10 Best Vintage Kenwood Receiver

Are you a fan of older kinds of devices that are able to give you that feeling of the old taste of music just like in the 80s and 90s?

Well, if that is definitely one of the things which you love, you might need to own a vintage receiver.

We have prepared the best vintage receivers for you today, all from the Kenwood brand. These best Kenwood receivers are definitely one of the best ones on the market. And, there is no doubt that you won’t be able to find more affordable vintage receivers than these ones.

If all of this sounds somewhat good to you (which we hope it does), we will be presenting you with the total number of three best vintage Kenwood receivers. Let’s see which models we will be introducing you to first, and how we classified them on our list. This time, we have chosen three groups of classification, which you will be able to see below:

Comparison Chart of Best Vintage Kenwood Receiver reviews:


Kenwood DPX503BT Double-DIN Bluetooth CD, AM/FM, USB Car Audio Receiver

Kenwood DPX503BT Double-DIN Bluetooth CD, AM/FM, USB Car Audio Receiver
  • CD Receiver with Bluetooth Large 3-Line Text Display
  • Illumination Effect
  • Front USB/AUX Connection
Kenwood KT-58 Quartz Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Tuner Audio/Music - 1980s - RARE
Kenwood KT-58 Quartz Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Tuner Audio/Music – 1980s – RARE
  • This is Quartz Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Tuner
  • Has Memory Preset Stations
  • Has Auto Tuning
  • Has Vintage stereo
Kenwood KDC-BT858U CD Receiver
Kenwood KDC-BT858U CD Receiver
  • Has CD Player
  • Kenwood CD receiver Bluetooth USB, Sirusxm ready
Kenwood KDC-BT33+AUX1 Single DIN SiriusXM Ready Bluetooth in-Dash CD/Am/FM Car Stereo Receiver
Kenwood KDC-BT33+AUX1 Single DIN SiriusXM Ready Bluetooth In-Dash CD/Am/FM Car Stereo Receiver
  • In-dash AM/FM/CD/MP3 and USB receiver with remote
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • This 2-way iPod control allows control
  • Has CD text information display
  • MP3 ID3 Tag Display

Kenwood Single DIN CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth & Amazon Alexa & SiriusXM Ready & Spotify Control with EMB 3.5mm AuxCable

Kenwood Single DIN CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth & Amazon Alexa & SiriusXM Ready & Spotify Control with EMB 3.5mm Aux
  • Bluetooth technology for hands-free talking with audio streaming
  • MP3/AAC/FLAC/WMA/ playback via USB
  • MP3/WMA/AAC Cd/CD-R/RW, playback
Kenwood Excelon KDC-X303 CD Receiver with Bluetooth
Kenwood Excelon KDC-X303 CD Receiver with Bluetooth
  • 255 segment 1.5 line text display Bluetooth audio
  • Flac supported
  • Supported Internet Services of Pandora, SiriusXM, IHeartRadio, Spotify
Kenwood VR-2080 Surround Receiver
Kenwood VR-2080 Surround Receiver, 1999s
  • This is K-STAT discrete audio amplifier
  • This Surround pre output is selectable for wired
  • Two-way remote control communication
  • Dynamic Rotary Encoder volume control
  • Two-way infrared receiver/transmitter compatible
Kenwood VR-8050 Audio/Video Receiver
Kenwood VR-8050 Audio/Video Receiver
  • Tuner with 40 AM/FM presets
  • Theater-quality surround
  • Audio/Video Receiver
  • 6(Six) channels of discrete amplification
Kenwood KVR-970b Vintage AV Stereo Receiver 100WPC (1983-84)
Kenwood KVR-970b Vintage AV Stereo Receiver 100WPC (1983-84)
  • Vintage AV-Stereo Receiver 100WPC
  • Popular in Vintage Receiver since 1983-84
  • Am/FM Receiver
Vintage Kenwood KR-V107R Audio Video Receiver
Vintage Kenwood KR-V107R Audio Video Receiver
  • This is Modle KR-V107R
  • Audio and Video Receiver
  • Since the 1980s Era Model

How to choose the best Kenwood vintage receiver

Here are all of the things that you should know when you decide to buy a vintage receiver, it does not necessarily have to be a Kenwood one. Since this is a bit older technology, it, therefore, requires a little bit more of your attention. So, make sure that you read all of the lines carefully.

  • The condition of the receiver

The first visual impression is one of the most important things that you should be looking at when you are buying a vintage receiver, of any kind. If the receiver looks clean and good, and it does not have any kind of dents or scratches, then it is probably worth buying.

  • The trustworthiness of the seller

Since vintage receivers can sometimes be hard to find, you should definitely be careful when you are deciding to buy one. Since there are a lot of sellers who are actually just trying to scam people and take away their money, you should really pay attention to that. Do not buy any kind of device from a person that does not seem polite or trustworthy to you.

