5 Best Kenwood Double Din Car Stereos [Buyer’s Guide & advantages of owning]

We live in a world where every day more and more people choose their main way of transportation in the form of Cars. In order for the ride to be better, and the atmosphere in the car nicer, we are often looking for a way, device, or gadget to enable us just that.

Car stereos are the main thing that car owners buy today, preferably newer stereos with many functions and newer features that follow the rhythm of the modern world.

It does not matter if you want to buy a car stereo just for your own pleasure, or because you need it to make everything easier for you, you will eventually need one. The job of Kenwood double DIN in Car stereos is just that- to make their customers happy and satisfied with their performance.

In this guide today we will be showing you how to choose the best Kenwood Double Din car stereo for yourself without making mistakes.

In the continuation of this article, you will be reading reviews for these five best Kenwood models.

Comparison Chart of Best Kenwood Double Din Car Stereos reviews at a glance 2022:


Kenwood DMX47S Mechless digital Multimedia receiver

1. Kenwood DMX47S Mechless digital Multimedia receiver
  • This receiver has a 6.8-inch touchscreen display
  • This receiver has parking guidelines and a rear camera view
  • This receiver can be connected to smartphones
  • This receiver can mirror smartphones on its display
  • This receiver does not play CDs
  • This receiver reacts to voice control
  • This receiver can catch both AM and FM signals
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Kenwood Excelon DDX9907XR receiver

2. Kenwood Excelon DDX9907XR receiver
  • This stereo has a seven-inch display
  • This stereo can be connected to other devices
  • This stereo has Bluetooth technology
  • This stereo uses voice control as well
  • This stereo has 4 camera inputs for better driving
  • This stereo has parking guidelines for better parking
  • This stereo has high-resolution audio and displays quality
Price on Amazon

Kenwood DMX7706S Double Din Digital Multimedia receiver

3. Kenwood DMX7706S Double Din Digital Multimedia receiver
  • This stereo can be connected to iPhones
  • This stereo can also be connected with Android phones
  • This stereo has a high-resolution display
  • This stereo has a dual camera input and parking guidelines
  • This stereo can play music from Spotify or Pandora
  • This stereo has a clear resistive touch panel
  • The LCD display comes with an LED backlight
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Kenwood KMM-BT322

4. Kenwood KMM-BT322
  • This stereo does not have a touchscreen display
  • This stereo has Bluetooth technology
  • This stereo can charge phones
  • This stereo has a USB slot
  • This stereo can be controlled through an application on the smartphone
  • Androids and iPhones can be connected to it
Price on Amazon

Kenwood DNR-476R

5. Kenwood DNR-476R
  • This receiver has Bluetooth technology
  • Android and Apple devices can be connected to it
  • This receiver has 3 camera inputs
  • This receiver supports navigation
  • This receiver has a parking guidelines feature
  • This receiver has the ability to connect to Spotify or Pandora
  • This receiver has outputs for front and back speakers
  • This receiver has a touchscreen display
  • This receiver can catch satellite radio stations
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How to choose the best Kenwood double din car stereo?

We know how deciding to buy a new device can sometimes be hard and stressful, but, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are many double din stereos available on the market. It is very important to recognize good quality ones from bad ones. That takes time and skills. It is just like buying any kind of device, you must pay attention to the details in order to choose the best out of the best.

81bgj17ws4L. AC SL1500Here are some of the things that you should pay attention to when purchasing the Kenwood double din stereos.

  • The size of the receiver

When buying any kind of radio, and not just a double din one, you always must pay attention to its size. The radio must fit into your car perfectly, if it is a bit bigger than the space in your car, or a bit smaller, the radio will not be able to work, nor connect properly.

So, before buying or ordering any kind of radio, measure the space in your car, and look only for radios with those exact dimensions. To make things even better, look for double din stereos that have a bigger display, and smaller buttons. That way, the screen will be perfectly visible by everyone in the car and therefore, easily accessible.

While paying attention to the size of the radio, also have in mind that its weight is important too. A radio that is too heavy might also break some part of your inner car with its weight. Car stereos that are overweight usually also do not fit well into space and often end up with breaking some wires. To avoid that, do not buy overweight radios.

Kenwood double din stereos are usually not too big, nor too small. Their sizes are usually similar for every model and the weight too. We can call them universal if you’d like since they can mostly fit into any kind of car.

  • The frequency

The Kenwood double din stereos can catch both AM and FM signals. With that being said, a user will easily be able to switch between those two whenever they please.

Of course, you must have in mind that FM radio stations require the radio to be closer to the broadcasting tower in order to receive the best, strong signals. While, on the other side, AM radio stations can be caught even if you are far away from the broadcasting tower.

  • The file formats they accept

Since double din stereos are modern stereos, they must be able to play and support newer audio file formats. And most of the Kenwood double din stereos are compatible with various different formats such as FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, and AAC.

