10 Best CB Radio Microphone on the Market of 2022

Once you have a shiny new CB radio, and a great antenna to make sure everyone can hear you, one other component in your CB rig that you may wish to upgrade is the microphone.

Most CB radios come with a decent microphone (Mic), but for a higher quality handset with features like noise-canceling, you are going to have to shell out some extra cash.

Below, I’ve broken down the best selling so that you can choose the best one for you. When purchasing a new CB Radio Microphone, there are several considerations you will want to take into account during the search process. Different microphones are designed for different radios and can vary widely in the price range.

So two of the most important things you should be aware of going in are what will fit your radio and just how much you want to spend. After those major concerns, other aspects like feature design, capabilities, and specifications will help further guide you.

Comparison Chart of the Best CB Microphones:


Astatic 302-636LB1 - Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Mic

1. Astatic 302-636LB1 – Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Mic
  • Durable design
  • Low impedance dynamic noise-canceling element
  • Clean, strong audio quality
  • Comprehensive Warranty Program and good customer service
Price on Amazon

Ranger SRA-198 - CB Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic

2. Ranger SRA-198 – CB Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic
  • Noise Cancelling Feature
  • Weighted, Solid Feel In Hand
  • Flexible, Know-Resistant Cord
  • PTT Button Responsiveness
Price on Amazon

Cobra HG-M73 - Black Premium Dynamic Replacement CB Mic

3. Cobra HG-M73 – Black Premium Dynamic Replacement CB Mic
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Durable, Drop Proof Design
  • Simple, User-Friendly Design
  • High Sound Quality
Price on Amazon

Astatic 302-10036 RD104E -Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin

4. Astatic 302-10036 RD104E -Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin
  • Fashionable, Vintage Design
  • Built-In, High Gain Amplifier
  • Clarity Under Noisy Conditions
  • Electronic Equalization
Price on Amazon

Workman DM507-4 - Microphone for 4 pin Cobra

5. Workman DM507-4 – Microphone for 4 pin Cobra
  • Economic Price Point
  • Simple, Classic Design
  • Reliability and Compatability
Price on Amazon

RoadKing RK56B - Dynamic Noise Canceling Black 4-Pin CB Mic

6. RoadKing RK56B – Dynamic Noise Canceling Black 4-Pin CB Mic
  • Dynamic, Noise Cancelling Technology
  • Superior Voice Characteristics
  • Clean, Sleek Aesthetic
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
Price on Amazon

Astatic 302-D104M6B - 4-Pin Amplified Ceramic Power CB Mic

7. Astatic 302-D104M6B – 4-Pin Amplified Ceramic Power CB Mic
  • Designed For Mobile Use In Harsh Conditions
  • Ceramic Cartridge Mic Capable of High Voltage Output
  • Volume Control Switch
  • Mobile Version of an Astatic Classic (D104 Desktop Mic)
Price on Amazon

Uniden BC804NC - Noise-Canceling 4-Pin Mic replacement

8. Uniden BC804NC – Noise-Canceling 4-Pin Mic replacement
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Effective Noise Cancelling Technology
  • Rugged Construction
  • Omni-Directional Mic
Price on Amazon

Cobra 29LXMIC - Replacement Mic For 4-pin CB Radio Mic

9. Cobra 29LXMIC – Replacement Mic For 4-pin CB Radio Mic
  • Great Value for the Cost
  • Clear, Warm Sound Quality
  • Simple, Straightforward Design
Price on Amazon

Uniden BC906W - Wireless CB Mic and Speaker

10. Uniden BC906W – Wireless CB Mic and Speaker
  • Microphone and Speaker in Single Unit
  • Noise-Cancelling Technology
  • Smart Power Save Feature
  • Wireless Option with Belt Clip and Find Button
Price on Amazon

Our editor’s Final Recommendation: The best CB radio microphone (Mic) is Astatic 302-636LB1

