6 Best C Crane Radio Reviews | Simple, Practical and Perfect long-range portable radios

C. Crane Radios are super practical long-range portable radios…

6 Best C Crane Radio Reviews | Simple, Practical and Perfect long-range portable radios

Are you looking for a good-sized Portable Radio, yet functional radio? Well, if you are, these radios are going to be a perfect choice. These C. Crane Radios are ideal for those people that are looking for simple and practical radios that are lightweight and easy to carry around. And trust us, these radios have it all.

You are able to listen to the news, music, and sports on this radio. They have strong basses built into them which makes them even better! This company has many different long-range portable radios that are able to work on AM/FM signals, some can be even connected to Wi-Fi, and others can alert you if there is a case of an emergency or whether chance in your area. They are an indispensable part of a picnic or brunches!

We have tested C.Crane radios, and you will be reading their full reviews and our honest opinion in this article. Stay tuned and just keep reading to find C. Crane’s radios’ specifications and other amazing features.

We are telling you our honest opinion on this …C Crane Radio Reviews… As we have seen, C. Crane radios are really amazing and practical. All of their radios are travel size which means that they can perfectly fit anywhere you put them. Have in mind that other radios are not as near as good as the ones that C. Crane has to offer you.

This review/guide will help you understand what is out there and how to choose the Best C. Crane Radio for your needs.

Our editor’s top pick:

  1. BEST OVERALL: Skywave AM/FM/Shortwave/Weather & Airband Travel Radio with Clock & Alarm
  2. BEST VALUE: Pocket AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Clock & Sleep Timer
  3. Best AM Reception: CCRadio-2E Enhanced AM/FM/Weather & 2-Meter Ham Band

C Crane radio reviews; learn about six(06) Radio of the Brand

1. C.Crane (SKWV) AM/FM/Skywave Weather & Airband Portable Travel Radio with Clock & Alarm

C.Crane (SKWV) AM/FM/Skywave Weather & Airband Portable Travel Radio with Clock & Alarm


This radio is one of those radios that have a retro design. It is very small yet super practical and easy to carry around. This radio is also able to gather and receive shortwave signals beside the AM and FM ones. With that said, you will have the ability to listen to space, ship, and even plane signals, transmissions, and conversations. Isn’t this amazing?

Have in mind that this radio has a clock with a 12/24 hour format on its display. The display also lights up at night due to its LCD built-in lights. The approximate battery duration on this radio is around 60 hours if you listen to music on its speakers, or 70 hours if you are using earbuds.

Oh, and we almost forgot, if you buy this device, you will be receiving a one-year limited warranty with it. Pretty cool, right?

2. C.Crane (CCPKT) Pocket AM/FM & NOAA Weather Radio with Clock & Sleep Timer

C.Crane (CCPKT) Pocket AM/FM & NOAA Weather Radio with Clock & Sleep Timer


C.Crane pocket radio is one of those radios that can literally fit anywhere. It is no bigger than your phone or a regular glass and it can perfectly fit your hands. Even though it is super small, this radio has good reception and sharp audio. Everything is very clear, and the sound is amazing. This radio also has a headphone jack, and you can even buy earphones that are specially made for this device. Of course, you have the ability to listen to stations on its built-in speakers.

If you are a fan of small, yet practical things then this radio is the perfect one for you. It has a sleep timer if you need to count the hours of your sleep, but, it also has an alarm if you need to wake up at a certain time. It runs on two AA batteries that can last up to 100 hours if you listen to music on earbuds, or around 80 hours if you use it regularly.

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3. C.Crane (CC2BE) CCRadio-2E Enhanced Portable AM/FM/ Weather & 2-Meter Ham Band

C.Crane (CC2BE) CCRadio-2E Enhanced Portable AM/FM/ Weather & 2-Meter Ham Band 

Now, this model is a bit more high-tech, it has Bluetooth. You are able to pair it to a speaker and emit all of the stations that are accessible with that speaker. It can be connected to Alexa, or to Google Home devices, which is really an awesome feature.

This radio is super lightweight, it weighs around 4Ibs, and can be easily carried around. If you are a fan of radios that have more modern features then this one is the right choice for you.

4. C. Crane (COBS) CC Solar Observer Wind Up Solar Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/NOAA Weather; Built-in LED Flashlight & Cellphone Charger

C. Crane (COBS) CC Solar Observer Wind Up Solar Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/NOAA Weather; Built-in LED Flashlight & Cellphone Charger

This radio is the one that you should always have by your side. It is super important in case of emergencies and can notify you if something important has happened or is about to happen. For example, if there is a tornado alert in your area, that radio will be notifying you.

So, if you leave near that kind of area where tornadoes or earthquakes happen, you should always have this little radio with you. It is able to notify you of urgent news too if there is something important that is about to happen in your area or at your location. Of course, the radio must be turned on so that you can hear the news. It cannot turn automatically on.

Besides all of this, you will have the ability to contact someone using this radio if you are in danger.

5. C.Crane (CC2TE) CC Radio-2E Enhanced Portable AM/FM Weather & 2-Meter Ham Band (Titanium)

C.Crane (CC2TE) CC Radio-2E Enhanced Portable AM/FM Weather & 2-Meter Ham Band (Titanium) 

This radio is so small that you will not even notice if you have it with you. You have the ability to connect your earbuds to it or to listen to everything using the built-in speakers that this device already has. The radio itself is very light and, as we have already mentioned, super small. It is not bigger than your phone or a regular water glass.

