Review on BTECH QHM22D Dual Push-to-Talk (PTT) Speaker Mic

This QHM22D Dual Push to Talk Speaker Mic is specially Designed for the Baofeng UV-82 series modules radios (UV-82HP, UV-82C, GMRS-V1, MURS-V1, and other UV-82 series)

BTECH QHM22D Speaker Mic Review

BTECH QHM22D Speaker Mic Review

Now, this one is made out of good quality materials that make it very much resistant to all of the external factors. It is built with an impact of PVC casting which prevents wind, dust, and splashes of water to cause it harm.

Due to being made out of good quality materials, it is also water-resistant, and water cannot damage it in any kind of way. This speaker mic comes with a dual push-to-talk button in order to be able to operate with compatibility.

Besides being able to work on Baofeng radios, this speaker mic can also work on BTECH, AnyTone, TYT, Archsell, and other radios with the 2-pin K1 type of connector.

Being able to connect to the earphones is just yet another trait that this speaker mic has. It has a standard 3.5mm earpiece jack built into it, and the user can listen, and actually use the whole speaker mic through their earphones.

BTECH QHM22D feature

This speaker mic is able to bring a good quality sound on both ends, and enable communication without any kind of interruptions. We have loved the way that the communication and signals had no delay whatsoever, and we were able to keep up with a nice conversation that was able to flow gently.

Highlighted features and Performance:

  • This is a dual push to talk speaker mic
  • It has the ability to be positioned in 8 adjustable positions
  • It is waterproof or Rainproof
  • It is made out of resistant materials
  • It contains two PTT buttons
  • It is compatible with different radio models
  • A perfect for Shoulder Mic
  • Excellent Loud with clear receive Audio
  • Very Good sound both RX and TX as well as level
  • Communications audio quality is good
  • This is Heavy Duty Speaker Mic
  • This is the best Speaker Mic for the Baofeng UV-82 series
  • Completely Worth every penny if you buy
  • This is easy to use
  • Size is 7 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches
  • Weight has 5.4 ounces

Compatible Radio Models:

  1. BTECH: UV-5X3, GMRS-V1, DMR-6X2, MURS-V1
  2. BaoFeng: UV-5R Series, UV-3R+, BF-F8HP, BF-888S, V-82C, UV-82HP, UV-82 Series
  3. AnyTone: AT-D868UV
  4. TYT MD-390, TYT MD-380, TYT radios with Kenwood 2 Pin Standard
  5. Arcshell: AR-6, AR-5
  6. Retevis: H-777, RT-21
  7. Radioddity: GD-77
…Sample buyer review… “…this is Excellent, works really fantastic & my friends they ask me if a have a better radio, thanks so much…”

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BTECH QHM22D Speaker Mic review

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