Best Indoor Shortwave Antenna Reviews [For Better Radio Signal Reception]

To ensure optimal performance and reception, it is essential to equip your shortwave radio with a dedicated shortwave antenna. These antennas are specifically designed to enhance signal reception, complementing the capabilities of shortwave radios.

By attaching one of the top indoor shortwave antennas to your radio, you can expand its frequency reception beyond its previous limitations. These compact devices are not only highly effective but also affordable, making them a worthwhile investment for maximizing your radio experience.

What Are The Best Indoor Shortwave Antennas


Product Name Dimension Price
Sangean ANT-60 
  • This is one of the simplest Sangean antennas
  • Contains a seven-meter cable
  • Can easily be hooked to any kind of shortwave radio
  • Works with all shortwave radio brands

Price on Amazon

Kaito T-1 Radio Antenna
  • This is a small, compact antenna
  • It contains a 23 feet cable cord
  • It has a mini plug
  • This antenna can be attached anywhere easily
  • It contains a clip

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Tecsun AN-200
  • Works on two AAA batteries
  • Able to catch different frequencies
  • Can be connected to any kind of radio
  • Contains a 23 feet long cable cord

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MLA-30 Loop Antenna
  • This is a small and compact antenna
  • Has a very effective range of around 100KHz to 30 MHz
  • Can be powered through a USB
  • This is a rainproof antenna that can be weather resistant if put outside
  • Best for indoor use

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01. Sangean ANT-60 Shortwave Antenna

Allow us to introduce the versatile Sangean ANT-60 antenna, designed to enhance the performance and reception of any shortwave radio. 

What makes this indoor shortwave antenna particularly appealing is its compatibility with various shortwave radio models, not limited to Sangean alone.

This compact antenna conveniently attaches to the telescoping rod antenna, offering easy installation. For improved performance, you can even connect it to the radio’s external AM antenna jack. 

While primarily intended for indoor use, it can also serve outdoor purposes. With its generous 7-meter cable length, you have the flexibility to connect the antenna to your indoor shortwave radio and position it outside your window, optimizing reception and performance.


  • Improves the performance and reception of your shortwave radio
  • Extends to 23 feet
  • Has a compact case
  • Has a 3.5-millimeter mini plug
  • Fits any 3.5-millimeter external antenna jack
  • Highly portable


  • Can pick up slight noise and interference.

02. Kaito T-1 Radio Antenna

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Introducing the Kaito antenna, which may be less well-known shortwave antenna compared to the previous models but shares a similar design. This compact antenna offers easy installation, requiring no special skills. Equipped with a telescopic clip, it can be conveniently attached to any surface. The 23-foot cable connects directly to your shortwave radio’s jack.

Featuring a 3.5-millimeter mini plug, this antenna ensures a hassle-free installation process, saving you valuable time. With its powerful capabilities, it enables the reception of even the lowest frequencies. Despite its small size, it significantly enhances the performance of any shortwave radio, capturing a wide range of available frequencies.

The portability of this compact antenna allows you to take it anywhere alongside your shortwave radio. With its reliable reception and strong signal, you can always enjoy a high-quality performance on the go.


  • Compact, portable antenna
  • Comes with a 23 feet cable cord
  • Has a mini-plug


  • Difficult to wind it back into the container

03. Tecsun AN-48X Indoor Active Loop Radio Antenna

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Introducing the next model, specifically designed to optimize radio reception across shortwave, mediumwave, and longwave radio bands.

It offers extensive frequency coverage, capturing signals within the range of 520-1700 kHz for AM, approximately 3.50-20.00 MHz for shortwave compared to longwave, which is around120-400 kHz.

One remarkable feature of this antenna is its universal compatibility with radios of all types and brands. Furthermore, its user-friendly nature makes it incredibly easy to set up and use. 

By simply connecting the antenna’s cable to the appropriate jack on your shortwave radio, you can begin tuning your radio and accessing various frequencies.

It’s important to note that this antenna requires two AAA batteries, which are not included and need to be purchased separately by the user.


  • Designed to enhance radio receptions in all AM (Amplitude Modulation) bands including shortwave, mediumwave and longwave
  • Wide frequency coverage
  • High Compatibility
  • Includes various connection cables and accessories


  • For indoor use only
  • Tuning is difficult for Shortwave Radio

04. MLA-30 Long Range Directional Loop Antenna

This next model offers a slightly higher price point compared to the previous five models we showcased, costing approximately $50. 

However, considering its impressive array of features, this price is more than reasonable. Let’s delve into its capabilities.

The MLA-30, known as one of the most renowned antenna brands globally, has truly exceeded expectations with this model. It caters to both amateur radio users seeking casual enjoyment and dedicated shortwave enthusiasts.

Designed as a portable indoor loop antenna, its simplicity allows for versatile placement, even in limited spaces. 

The loop configuration grants exceptional directionality, effectively minimizing interference from other signals that could disrupt reception. Notably, reception quality remains extraordinary, ensuring stable and robust signals throughout your entire listening experience.


  • Excellent directivity helps reduce noise and improve SNR
  • Can be easily installed due to its compact size.
  • You can find weak signals that are submerged by noise
  • The virtual point of the antenna is aligned with the interference signal by rotating.
  • Effective antenna for short-wave listeners and amateur radios


  • The internal noise floor is quite noticeable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do I need an antenna for shortwave radio?

Outdoor shortwave antennas consistently outperform their indoor counterparts. Installing a random-length wire antenna at an elevated position, away from buildings and power lines, yields satisfactory results.

Is Shortwave UHF or VHF?

Shortwave (HF radio) serves transoceanic aircraft for communication with air-traffic control centers beyond the range of VHF radio. Many countries allocate 40 or 80 channels between approximately 26.5 MHz and 27.9 MHz, with 10 kHz spacing.

Is shortwave radio reception better at night?

If you encounter a DX or shortwave radio website expressing enthusiasm about intense solar activity or an abundance of sunspots, it’s because increased daytime ionization enhances sky-wave propagation during nighttime hours.


After discussing various indoor shortwave radios, we have identified standout models that offer exceptional performance and features.

The Sangean ANT-60 impresses with its compatibility across different shortwave radio brands, while the Kaito T1 is praised for its easy installation and powerful reception. For those seeking broader frequency coverage, the Tecsun AN-48x is an excellent choice. 

Lastly, the MLA-30 stands out with its superior directionality and reduced interference. Ultimately, the best indoor shortwave radio depends on individual preferences and requirements, but these models offer reliable options for enjoyable shortwave listening experiences.


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