If you have made it this far and are still unsure, let us offer you a bit more help to nudge you in the right direction. We recommend the Astatic 302-636LB1 as our favorite replacement CB radio microphone on this list because it can fulfill the needs of nearly any radio user under nearly any circumstance.

the best noise cancelling cb microphone
Photo: amazon.com
This recommendation is based on the diversity this mic offers, its reliability, as well as its overall best CB microphone performance. It may not have as many features as a more modern style mic like the wireless Uniden BC906W, but it offers the best sound quality and passed the noise cancellation test with flying colors. It is reasonably priced, falling right in the middle of all the mics we reviewed, and it surpassed the rest in terms of actual sound quality and user experience.

The Astatic 302-636LB1 is a classic mic by one of the most consistent and reliable manufacturers in the industry. It’s no wonder that radio enthusiasts and professional users alike continue to return again and again to purchase Astatic products. Not to mention Astatic has a well-earned reputation for reliable customer service and on the rare occasion when you do need to take advantage of their factory warranty, they will respond quickly and efficiently to all your concerns.

With the 302-636LB1, you get exactly what you pay for; a straightforward, user-friendly microphone that produces excellent sound quality (even under noisy conditions) and is built to last you for years to come. Even if you set out to spend a bit less money or were originally looking for a mic with a bit more to offer in terms of extra features, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and value you will receive in buying this product. It’s an investment that will deliver for years to come.

In-depth product reviews of the best noise cancelling CB mic (Microphone)

This article will compare ten different CB radio microphones on the market today and highlight some of their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the “best CB mic” is the one that best suits your needs and your price range. Now, let’s take a closer look at each individual microphone and try to help you narrow down your search for the what is the best CB microphone for you.

1. Best Overall: Astatic 302-636LB1 – Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB MicBest Overall: Astatic 302-636LB1 - Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Mic


The Asiatic 302-636LB1 is a lightweight, durable CB microphone with a 4-pin connector plug designed specifically for those operating in noisy environments. It is one of the more world-renowned replacement microphones in its price range ($30-$35) and has consistently provided users with a reliable, satisfying experience.

The noise-canceling feature is very effective and the durability can be great for those working in the rougher environments like construction or carpentry. This ABS plastic microphone is protected by a polyurethane-coated steel grille screen and has a solid coiled flexible cord to further protect it in the case of a fall. Users report minimal scratches and dings even after extensive use and abuse.

The low impedance, noise-canceling aspect of this mic is perhaps its most attractive feature. The Asiatic 302-636LB1 offers 200 Ohms of impedance so that the person on the other end will hear you clearly without the invasion of background noise. It has a frequency response of 100 to 5,000Hz.

Though it does offer a very clear sound quality, it functions best when held very close to your mouth. This particular Asiatic model can also be very useful for ham radio as well as SSB communications and was designed to be effective for mobile usage.

Asiatic has not earned its reputation for manufacturing high-quality CB microphones at an affordable price for no reason. If you are someone who is searching for a mic that will offer you clarity in more noisy environments and that will endure drops without retaining much damage, you should heavily consider the Asiatic 302-636LB1 as a potential choice.

2. Editor’s Choice: Ranger SRA-198 – CB Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic

Editor's Choice: Ranger SRA-198 - CB Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic

The Ranger SRA-198 is a reasonably priced, traditional model CB radio microphone that’s greatest appeals are its simple design and noise cancelling effectiveness. Ranger responded to the previous user comments that their audio was a bit muffled in earlier models and improved on the audio quality with the SRA-198. Though it is more bassy than some of its competitors, it makes up for it with how well it blocks out background noise.

This model has a 4.7K resistor and 0.022uF capacitor which has helped to improve the audio quality. It has a wide frequency response of 50-15,000Hz which is quite a bit larger than many of the other models on the market that fall within its price range. It comes equipped with a standard 4 pin connector plug and 9 foot coiled cable.

