Best Boss Radio Reviews of 2022

Boss radios are the future…

Yes, Boss radios are truly devices of the future! And the future has never been closer! These radios are one of the best ones that we have ever seen, for real! And, we got to spend some time with these radios, testing them out and just simply enjoying every moment that we have got to use them. This is a ..Boss Radio reviews… and we will be giving you our honest opinion that we have on these radios, and why we think that they are so great!

First, we have to say that they look pretty modern, their looks for sure follow all of the latest trends. We have tested a total of seven(07) categories of Boss radios, and we will be providing you with our honest opinion in the continuation of this article.

So, are you interested in finding out more things about Boss Radios? If yes, then, well, without further ado, let’s start right away!

What is a Boss radio?

Boss radios are really a bright future for radios! With Boss radios, you will have the amazing ability to explore another chapter of music and to bring the joy of listening to it to a whole another level. We have to say that these radios have really made us truly happy because the audio is really clear and the bass just hits so well.

These radios have the ability to catch up with AM and FM signals, which is a feature that basically any kind of radio has. But, Boss radios are more than just a regular, basic radio, they are meant to be used in cars, boats, and on motorbikes! Don’t you think that this is pretty cool?

Boss company can offer many different kinds of radios. For example, they have a marine radio, touch screen radios, Bluetooth radios, GPS radios, TV radios, and many more. You will be reading a review on Boss radios in the continuation of this article.

The Boss Radios Review by 07 Catagories

1. Boss Marine Radios Marine radio is one of the best radios that we have ever seen! It has so many amazing features that we just do not know where to start! This radio is waterproof. Yes, you have read that right, it is waterproof! So, if you spill some water on it by accident you would not have to worry about a thing, the radio would be perfectly fine!

Next, this radio can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or an MP3 player. That way, you can listen to your favorite tunes always, you can even play the music on Spotify and it will be coming out of the Boss speakers.

The Boss company offers the buyers of this Marine radio a three-year warranty if you buy it on Amazon. We think that this is pretty great and fair from the Boss’ company side! They have definitely earned our trust! we highly recommended model  BOSS MGR350B, MCKGB350B, MR1308UAB and MCKGB450B

Highlight Feature

  • Waterproof display.
  • Supports Bluetooth technology.
  • The company offers a three-year(03) warranty to the buyer of this radio.
  • Easy to set up.

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2. Boss Car Radios, Boss can also offer you many different car audio systems. All of them have pretty much the same features, the difference is in the design and the looks of them.

Boss car radios have Apple CarPlay, a feature that can gain access to your phone (if you have an iPhone) and you can literally connect your phone to your radio and use it on a huge touchscreen radio in your car. Next, this radio has a camera for safety. For example, when you are going in reverse, the camera will show up on the radio’s screen to help you navigate yourself.

Of course, besides all of these amazing features, you also can play regular radio music. You have the ability to find and tune in to your favorite local radio stations and enjoy them whenever you go on for a drive. We have tested and recommended models- Boss BVCP9685A, BV9358B, and 656BCK.

Highlight Feature

  • Can be connected to your iPHone.
  • Has a camera that provides more safety during your drive.
  • Supports Bluetooth technology.

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3. Boss Double Din Radios have to tell you right away that we have never, ever seen a radio that has a similar design to this one. This one looks so modern and stylish, especially because it has a LED-lighted display. The Boss company offers you a three-year(03) warranty if you decide to buy this radio through Amazon, which is pretty great. Our test models are Boss BVCP9685A, BV9358B, and BVB9364RC which you can collect.

Besides that, this radio can change the colors of the display. In other words, you have the ability to set the color of the display depending on your mood and atmosphere. Like any other Boss radio, this one can also be connected to your smartphone and the MP3 player as well.

Highlight Feature

  • This radio has a LED lighted display that sets the mood.
  • The display is a touchscreen.
  • If you decide to buy it you will be getting a warranty.

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4. Boss Motorcycle Radios Boss motorcycle radio is definitely a new thing on the market. We assume that you have never seen anything similar to this radio. It uses Bluetooth technology that lets it connect to your smartphone or to your MP3 device and play any kind of music you want to play.

Besides that, this radio has an amplifier built into it (a class D amplifier) that is also waterproof and that can protect the radio when it rains. Actually, the whole radio is waterproof so that it does not get broken when it rains, you are, after all, on a motorcycle.

This radio provides easy sound volume control to the driver, and it can actually be placed anywhere you like. You should definitely put it in a place where you can lower the music down fast in case of an emergency. our top pick models are MC420B, MCBK470B and MCBK420B.

Highlight Feature

  • Has a built in amplifier.
  • This radio is waterproof, water cannot damage it.
  • Easy to handle and set up.

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5. Boss Bluetooth Radios company can offer you many Bluetooth radios. They actually have a few of them. They can be usually put into cars, but, they do have some Bluetooth models that are meant to be placed into motorcycles.

What is great about these kinds of radio is that you have the ability to play any kind of music that you want to play. You can always connect them to your phone and go to Spotify or to Pandora music and play any kind of tune that you would like to play. You do not have to stick to those regular local radio stations and listen to the tunes that they play there.

We love a good Bluetooth radio because it is very practical and it makes things easier as our tested BV9364B, 508UAB, and MGR350B.

Highlight Feature

  • Supports Bluetooth technology.
  • Can be used in a car, but it can also be connected to the TV.