As you may know, vintage receivers can cost a lot of money sometimes, so, just pay attention to the seller. Even if you two have agreed on the pricing and everything, you have the full right to give up on the purchase anytime.

  • Are all of the features working properly?

You will probably agree that there is no point in buying a receiver whose functions and features aren’t working the way that they are supposed to. So, we recommend you to ask the seller to test out the receiver right in front of you. By doing that, you will know whether or not the features on the receiver actually work properly.

If they don’t, don’t buy the receiver, simply move on.

As you can see, these are only a few things that you should be looking after when you decide to buy a vintage receiver. There are a lot more things to pay attention to, but, these are literally the most important ones. Buying vintage receivers, and generally, all kinds of vintage items can be a very hard thing to do, you must educate yourself first.

What are the advantages of owning the best Kenwood receiver?

Vintage receivers are really something else. Newer generations usually turn to newer technology and do not even bother learning something about older ones. People who grew up with these kinds of vintage devices are usually the only ones that still buy them, even today. We think that vintage receivers are beautiful devices that are able to even make you nostalgic and bring you back to the old days when you were younger.

You can clearly see that we adore vintage things, and therefore, these Kenwood Vintage receivers too. But, let’s what are the advantages of owning an older device like this.

  • The sound is completely different

If you own a record player, you for sure know that nothing can replace the good old sound of a vinyl when it’s spinning. And, generally, that is the same thing with vintage receivers. Yes, modern technology is being upgraded on a daily basis, and it will continue to grow, that amazing feeling that an older receiver gives us is irreplaceable.

Modern generations probably do not understand this, but, the sound quality of vintage receivers may be a bit worse than on today’s media players, but to the ear of people who grew up with them- it’s golden.

  • The worth of the vintage receivers will continue to grow

As you can see, these receivers are already expensive today. Can you imagine their worth in ten or twenty years? Many antique shops are piling up their stocks of vintage receivers and devices. If you are a person that has two or three (or wants to own) vintage receivers, try to keep them in a good condition. Who knows, you might want to sell a few in the future and earn quite a lot of money.

  • The vibe these receivers give is extraordinary

Trust us, no device today will give you as much pleasure as some vintage receiver, of any brand, it does not necessarily have to be the Kenwood one. Especially if you love the old age where everything was simpler, this device will make you feel like you are floating on air full of memories.

  • Testing Kenwood vintage receivers

When we realized that we get to test out vintage receivers, our happiness went off the roof. We love old devices, and you can call us old souls if you’d like. Just the feeling these devices can give you while you are using them is enough for us to want to buy and own all kinds of vintage receivers.

So, we have tested out these three best vintage Kenwood receivers, and we can say that each and every one of them is unique in its own way. We cannot quite say that they are affordable, but, their prices are still reasonable since you will be receiving a vintage receiver in awesome condition. We haven’t had any kind of problems with their features, all of them worked perfectly fine. And, actually, all of the receivers were just like new there weren’t any scratches on them whatsoever, which is a great thing.

Our overall opinion of these three models is that they are absolutely great. And, if you can find them online, buy them instantly, you will not end up being disappointed at all! Have in mind that we have chosen only three of the best Kenwood receivers, but, there are a lot more. Kenwood is an old brand that has been making users happy for quite some time. Explore the web and try to find some other of Kenwood’s vintage receivers. We are completely sure that they won’t disappoint you either.

Some of the Kenwood vintage receiver product reviews:

1. Vintage Kenwood KR-V107R audio video receiver

41C6yz1VcWL. AC

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Let’s start by introducing you to this Kenwood KR-V107R audio-video receiver. Namely, this receiver was first released back in the 1980s, and it is a receiver coming from that era. The thing is, this receiver was able to keep its best features, and also keep the vintage design which will make any interior of the room way better.

As you can see, back in the day these receivers were quite big, and not easily portable. In other words, you could not carry it around from one room to another, every five minutes like you can with today’s Bluetooth speakers for example.

So, basically, this receiver weights around 26 pounds, which is really a lot, having in mind that today’s receivers are quite lightweight and portable. We do have heavy receivers today too, but we tend to buy lightweight and portable models rather than heavy ones.

When it comes to the performance of this receiver, it has great reception. The great thing is that it actually has a big LCD display with quite a lot of buttons. These buttons are there to make the navigation throughout the whole receiver a lot easier.  Unlike today’s modern devices, this vintage one back in the days hasn’t had touchscreen displays- that wasn’t even invented back then! So, when you look at it, a receiver like this one, the Kenwood KR-V107R audio video receiver is definitely a product of high-tech technology from the 1980s.