The SRA-198 also feels incredibly solid in your hand and you can tell immediately it is built to a high standard. It weighs about 12 ounces and can easily withstand the use and abuse that comes with years of drops and falls. The PTT Button has very short play so you don’t need to exert much effort to engage or disengage it.

Perhaps it’s the greatest advantage that the SRA-198 has over its competitors is that it actually delivers on its promise of noise cancellation. You can keep your mouth a few inches from the mic and even drive at 70mph with the windows down, someone can hear you without any background noise on the other end.

It is refreshing to use a microphone that has such a simple, solid design and does exactly what it says it will do in terms of canceling background noise. If you are someone who prefers the simplicity of a traditional CB radio model and really requires effective noise cancellation, the Ranger SRA-198 could be a great and rewarding purchase.

3. Best CB Mic for budget: Cobra HG-M73 – Black Premium Dynamic Replacement CB Mic

3. Best for budget: Cobra HG-M73 - Black Premium Dynamic Replacement CB Mic

Don’t let the Cobra HG-M73’s $20 price point fool you. The clear sound quality and durability factor make it a great choice for the value. If you are searching for a replacement CB radio mic on a budget that is both reliable and easy to use, look no further.

Though it weighs only about half a pound, it does not feel cheap or poorly made in your hand. The heavy-duty ABS shell and wire mesh grill provide you with the security of knowing it will stay functional and intact after any wear and tear you may put it through. It has a well-crafted, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in almost any hand.

It is designed as a replacement mic for most Cobra CB radio models, but the 4 pins female locking ring makes it compatible with most professional and amateur CB radios that have a screw-on connector. It has a 9-foot coiled cable that also provides resistance in case of drops or falls.

The HG-M73 offers 600 Ohms of impedance and a frequency response of 150 to 4,000Hz. The omnidirectional directivity and dynamic voice coil diaphragm ensure great sound quality even at very high sound levels.

Though this mic does come with a one-year limited warranty, you should be aware before purchasing it that this mainly applies to manufacturing defects. Any misuse or mishandling of the product will not be covered under the warranty.

When looking to replace our stock microphone, some of us just want durability and reliability at an affordable price without all the bells and whistles. The Cobra HG-M73 is a great stepping stone between the stock microphone that came with your CB radio and some of the more advanced, feature-heavy models on the market today.

4. Replacement microphone CB radio: Astatic 302-10036 RD104E -Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin

Replacement microphone CB radio: Astatic 302-10036 RD104E -Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin

Whereas the Astatic 302-636LB1 is the classic replacement microphone for CB radios, the aptly named Astatic 302-10036 RD104E Road Devil offers you modern technological advancements without sacrificing that vintage look. Though the two are in the same $30-40 price range, each has its own strengths compared to the other.

The first thing that is guaranteed to catch your attention about the Road Devil is its color and design. It has an orange ABS plastic housing and toward the base has a small decal that shows a devil peeking out from behind the plastic. Its shape is much like that of a raised cobra’s head. Of all the radios on this list, it is easily the most flashy and eye-catching.

It is also relatively small in the hand but at around 10 ounces, it has a solid, weighted feel. The metallic mesh grill not only looks great but is also designed to withstand long periods of use. Opposite of the PTT button there is a gain switch on the right to adjust the sound level.

The High Gain Amplifier is designed to boost modulation, but the Road Devil is also outfitted with Electronic Equalization to produce a loud, yet clear sound. It is not specifically designed for noise cancellation like other mics, but at 100 Ohms of impedance, it still does well-blocking background noise under loud conditions. It has a coiled cord and 4 pin connector plug making it adaptable to a wide range of CB radios. The frequency response on this mic is 100 to 10,000Hz.

The Astatic 302-10036 RD104E Road Devil was certainly made for those looking to add a bit of style to their CB radio setup, but this mic is not all look without the performance to back it up. For its price point, it is probably the best value for your dollar among the CB radio mics that Astatic offers as well as in the market overall.

