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Every day we get a chance to try out a new technology device, and now, we have got the chance to test out Sangean radios. Our impressions are pretty positive, we would have to say. Among the many different kinds of radios that we have tested Sangean ones are at the top of our favorites list.

You will be reading more about our opinions and honest impressions in this …Sangean Radio Review in 2022… We will be introducing you to these amazing radios, their features, and their performance. We are completely sure that you will fall in love with these radios as much as we have!

So, in this article, you will be reading about Sangean’s different radios model. For example, we will be reviewing the Sangean HD, Clock, Tabletop, Shower, Utility, Pocket, and many more radios.

Comparison Chart: Our top pick from different 14 categories of the Sangean’s radios


Sangean HDR-16

1. Sangean HDR-16
  • A great Sangean HD Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean RCR-5
2. Sangean RCR-5
  • Perfect Sangean Clock Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean PR-D18BK/PR-D18BU/PR-D18GR/PR-D18RD
3. Sangean PR-D18BK  / D18BU / D18GR / D18RD
  • Best Sangean Portable Radio
Price on Amazon

Sangean H202

Sangean H202 radio
  • Best Budget Sangean Shower Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet Analog Radio
4. Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet Analog Radio
  • Best for Tabletop Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean DT-400W Pocket Radio
5. Sangean DT-400W Pocket Radio
  •  Best AM/FM Digital Weather Alert Pocket Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean ATS-909X
6. Sangean ATS-909X
  • Best Sangean Shortwave Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean DDR-63 All-in-One Table Top with WiFi Internet
7. Sangean DDR-63 All-in-One Table Top with WiFi Internet
  • A perfect Sangean Internet Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean DT-180 AM / FM
8. Sangean DT-180 AM / FM
  • Best Sangean Handheld Radio
Price on Amazon
Sangean AM/FM Radio
9. Sangean AM/FM Radio
  • Best AM/FM Radio
Price on Amazon

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the categories wise radios; you can learn more about these radios in our best Sangean radio review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Let’s not delay anymore and let’s start with the Sangean radio review. But, first of all, we will be giving you a bit more information about Sangean radio.

What is a Sangean radio? Sangean radios are radios that have many amazing features. Some of them can even be connected to Wi-Fi, most of them have the ability to use Bluetooth technology and to connect to your smartphone, and all of them can catch up on regular AM and FM radio signals.

All that you need by your side is one of these Sangean radios that we will be presenting to you in this article, and the fun can begin! They can be used all the time and always, and we are sure that your friends will like them too.

Sangean company is a company that has been making radios for many years now, and they are true professionals. Generations and generations have grown up using their radios and more of them will use them in the future.

Top 14 group of Best Sangean Radios review, radios that deserve to be heard

In the continuation of this article, you will be reading about different groups of Sangean radios. There are a total of 14 Sangean radio groups, and we will try our best to bring them closer to you.

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1. Sangean HD Radios, Review

Sangean has a total of 5 HD radios. Each of them has a unique, different kind of style. In this group of radios, we can find the Sangean HDR-18 radio which gives us that kind of a vintage vibe due to its design. The color of this radio is beige and gray with visible big and small buttons. We are absolutely in love with the looks of this radio. Besides this model of Sangean HD radios, available models are Sangean HDT-20, Sangean HDR-16, Sangean HDR-15, and lastly, Sangean HDR-14.

Now, let’s talk for a bit about the features of these radios. All of them have really cool displays. The model HDR-18 really caught our eye due to its looks and features. This radio has a functional memory where you can easily save 10 AM and 10 PM of your favorite radio stations. They will be always just one click apart, and you would not have to tune the radio every time you want to play your favorite radio station.

Next, this radio also has multiple different functions that can help you personalize your listening experience. For example, since this radio has a headphone jack, you can listen to your favorite music on your headphones by connecting them to it. We must say that this radio has also other pretty amazing features such as a dual alarm and the ability for you to play and listen to HD music without the need for any kind of subscription.

