6 Best Buy Bose Wave Radio Reviews

The best radio that you have ever seen!

We have recently got a chance to test out Bose Wave radios. And we must say, they are really, really good, we have not seen similar radios so far. If you are looking for good quality radios for an even better price, then, Bose radios are the perfect choice for you.

We must say that all of their radios have a good and stylish design. Some of their radios are new and some are older, but, they are all pretty functional and have amazing features. Are you a person that likes modern and practical things? Well, then you can stop looking for good radios because we have found the best choice for you!

We will be giving you our honest review of these 06 Bose Wave radios. We have tested all of them, and you will have the ability to find out some more details about the Bose Wave radios models. So, just stay tuned and keep reading this …best buy Bose Wave Radio Review…to find out more about their features, design, and more.

Comparison Chart of Best Buy Bose Wave Radio Reviews at a glance 2022:


Bose Wave Radio IV (Platinum Silver)

1. Bose Wave Radio IV (Platinum Silver)
  • Can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Comes with an AC power cord, remote control, and owner’s guide in the box.
  • Has a slim credit card style remote with all the necessary buttons.
  • This radio is the Classic system and New look.
  • This radio is an Acclaimed performance
  • Versatile control and Touch-top ease
Price on Amazon

Bose Wave Radio III

2. Bose Wave Radio III
  • Can be connected to a smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Has a dual alarm perfect for people that need to wake up at a different time.
Price on Amazon

Bose Wave Radio II (Platinum White)

3. Bose Wave Radio II (Platinum White)
  • The company offers a warranty for this product.
  • Has a 3.5mm headphone jack.
Price on Amazon

Bose Wave radio - AWR123 (Platinum white)

4. Bose Wave radio – AWR123 (Platinum white)
  • This radio is available in platinum white color.
  • Has a clock and alarm built in it?
Price on Amazon

Bose Wave Audio Music System

5. Bose Wave Audio Music System
  • This radio is available only in neat graphite gray color.
  • Its buyer will be getting all of the necessary components in the box with it.
Price on Amazon

Bose Acoustic Wave Clock Radio (AWR1-1W)

6. Bose Acoustic Wave Clock Radio (AWR1-1W)
  • A buyer will get all of the necessary components in the box with the radio.
  • Retro, older design.
  • Can be easily used by everyone.
Price on Amazon

Our Take of the Bose Wave Radio Review, Research

Best Bose Wave Radio Review

Are Bose Radios good?

Yes, they are really good. For that price, they are more than amazing. We have seen it ourselves. You do not need to buy any fancy speakers for parties or old trips, all that you need to have is a Bose Wave radio with you and the fun can begin!

As we have mentioned before, these radios can be used anytime. They are perfect for parties because they have loudspeakers and a strong bass that just makes the song sound even better. Keep reading this Radio Wave review to inform yourself about the Bose radio models.

Why are these radios important and for who?

These radios can be used by anyone, literally. Older people usually tend to buy these kinds of radios because they do not know how to use newer technology and they find it easy to use these kinds of radios. And we must say, that Bose radios are pretty simple to handle, which is a huge plus for us.

Besides all of this, people tend to buy radios even though all of the newer fancier technology is available because they like that old taste of music. Some people used to listen to radios when they were kids, and that just brings them that kind of joy back to life. It’s amazing that these Bose radios can actually be connected and put into your car, that way, you can have your own favorite radio with you all the time. These radios can be used at parties, smaller gatherings, brunches, or movie nights in your backyard, they are just perfect!

And we’d have to say that anyone who is an old soul should get these radios, they are definitely something special.

Why do you need these radios?

These radios are super practical, and we think that everyone should have them in their homes. As we have mentioned before, these radios are amazing for parties or smaller gatherings cause they make everything better. What is a celebration without music? Besides that, some people like to listen to music on their radios in their free time or whenever they are doing something, Bose radios are perfect for that.

We’d have to say that having one Bose radio at your house should be a necessity because they definitely make everything better and bring us the joy of listening to music just like in the old days.