It has the ability to alert you about whether changes when the radio is activated. Besides that, its batteries can last up to 80-100 hours of active listening depending on which way you were using it. Another amazing thing about this radio is that it has rubber all around it so that it can protect him from scratches or falls. So, you do not have to worry about it breaking if you are going on a hike, for example, and it falls out of your pocket.

6. C. Crane CC WiFi 3 Internet Radio with Skytune, Bluetooth Receiver, Access to Thousands of Radio Stations Worldwide; Clock and Alarm with Remote Control

71tTF7PKiiL. AC SL1500

We have saved the best for last: C. Crane’s Wi-Fi Internet radio. This radio is literally so amazing! You have the ability to connect it to your Wi-Fi and that way even listen to some of the other radio stations that are from another country, and all of that online. This kind of radio is perfect for those people that enjoy having high-tech items in their household.

The size of this radio is perfect. In other words, this radio is not too big, but yet not too small. It is perfect for those late nights with your friends by the pool or a river, or for picnics. You can even put it in your garage and listen to it anytime you work. We are really in love with this model and we think that it is the best one of all the previous ones that we have listed out.

It runs on two AA batteries that can last up to 80 hours. Of course, like the previous similar radios, this one also has a headphone jack and you have the ability to listen to music and your favorite radio stations on your earbuds.

Our Take on the C.Crane Radios

What is the C.Crane Radio?

C. Crane radio is a medium-size radio, but not too small, this radio that can be really loud! These radios have the ability to pick up AM, FM, or shortwave signals. That way, you are able to listen to your local radio stations. Besides all of this, some of the C. Crane radios have a built-in antenna that amplifies the signal and makes it better, and some of their radios do not contain antennas.

It is desirable to have some of the C. Crane radios with you anywhere you go, they make everything better! Oh, and you do not have to worry about its batteries running out, they can last around 60 hours of active listening. Don’t you think that this is amazing?

Are C. Crane Radios any good?

Yes! We have seen it with our own eyes, they are really practical, helpful and they can be used all the time without having a fear that their batteries are going to run out. They remind us of those old radios that you see in old movies, due to their retro yet stylish look. On the other hand, they have many more features and much more quality than those old radios.

Why is this C. Crane radio important and for who?

Well, we have to say that this radio can be used by everyone really. Even little kids can use it to listen to music since it is very easy to handle. We think that it’s good having one of these things lying around near you in case you need music to celebrate something. I mean, what’s life without music? This radio will help you bring joy to any kind of celebration.

Radios are usually being used by older people, and kids and teenagers use fancy cellphones and computers. If you are a person that likes vintage things such as radios, then you for sure need to check out the whole collection of C. Crane radios.

Why do you have to have this CCrane radio?

We must admit that this radio is one of those devices that should always be near you and a necessity. Especially if you are an older person that cannot really get in the hang of new smartphones. Well, this is a device that you will for sure know how to use.

As we have already mentioned, this radio supports both AM and FM signals, which means that you will have the ability to listen to all of your favorite radio stations. Besides that, this radio also possesses a headphone jack and can be used with headphones. It even has an alarm that can wake you up in the morning if needed!

If you decide to buy this radio, you will be receiving it in just a couple of days because the company offers fast shipping to their customers.

Why should you trust us?

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have tested the C. Crane Radio and we are giving you our honest opinion and review here. We are doing this all for you, so that you know which product is good is it worth your money, and if you should buy it. We have to say that we are really satisfied with this device and that it did fill all of our expectations. It can for sure become a part of everyone’s daily routine.

How we picked and tested this radio

Are you wondering how we tested C.Crane Radios? Well, we have just been using it for a while now to see how it works and if there is anything that we do not like about it. And we have to say, we like everything about this radio! We recommend everyone to buy it because its price is very affordable and available to everyone.

Besides all of this, these radios have really amazing features. It can even be locked if you do not want someone else to use it while you are not around. You set up a lock password just like on your smartphone and you will know that nobody else will be using it. It also contains an LCD-lighted display that can be a good thing when it’s dark and you are outside.

Conclusion of the C Crane Radio Reviews

In conclusion, we loved this device! We are absolutely obsessed with it and it will definitely become a part of our everyday lives. We believe that everyone should have one of these bad boys by their side all the time.

We highly recommend this C. Crane radio because of its practicality, size, and features. Let’s bring back the time when having one of these at home was a must-have! Retro has never looked better!

Is there a better alternative?

There is a sea full of similar radios to the ones that C. Crane has on Amazon, eBay, or on many online stores. We have to say that the radios that C. Crane has are the best ones that we have seen in a while. They are much better than the others, affordable and they have really great features that any radio should contain.

FAQs related to the CC Crane radios

Q-1. Where are C. Crane radios made? And who makes them?

These radios are being made in the USA in California to be more precise. This company was founded back in 1976 and since then, it has had many ups and downs but eventually become very successful.

Q-2. What is the frequency of this radio?

C. Crane radios’ frequency can vary, but, they usually work on 900-928 MHz

Q-3. How do I reset my C. Crane radio?

If you wish to reset your C. Crane radio you must first turn it off and remove its batteries. Once you do that, find the Power off button that should be located right next to the place where batteries go. Hold that button for about five seconds then turn on your radio.

Q-4. Where can I buy C.Crane radios?

You can find the full dealer list on their official site. You are able to buy them online(Amazon, eBay, Walmart) or at some of your local stores.

Q-5. Why is this radio’s price so good?

This company wanted to enable their radios to everyone. That is why their prices are really affordable and good.

Q-6. What You Can Hear On The C.Crane WiFi Radio?

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