Highlight Feature

  • Has a big memory that can help you make your listening experience better.
  • Has a 3.5mm headphone jack built into it?
  • Has a dual alarm function.

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2. Sangean Clock Radios, Review

Sangean Clock radios look really different from the HD Sangean radios. The first difference is that they are smaller, but they give a loud sound. This radio has a memory capability to memorize 10 Am and 10 PM stations or 9 AM and 9 FM radio stations.

We have to say that this radio is super practical. Are you having trouble falling asleep? Well, this little device can turn into a white noise machine that can help you fall asleep easily. It contains 27 sounds such as raindrops, ocean waves, and many more sounds that can get you to sleep in no time. This is especially practical if you are a busy person that faces stressful situations every day. This radio can reduce stress and relax your mind and body.

Besides that, this radio can also help wake you up because of the built-in alarm clock! And, you can even wake up happy every day due to the USB slot for charging your phone. We thought that this was one amazing feature that a lot of people will find helpful. Our recommended model is Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio and  Sangean RCR-20 AM/Bluetooth Digital Tuning Clock Radio

Highlight Feature

  • Alarm clock.
  • White noise machine.
  • USB slot.

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3. Sangean Portable Radios, Review

Sangean portable radios are those kinds of radios that you can always have with you anywhere you go. They are small, practical, easy to carry around, and can even fit your pocket! These kinds of pocket radios are one of those things that you must have with you if you are going on a trip, an adventure, a hike, or a motorcycle ride. Sangean portable radios have Weather alerts that can alert you if there is a storm or a tornado coming your way.

We thought that these radios are perfect for camping. You can just place them by the fire, listen to your favorite AM/FM radio stations and enjoy the evening. You would not have to worry about a thing because the radio can alert you even when it’s turned off if there is some kind of emergency situation happening. You can read more about the best model Sangean PR-D18 Review.

Highlight Feature

  • Has a weather emergency alert built into it.
  • Small, yet practical.
  • Can fit your pocket or any kind of bag without taking up too much space.

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4. Sangean Shower Radios, Review

Our recommended: Sangean H202 Portable Waterproof Shower Radio (AM/FM/Weather Alert/ Bluetooth Digital Tuning).

You no longer how to worry about the radios that you bring with you in the shower will get ruined by the steam because this Sangean shower radio is waterproof. This radio has a built-in antenna that helps it catch all of the AM and FM radio stations that are available in your area.

And, if you do not want to listen to radio stations while you are in the shower, you can still bring the radio to the bathroom and connect your smartphone to it. The radio supports Bluetooth technology, and you can play any kind of song on your smartphone. Just leave your phone outside of the bathroom and bring the radio to the shower with you and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Besides all of this, this radio also has a LED flashlight and a built-in alarm siren that can alert you if there is some kind of an emergency happening in your area.

Highlight Feature

  • This radio supports Bluetooth.
  • This radio has a built-in emergency siren.
  • Has a LED flashlight that can help you see in the dark.

5. Sangean Tabletop Radios, Review

Now, these Sangean tabletop radios really give us that retro, the vintage vibe from the 80’s due to their vintage looks. If you are an older person, then these radios will for sure bring back all of the good memories from your youth. And do not worry, they are super easy to handle.

The Sangean WR-11 radio has an analog tuning and you will need to find your favorite radio stations by yourself. It also has a LED indicator that can help you find the best reception to some radio stations. Besides that, this radio also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and you can listen to your favorite tunes on your headphones too.

We are absolutely in love with the looks of these radios. They are wood table radios that usually contain two colors. We think that older people will just fall in love with these Tabletop radios and that they will truly feel like they are young again.

Highlight Feature

  • LED indicator.
  • Analog tuning.
  • A headphone jack.