  • Bluetooth technology

Almost all Kenwood double din stereos have a built-in Bluetooth technology. This is life-changing since it can make everything easier. A user will be able to connect their phone to the stereo and even make hands-free calling.

  • USB slots

Generally speaking, USB slots on any kind of radio are very important, having a USB slot means that the user can connect any other external device to the receiver. And, since many Kenwood double din models contain one or two USB slots, it means that they are also compatible with mirroring smartphones on their display.

  • Additional features

There are a bunch of additional features that can make a user more satisfied with the performance of the receiver. Kenwood double din stereo models sometimes have the parking guide line feature, the graphic EQ feature, or the parking camera feature. Pay attention to these if you want to have a very modern double DIN stereo.

What are the advantages of owning the best Kenwood double din?

best kenwood double din car stereo

  • You will always be updated on all of the news happening around you.

There are many advantages to owning one Kenwood double din stereo. The main one is that these receivers keep up with all of the latest technological updates and trends, and so will the user who is using them. You will never miss out on anything since these radios basically have everything that even the newly released radios have.

  • Your ride will be a lot safer.

Overall, these receivers can manage to make their users’ lives way easier. Connecting your phone to the unit means that the driver will be able to make calls with just one click on the steering wheel, without losing it in sight of the road. The safety while driving increases a lot.

  • This stereo will help you with your in-car job by making it a lot easier.

These receivers are especially good for professional drivers whose job is to basically sit in the car all day and make calls with the customers, or others. You will not have to use a Bluetooth earbud, or hold your phone in your hands while driving (which is super dangerous) hands-free calling will become a part of your life from now on.

In-depth product reviews of the best Kenwood double din car stereos

Now, we have picked a few best Kenwood Double Din car stereos for your Car that we think has the best quality and a competitive price. By purchasing one of these models, you will stay on trend with modern technology and have a very modern and practical device in your car.

1. Kenwood DMX47S Mechless digital Multimedia receiver

Kenwood DMX47S Mechless

Our top pick of Kenwood’s double din in car stereos is definitely the DMX47S receiver. This is the perfect example of a car stereo where price and quality become one and in the same range. This is a receiver that comes packed up with safety. It provides the driver with better comfort and peace of mind since it has been built to be safe for everyone in the car.

The built-in Bluetooth technology, the ability to connect to smartphones and mirror them, and a bunch of features to help improve your parking skills are only a small portion of what this stereo can actually do; it is much more than that.

The 6.8-inch display provides comfort to everyone in the car. And, since this double DIN stereo can even react to voice control, the driver can keep his eyes on the road the whole time. In addition to that, the safe driving parking guidelines feature can help any kind of new driver out when it comes to parking. You no longer have to worry about hitting another car or stepping on the line, with the Rearview camera input, as well as the line guides you will never park badly again.

People who like CDs might end up disappointed when they find out that this receiver, unfortunately, is not able to play CDs. And, of course, like any other Kenwood radio, this one too can work both on FM and AM frequency.

2. Kenwood Excelon DDX9907XR receiver

Kenwood Excelon DDX9907XR


And last but not least, the Kenwood Excelon DDX990XR receiver also has a 7-inch touchscreen display with a few extra buttons at the bottom for better navigation. The features that you have been missing are all on this radio.

It has the ability to connect to other devices via Bluetooth, mirror those devices on its display, and the whole radio can be controlled through those devices. The user will be totally free to listen to any kind of music they like since they can play it straight from their phones. Have in mind that both iPhones and Androids can be connected to the Excelon DDX9907XR.

For those who do not have that good parking skills, this radio has prepared four camera inputs as well as parking guidelines. The driver will be able to see everything around their car even while driving thanks to those 4 cameras for a better view.

To make the mood in the car better, a user will be able to change the backlight luminance on the LCD panel. Choosing between vivid colors with high contrast and crispy details can be very relaxing.

3. Kenwood DMX7706S Double Din Digital Multimedia receiver

Kenwood DMX7706S

For all of those people that would like to play music from their own Spotify or Pandora playlists, this radio might be a good choice. Since this receiver has the ability to connect to iPhones, and Androids through Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto applications, the user can enjoy listening to any kind of music they would like.

You no longer have to listen to AM or FM radio stations and to wait for that one good song to play, you can just play it on your own. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay applications were designed to have safety in mind.

Now, this four-pound heavy stereo has a few buttons that help with better navigation at the bottom of its 7-inch display. As you can see for yourself, this DMX7706S stereo has a bigger display than the first Kenwood radio that we have presented you with today. This touchscreen display is also featured with a resistive LED backlighting that helps set the mood inside of the car and can easily blend or change.

It is very important to say that this display can support only basic touchscreen operations, which include tapping, touching, holding, flicking left or right, and swiping.

On top of that, this stereo can be connected with two camera inputs in order to provide the driver with better safety while parking.