5. Workman DM507-4 – Microphone for 4 pin Cobra

Workman DM507-4 - Microphone for 4 pin Cobra

There are few replacement CB radios on the market in the $10-15 price range that can compete with the Workman DM507-4. As you would expect from a radio microphone of this cost, it does not come with nearly as many of the features as the rest of the mics on this list. But if you are someone who is new to the CB radio world or simply wants to get back to the basics on a budget, you shouldn’t overlook this potential option.

The DM507-4 is designed for a wide range of compatibility as an all-purpose, cost-effective replacement mic for several brands of CB radios. It is available in 5 different wirings; 4 pin Cobra, 5 Pin Cobra / Uniden, 4 pin Midland, 6 Pin RCI, and 5 pins Realistic Wired.

It also comes equipped with a standard 8-foot flexible coiled cord. Some users have reported some issues with the quality of the cord, saying it has a tendency to wear at either end over time.

It has a hard ABS plastic housing but lacks the wire mesh grille typical of replacement mics. It weighs just under 5 ounces and can feel a bit lower quality in the hand, but what more can you expect of a mic at this price?

The DM507-4 offers the user 500 Ohms of impedance and a frequency response of 300-6,000Hz which makes for reasonably fair sound quality in a variety of situations. At 1,000Hz, the sensitivity is -70+/- 3dB.

For the cost, the Workman DM507-4 can offer anyone who purchases it a relatively reliable user experience and ultimately will get the job done under most circumstances if you can settle for the absolute basics.

6. Professional driver’s choice: RoadKing RK56B – Dynamic Noise Canceling Black 4-Pin CB Mic

6. Professional driver's choice: RoadKing RK56B - Dynamic Noise Canceling Black 4-Pin CB Mic

The RoadKing RK56B is a classic replacement microphone from one of the most trusted brands in the CB radio mic market. They have become such a leader in the field because for over 50 years they have manufactured durable microphones with excellent sound quality and rugged design at a reasonable cost ($35-45 price range).

Though it weighs just under 10 ounces, the RK56B has a heavy-duty, rugged feel in your hand. Its black cyclic housing was specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures in case you ever forget it on the dash in direct sunlight on a hot summer afternoon. You get the sense that RoadKing really knows its customer base and understands that most professional drivers want a mic that is reliable, easy to use, and built to last.

It comes standard with the 4-pin connector, giving it a wide range of compatibility. The cord is slightly shorter than most of its competitors at 6 feet, but this may not be a factor for you depending on how you intend to use it.

Another aspect that makes it unique is that the PTT button is located on the right side of the device, making it ideal for left-hand usage. The PTT also sits relatively high on the teardrop-shaped exterior so longer conversations are not such a strain on your fingers.

The RK56B offers 2000 Ohms of impedance which makes for amazing noise cancellation quality. The frequency response is 100-8,000Hz, giving it one of the wider ranges on this list. Users have consistently reported clear, loud output that is reliable in all kinds of situations.

At the end of the day, RoadKing has delivered yet another durable, reliable replacement CB radio mic that is catered to its core consumer base; professional drivers. You always know what to expect with a RoadKing and the RK56B is no exception.

7. Astatic 302-D104M6B – 4-Pin Amplified Ceramic Power CB Mic

Best for sound quality: Astatic 302-D104M6B - 4-Pin Amplified Ceramic Power CB Mic

Astatic had such success with their D104 desk mic that they chose to channel the same technology into a mobile design and came up with the Astatic 302-D104M6B. The first thing you will notice about this replacement mic is its rugged design and classic aesthetic. The hard ABS plastic housing and chrome-plated, convex metallic mesh grill give you the sense that it was built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Because it is a ceramic cartridge microphone, the 302-D104M6B is capable of producing high voltage output. It sounds similar to the D104 desktop model, providing a loud, yet clear sound. The volume control switch, located under the PTT button on the left-hand side, enables the user to boost the gain output at the fingertips instead of having to make adjustments on their actual radio. The external gain control offers about a 40dB range.