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6. Sangean Weather Radios, Review

Sangean weather radios are those kinds of radios that have a siren built into them that alerts you if there are some kinds of weather emergencies in your area. These radios are really a must-have if you are a person that travels a lot, goes on adventures, hikes, or rides. In order to stay away and avoid some possible weather troubles, it is a good thing to have one of these radios near you all the time, available models are Sangean PR-D9W, Sangean DT-400W, Sangean CL-100, and Sangean MMR-88.

Besides that, these Sangean radios can work on 4AA batteries if you want to carry them around. But, they also have an AC adapter if you plan on using them at your home.

Highlight Feature

  • These radios have a loud emergency alert siren.
  • Can work on batteries and with the help of an AC adapter.
  • Can be carried around.

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7. Sangean Shortwave Radios, Review

Sangean shortwave radios are those kinds of radios that can catch shortwave signals and actually any kind of frequency in between. They have the ability to scan any kind of memory preset and to play those stations in just a few seconds after you turn the radio on.

All of the Sangean shortwave radios have an AM and an FM receiver which means that you are able to listen to your favorite local radio stations whenever you want to. Besides that, these radios even have a built-in alarm and a digital clock to help you wake up in the morning.

The frequency of these kinds of radios can be tuned either manually or automatically, based on your needs. They even have a headphone jack for when you need to lower the music and not make any noise in the house. our best choose Sangean ATS-909X AM/FM/LW/SW radio.

Highlight Feature

  • Has a digital clock.
  • Can catch shortwave signals.
  • Has an alarm.
  • Has a headphone jack.

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8. Sangean Utility / Worksite Radios, Review

Sangean utility radios are really practical. If you are working on construction or you have some kind of an outdoor job, then this radio will really come in handy to you. This radio can use Solar Power to charge! Yes, you have read that right, as long as there is sun outside, the music will be heard from your radio’s speakers. This is a totally new thing that the previous Sangean radios that we have shown you do not have. We thought that solar power charging is a great idea to save some power and not use batteries.

This radio is able to alert you If there is some kind of weather change or an emergency. Due to its loud siren, this radio can be heard even if you are miles away from it. And, if the day is not sunny, your Sangean utility radio can still work the way it is supposed to due to its one lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can charge that battery by USB (or Sun if the day is sunny).

Besides that, since this radio has a USB slot, you can even place your USB phone cable and charge your phone through the radio, which is really practical especially if you are outside and your phone battery is dying. our recommendations are Sangean SG-102 Utility Radio and Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged.

Highlight Feature

  • Has the ability to power up using Solar power.
  • Can be used for charging your phone.
  • Very helpful in case of an emergency due to its siren and emergency alarm.

Sangean Utility / Worksite Radios Review

9. Sangean World Band Radios, Review

We have nothing but a great opinion about this radio. This radio has the ability to memorize 406 preset radio stations when you tune it automatically. It contains a USB slot that can be used for charging or for charging your smartphone. Another great thing about this radio is that it has 3 alarms. In other words, this radio can wake you up in the morning, and you can choose the wake-up tune.

What is also amazing is that there are two models of this radio available for purchase. The first model of this radio is just a radio with a receiver, and the second model contains a receiver but it also contains an antenna too. Especially we like SANGEAN ATS-909X2 Ultimate FM/SW/MW/LW/Air Multi-Band Radio

Highlight Feature

  • You will be receiving all of the necessary accessories in the box with the radio.
  • Has 406 memory preset stations.
  • Can be tuned automatically.
  • Has a built-in battery charger

Sangean World Band Radios Review

10. Sangean Pocket Radio, Review

Sangean’s Pocket radio is a very small radio that is not bigger than the palm of your hand. In other words, it can perfectly fit your hand and pocket. With that being said, the quality of this radio is not affected by its size. The quality of this radio is pretty solid we can freely say that this radio is really amazing.

The radio has an LCD display and it can be tuned automatically. You have the ability to listen to music on its speakers, which can get pretty loud, or you can connect your headphones to it due to its 3.5 standard headphone jack.

