06 Best Uniden CB radio reviews with buyer’s tips

As the society keeps evolving, we keep seeing more and more people who use CB radios on a daily basis. Even though CB radios used to be mandatory devices for truckers, today, we can witness a mass expansion of the CB radio market.

Nowadays, people have finally started to realize how much can CB radios make their lives easier, and that’s why outdoorsy people, motorcyclists, adventurists, car drivers, and truckers, of course, use CB radios on a daily basis.

If you have been wanting to purchase one of these bad boys for yourself, but don’t know which brand is the best, we can help you with that!

Today, we will be showing you our top Uniden CB radio models since they are certainly leaders in the marketplace!

Let’s go on our editor’s Best Uniden CB radio reviews of 2022!

Top Pick of the best Uniden CB radio models:


Uniden PRO505XL

1. Uniden PRO505XL
  • Best Compact Design 40-Channel CB radio
Price on Amazon


2. Uniden BEARTRACKER 885
  • Best Uniden BEARTRACKER Hybrid Full-Featured CB Radio
Price on Amazon

Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Series

3. Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Series
  • Best Uniden Off-Road Compact Mobile CB Radio
Price on Amazon

Uniden PRO501HH Pro-Series 40-Channel

4. Uniden PRO501HH Pro-Series 40-Channel
  • Best Portable Handheld CB Radio
Price on Amazon

Uniden PC78LTX 40-Channel Trucker's CB Radio with Integrated SWR Meter

5. Uniden PC78LTX 40-Channel Trucker’s CB Radio with Integrated SWR Meter
  • Best Trucker’s CB Radio
Price on Amazon

Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel

6. Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel
  •  Best SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA Weather Band
Price on Amazon

Table of contents

  1. Intro
  2. Our Top Pick
  3. The testing and buyer’s tips
  4. In-depth product reviews
  5. How we test these Uniden CB radios
  6. Final thoughts
  7. FAQs

The testing and buyer’s tips of the best Uniden CB radio

As usual, in order to make the right purchase and find the perfect CB radio for yourself, you will need to pay attention to some things and determine your priorities. We are here to help you with that, and that is why we will be giving you two tips and two matters that help us determine which radio is worth our money.

Here we go!

best uniden cb radio reviews
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  • Price ranges

The Uniden CB radios can be separated into three groups, depending on their price range. The first group of Uniden CB radios is the one from $50-$100, the second is $100-$200, and the third is the one over $200. Depending on your needs, you should determine which price range suits you best. Of course, if you decide to go for the lowest one, you cannot expect to stumble upon models that have all of the features.

Our recommendation is to choose models from the second pricing group, as they are affordable, and have all of the necessary features.

  • What type of CB radio are you seeking for?

Before you start looking at the models, you should first determine the model type you need. If you didn’t know, there are three types of CB radios that could be found on the market:

  1. Mobile CB radios,
  2. Handheld CB radios, and
  3. All-in-one handset CB radios.

These groups are not that different, but still, there are a few key features that separate one from another.

Handheld CB radios are the most convenient ones, in our opinion. Since you are able to carry them around easily, you will be able to have stable communication anywhere. But, the two other groups are awesome too, and it’s simply just a matter of preferences. Choose the group of models which can suit your needs!

In-depth product reviews of the best Uniden CB radio

1. Uniden PRO505XL

Best Compact Design 40-Channel CB radio

Uniden PRO505XL Best Compact Design 40-Channel CB radio


Why should you buy this?

This radio is great for people whose work does not allow them to stay in one place for a long time, but spend most of their time on the road. It is great for late evenings so that you do not feel lonely or accidentally fall asleep.

Who’s it for?

Are you eager for adventures and outdoor activities? After so much time in quarantine, and because our favorite places are still closed, there are many people who have decided to embark on an adventure and travel a little, at least in their country. Well, this device is absolutely necessary for a complete experience on your trip!

Why did we pick it?

This Uniden PRO505XL radio has numerous benefits, but let’s start with the physical part. Due to its dimensions, it can easily fit into any space you want. It has a large backlit screen, which allows you to read easily. You can talk to other people no matter where you are and what time of the day is. It has an instant weather channel 9 functions so you will always be safe. Also, thanks to the large buttons, you will be able to change channels without hindrance, and at the same time stay focused on the road.

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase an antenna separately, with which you will improve the outputs by 4 watts, and make its reception way better. It also possesses an RF Power Indicator, but unfortunately, there are no weather channels. Another good thing is that the radio even works outside of your vehicle, you can install it at home!

After seeing what all the advantages and disadvantages of this product have, it is time to talk about the price and how much it pays to buy this product. You can find this radio on Amazon for about $40, which is quite a good price considering the fact that it is much more expensive on some other sites. Postage, as always, can be a problem, so you can look for something on home sites. All in all, we think the price-quality ratio is quite correct!