It has a 4 pin factory wired plug connector designed for Cobra and Uniden radios but is compatible outside of those 2 brands as well. It offers 5,000 Ohms of impedance and has a frequency response of 100 to 10,000Hz, which is adjustable.

With the 302-D104M6B, Astatic delivers yet again on the durability and consistency factor by providing another microphone that both performs and it’s built to last. Though it may not be as stylish as the RoadDevil or have the noise-canceling capabilities of the Astatic 302-636LB1, it makes up for these disadvantages with its ruggedness and increased voltage output. This model is for those who prioritize the longevity of their microphone and how loud it is capable of getting over noise cancellation or aesthetic, especially since all three fall within the same $30-$40 price range.

8. Uniden BC804NC – Noise-Canceling 4-Pin Mic replacement

Uniden BC804NC - Noise-Canceling 4-Pin Mic replacement

The Uniden BC804NC is another of the more affordable, straightforward replacement mics on our list. At around $20-25, this mic really lives up to its value if you are looking for something economical and user-friendly. It is one of the more basic models Uniden offers. However, it delivers on everything you would expect on purchasing a Uniden mic.

As with all the microphones in this price range, it does not offer anything beyond the basic functions one really needs in a CB mic. That doesn’t mean that it can not still be suitable for the professional driver. Drivers have reported that even driving on the highway with the mirrors down, they were able to communicate clearly and with minimal background noise.

The BC804NC has a 4 pin connector plug and a generous 9 foot extra flexible coiled cord with strain relief at both ends to prevent wear. It’s designed to be able to reach every corner of even the largest cabs and remain tangle-free.

Though it does have a durable design, at just 8 ounces it can feel slightly light and cheap in the hand, especially for those who prefer the weighted feel of older style mics. The ABS housing and wire mesh grill is meant to keep it protected from falls and drops. Not to mention the more modern style design is quite appealing.

The BC804NC offers 500 Ohms of impedance and provides sufficient noise-canceling even as an Omnidirectional mic. It will capture everything you want it to and leave out most of what you don’t. The frequency response is 100 to 5,000Hz.

Uniden really came through on developing an economical option for users who are either entering into the world of CB radios on the ground floor or simply desire reliability and clarity above all else. If you want a solid product for roughly half the cost of the competition, the Uniden BC804NC is an excellent choice.

9. Cobra 29LXMIC – Replacement Mic For 4-pin CB Radio MicCobra 29LXMIC - Replacement Mic For 4-pin CB Radio Mic

The final microphone on our list is manufactured by Cobra, another giant in the CB radio industry. The Cobra 29LXMIC was designed as a replacement mic for the Cobra 29 LX CB radio, but it is compatible with many other radios as well. It is another basic, easy-to-use mic that makes up for its lack of extra features by executing on what it sets out to accomplish; clear, effective communication for an affordable price.

The 29LXMIC weighs just under 9 ounces and though the design is appealing, many users reported that it does not feel very durable. As you might expect with a mic in the $20-25 range, it does not feel like it was built to last through years of wear and tear like many of the more well-crafted, heavy mics on this list.

However, what it lacks in durability it makes up for in sound quality and functionality. Though not specifically designed for noise cancellation, it does a great job of eliminating background noise and producing a clear, warm output quality.

The 29LXMIC comes stock with a 4 pin connector plug and 9 foot coiled cable. The PTT button is positioned comfortably for right-hand communication and has just the right amount of play to make for strain-free communication.

There is not much more to be said about the Cobra LXMIC mic. It is designed to be affordable and functional and it provides users with just that. If you are someone who isn’t looking to spend a lot of money but want a mic that is easy to use and will provide you with clarity and reliability, you should consider this option.