If the battery of this radio is about to die, you will be notified immediately so that you can put it on charging. Besides all of this, this radio has the ability to memorize 15 direct presets (10 FM and 5 AM). You can put it on stereo mode or on mono mode, it has a very practical switch that can do that. our test and recommended models are Sangean DT-400WSangean DT-180Sangean DT-160

Highlight Feature

  • Super small radio that can fit anywhere.
  • It has an LCD screen display
  • Can memorize 15 radio station presets.
  • Has a headphone jack.

Sangean Pocket Radio Review

11. Sangean Internet Radios, Review

Sangean has three internet radio models, and we got to test the DDR-63 one. We have to say that this radio is one of the best high-tech radios that we have ever seen! This radio has 20 memory preset stations and can memorize 10 iRadio and 10 FM stations.

Since this radio can be connected to Wi-Fi, you will have the ability to stream the music online on applications like Pandora or Spotify. Besides that, this radio has a CD slot, but also the SD card one and a USB slot. The display of this radio is an LCD touchscreen one. You can even adjust the sleep timer if you want to.

We think that this radio is the best choice of radio for those newer, younger generations that can get in the hang of new technology. Older people usually have some troubles while trying to work with new technology. This radio can basically be used by anyone!

The design of this Sangean DDR-63 radio is really modern. The radio is only available in black color, but, we have to say that that black color suits him well.

Highlight Feature

  • Available in black color.
  • Can be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Has an SD card slot.
  • Has a USB slot.
  • Can play music from applications like Pandora and Spotify.
  • Great for newer generations that know how to work with new technology.

Sangean Internet Radios Review

12. Sangean AM / FM Radios, Review

Now, this Sangean AM FM radio reminds us of those old jukeboxes from the 80s due to their looks. This radio is available in two colors, black and white. We can tell you that this radio has an LCD display that is easy to handle and that can be easily used.

Sangean AM FM radio has 10 memory preset stations and can memorize 5 FM and 5 AM radio stations. Besides that, if the battery on your radio is about to die, you will be notified immediately so that you can put it in for charging. The radio is being charged through an AC Adapter that comes in the box with the radio.

And, if you want a personal music session with your radio, so that nobody else can hear what you are listening to, there is the standard headphone jack and you can connect your headphones anytime.

Highlight Feature

  • The radio has an LCD display.
  • The radio has the ability to memorize 10 radio stations and local presets.
  • Has a headphone jack.

Sangean AM / FM Radios Review

13. Sangean Handheld Radios, Review

These handheld radios are not that much different from the previous Sangean radios that we have shown you. In other words, they do not have any kind of special feature. Their design is regular, just like the normal, basic radio.

We have tested Sangean DT-180 AM FM Pocket Radio, It is able to memorize 10 radio stations (5 AM and 5 PM), but, besides that, it does not have any special powers. It can be charged via an AC adapter, and that is pretty much it. Everyone can use this Sanegan radio because it is pretty easy to handle.

Highlight Feature

  • A basic radio.
  • Can memorize 10 AM/FM radio stations.
  • Easy to handle

Sangean Handheld Radios Review

14. Sangean Correctional Clear Radios, Review

We have tested one of Sangean’s Correctional Clear radios, the DT-110CL model to be precise. This radio has a programmed auto shut-off option after being turned on for 90 minutes. It looks extraordinary due to the clear display and the design, but then again, all of the Clear Sangean radios look similar.

This radio has an LCD display and PLL synthesized tuning. You have the ability to connect your headphones to it and carry them around in your pocket, just like a cellphone. The radio is so small that it can easily fit in your hand.

Highlight Feature

  • Auto shut off option is programmed in this radio.
  • The radio has an LCD display.
  • Can catch AM and FM signals.