Read the full review: Uniden PRO505XL

2. Uniden BEARTRACKER 885

Best Uniden BEARTRACKER Hybrid Full-Featured CB Radio

Best Uniden BEARTRACKER Hybrid Full-Featured CB Radio


Why should you buy this?

This radio allows you to travel safely around the country and you are constantly informed about what is happening near you, so you do not have to worry that something unforeseen will happen.

Who’s it for?

This radio is definitely for people who spend most of their time “on wheels”. It is essential for a safe and secure trip wherever you go!

Why did we pick it?

As always, you should start with the physical part: according to its dimensions, this Uniden Beartacker 885 radio cannot be placed everywhere, it needs a little more space. Its display is able to change colors, there are 7 colors that allow easy readability. This radio allows you to always be up to date with events “on the street” in the US and Canada, through 40 different channels. It has a GPS, based on which it warns you when a public safety transmission is detected in your area, without you taking the slightest step.

To fine-tune the antennas, there is also an SWR meter. Also, an ergonomic noise-canceling microphone improves your transmission even if the noises around you are loud. It even has an NOAA Weather radio. Like most radios, you can use this one at home, but you will need some more things before the radio is ready to use.

When we draw the line and see all the advantages and disadvantages of this product, does it justify its price? For just over $400, this radio isn’t exactly the best option for everyone. I would recommend that you browse the stores and sites in your country before you decide to order it because I believe you will find if not the same then an approximately good product for a much smaller amount of money. However, due to all of the features this radio has, it was able to reach our “top CB radios” list.

3. Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Series

Best Uniden Off-Road Compact Mobile CB Radio

Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Series Best Uniden Off-Road Compact Mobile CB Radio


Why should you buy this?

The Uniden CMX760 is the perfect model for communication if you don’t feel like using a smartphone or a tablet. Well-developed yet practical, this model is designed in a way that you won’t even feel the desire to come back to your phone. A handful of perks and key features will absolutely win over your heart.

Who’s it for?

This model is for everyone who wants a crisp, clear sound and a minimum effort while using the device. You could use it in your jeep, truck, car, or any other small space where the CB is needed. The simple usage is built for anyone to use while enjoying the amazing perks that this model possesses. The model is perfect for using it while working if that is what your job requires. That involves truckers, hikers, hunters, drivers, police, paramedics, etc.

Why did we pick it?

The CMX760 has lots of key features that make this model very desirable. So easy to install, the device is designed in a way that you are able to place it on top of or underneath your dashboard, underneath your seat, or some other convenient place. It has 40 channels presets available and a feature that informs you about weather conditions. The very practical thing about this model is the fact that all the buttons, commands, and knobs are concentrated on the speaker microphone and not on the device’s main body, which guarantees you quick and effortless usage. The model also possesses a one-touch button for emergencies. The item itself weighs one pound and it is built in a way that it is expected to provide a great service for years.

4. Uniden PRO501HH Pro-Series 40-Channel

Best Portable Handheld CB Radio

Uniden PRO501HH Pro-Series 40-Channel -Best Portable Handheld CB Radio


Why should you buy this?

Are you worried about communicating with your family or friends while traveling, or going on adventures, or just working? Are you looking for a way to stay in touch with the world, to keep up with the news, the weather, all of that without disrupting your plans? Then you should definitely get The Uniden Pro-Series PRO501HH compact handheld CB radio. You will be swept away by the number of perks this model possesses!

Who’s it for?

This model has a lot of amazing characteristics that would benefit anyone who decides to take a road trip, go for a boat ride, go camping, go hiking, or simply requires a radio for work. The simple design and manageable features will assure that you won’t have any problems while using the device, indoors or outdoors.

Why did we pick it?

The Uniden Pro-Series PRO501HH– a compact handheld CB radio is a high-quality, convenient, easily-used model that’s very desirable and that will definitely make your life easier. It possesses 40 channels for communicating, all of which can be preset to your favorite line of communication, and 10 weather channels.

The radio is able to warn you when severe weather threatens the area where you are located. One of the amazing key features of this model is the ability to communicate on one channel while also listening to some other channel that you’re interested in. With this device, you’re able to use the strongest signal, but also lower the strength to preserve the battery life. The item itself weighs around one pound, and with its small dimensions, it is a very convenient handheld model. In other words, you could easily carry it with you anywhere, while not thinking about losing it.

5. Uniden PC78LTX 40-Channel Trucker’s CB Radio with Integrated SWR Meter

Best Trucker’s CB Radio


Why should you buy this?

By purchasing this product, you are in some way buying safety on the road. The radio will inform you about what is happening in your environment so that there will never be any unforeseen situations.

Who’s it for?

This radio is great for anyone who spends most of their time traveling. Whether your job requires you to spend a lot of time in some vehicle or just enjoy road trips. With this radio with you, you will stay safe wherever you go!

Why did we pick it?