4. Kenwood KMM-BT322

51U5+IfT3pL. AC SL1000

Now, this Kenwood Double Din stereo is a bit different from the previous two. Namely, this is a basic radio that does not have a touch screen display, but instead, it has a regular LCD display with buttons. But, it also has a backlight that a user can change whenever they feel like it.

There is no doubt that the Kenwood KMM-BT322 stereo is very different and that even shows in its weight and dimensions. Namely, this radio weighs only two pounds and is around nine inches wide.

Road trips will never look better with this radio in your car since your friends will be able to connect their phones to it and blast the music that they want. The Bluetooth technology is there to enable all of that and make the users’ experience even better.

You do not have to stop the fun even if one of your phone’s batteries is dried out, since this radio is featured with a USB slot, charging your phone, even on the road is more than possible. The driver does not even have to take his eyes off the road at any time since other people in the car can control the receiver through an application on their smartphones. Both Androids and iPhones can be connected to this stereo.

5. Kenwood DNR-476R

Kenwood DNR-476R

The Kenwood DNR-476R might be the Kenwood stereo that has the perfect Bluetooth technology so far. It is able to be connected to both Apple and Android devices due to that extraordinary Bluetooth technology. With that being said, the whole radio can be controlled through those phones from whichever part of the car.

This 2-DIN stereo, besides having great Bluetooth technology, has some other pretty impressive features. That group of features concludes with 3 camera inputs for better viewing of what is happening around the car and the parking guidelines.

In addition to that, it also supports navigation, which means that you will never miss another exit or turn again.

With that being said, we must mention that it also has a very sleek and modern design and display. The touchscreen display is around 7 inches long and it has great picture quality. The sound quality that this receiver produces is also at the highest level possible, having in mind that it has outputs for front and back speakers as well.

Talking about the sound quality, we cannot forget to also mention that this radio can work on both AM and FM frequencies, while also having the ability to catch satellite radio stations. In addition to that, by connecting it to your smartphone, you will have the ability to play any kind of music you like through Spotify or Pandora.

Testing Kenwood Double din car stereos in the Car

During our testing phase, we have come to the conclusion that the Kenwood brand produces high-quality radios that are totally worth your attention. It took us a while to test out all of these models, but we are very glad that we got the chance to do so.

The radios that Kenwood produces are very good and can deliver amazing performance, which is what all of us are looking for. They are designed to follow all of the latest trends and to fulfill any kind of commend that one user may have. We are happy to say that these radios did manage to do that.

After giving you a brief description of the Kenwood double din in Car stereo models, we can say that it is totally up to you which one you will choose. We just think that they are worth your time, and money and that you will not be able to find these kinds of similar radios on the market. They are very affordable and come packed with a bunch of features, and a user manual to help you better understand and use them.

There is no need to worry about whether or not these radios will fit into your car- the chances are that they will. If you are feeling skeptical, measure your car’s stereo input before purchasing anything just so that your mind is safe and sound.

In Final words best Kenwood Double Din reviews

We are completely sure that any Kenwood double din in the car stereo model you might choose will be able to satisfy all of your needs and to give you the best performance possible. They were for sure able to show an amazing quality performance for us.

It does not matter if you are an old soul that is not quite fond of new technology devices or does not know how to handle them. There is no doubt that these Kenwood models will change your opinion and make you fall in love with them instantly!

We hope that this 05 Best Kenwood Double din car stereo article was able to help you at least a little to choose the radio that is perfect for you. We believe that whatever choice you make will be the right one! Until next time friends!

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FAQs about Kenwood Double din

Q-1. What does double din mean on a car stereo?

The Double DIN means that the unit of the stereo has actually twice the height of a basic, standard DIN stereo. The height is basically around 4-7 inches longer than on a single din stereo.

Q-2. How do I know if my car stereo is single or double DIN?

This is an easy thing to find out. You will need to measure the unit’s height in order to determine whether it’s double or single din. Double DIN radios’ height is usually around 4-7 inches long, anything below that is a Single-DIN radio.

Q-3. Are all double DIN stereos the same size? And Is Double Din a standard size?

The answer is no. The single DIN stereo is basically a Standard size radio that can fit into any kind of car. Most cars have a Single DIN stereo slot. Double din stereos are not all the same size, and their sizes may vary from model to model and manufacturer.

Q-3. What is a double DIN head unit?

A double DIN head unit is basically a multimedia device that can fit into a dashboard on a car. The single DIN unit is twice smaller as the double DIN head unit.

Q-4. Which is a better single DIN or double DIN?

Well, this can be a subjective question. When speaking in general, everyone will say that the double DIN stereos are better since they have more features than the single DIN ones. The other reason is that the Double DIN stereos are bigger and therefore have a better, larger display. But, overall, it all depends on the user and their opinion.

Q-5. the big difference between Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon

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