10 Best Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio

There is no doubt that all of the people who like sailing or spending some time on boats need to own one of the best fixed mount VHF marine radios. We must say that there are two types of VHF marine radios available for purchase. But, today, we shall be introducing you to the best fixed marine radios.

These units are literally essential devices that every sailing boat must have as a part of their equipment, no exceptions! Are you looking for a Fixed mount VHF marine radio to purchase, but you are not quite sure how to choose the best one? No worries friends, we will be helping you with that today.

We have been able to test out ten(10) of the best fixed mount VHF marine radios recently. Here’s everything that you need to know about them. But first, let’s meet the models:

Our Top Pick

  1. Best simplest:  Standard Horizon GX1400GB VHF
  2. Best overall: STANDARD HORIZON GX6000 25W Commercial Grade Fixed Mount VHF
  3. Best affordable: Icom M330-11 Vhf Radio Fixed Mount Black
  4. Best features: Uniden UM435 advanced fixed mount VHF marine radio

Stick to the end of the article to find out everything that you will need to be looking for when you are going fixed mount VHF marine radio shopping.

1. Cobra MR F45-D fixed mount VHF marine radio

The first marine VHF fixed mount radio that we will be presenting you with is the Cobra MR F45-D model. This model is available in white color and it is pretty big. Since all of these marine radios that we will be presenting you with today are fixed mount ones you don’t really have to worry much about their weight and dimensions too- you don’t have to carry them around.

With this marine radio by your side, you will always be able to cover up a wide range of frequencies and therefore catch many different channels. This model in particular can catch the USA, Canada, as well as some of the international channels as long as they work on 1-25 watts of dual output power.

Since the purpose of marine radios is to also notify you if there are some dangerous obstacles coming your way, this is an NOAA weather radio that can catch a total of 10 weather alert channels. With that being said, you will be always informed of all of the weather inconveniences coming your way- this radio puts safety first!

Besides that, the design of it is quite attractive and it also contains a large illuminated LCD display. There are also a bunch of features there to help with the navigation.

Highlighted features:

  • This VHF marine radio can operate in the US and Canada, as well as international channels too
  • This radio will keep you informed of all of the weather conditions
  • It contains an LCD display
  • This radio cares about your safety
  • This radio is able to work on a wide range of frequencies

2. Standard Horizon Explorer Gx1800 Fixed Mount Class D VHF radio

71C6BTKVftL. AC SL1211

Now, this model is only available in black color, and it looks amazing. The LCD screen is there to make the overall experience of the user a lot better. The compact design is also one of the best features of this model.

When it comes to the features, this Class D DSC marine radio is always expecting the DSC calls that might come your way. In other words, you will always be notified as soon as some DSC call is coming your way. But, besides that, the weather alert channels are there to make you feel safer during your trip. There is no chance that this model will miss out to inform you about some of the dangerous things that are coming your way- the safety is at the highest level possible!

On top of that, there is also no way that you will get lost if you have this fixed mount class D VHF radio as a part of your equipment. Since it has a GPS compass, as well as waypoint and status pages that are connected to the GPS at all times, you will always be able to know your exact location.

One of the best things about purchasing this model is that you will be receiving a three-year waterproof warranty for it. So, if something happens to it, you will be receiving a completely new class D VHF radio!

Highlighted features:

  • It is available in black color
  • It has a compact design
  • It contains an easy to operate menu system
  • This radio keeps scanning for DSC calls frequently
  • This is also a weather alert marine radio
  • It contains a GPS compass
  • The user receives a three-year waterproof warranty

3. Uniden UM435 Advanced Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio

815XUhzSrpL. AC SL1500

Now, this third model has a very submersible design and it can work on 25 watts. The good thing about this radio is that it equipped with all of the latest features that any kind of marine radio should have. So, features like weather alert are there, as well as the ability to catch USA and Canada and international marine channels!

Even if you are traveling through rough waters, you will be able to stay notified of all kinds of obstacles that will be facing you on your trip. The rugged microphone is there in order to easily read the channel numbers and icons. It is equipped with an orange backlight which means that you will easily be able to see all of its controls even in the dark.

On top of all this, this DSC radio is DSC ready, meaning that it will be always expecting calls whenever you need them. The good thing is that this Uniden marine radio is also SAME Weather alert ready. There is no way that bad weather will surprise you while you are sailing because you will be receiving messages about it upfront.