As always, we start from the physical part of the Uniden PC78LTX radio. This radio because of its silver color, it looks like it is made of metal, however, it is just a hoax. Certainly, it is sturdy and extremely durable. Unfortunately, it will come to you without an antenna, so you will have to buy it as well. In addition to 40 different channels, it has instant channel 9, so you can always be safe. It has a TX / RX indicator as well as an SWR meter to fine-tune the antennas. It is battery powered it uses 1 lithium-ion battery. The built-in speaker is not very loud, so you will probably need an external speaker for a better experience. There is also a muffler for uninterrupted listening, but no backlight knobs. Also, you can use it at home but will need some other things to make it work.

As with most radios you can find on Amazon, we have a small price problem with this one. Although it costs a little less than $100, I think that according to their “qualifications” the price is too high, plus postage and customs should be paid at that price. Our advice to you is to do a little research on local sites and stores in your area.

6. Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel

Best SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA WeatherBand

Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel- Best SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA WeatherBand


Why should you buy this?

Do you like to travel? Do you enjoy multi-hour rides? If your answer is yes, the next time before you go on a trip, you should get yourself a radio like this that will provide you with safety at every mile traveled!

Who’s it for?

This Uniden Bearcat 980 radio is definitely for people with an adventurous spirit, who are ready to embark on a new journey with their vehicle at any moment. Also, truckers can come in handy in the cab and provide them with a safe journey wherever they go.

Why did we pick it?

This AM radio is not like the others. First of all, it is heavier than most of them on the market. It has a large screen that is easy to read, and the display comes in 7 colors, so you will be able to easily read what is written on it and stay focused on the road. It has 40 channels, as well as channel 9 for emergencies, so you can always stay safe on your way. It also contains NOAA weather channels with the push of buttons. The SWR meter allows you to perfectly position the antennas. A noise-canceling microphone helps you hear the sound better.

Also, like most of the radios, it can be used at home, but for that, you will need a regulated power supply that converts AC to DC electricity, an extended CB antenna, and much more. Also, you can use PA (public address) on this CB radio.

The price is around $ 150, but of course, customs and postage are not included, which makes this radio much more expensive. However, considering the qualifications it has, we think that the price of this radio is absolutely justified.

Read our in-depth Uniden Bearcat 980 review

How we test these Uniden CB radios

When testing out devices, we make sure to test out all of their important features, but, our main focus is their performance. Since these Uniden radios that we have tested out today are CB radios, we wanted to see their range mainly. That is why we have decided to use them inside of our vehicles, we wanted to use them both in trucks, cars, and any compatible vehicles to see whether or not they could establish a safe, and a strong communication.

71ZQy4foRYL. AC SL1500
Photo: amazon.com

In the packages of these radios, we have found a lot of things, besides the main units. Most of them have come to us with an antenna w/ BNC connector, a belt clip, a hand strap, an owner’s manual, a cigarette plug adapter for both charging Ni-MH batteries and external power rechargeable, while some units didn’t have any extra products in the packages. The weather channels could easily be the most valuable part of the devices, especially if you’re using them while doing some outdoor activity like sailing. The performance of the models was satisfying and we would definitely recommend them, for both indoor or outdoor usage.

Final thoughts of the best Uniden CB radio reviews

As you could have seen from the review part, the overall best Uniden CB radio is surely the Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio. This model surely deserves all of the spotlight because of the extraordinary features that make it stand out from the crowd. This Japanese company surely outdid themselves while creating these models, as their price and quality ratio is at the same level.

Why did we recommend this Uniden PRO505XL?

  • This is perfect for those long days on the road
  • This is Compact Design Fits Anywhere
  • This is a Full 40-Channel Operation
  • Has Backlit LCD Display
  • This is a Simple and User-Friendly Layout
  • This has Dynamic Squelch Control that Delivers good Quality Sound

Thank you for joining us here today, and for taking the time of your day to read what we have to say about the Uniden brand and their CB radios. We would love to hear all about your favorite Uniden CB radio model, so feel free to let us know in the comments! Until next time!

FAQs related to Uniden CB radios

  1. What is the best CB radio in the market?

An absolute winner for the year 2021 is Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC CB Radio according to TopSpeed.

  1. What is the best CB radio for long-range?

The best radio, which is the most affordable for most people, is the Uniden PRO520KSL Pro Series 40-channel CB radio, but the one that meets almost all the wishes of consumers is the Uniden BEARCAT 980 CB Radio.

  1. Is Uniden a good radio brand?

According to the customers, Uniden is a good brand, but like most brands, it cannot always meet all consumer requirements. However, this brand has been here for decades and has proven its quality over the years.

  1. Is Uniden still in business?

Yes, Uniden is still in business. Their products could be found on their official website or on Amazon. Of course, make sure to check your local tech shops since there is a possibility you will find one of the models there.

  1. What kind of CB radios do cops use?

As the source tells us, police officers today mostly use The BearTracker 885 or some similar to it. 

  1. Is it worth getting a CB radio?

It may not be the most modern option, but it is very good to have a CB radio when you go somewhere on the road.

Photo source: amazon.com


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