C. Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced Radio Review

The portable AM ​​and FM radio have been designed to have long-distance reception and great audio quality and also for times of emergency. Good reception and great audio are the two main and most important reasons for a portable radio.

For more than 10 years, the C. Crane CCRadio line has been characterized by having the best AM reception available on the radio. With the new version CCradio-2 greatly improved, the audio can be adjusted with better precision for a more realistic listening experience of the human voice.

On the other hand, it can be adjusted for excellent musical utility. FM signal reception is clearly something you can also enjoy. The five-button memory on top of the radio stations makes it easier to switch instead of front-mounted buttons.

The boost in AM performance comes from C. Crane’s patented single-coil ferrite am antenna. This technology can give a significant boost to weak am signals under most circumstances. After selecting a station, the CCradio-2E evaluates the signal for several seconds and then locks in the signal for the best it can get.

The display has a Full backlight and three brightness levels and an “OFF setting. The time band can keep you informed of any NOAA alerts. The 2-meter ham band can make the CCradio-2E a lifesaver during an Emergency.

In-depth C. Crane CCradio 2E Enhanced reviews


Features include: 5 adjustable One Touch memory presets per band, adjustable display, light, alarm clock, sleep timer, auto scan, headphone jack, stereo output jack, bass and treble, and line-output, Jack. Runs on an AC power cord or four (optional) “D batteries included with a long-life battery. Weight: 4 lbs. (Without batteries) Size: 11 “W x 6.5” H x 4 “D.

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Because we like this Ccradio 2E Enhanced?

  • I find radio to be much more romantic and compelling than modern methods of transmission.
  • Using CC Radio, the slight static, the slight fading in and out, and all the other great experiences that you can only receive using a real radio has the ability to make you feel and even send shivers down your spine. There is something a good solid radio can do for you that nothing else can and CC Radio delivers that 100%.
  • This radio is excellent. The manual is simple and comprehensive. The ‘transport notch’ is comfortable.
  • This radio is worth it. The sound is clear. The “signal strength” of the radio is an interesting feature. The radio ‘finds’ the best signal as it automatically scans or dials or uses the up / down buttons. Easy setup. 5 presets per band. Easy to use.
  • Great radio. Attracting distant AM stations better than any radio you’ve ever seen. It has really opened up the AM band for me and I enjoy listening to stations’ various states away clearly at night. FM reception is also excellent.
  • It has an excellent interface. It received FM stations from more than 75 miles away.
  • It is a quality radio because my mother has had one for many years and uses it daily without problems. I would definitely recommend this radio and would buy it again.
  • The audio is excellent with plenty of bass and treble available so you don’t always have to have the bass and treble controls maxed out.
  • This radio is capable of self-aligning. It is shown in the manual in the troubleshooting section for the question of what to do if there is a drop in volume when tuning in a station. To realign the radio, when tuned to any AM station, press and hold the “Show Clock and Frequency” button until the Weather Alert LED begins to flash (top left on the front of the radio). At this point, release the “Show Clock and Frequency” button, then press it briefly. Leave the radio alone while it automatically aligns itself.

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Features / Specifications; Design and performance.

  • AC & Battery power supply
  • Brand C. Crane
  • Support 2-Band radio bands
  • Item Weight 4 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 4 x 6.5 inches
  • Screen type Lcd
  • Better AM reception with built-in portable single-coil ferrite antenna with AM, FM, weather, and 2 Meter Ham band.
  • Life-saving information in natural disasters such as hurricanes comes through on the 2-meter ham band
  • Get NOAA Government Issues Alerts in the Time Band
  • Clock, alarm, sleep timer, headphone jack, light display, and 5 One Touch memory presets. It runs on long battery life.

C. Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced Radio manual-PDF

Real customer reviews:

Great product! This is my 3rd  purchase of this CCradio-2E specific radio due to complete satisfaction with the initial purchase & quality. I live in a rural area or no internet coverage and having a reliable, quality radio is critical to hearing about the weather in this part of our country. I would like to appreciate the weather tone & flashing light optional features, so if a weather event occurs when one is sleeping, the radio will wake one up there safe. It having not only the usual AM/FM radio stations in addition to the NOAA weather reports makes these radios just what one needs when you are out in the “back-40”. Also, this radio speaker does deliver very good near HD quality sound. I personally get the best sound quality having worked in the field for so long. I would definitely recommend this CCraner CCradio-2E !”

Conclusion of the C Crane Radio 2E Review

Over the years it has been verified that the radio stimulates in an amazing way the mood of the people and at the same time their imagination, unlike the TV that also provides videos and images, all the messages that are received by the sense of the audio it can be transformed into a movie in our brain unconsciously.

Radio is a medium that, although one of the oldest, never dies, and despite the fact that it seems that people do not use it as often, it is always there ready at any time to relax the mind and the senses.

Currently, people constantly move from one place to another, at any time of the day, in different means of transport, from the typical bicycle to a powerful plane, and whatever the situation, you will always find someone in one of them. listening to the radio. This indicates that although many years have passed and technology with new tools has captured people’s attention, radio is still more alive than ever.

The reason why you should buy an item like this is several, such as accessing stations from all over the world, enjoying great sound quality, programming your favorite stations, having an alarm clock that starts your days or reminds you of your things with music that inspires you.

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