10 Best Eton Shortwave Radio Reviews & Buying Guide

There are many shortwave radio brands that are still producing and selling shortwave radios. We have reviewed many brands in the past, but, today’s the time to present you with the Eton brand and their radio models.

First of all, Eton is an American radio corporation that has been creating electronic, mostly radios since the 80s. Since then, they have accomplished many things and created many wonderful devices that are being used in all parts of this world.

Today, we will be showing you the top ten best Eton shortwave radios that we could find. Each of these models is special in its own way and is quite affordable. So, let’s see what they can do.

Comparison Chart of best Eton shortwave radio reviews at a glance 2022:


Best for travels: Eton Elite traveler AM Fm Shortwave radio

1. Best for travels: Eton Elite traveler AM Fm Shortwave radio
  • It can be charged through a DC cable cord
  • This radio contains an LCD screen with additional features
  • This is an improved model of a 30-year-old one
  • This is a radio that can be tuned digitally
  • It contains an FM telescopic antenna for a better reception
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2. The classic, Perfect Clear Sounding: Eton Elite NELITE750

2. The classic, Perfect Clear Sounding Eton Elite NELITE750
  • This radio has a rotating extendable antenna
  • Its reception is amazing
  • This radio is able to receive AM, FM, LE, SW, SSB, and VHF, radio bands
  • Aircraft radio bands are also within the range of this radio
  • This is a big radio
  • It’s perfect for radio enthusiasts
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Best for VHF Aircraft band: Eton Elite Executive, NELITESATELLIT

3. Best for VHF Aircraft band: Eton Elite Executive, NELITESATELLIT
  • This radio has a very long range
  • It can also pick up all kinds of radio bands
  • This is a small, portable radio
  • It is affordable
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Best for desktop use with Bluetooth: Eton Elite Field AM/FM shortwave

4. Best for desktop use with Bluetooth: Eton Elite Field AM/FM shortwave
  • It works on 4AA batteries
  • It is able to be charged through an AC adapter
  • This radio is able to receive other signal bands besides the shortwave ones
  • It can be connected to a smartphone or similar devices due to the excellent Bluetooth technology
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A great mini compact radio: Eton mini Compact Shortwave radio

5. A great mini compact radio: Eton mini Compact Shortwave radio
  • This radio contains an LCD screen
  • It has many different features
  • It is able to catch different radio bands
  • This radio is perfect for trips
  • It can easily fit into your hands or pockets since its mini and compact
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Eton Elite NELITEMINI Leather case adds, Mini Compact SW radio

6. Eton Elite NELITEMINI Leather case adds, Mini Compact SW radio
  • It is very affordable
  • This radio is very small and can perfectly fit pockets or hands
  • It is able to catch both local and global shortwave radio stations
  • There is also an AM internal antenna built into it
  • It contains an LCD screen with all of the necessary information
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Best Sound quality: Eton Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate radio

7. Best Sound quality: Eton Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate radio
  • This radio has a big LCD screen with many features
  • It is able to memorize around 1000 radio station presets
  • There is a DSP technology built into it to enhance the sensitivity
  • This radio is able to catch many different radio bands
  • It contains external headphone jacks
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Best Portable Leather case with craftsman stitching radio: Eton Elite NELITEEXECUTIVE

8. Best Portable Leather case with craftsman stitching radio: Eton Elite NELITEEXECUTIVE
  • This radio works on 4AA batteries
  • It contains a USB slot
  • It has an LCD screen
  • There is a PLL tuner built into it
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9. Best for Grundig Edition Field: Eton Field (NGWFB) AM / FM / Shortwave Radio with RDS

9. Best for Grundig Edition Field: Eton Field (NGWFB) AM / FM / Shortwave Radio with RDS
  • This radio has an LCD screen
  • It is a medium-sized radio
  • It contains 50 radio station presets
  • It is able to catch AM, FM, SW, and other radio bands
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Deluxe Radio Receiver: Eton S350DL-B Am FM SW deluxe radio receiver

10. Deluxe Radio Receiver: Eton S350DL-B Am FM SW deluxe radio receiver
  • This is a big radio
  • It contains an LCD screen
  • It is able to tune into Am, FM, and shortwave radio bands
  • This model is a perfect military radio
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Choosing the best Eton shortwave radio is easy, here’s how to do it

We have presented you with quite a lot of shortwave radio models in this article. It’s needless to say that we have loved all of them and that they certainly have a lot of features that could be useful to anyone.