10. Uniden BC906W – Wireless CB Mic and Speaker

81 zRR2UsoL. AC SL1500

At around $70 retail, the Uniden BC906W is the most expensive CB Radio mic on this list. However, once you see all the features it offers you will see why. It has a 6 pin connector plug and is manufactured as a replacement mic for the Uniden 680, 880, and 980 model SSB radios. This mic was designed specifically for drivers who frequently work outside their vehicles and would like to reduce clutter inside it as much as possible.

The wireless feature allows you to send and receive CB transmissions up to 100 yards from your radio. The mic itself easily detaches from the charging cradle and syncs securely with it upon being reattached. Uniden utilized DECT 6.0 digital format at 1.9 GHz frequency in designing this mic to ensure secure communication and clear sound quality.

The BC906W also comes with a USB charger so it is easy to avoid running low on power as well as a Ni-MH battery that offers 8-hour battery life. The Smart Power Saving feature causes the mic to power off after two minutes when your radio is turned off or you move out of range so that you are never wasting precious battery life for no reason. It also has a 3-color LED light display to let you know when your battery is running low and needs to be returned to its cradle.

You don’t have to worry about misplacing it because it also offers a Find Button on the cradle that produces a loud beep from the mic, making it easy to locate. There is a belt clip on the back so you are less likely to drop it or put it down somewhere by mistake.

As you can see, the Uniden BC906W offers some of the most impressive features you will find from any radio on this list. If you are a trucker or delivery driver who needs constant access to your radio but doesn’t want to risk misplacing it, the BC906W just may be the perfect CB radio microphone for you.

Making an Informed Decision

With all that said, you should keep in mind that recommending the perfect microphone for any individual is difficult because everyone is looking to get something different out of their mic. Different people sound different to each other and sometimes, finding the perfect one for you can be tough. We are simply reporting on our own experience with these microphones, but at the end of the day, rating performance is a subjective process.

The important thing is that when you finally do decide to click that “Confirm” button, you feel confident in the decision you made. If we have helped to build that confidence and understanding, then our mission is complete. Good luck on your journey to finding the perfect mic for you!

FAQs of the CB radio microphones

Q-1. What is CB Radio?

Citizens the band radio, popularly known as CB Radio, is a land mobile radio system invented in the 1940s that grew to popularity 50 years ago and has since been adopted by radio enthusiasts around the world. For many years it was the only practical two-way radio system available for personal use and became a part of many professions such as truck drivers, construction workers, and electricians who require a method of short-range communication. They remain popular among radio hobbyists to this day despite the evolution of modern technology. Read more about CB Radio

Q-2. Do police use CB radios?

CB stands for Civilian Band, so by definition, police do not use CB radio to communicate with each other because they have their own band. However, it is common for police to monitor CB radio because transmissions can be helpful for them to receive information about traffic, accidents, etc.

Q-3. How do I go about “testing” a new CB radio microphone?

Probably the best way to test a new mic is to assess the transmission through high impedance headphones. Clip the ground mic to the headphone common and poke the tip of the touch the tip of the headphone plug to each pin on the mic when it’s keyed until you hear something through the headphones.

Q-4. How do I know if my CB Mic is bad?

If the needle on the meter of your CB radio does not move at all when you attempt to transmit, you likely have blown the final and the issue is your radio. If it does move you are probably looking at a bad mic, but it could also be a blown audio output IC, which would require further troubleshooting.

Q-5. How do you wire a 4-pin mic to a 5-pin radio plug?

On the 5-pin mic plug, you need to jump pins 2 and 4 together in order to tie your mic gain ground with the PCB ground. Then you can wire up the 4-pin mic to the 5-pin plug as normal. Now, the shield goes to either pin 2 or 4, white goes to pin 1, red to pin 3, and black to pin 5.

Q-6. What is a power mic for CB?

Power (also known as pre-amplified) mics draw their current from a battery, which amplifies the audio internally before the signal reaches your radio. You can easily identify these mics because they will have a visible battery compartment and/or a volume knob/gain switch, typically located on the back or the side opposite of the PTT button.