Due to their loud speakers, these radios can be heard even when you are not near them. And the bass, let’s not forget the bass! Their basses are so good that they add a little bit of soul to every song!

You will be learning and reading more about the 06 …Best buys Bose Wave radio reviews… in this article.

1. Best overall: Bose Wave Radio IV (Platinum Silver)

Bose Wave Radio IV


As their company says, this radio really did change the industry. Due to its design, it looks like a radio from the future. It looks really stylish and modern we could easily say that it follows all of the latest trends and that its looks could never go out of style.

Besides all of this, this radio has pretty amazing features as well. For instance, you have the ability to connect this radio to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth. That way, you can play your music from your phone, but, it will be heard loud and clear on this Bose Wave Radio.

Next, this device is pretty big, and it has AM/FM tuner so that you can listen to all of your favorite local radio stations. Besides this, this radio even has an alarm, a remote controller, and very loud-speakers.

You should definitely get yourself one of these if you are a modern person that likes all of the modern technology devices.

What’s in the box: Wave radio IV; AC power cord; Remote control and Owner’s guide

2. Best for home: Bose Wave Radio III

Bose Wave Radio III


This radio can play FM and AM radio stations, but also, it can be connected to your iPod, smartphone, computer, tablet, and even to your TV. With this radio, your movie nights will just become more upgraded and enjoyable.

This radio comes with a new feature that previous generations did not have: it has an AC power cord. This means that if it gets overheated, it can just cool down on its own. Isn’t this amazing? And it’s super easy to handle, all that you have to do is to take the radio out of the box and to plug it into a wall. The rest is pretty simple.

What’s in the box – Wave radio III; AC power cord and Remote control

3. Perfect clear stereo sound: Bose Wave Radio II (Platinum White)

Bose Wave Radio II


This is an older version of Bose Wave radios that was made and released in 2005. Since it’s a bit old, its price is way lower than the Bose Wave Radio IV’s price, which makes it more affordable and available to anyone. This device weighs around 10 pounds, and it’s pretty bulky.

We have to say that this radio does not have any kind of special features since it works on technology since 2005. Even though it’s old it can produce a clear stereo sound, and it has the ability to play AM and FM radio stations.

Now, this radio can be a great gift for your grandparents that do not how to work with the newer technology. They will for sure like the gift and use it daily.

4. Best alarm clock radio: Bose Wave radio – AWR123 (Platinum white)

71qB1GiQ1eS. AC SL1500ir?t=radiopicker0f 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00021Y9O0


This radio was released back in 2007, and it was really popular back then. Its price now is around 80 dollars, which is really affordable. This generation of Bose Wave radio is pretty good-looking we’d have to say. Due to its platinum white color, it really looks stylish and modern.

This radio is one of the best rated Bose radios until now. Yes, it is a bit older, but it’s still very functional and practical. This radio is good for those people that would not like to give out much money for a simple radio that does not have many special features. Of course, if you are more into

5. The standard for quality audio: Bose Wave Audio Music System

Bose Wave Audio System - Radio/Cd


And finally, we will be showing you this Bose Wave Audio System radio. This one has it all. You have the ability to connect your headphones to it and to listen to music that way since it has a regular headphone jack built into it. Besides that, this radio also has a CD player and you are able to play your favorite CD and to listen to your favorite music. You can always buy an empty CD and burn some of the music that you would like onto it.

This radio weighs around 9 pounds, and we have to say that it’s pretty big. But, it is also very practical and you can connect it to your TV and watch movies with style.

6. Best for Battery Powered: Bose Acoustic Wave Clock Radio (AWR1-1W)

91zRa+cPOBL. AC SL1500


The second radio from Bose is this Bose Acoustic Wave Clock Radio. Its name already says that this radio has an alarm clock built in it. You have the ability to listen to your favorite local radio stations due to the AM and FM radio station presets.