Of course, the warranty is here too. Any customer who purchases this Uniden UM435 advanced fixed mount VHF marine radio is going to be receiving a three-year warranty. This warranty will cover all of the possible breaks or damages.

Highlighted features:

  • It can catch all of the USA and Canadian marine channels
  • The customer receives a three-year warranty for this radio
  • This radio contains a memory channel scan
  • It also has a triple and a dual watch
  • This is a 25 watt full-featured fixed mount radio

4. Standard Horizon GX1400GB VHF

51bk2GEQemL. AC

This receiver has 66 built-in WAAS and GPS channels. This means that it can easily catch all sorts of frequencies, and even catch channels from international waters, and not just the American or the Canadian ones.

This is a very affordable model, and generally one with the simplest features. It has everything that one basic marine radio should have, and that is just what makes this model great.

The standard Horizon GX1400GB VHF marine radio is equipped with an LCD screen that has white backlighting.  The screen is very visible even in the dark. The good thing is that the microphone connected to it also has some features that can be used for making certain calls. And, the best thing is that any kind of individual could make calls through this marine radio.

Since this is a class D VHF marine radio with a separate channel 70 receivers, the radio is always expecting certain DSC calls. If some DSC call is coming its way, the user will be notified right on time. On top of that, some of its other features are the GPS and the position report, which are always there ready to send an urgent message.

Highlighted features:

  • It has built-in 66 channel WAAS and GPS stations
  • This is an affordable fixed mount VHF radio
  • It contains a small LCD screen with backlighting
  • There are also radio controls on the microphone
  • This is a class D model
  • Any individual is able to make certain calls through this radio

5. Standard Horizon Eclipse Gx1400 Fixed Mount Class D DSC VHF radio


Even though this next model might seem very similar to the previous one, it actually contains a lot of differences. For example, the prices are one of the first things that are very much different. This model is even cheaper than the previous one. Although the designs might be the same, the size is the thing that varies.

So, this is a Class D ultra-compact fixed mount VHF radio. And, like any other class D radio, it is constantly waiting around expecting for the DSC calls to come your way. You won’t be missing any of the DSC calls since this marine radio will be notifying you right on time!

We must say that this one is very easy to operate. Since it has an E20 operate menu system, you will only need to learn the basic functions in order to use it properly. All of the notifications will be clearly visible on the LCD display of this radio since the matric of it increases the size of the information.

Bad weather will not surprise you since you will be notified on time of all of the possible dangerous activities coming your way. Since this is an NOAA weather alert marine radio, not only can it catch regular marine channels, but it can also catch alert ones.

Highlighted features:

  • This radio is always expecting DSC calls
  • This is a Class D marine radio
  • It has GPS technology built into it
  • It can be used easily due to the E20 operative menu
  • This is also an NOAA weather alert radio

6. Standard Horizon 1850G fixed mount VHF

61nUhtPM kL. AC SL1000

This is one of the newest release models of VHF marine radios. The amazing thing is that this manufacturer can offer you same-day shipping if you request that sort of thing. So, this is a great thing especially if you need to have your new marine radio at your door as soon as possible. Another amazing thing is that this manufacturer provides excellent customer service. So, if you have any kind of questions about the model, you can freely ask them.

This marine radio is available only in white color, and it is aesthetically eye-pleasing. The design is very modern and sleek. One of the best things about this model is that it contains an LCD display with white backlighting. On top of that, the microphone which is connected to the unit also contains some of the features that can be used for making calls.

One of the best features that this marine radio contains is definitely the GPS feature that is even able to send our precise location to anyone.

Highlighted features:

  • This marine radio is available only in white color
  • The microphone has calling features as well
  • This brand offers a 24-hour customer support
  • The manufacturer offers same-day shipping if that is necessary
  • This marine radio contains GPS technology that can send your current coordinates to others
  • The LCD display is equipped with white backlighting
  • This is one of the newly released models

7. Standard Horizon Eclipse- Series VHF radio

61zUAcCf3jL. AC SL1414

This newer model of C class Standard horizon Eclipse marine radios can easily replace all other models. It basically has all of its features combined into one affordable device. So, namely, this model is equipped with GPS technology that can help you navigate yourself and send your exact coordinates and location to others.

This model is only available in white color, but that just makes it look more elegant. The microphone that comes with the unit is also equipped with radio features, which means that you can just grab the microphone in your hands and make calls to others.