Now, when it comes to choosing the best shortwave radio in general, and not just the Eton ones, there are a few things to which you should be paying attention. Let’s see what those things include.

  • Is the radio portable?

Many of these Eton radios that you have seen today are lightweight and portable. But, before reaching out for your purchase decision, make sure to determine whether or not you will actually need a portable radio. If you want to use it for at-home purposes, just simply look for a radio that is bigger, and has great speakers.

  • Can I connect my headphones to it?

By asking yourself this question, you will know if the radio will enable you to have a private listening session. If this is what you are looking for in a radio, make sure that the model you end up buying has it.

  • The battery duration

If you are going to be using that radiofrequency and listening to the most available shortwave broadcasts, make sure that it works on strong batteries. More importantly, make sure that the radio itself does not consume much battery power, and that the batteries could last a while.best eton shortwave radio reviews

Are there any advantages of owning the best Eton shortwave radio?

There’s no doubt that shortwave radios are awesome devices that anyone should have somewhere in their house. Besides being able to keep you informed about the latest news in your area, shortwave radios are awesome for other things as well.

  • You will know what is happening in the world

With one of these Eton shortwave radios, you will be informed of all of the latest news that is happening in the world. Since all of the models can catch worldwide shortwave radio stations, you could easily tune into any kind of radio station that is being broadcasted!

  • A great source of entertainment

Shortwave radio stations also have an entertaining program. SO, besides you being informed of all of the latest happenings in the world, you will also get to enjoy listening to your favorite music, news, or radio shows!

In-depth product reviews of 10 best Eton shortwave radios

7113H yhRVL. AC SL1200



Best Shortwave radio for travels

The first Eton model that we will be showing you today is this Eton Elite Traveler shortwave radio. This model is perfect for camping trips, and even for longer car rides, and similar travel occasions. What’s so great about it is that it has a perfect size that makes it easily portable.

Besides that, it features a clock, as well as an alarm and a sleep timer. The LCD screen certainly helps a lot with the digital tuning since it makes things clearer. There is even an FM telescopic antenna attached to it that can make its reception much better.

When it comes to the power source of this radio, it is able to work on 4AA batteries. But, if you find yourself somewhere near a direct power source, you will be able to connect those two together and charge this Eton radio’s batteries that way.
In-summary & Specs:

  • This radio works on 4 AA batteries
  • All types of Brand like AM/FM/LW/SW bands
  • It is easy to set the station spacing & frequency
  • It can be Automatic or manual digital tuning
  • This is the Auto tuning storage (ATS) function
  • Has 500 memory stations
  • Local/world time setting and Sleep timer
  • Single alarm clock (by radio or buzzer)
  • Has Snooze function
  • Have Rich orange LCD display
  • This has an Earphone jack (3.5mm)
  • Has FM telescopic antenna
  • Have Reset/lock function
  • This has elegant leather case with craftsman stitching

81NZLv3eC9L. AC SL1500


2. Eton Elite NELITE750 AM/FM/LW/VHF/SW with SSB

The Classic and Perfect Clear Sounding

This second model is quite the opposite of the first one that we have shown you. Namely, it is a lot bigger and much more expensive. Its price range may vary, depending on the distributor, but, it usually costs around $400. In other words, this is one of those professional radios made for shortwave radio enthusiasts.