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6. Boss GPS Radios Boss GPS radio is actually a huge radio system that has many different amazing features. For example, this audio system also has a CD slot which means that you can burn your favorite music or a podcast to a CD and play it in your car. It has Bluetooth like most of the Boss radios, but, it also has a built-in navigation system.

You no longer have to worry about getting lost or going to a wrong turn. You will always have your own little road assistant near you if you decide to buy this Boss GPS radio. One of the flaws is that this radio does not have a built-in amplifier, so, there is a chance that you might have to buy one yourself in order to power up your speakers properly.

We have to say that these BV9384NV and BVCP9685A GPS radio is really helpful and that GPS comes in handy.

Highlight Feature

  • Supports GPS technology.
  • Supports Bluetooth technology.
  • Has a CD display.
  • Can be connected to your phone wirelessly.

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7. Boss In-Dash radio in-dash units are really great if you like neat and organized things. Boss has many different in-dash units, some of them cost more money, and some of them are very affordable. We have to say that all of them are breathtaking and have amazing features.

One of the best features that these in-dash radios have is the ability to connect via Bluetooth to your phone or other devices. That way, you can either play your favorite music on one of your phone apps or even connect your whole phone to it and mirror it on the radio. You will be able to make phone calls, receive texts, use Maps and the web if you decide to connect your phone that way, and we think that this feature is pretty cool.

Highlight Feature

  • Has a reasonable price.
  • Can be connected to your phone wirelessly.
  • You can make calls on your phone via this radio.
  • Supports Bluetooth technology.

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Our Take on Boss Radio Reviews

Are Boss radios good?

We have seen it with our own eyes: these radios are really something special! Forget about those car radios that cannot even be loud if you want to be heard whenever you are driving around then, Boss radios are the right choice for you.

We have already previously mentioned that these radios can even be put on motorbikes. They will spice up your drive and pump up your adrenaline during the ride. Due to their loud and strong bass, your levels of adrenaline will just rise up and hype you up. They especially bring joy whenever you are going on an adventure. You can try them and see them for yourself!

Why are Boss radio important and for who?

We have to say that these radios are made to be used by cool people! They can be used by everyone, but, only the true adventurists and adrenaline junkies can understand and feel the power of these radios.

They are perfect for those who like to travel with music and style. Trust us, when you bust out and turn up the music while you are on the road, everyone around you will envy you.

Besides all of that, these radios can also be used by people that just want to have a stylish radio in their car. All of the Boss radios are really stylish and modern, and they will for sure make your car pop even more.

And, if you wonder why are they important, well, the answer is just simple: they make everything better! If you are a person that just cannot even go to the supermarket without a little music blasting in your car, then, we are completely sure that these radios will suit you well.

Best Boss Radio Review | A great sound quality radios

Why do you need Boss radio?

Again, another simple answer: You need these radios because they will make every adventure, trip, or short ride better. You can listen to your favorite radio stations or connect the radio to your smartphone and blast out your favorite tunes.

Besides that, you can even connect a USB flash drive and burn your favorite CDs, or even some podcasts to it and listen to them on the road! Pretty cool, right?

Why should you trust us?

You should definitely trust us because we are a legit company that has been doing and testing gadgets for years. Many people around the world trust, value, and accept our opinion and make their shopping decisions after that. We test every device before reviewing it so that we can tell our audience our honest opinion on the given device.

We can tell you that we are super satisfied with how these Boss radios work. They can for sure make any kind of tripe or a ride better and more fun.

How we picked and tested Boss radios

If you want to know how we test our devices, the answer is super simple: we just use that device for a certain amount of time before writing our reviews. We want to see for ourselves what kind of features do these radios have and whether or not they are worth the money.

We can tell you that we are pretty satisfied with the performance of these radios. And, another thing that we like is that the Boss company can offer you many different kinds of radios that can serve you in different situations and occasions (in a boat, a car, a motorbike).

What we liked most about these radios are their design and compatibility. They can basically be connected to any kind of car, boat, or motorbike, and can be used all the time. They do not use much energy, and oh, their speakers are out of this world!

Learn More about Boss radios with the FAQ

1. Who makes Boss radios?

Boss radios are being made by the American people. One of its headquarters is in America, and their firm is originally from America.

2. What is the channel frequency of Boss radios?

Boss radios usually work at 930 kHz AM. But the value of the frequency may vary based on the type of signal that the radio is catching.

3. Where can you buy Boss radios?

You are able to buy Boss radios online, on their official website, on Amazon, or on eBay. There are many official Boss dealers around the world, so, you can always check at one of your local tech stores and inform yourself about the radios. There is a chance that some of the stores will actually sell Boss radios.

4. Why is this radio’s price good?

Their price is really good because the Boss company wanted to enable anyone to have a good radio in their car, boat, or motorcycle. Their prices are really affordable because the company thinks that everyone should have the ability to buy the best quality device, and we totally agree with them.

Is there a better alternative?

We must say, that if Boss’ competition wants to reach this level of quality, they for sure need to step up their game. Boss radios are affordable, but they have amazing quality. Yes, there are many other similar radios that cost way less, but, we have to say that they for sure do not have the same quality as Boss’ radios.

Conclusion of the Boss Radio Review

In conclusion, we have to say that we are really happy that we had the chance to test out these amazing radios. We are very honored too! These radios are for real on a different level of technology. We hope that everyone will soon have one of Boss’ radios in their cars, boats, or motorcycles. They are for sure something new and amazing.

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