Highlighted features:

  • This is a model from the 1980s, even though it is newly released
  • This is a big receiver, and cannot be easily carried around
  • It has a wide range of frequencies
  • It weighs a lot

2. Kenwood TK-3230DX Compact and Durable ProTalk UHF Business two-way radio

81GLU2XLfaL. AC SL1500

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This Kenwood vintage receiver is actually a pro-talk UHF business two-way radio. You can easily use it wherever you are since it has a range of 5 miles. In other words, if you are talking to a colleague, for example, your colleague can be around 17 floors away from you. This is for sure a long-ranged receiver with loads of other features.

For example, it is built to be easily portable. Its dimensions are perfect, and could easily fit inside of your pockets or into your hand! And the good thing is that it is not heavy at all.

This pro talks durable 2-way radio is usually being used in businesses and workplaces, rather than being used by two individuals. So, if you work in security, retail, school, or even on railways, investing your money in this two-way radio can be a great choice.

Since it works on 450-470Mhz frequency, your two-way radio will always be able to catch strong, good-quality signals.

We were using it for a while, and we realized that the signal remained strong even when we were separated from each other by quite some distance. There were no signal dropouts whatsoever, and we could easily hear each other clearly. The good thing is that the audio quality is at the highest level possible and that the speakers on both ends are loud too.

We must mention that this pro-talk UHF business 2-way radio is compatible with Kenwood UHF radios, but some other branded UHF radios as well. In other words, you can easily connect it to any kind of UHF radio and it will be able to operate smoothly.

This receiver is only available in black color which makes it look elegant and modern. Another great thing about purchasing the Kenwood TK-3230DX compact two-way radio is that the buyer will be receiving a one-year warranty for it. The warranty will be able to cover all of the damages or potential breaks that could happen in the time span of one year.

Highlighted features:

  • With this receiver, a user receives a one-year warranty
  • This device is compatible with Kenwood and some other certified UHF radios
  • It has a wide range
  • It works on a lot of frequencies
  • This receiver has increased audio power and clarity.

3. Kenwood KMM-BT728HD Bluetooth Digital Media receiver

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Now, even though this next model belongs to the group of vintage receivers, it still has a lot of newly released features. For example, this is a digital Bluetooth media receiver that also supports Amazon Alexa, which is pretty cool.

So, the Bluetooth technology is there in order to provide the user the ability to connect its smartphone to it. The good thing is that the user will be able to completely control the receiver through their phone the whole time. Having in mind that this is a car receiver, many people will find this feature quite interesting and helpful.

On the other hand, this digital media receiver does not have the ability to play CDs. So, if you are an owner of a lot of CDs, and you enjoy listening to them on a daily basis, we do not recommend you to get one of these since you might end up being disappointed. But, if you do not mind that it does not have the ability to play any CDs, feel free to purchase it because this receiver is really amazing.

When talking about the design of this receiver, we must mention that it has a really modern design that could easily fit into any kind of car interior. For instance, it has LED backlighting which can be changed to whichever color fits the user most. The LCD display is there with some buttons to help with the navigation throughout the receiver since it does not contain a touchscreen display

 Highlighted features:

  • This receiver contains Bluetooth technology
  • This receiver supports Amazon Alexa
  • It can be connected to two smartphones at once
  • It can be fully controlled through those smartphones when connected to them
  • This receiver also contains an LCD display with backlighting
  • Unfortunately, this receiver does not have the ability to play any kind of CDs
  • It can be easily installed into any kind of car since it has universal dimensions

More Top Picks

Final Words

We can give you our final advice for when you are buying any kind of vintage receivers, and not just Kenwood. Make sure that you really like the device, and do not buy it just because it’s affordable. Vintage receivers are quite delicate devices, and you should enjoy and like it one hundred percent before you actually end up buying it. Do not let anyone manipulate you into buying something that you do not like, stay away from those kinds of sellers.

Well, in conclusion, we can say that we adored testing out the best Vintage Kenwood receivers and that they are really something special. Luckily, if you decide to buy one of the models that we have introduced you to today, you will be just as satisfied with its performance as much as we were.

So, let’s go back to the old days and enjoy that nostalgic feeling- these best vintage Kenwood receivers can make you travel through time!

FAQs Vintage Kenwood Receiver

  1. Do vintage receivers sound better?

Vintage receiver sound amazingly. And, they are generally better for those people that love that kind of old sound. Let’s take record players for example Records will sound a lot better than CDs if you are fond of those old kinds of sounds. So, we can say that vintage receivers can sound better, but that does not necessarily have to be generalized for all of the vintage receivers.

  1. When is the best vintage stereo receiver ever made?

Some experts in radio receivers say that one of the best vintage receivers that have ever been made is the Fisher 500-T.  This is an even older model than the ones that we have presented to you in this article, it actually comes from the 1960s.

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