Q-7. How far can you communicate with a CB radio?

The range of your CB radio will largely depend on which model you are using as well as the surrounding terrain. However, as a general estimate, most CB radios are able to transmit between 3 and 20 miles.

Q-8. CB Radios Cobra with Bluetooth- Are They Worth Your Money?

CB Radios Cobra made some major improvements, including the front panel microphone connector and nine-foot microphone cord. This will make the in-dash installation very easy. The long microphone cord will allow you to communicate from a good distance, and it really doesn’t matter whether you are in your truck or dispatch office. The new tactile controls spell safety, accuracy, and functionality.

Aside from those great new features, one notable thing that you can look forward to is Bluetooth technology. CB Radios Cobra has always been known for its innovative and functional designs.

The Bluetooth device allows you a better way to have a hassle-free conversation on the road because you can sync your mobile phone calls with your CB radios Cobra. That’s pretty neat, right? The noise-canceling feature of the microphone allows calls to be heard loud and clear even over a very noisy engine.

What else can you expect from CB radios Cobra with Bluetooth? Since the incoming audio is routed through the radio’s 50watt CB speaker, it will be so much easier for you to hear the caller. What’s great about this unit is that it provides a one-touch Bluetooth operation. You’ll have the ability to answer and terminate a call, which means you can stay focused on your driving. Also, it comes with an auto-redial feature, so you won’t have to encode all the numbers again while you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road.

CB radios cobra with Bluetooth cost from $90 to $190. Are they worth your money? Definitely! The device also comes with an antenna wiring indicator, SWR calibration, instant Channel 9 (emergency) and Channel 19 (information), and PA capability (this works in conjunction with a special speaker so you can use your CB radio as a public address system), dimmer control, switchable noise blanker, and RF gain.

If you take the time to read product reviews, you will see that anyone who owns one is very proud of it. This is especially beneficial for people who do most of their stuff hands-free. You also do not have to recharge the unit, so if you spend most of your time in a vehicle, this is indeed what you need. You can add an external microphone to have it closer to you if you please. Just press the button to answer or terminate a call.

Additional Previous Best CB Microphones in 2018, 2019 & 2020

RoadKing RK564P 4-Pin Dynamic Noise-Canceling CB Microphone

Roadking has been an authority in the CB world for some time now. While their products do tend to be on the expensive side, their build quality and reviews are excellent. This mic has a very short cord, so for those of you who like to share the microphone with people in the backseat, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, you get a great noise-canceling microphone that you can brag to your friends about.

Reviews highlight the transmission quality and people have stated that this microphone has lasted them through years of use. If you are serious about CB radio and want everyone to know that you don’t settle for less, this is the mic for you.

The device measures 7.25 inches in width, 8.63 inches in depth, 2.25 inches in height, and 4 pounds in weight.

Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Mic CB Radio

Astatic is an older brand, and its products have certainly stood the test of time. This is one of the best-reviewed microphones available, and it’s easy to see why. With this mic, you get along a 7.5-foot cord, steel grill, and a giant PTT button on the side. Positive reviews highlight the noise-canceling features and build quality.

Some negatives mentioned were the length of the cord and the way that the mic fits in your hand. Both of these seem subjective, as I don’t ever see the need for a 7.5-foot microphone cord and I have pretty big hands. You may want to try and find a model that you can actually hold in real life before you purchase, just to be safe.

Cobra HG-M84W CB Microphone

The Cobra HG M84 is a great CB microphone that fits some cool features into a unique, ergonomic microphone design. This doesn’t look like your typical CB handset, and it’s built to fit in your hand slightly better than the standard microphone that comes with your CB radio.

The HG M84 comes with an extra-long 9-foot cord that lets you pass the microphone to passengers in your car. You also get a noise-canceling function to make sure that only your voice gets heard and not other background distractions. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a microphone and want one that stands out from the crowd.

Photo source: amazon.com


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