix low-cost manufacturing with low-quality products. The price tag might be low, but the quality and reliability of BaoFeng Radios are more than worth it.

Photo: amazon


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