One of the best things about this model is that it can work on a lot of frequencies. Just have in mind that it has built-in 66 channels WAAS and GPS ones too. This is definitely one of the better receivers that can serve you well for years.

Even if you find yourself lost at sea, there is no need to panic because this marine radio has safety on its mind. Your exact position can be shared to the shore with just a few clicks on some buttons. With that being said, this receiver can also receive coordinates from some other ships or the exact location of the shore.

Highlighted features:

  • This radio has 66 channels built into it
  • It also contains GPS technology
  • This is one of the affordable marine radios
  • It can easily replace older eclipse models and eclipse DSC models
  • The microphone contains radio controls
  • It has an elegant, white design

8. Standard Horizon GX6000 Commercial Grade Fixed Mount VHF

813xn 1gV L. AC SL1500

Now, the next model is probably one of the most expensive ones on today’s list. Namely, it costs around four hundred dollars, but, it is totally worth the money.

This receiver is integrated with the AIS and the AIS SART target display, as well as the MMSI, Call sign, ship name, and the BRG… The good thing is that it is very powerful since it works on 25W, but it is also heavy.

One of the best things about this receiver is that it is compatible with the NMEA2000 and with the NMEA0183. And, on top of that, it is CPA and TCPA programmable with collision avoidance alarms.

This Standard Horizon GX6000 model is able to work on 25W of power, which means that it is preprogrammed to receive signals from different kinds of frequencies. As well as previous marine radios, it would be silly for an expensive marine radio like this one to not have the NOAA weather alert feature. Don’t worry, it has it! No bad weather will ever surprise you and leave you in shock. With this fixed mount VHF marine radio by your side, you will always stay ahead of bad obstacles and have enough time to react properly.

Highlighted features:

  • This is an integrated AIS receiver
  • It is compatible with the NMEA2000 and with the NMEA0183
  • It is CPA and TCPA programmable
  • It has a sleek design
  • The LCD display is there with backlighting
  • The microphone contains calling features
  • This marine radio also contains the NOAA weather alert radio feature

9. Icom M330-11 Vhf Radio Fixed Mount Black

71BPjLLmSZL. AC SL1500

The next model is also somewhat inexpensive because it costs around 170 dollars. It is equipped with loads of interesting, yet helpful features. But, let’s concentrate on its design first. This radio is available in black color only, but that does not stop it from looking awesome. Namely, this receiver has an LCD display with orange backlighting, which makes it easily visible at night.

As you can clearly see, this is a class D DSC receiver that can receive DSC calls anytime that’s needed. On top of that, it has the ability to work, and catch loads of channels. There is even an option to tag scan your favorite channels and save them.

The microphone which is connected to it basically has all of the functions that the actual unit has- it can make calls and control the radio. This radio also has a common NMEA interface that is used for external GPS and NAV connections. And, let’s not forget to mention that GPS technology is built into this radio, of course. The GPS technology works perfectly, and can even help the user send out their exact location and coordinates to others if needed. read more Best Icom radios of 2021

Highlighted features:

  • This is a Class D DSC receiver
  • It has a common NMEA interface for external GPS and NAV connections
  • You can easily channel for your favorite channels
  • The AquaQuake draining function is built into it
  • This radio has an LCD display with an orange backlighting

 10. Standard Horizon VHF GPS Fixed Mount Gx1400gw

81Wj%2BTgtCWL. AC SL1500

And lastly, we will be presenting you with the Standard Horizon VHF GX1400gw model of marine radios.  This model might be one of the most purchased models in 2020, and there’s a reason for that. Let’s see what it can do.

The first and the easiest thing to notice is that the design of this radio is attractive- it is available only in white color. The microphone contains all of the necessary features that help with making calls. The high-resolution dot matrix display is there to make the usage of the unite run smoothly and without any kind of issues.

This model is a DSC easy model that contains 66 GPS signals that are built into its front panel. It includes a MAYDAY vessel identification latitude and longitude to facilitate prompt response.

If any damage happens to this fixed mount marine radio, the user would not have to worry about it since the three-year warranty covers it! Even if the whole unit breaks or stops working, the warranty is there to make you worry-free.

Highlighted features:

  • A customer will be receiving a three year warranty with any purchase
  • It contains a MAYDAY vessel identification
  • The GPS technology is built into it
  • This is a DSC radio that is ready to make DSC calls anytime
  • The unit contains an E20 easy to operate menu system
  • NMEA in and output connections are compatible with the GPS chart plotter

Before Buying: How to choose the best Fixed Mount VHF Marine radio?