Its remote control is the size of a credit card, which makes it really practical. This radio has very strong, loud speakers and it also has a rich bass that can produce a filling sound and make every song sound way better.

This radio is perfect for those people that like older kinds of radios which are easy to handle. This one does not have any kind of fancy features like the previous one so it’s easier to use us. It’s perfect for older people that cannot get in the hang of it with newer technology.


  1. How to change the time on the Bose Wave Radio?
  2. How to set the clock on the Bose Wave Radio?

Why should you trust us?

We are a professional company that has been in this technology business for a few years now. We can assure you that we are trustworthy and legit and that we have done many testing device projects until now.

Besides all of this, we tend to educate people on this matter and to tell them which products and devices are good for them. So, we are basically doing all of this for you, so that you do not give out your money for a device that will not serve you well.

We must admit that we are satisfied with how this Bose Wave device works and we can tell you that we have not tried any kind of similar radio in a long time.

How we picked and tested the radio

If you are wondering how we chose this radio and how we tested it, well, all that we can say to you is that we have been using this radio for a while to see how it works and what kind of performance does it have.

We have tested the Bose Wave IV Radio, and we must admit that we have not seen a radio this stylish that has amazing features. This radio is a double threat! It has a very stylish and modern design that follows all of the latest trends, but, it also has amazing features and quality.

Besides all of this, you have the ability to connect your smartphone to this radio and to play your music on the phone. This just makes the radio even more practical because you have the ability to play any kind of song on your phone, and it will be heard loud and clear on this Bose Wave radio.

best buy bose wave radio reviews
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How much does a Bose Wave radio cost? Why is this radio’s price so good?

Bose Wave radio costs around 440 dollars, plus the shipping. Due to its quality and features, we must say that this radio is very cheap. There are many radios out there that have worse performance than this one, but which cost much more money. Their company wanted to make the radios cheap so that they can be available to anyone.

Is there a better alternative?

There are many different kinds of radios out there, and some are really similar to this Bose one. We did a little research and looked for similar radios on Amazon and eBay, and we can tell you that other radios do not even come close to this one. This one is just amazing, very practical, and good-looking. To be honest, we did not expect this kind of quality radio, but boy we were wrong!

FAQs related to the Bose Wave Radio

Q-1. What is a Bose Wave Radio?

Bose Wave radios are big radios that can be used for literally anything. You have the ability to connect some of the Bose Wave radios to your smartphone and then play the music that way. Due to their strong and big speakers, the music will be loud and the sound is clear. Some of their radios can be even connected to your smart TV if you have an audio receiver.

All of their radios have the ability to pick up AM and FM signals and to play your favorite local radio stations. Besides that, most of these Bose Wave radios even have an alarm built into them. We have found this feature very helpful and practical.

Q-2. How does a Bose Wave radio work?

These radios must have a power source in order to work, they do not use batteries. These can be put in cars and connected to the car’s power source. They work amazing, the sound is great and their design is just perfect. Of course, some of the Bose Wave radios have an outdated design, but that is because they are older, you will see for yourself if you continue to read this article.

Q-3. Is Bose Wave radio worth the money?

Of course, it is! We believe that this Bose Wave radio is one of the best radios that we have ever tried, and seen! It is definitely worth your money because due to its quality, it will serve you well for years.

Q-4. Can you connect Bose Wave radio to TV?

Yes, you can connect your Bose Wave radio to your TV. Although, you must have in mind that you will be needing an audio adapter to connect it to your TV. This kind of adapter can be found in any kind of electronic store.

Q-5. Where can you buy Bose Radios?

You can buy these kinds of radios online, on the official Bose website. Or, you can check at your local electronic stores to see if they have the radios in stock.

Conclusion of the best buy bose radio

In conclusion, we have to say that we really enjoyed the testing time that we have spent with this device. We are truly pleased with its performance, and it will definitely become one of the devices that we use on a daily basis. As we have already mentioned, we believe that everyone should discover their radios because they are really amazing! Everyone should start using Bose Wave radios!

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