This is one of those radios that have the ability to catch around 750 broadcasts on different radio wavelengths. For example, this exact model is able to catch AM, FM, LE, SW, SSB, and VHF, as well as aircraft radio frequencies. There is even a 360-degree rotating antenna attached to it in order to make the reception of these signals even better.

If you are a person that likes to enjoy loud music, you could easily connect this radio to any of the external speakers. Besides that, there are Eton Satellit750 speakers that could be bought separately for much better enjoyment as our editors Eton Satellit750 review.

In-summary & Specs:

  • The user has the ability to connect this radio to external speakers
  • The user manual comes along with it
  • A perfect portable AM/FM/LW/Shortwave with SSB and VHF Radio
  • Power Source is Corded Electric
  • 120 Volts
  • Weight is 7.1 lbs (3.22 kg)
  • Dimensions is 5.75 x 14.65 x 7.24 inches

613e4KBFNHL. AC SL1200


3. Eton Elite Executive (NELITESATELLIT)

Best for VHF Aircraft band

This is a model that is somewhat affordable since it costs around $150. As you can see, this is a small, yet very effective radio with a lot of amazing features. This international radio receiver is able to receive many different radio bands on different radio wavelengths. One of the best things about it is that it has manual and digital tuning available.

This model was first published thirty years ago, and since then it has received much popularity from the customers. The model which we are able to use today is a much-advanced one with advanced, modern features.

Since this receiver is able to also pick up VHF aircraft and single sideband radio signals, you will have the ability to tune into any one of your favorite radio stations, and have the possibility to listen to different types of radios.

On top of everything, it comes in a very stylish protective leather case. So, do not worry if it accidentally falls, the case will protect it from all kinds of scratches.

In-summary & Specs:

  • This radio comes in a leather case
  • It is able to pick up on aircraft bands
  • Automatic Or Manual Digital Tuning
  • It has Weather Alert Radios
  • Has Backup Battery Packs To Solar-Powered Sound Systems
  • Great portable radio, the airband rocks
  • A solid radio, with great Shortwave SSB, FM, and Medium Wave reception

71NVoUeIcqL. AC SL1500


4. Eton Elite Field AM/FM shortwave 

Best for desktop use with Bluetooth

Since we live in the modern age, it is only natural that all of us are looking for devices that have modern features. This radio is one of those devices. Since it contains Bluetooth technology, this means that you will have the full ability to connect some other devices to it and stream any kind of music you want. So, if you have your own Spotify playlists, connect your phone to it and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes.

Besides the Bluetooth technology, this device also includes many headphone jacks, and it has a carrying strap. As you can clearly see, it’s very small which makes it portable. You can actually place it anywhere, on your table, on your nightstand, or, simply carry it around with you on picnics and traveling occasions.

This Elite Executive radio is able to catch many different radio wavelength bands, just like those old shortwave radios from the previous century. On top of that, it works on 4AA batteries which are able to hold for a couple of hours of active streaming.

In-summary & Specs:

  • This radio comes in a leather protective cover
  • Well built and thoughtful layout
  • A solid tuning experience, amazing audio, and all packed in a “Field” size package
  • Speaker audio is amazing and works great
  • FM and MW reception is very good
  • Shortwave reception is decent
  • Have Bluetooth
  • Fine-tuning on all the bands in this radio
  • This is Full Shortwave Band
  • You can use DX/Local Switch
  • Can be SW Gain Control
  • LCD is easy to read with three brightness settings

81QK0XkqIRL. AC SL1500


5. Eton mini Compact Shortwave radio(NGWMINIB)

A great mini compact radio

If you are a fan of miniature shortwave radios that could perfectly fit your hands and your pockets, this model is the perfect one for you. When it comes to the actual size of this radio, it’s around 2.7 inches long, and around 4.3 inches wide. It weighs only 0.32 pounds, which means that it’s very lightweight.

Having in mind that this is a very small radio, we cannot really expect it to have any extraordinary features. In fact, this radio has all of the basic features that you might need when you are going for a walk, or simply need a good source of music.