Best Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio
Photo: amazon.com

It’s super important to find the best available VHF fixed mount marine radio for yourself. And, here are some things that you should definitely pay attention to when you are about to purchase your new marine radio.

  • Does it contain GPS technology?

GPS technology can help you avoid many problems, and help you find a way out of some problems. So, it is for the best if the marine radio which you are about to purchase contains it

  • Can it catch weather alert channels?

One of the most important things to look out for is whether or not the radio can actually notify you if there are some of the dangerous weather conditions coming your way. That way, you will have more than enough time to react properly.

  • Is the radio that you are about to purchase a class D-one?

This is not necessarily the most important thing, but, if the radio is a class D-one, it means that it will be able to wait out for incoming DSC calls and notify you when they are coming your way.

These are definitely some of the most important things that you should be paying attention to. Also, do not forget to look for a marine radio that is within your budget, but focus on the features more.

What are the advantages of owning the best quality Fixed Mount VHF Marine radio?

There is no doubt that owning one of the best quality fixed mount VHF marine radios will bring you a lot of advantages. But, let’s see what those advantages actually are.

  • You will always be safe

Since many of these models that we have presented you with today contain the NOAA weather alert feature, there is no way that bad weather will catch you off guard. With one of these radios by your side, you will always feel safe knowing that no dangerous thing will surprise you.

  • GPS will help you find your way

Even if something happens on your boat trip, knowing that you have GPS technology built into your marine radio could calm you down. There is no need to worry since your exact coordinates can easily be sent to the coast guard. Even if that is not available at the moment, do not panic, the GPS will help you find your way back to the route.

  • Power outage? No problem

Many of these receivers from our list contain an LCD display with backlighting. This means that they are easily visible at night. So, even if there’s no light in the cabin, you could easily find your way to the VHF marine radio.

Testing best-fixed mount VHF marine radios

When we got the opportunity to test out all of the top fixed mount VHF marine radios, we just simply could not say no! The great thing is that we have absolutely loved all of the models from this article and that they are definitely something worth your attention- and your money too!

It is really hard to pick out our favorite one, but, if we must choose, we would totally recommend you the STANDARD HORIZON GX6000 25W Commercial Grade Fixed Mount VHF one since it definitely has loads of interesting features that could help you out in the sea.

Of course, it is totally up to you which one you will choose! We have no doubt that you will be able to find the perfect fit for yourself just by following our simple guide above!


Final words

You will see for yourself that there are a lot more fixed mount VHF marine radios out there. We have tried to show you some of our favorites. But, you might end up buying a model that is not in our list. The important thing to look out for is to make sure that that marine radio is fulfilling your expectations and which has all of the features that you might need when you are off sailing. Think about what you need, and purchase a radio according to your needs.

Hopefully, our 10 best fixed mount VHF marine radio article was able to help you find the possibly new radio that will serve you in all of the upcoming boat trips!


Q-1. What is a fixed mount VHF marine radio?

The VHF in the name of these marine radios stands for a very high-frequency sending and receiving of all kinds of marine signals. In other words, this is a shortwave communication between two ships, or a ship and the shore. So, generally speaking, these radios are actually marine radios that can receive and send marine signals. They are often used for marine purposes, sailings, but, generally, every kind of boat should have one of these as a part of their equipment.

Q-2. What is the range of a VHF marine radio?

A usual range of VHF marine radios is usually around 5-10 miles. But, have in mind that some models might have a wider or even a smaller range. It all depends on the model of the VHF marine radio, and the manufacturer, of course.

3. Handheld VHF VS Fixed Mount VHF

There are a lot of differences between these two. And, to make everything more understandable, we will put the data in the table.

The fixed mount VHF marine radio The handheld VHF marine radio
The battery is able to last longer since it works on the boat’s power The batteries have a rounded duration
It is a fixed device It can be carried around easily
It has a bigger range of around 25-30 and some even to 60 miles These usually have a smaller range up to 10 miles
They are expensive They are cheap and affordable

Of course, there are a lot more differences, but, let’s say that we tried to point out some of the most important ones.

Q-4. What is a Class D VHF marine radio?

A class D VHF marine radio is generally a DSC marine radio that requires a distress call capability. The VHF marine radios are in greater usage.


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