Best FM Radio Antenna For RV [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

No one wants to be stuck in the middle of the woods without any signal. Due to this reason, a good-quality and reliable AM/FM radio antenna is essential for every RV. 

So, which is the best FM radio antenna for RV?

Jensen 44US01R Rubber Mast AM/FM radio antenna is the best overall AM/FM radio antenna for RV with its reliable connectivity. If you are looking for a more affordable option, the JSZAAHZ Car Radio Antenna is the best budget-friendly AM/FM radio antenna for RV. Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omni-Directional is the best AM/FM radio antenna for RV if you want both power and aesthetics.

If you are interested to know more about these radio antennas, keep reading!

3 Best Am/Fm Radio Antenna For RV

Here we have pickles with three AM/FM radio antennas that go perfectly with any RV. Those antennas are mentioned in the following table.

Am/Fm Radio Antenna For RV



Jensen 44US01R Rubber MastBest Overall AM/FM Radio Antenna for RVPrice on Amazon
JSZAAHZ Car Radio AntennaBest Budget-friendly AM/FM Radio Antenna for RVPrice on Amazon
Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omni-DirectionalBest powerful AM/FM Radio Antenna for RVPrice on Amazon

Jensen 44US01R Rubber Mast

Best Overall AM/FM Radio Antenna for RV

ASA Electronics

The Jensen 44US1R AM/FM radio comes with a rubber mast which makes it available for versatile installments. You can mount this antenna on the side or at the top. 

To make the installation process even easier, it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. So you don’t have to buy anything separately.  

It has an 8’3″ long cable which provides a really good reach. The mast dimension of this  antenna is 16.5 inches in height and 2.75 inches in width which is pretty impressive. 

What I like most about this antenna is, despite its huge length the antenna doesn’t break easily, thanks to the mast material. The rubber mast also helps to reduce the unnecessary frequency and breakage that is common for the metal mast.

So, it is considered one of the best antenna for FM radio to use on RVs. 

However, some users complained about not getting reception after the first installation. And they complain the reception is sometimes underwhelming. But when you reinstall it properly, the problem goes away. Also, you may sometimes face getting the rural channels. 


  • Rubber mast reduces breakage and unnecessary frequency
  • Versatile installment
  • Installation hardware is provided
  • Durable


  • Occasional reception issue.
  • Tough to receive rural channels.

JSZAAHZ Car Radio Antenna

Best Budget-friendly AM/FM Radio Antenna for RV

JSZAAHZ Waterproof Marine Antenna

If you want the best AM/FM radio antenna for your RV at a reasonable price,  JSZAAHZ Antenna is just the right thing for you. 

This antenna comes with 4 types of adapters. So, unlike the previous one, it is practically compatible with all common receivers including Sony, Panasonic, Bose, and JVC. 

Contrary to the Jensen radio antenna, it comes with an adhesive mounting which is very convenient to install. JSZAAHZ Antenna can capture better signals on rural stations better than other FM radio antennas including Jensen.  

This antenna comes with a 54-inch long cable, so you can easily connect it to your RV radio.

However, it also has slight drawbacks. For example, although it can have impressively long connectors, the connector quality is not very good. And it sits very loose on the jack. 


  • Waterproof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy installation


  • Bad connecter quality
  • The connector becomes loose after a while

Let’s move on to the next best fm antenna for radio.

Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omni-Directional

Best powerful AM/FM Radio Antenna for RV

Magnadyne Antenna

The TV-1W antenna is designed specifically for RVs and motorhomes. The design of this antenna is far from the traditional FM/AM antenna including JSZAAHZ and Jensen. So, it will give an aesthetic look to your RV. 

The installation of this antenna is also very easy as it comes with an automatic-type plug. If you are not familiar with this type of antenna, it may seem tough to you to install the antenna. But the owner’s manual will help you through it. 

The best thing about this antenna is, there is a manual switch. It allows you to switch between the roof antenna and shore cable output. 

This feature is convenient to listen to the radio while on the road or parked somewhere. This option is not available in any of the previous FM/AM antennas. So, it’s truly one of the best FM car radio antenna you can find.

The frequency rate of this antenna is also much higher than Jensen and JSZAAHZ radio antennas. You don’t even have to rotate the antenna to get a better signal like you usually do with regular antennas. 

The only drawback of this antenna is its price. It is at least three times more costly than the JSZAAHZ radio and twice more costly than the Jensen antenna. 


  • Aesthetic design 
  • Easy installation
  • Manual switch for changing output
  • Wider frequency range
  • Don’t require rotating the antenna to get signal


  • Very expensive 
  • Hard to install as a beginner. 

Now the decision is in your hand.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best AM/Fm Radio Antennas?

I will be giving you a full buyer’s guide so that you could find the best FM/AM radio antennas for RV, and purchase it without regret.

We have shown you some of the best AM/FM radio antennas for RVs. Even though these are the best of the best FM antennas, you should pay attention to details and make sure you buy the one that will suit you well. 

Make sure to take things slowly and not rush into buying something if you are not 100% sure that it will be the best choice for you. Here’s what you should determine, and look out for.

Pay attention to the coaxial cable length:

Logically, the longer the coaxial cable, the greater the mobility will be. In other words, this means that you will be able to move your FM/AM radio around without losing the reception, or the strength of the signal. 

If you decide to put the antenna in a room (indoor antenna) where you will mostly use your radio, but you also enjoy moving around your portable radio, you will need to purchase an antenna with a longer coaxial cable.

The standard length of coaxial cables for FM antennas, in general, is 10 feet. Of course, you might stumble upon antennas with a shorter coaxial cable, but our recommendation is to not purchase those models.

Mounting Options:

We love antennas that have the ability to be mounted in different ways, and different places too. Of course, some people surely won’t find this as a crucial factor that will determine which antenna model you will buy, but we think that this is pretty important.

If you think that this is important, make sure, and check all of the mounting and installation possibilities before purchase. Installations are easy, but, if you have the ability to mount the antenna anywhere you want, that certainly makes the overall antenna experience way better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can A TV Antenna Be Used For FM Radio?

Yes, a TV antenna can be used for FM radio. TV antennas are able to receive FM radio signals like UHF and VHF. so, they can replace the FM radio antenna. However, if you want to use the antenna for a car or RV, the idea is not feasible as TV antennas are too big.

How Do I Get The Best FM Radio Reception?

Using a signal amplifier between the Radio and the antenna is the best way to get the best radio reception. Also, check if the connection between the radio and the antenna is secured. Try not to keep any electronic devices between the antenna and radio to minimize interference. 

Do I Need An Antenna On My RV?

Yes, it is recommended to have an antenna on the RV. you are not going to camp in the middle of the city. On the composite, it is nearly impossible to get a cable hookup. In this case, maintaining a connection on your mobile, radio, or TV antennas is essential. 


Here goes all discussion on the best AM/FM radio antenna for RV. I hope the in-depth discussion on these top three radio antennas will help you make the right choice. Try to purchase the antenna from a trustworthy dealer. Amazon can be the best choice. 

Now it’s time for me to go. Goodbye!


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