For example, the versatile features of this Elite mini radio allow you to enjoy listening to simple broadcasts. Since this radio has an LCD screen with backlighting, you will easily be able to see all of the information written on it. That includes a watch and an alarm.

In-summary & Specs:

  • There is a built-in alarm clock and timer
  • You can tune it digitally or manually
  • It has AM/FM/SW bands
  • FM with Radio Data System
  • Has Bluetooth ready
  • Dial-in-dial fine digital tuning
  • It has bass/Treble control
  • This have 50 memory stations
  • This has external AM/FM/SW antenna connections
  • Has Rich orange LCD display
  • Line-in/line-out and headphone jacks
  • FM telescopic antenna
  • Carrying strap

71vg9URcisL. AC SL1500


6. Eton Elite NELITEMINI

The leather case adds, a Mini Compact SW radio

This is yet another one of Eton’s mini compact models that can fit perfectly in your hands. This model is able to search for both local shortwave radio stations, and those global ones. When it comes to its reception, this is one of the best radios, without a doubt. It even contains an internal AM antenna, and an external FM and SW telescoping antenna that increases its reception.

The design of this small radio is very subtle. Namely, it looks just like a bigger smartphone and can fit into your pockets. This model certainly represents the continuation of the Eton legacy that has been around for more than 30 years. All of their models are custom designed and are very affordable.

And, so is this radio. Namely, it costs only around $35, which means that it fits our Best affordable shortwave radio category. If you think not to matter the budget you can checkout Best Shortwave radio under $500.

In-summary & Specs:

  • This radio contains a telescopic antenna
  • Your Favorite Stations, Anywhere You Go
  • It has AM/FM/Shortwave/Longwave
  • This is Tune in to your favorite local stations
  • This is Features digital tuning and Automatic or Manual Tuning
  • It have An internal AM antenna and a telescoping FM/SW antenna
  • Dimensions is 4.1″ x 6.6″ x 1.2″ (H x W x D)
  • This have Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer
  • Has External Antenna Connectivity
  • This is Radio Data System (RDS)

81NZLv3eC9L. AC SL1500


7. Eton Grundig (NGSAT750B)

Best Sound quality Satellit 750 Ultimate radio

This is yet another bigger model that has many different features. One of the best features of this radio is that it can catch aircraft, Am, FM, LW, and all shortwave bands. So, as you can see, this radio is quite a threat to all others, as per Eton Grundig’s Grundig radio reviews!

An extendable 360 degree rotating Am antenna is attached to it in order to make the reception of it much better. What’s also amazing is that it actually has the ability to memorize around 1000 radio stations for each one of these bands. So, if you ever stumble upon your favorite radio station, you could always save it and access it with just a click on one button.

Since the LCD screen of this radio is quite big, it’s only natural for it to have an alarm clock and a buzzer. And, for all of those people that like to listen to their music privately, this radio contains external headphone jacks, which means that you can connect your phone headphones to it.

In-summary & Specs:

  • It is able to memorize around 1000 radio station presets
  • This is AM/FM/LW/Shortwave bands radio
  • Has also had Aircraft bands
  • This has Single Side Band (SSB)
  • This has Set 9.10KHz AM tuning; set FM tuning range
  • It has a 360° rotate AM antenna
  • This is Manual/Auto/Direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning
  • It has an Auto Tuning Storage function for AM/FM/SW
  • This has a dual alarm clock function
  • It has a Line in the socket
  • Line out socket
  • The power source is DC input

41AyOp6k%2BoL. AC



Best Portable Leather case with craftsman stitching radio

This next model is one of those that basically looks like a transistor. Namely, this is a bigger Eton model that has both modern and older features combined to form a good quality shortwave radio. When we say modern features, we certainly mean of the USB slot which it contains. Due to that USB slot, you can connect any compatible external device to it, or, you can charge it via a basic USB adapter.