Read Our Full Brand Review below on Sangean AM FM radio:

Our Take and Thought about Sangean Radios

In the third part of this article, we would like to talk more about the Sangean radios, their prices and why should you use them.

Are Sangean radios any good?

We have to say that Sangean radios have great quality. They are one of the best radios that we got to test, and we are super pleased with their performance and amazing features. You have seen it for yourself the Sangean company has radios for all of the occasions. And we love a good radio that can be used in the time of need, and to enjoy your favorite radio stations.

Why are these radios important and for who?

The Sangean radios are very important for people that like to listen to music all the time. Even when you are hiking with your buddies, a portable Sangean radio can make that hike even better and set up the mood.

These radios are perfect for those people that prefer radios more than those fancy tech items just to listen to some music. The sound of a radio always fills out the joy in the atmosphere. We adore that these radios can be put into different rooms or even be carried in your pockets. That way, you can really enjoy your music all the time.

Everyone that likes the good old sound of a radio that fills the room will definitely enjoy and love these Sangean radios.

Why do you need Sangean Radios?

As we have already mentioned, these radios are super practical and useful. You can listen to your favorite tunes all the time and enjoy them every day. Besides that, some of these radios are very helpful, they can help you fall asleep or wake you up. And, let’s not forget the emergency radios that can warn you if there is some kind of an emergency happening, or about to happen in your area.

Why should you trust us?

You should trust us because we are a legit and professional company that has one job, and that is educating people about all of the new and old products. We want to help people decide whether or not they should buy some product or a device. We believe that people would find our articles helpful and that they could make a decision after reading them.

We are doing all of this for you so that you do not go and spend your money on some products that you will not even like or that will not even do their job well.

We can tell you that the Sangean radios are really practical and useful, totally worth the money.

How we picked and tested the Sangean radios

You may be wondering how we test the Sangean radios. Well, the answer is pretty simple, we just use those radios for a while to see if we like them and if they are worth other people’s money.

All that we can say about these Sangean radios is that we are completely satisfied with their performances, designs, and practicality.

They are definitely worth your money, and we think that everyone who likes to enjoy music should go and get themselves one of these Sangean radios.

Is there a better alternative?

We have to say that we have seen and tested many different kinds of radios. And yes, there are many copycats out there that cost a lot less money but have poor quality. If you are willing to give out a higher amount of money for a radio that will be serving you well for years and that has truly amazing features then you should definitely buy one of the Sangean radios.

You can find many different radios that look similar to Sangean’s ones on eBay, Amazon, and all over the internet, but, trust us, you will be disappointed when you do order them and when they arrive. You will see that the quality is poor and that some of them might not work the way they are supposed to. In order to avoid buying poor quality radios, we suggest that you invest a bit more money in a radio that has proven quality.

Conclusion of best Sangean radio reviews

We must say that we are pretty impressed with the performance of these Sangean radios. We have tested many radios and we can say that these Sangean radios are at the top of our list of their performance, quality, and amazing features and that this Sangean Radio review is our favorite one.

We highly recommend you to buy these radios, trust us you will not be disappointed at all.

FAQs related to Sangean Radios

Q-1. Where are Sangean radios made? And who makes them?

Sangean radios are being made in Taiwan. They have many headquarters all around the world.

Q-2. What is the frequency of this radio?

Sangean radios’ frequency can vary, but, they usually work on 900-928 MHz

Q-3. How do I reset my Sangean radio?

If you wish to reset your Sangean radio you must first turn it off and remove its batteries. Once you do that, find the Reset buttery that should be located right next to the place where batteries go. Hold that button for about five seconds then turn on your radio.

Q-4. Where can I buy Sangean radios?

You can find the full dealer list on their official site. You are able to buy them online or at some of your local stores.

Q-5. Why is this radio’s price so good?

This company wanted to enable their radios to everyone. That is why their prices are really affordable and good. Of course, some of the Sangean radios cost more money, but, you can find one that will serve you well and that will be within your budget limit.

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