This radio is also perfect for both at home and abroad use. It is able to receive many different types of signals, including the VHF aircraft bands. On top of that, due to the Single Sideband feature, this radio also includes a PLL tuner. This means that you will be able to digitally tune this radio without even using your hands.

The LCD display contains backlighting that makes it easily visible in the dark, and also contains an alarm and a buzzer. When it comes to the memory of this radio, we are proud to say that it is able to store up to 700 radio station presets. And, charging it is easy too! It works on 4AA batteries which you can either change or charge via an AC adapter.

In-summary & Specs:

  • This radio can be charged through an AC adapter
  • It has a big radio station memory of up to 700 presets
  • It has Digital, Channels AM/FM, SW1
  • Dimensions is 10.9 x 5.4 x 2.1 inches
  • It has Includes Leather Case

91MIhofEcpL. AC SL1500


9. Eton Field (NGWFB) AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with RDS

Grundig Edition Field

The Eton RDS NGWFB is yet another model that has everything that you need. This radio model works on 4D batteries that could last for hours. There are 50 radio station presets, and you can save all of your favorite radio stations, and access them with just one click on the button.

On top of that, there are many line-in, and line-out inputs and outputs. One of them is a headphone jack where you can connect your headphones to it, and enjoy listening to it privately. This model is able to tune into AM, MW, FM, and SW shortwave radio bands. It is highly sensitive and is able to lower all of the interferences that might try to get in your way.

In-summary & Specs:

  • It has AM/FM/SW bands
  • Also this is FM with RDS
  • It has Dial-in-dial fine digital tuning
  • Treble/bass control and RF gain control
  • It can use External AM/FM/SW antenna connections
  • has Local/DX switch
  • Line-in/line-out and headphone jacks
  • has FM telescopic antenna
  • This has Carrying strap and Reset/lock button



10. Eton S350DL-B Am FM SW deluxe radio receiver

Deluxe Radio Receiver

Now, the last radio receiver that we will be showing you today is no other than the Eton S350Dl, a very popular radio model among the shortwave radio lovers. This is a high-performance radio that has a very classical design, as well as combined with a dash of modern features. It has the ability to tune into AM, FM, and shortwave radio bands. It can be tuned both manually and digitally, and there is even a tuning knob that brings you accurate tuning. As you can see, this is a military radio that has perfect reception and can produce good quality sounds.

In-summary & Specs:

  • Dimensions is 12.5 x 3.5 x 7 inches
  • Power Source is Corded Electric, Battery Powered
  • You can use tuning between 530 and 1710 KHz both
  • This is great for price and as well as the looks

Final words

Lastly, we can only say that we have enjoyed testing out these best Eton shortwave radio models. We want to know which one do you like the most and why. Our top favorite is certainly the Eton Elite (NELITETRAVELLER) SW/AM/FM since it pretty much has all of the features we are looking for.

We adored others as well!

FAQs related to Eton shortwave radio

  1. Are Eton and Grundig the same company?

No, these two companies are separate ones. To be more precise, the Eton brand is totally independent of the Grundig company which is based in Germany.

  1. Is Eton an American company?

Yes, the Eton brand is an American corporation that has been established back in the mid-80s.

  1. How do I use Eton Emergency radios?

Eton emergency radios are the same thing as regular emergency radios made by any other brand. Basically, they contain a hand crank in case of a power outage, as well as the emergency siren in case of any emergency situation. Some of their models also have an LED lamp that can be used at night.

  1. How do I charge my Eton solar radio?

Eton solar radios contain solar panels. To be more precise, there are many different ways to charge your Eton solar radio. One way is by using those solar panels. You will need to leave the radio out in the sun so that the panels could gather the sunlight and then transform it into power. Another way of charging them is by using a simple AC cord and connecting them to the direct power source.

  1. Is Eton a good brand?

Proof that Eton is a good brand is happy customers from all parts of this world who have been using their radios for years, and some even for decades.

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Last update: 21st Feb 2022


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