How to Cite a Radio Broadcast?

Steps to quote a radio broadcast… Next, we will show some examples of how to cite a radio broadcast correctly… following in detail the steps described in… heavy fines and penalties for people who use other people’s information in an inappropriate way…

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On some occasions, we need to access relevant information from various sources, such as the internet, radio, and television, including some books. When we need to use this information, we must consider the fact that there is an intellectual property of most of the information that we can access. It is essential to know how to refer to certain information without improperly using the intellectual property of another person or organization.

The procedure of citing a radio podcast is very simple, although you have to take care of the details and the steps to do it correctly. Citing a radio broadcast is very important when considering highly relevant information, since the objective of a broadcast is to transmit information to many media at the same time, with the aim that there is a good reach of the information.


Steps to quote a radio broadcast

There is a text structure for citing radio broadcasts, so that, by following the steps of this structure, we can ensure the information necessary to respect the copyright or intellectual property of the information referred to. The steps are the following:

  1. Provide the name of the author or speaker: it is extremely important to put the exact name of the author or speaker of the material, even in some cases it could make the name of the organization or station that is transmitting the information. putting a wrong name could cause problems in intellectual property and in the reliability of the information.
  2. The exact date of the radio transmission must be provided. If there is an error in the transmission date, it could cause confusion with respect to similar publications, which would result in a loss of confidence in the transmitted information. Another consequence of confusion of dates is that the communication objective is not achieved.
  3. As a third step, the broadcast title must be provided in the italic format followed by a description; in this case, the title would be radio broadcast. It is necessary to place this title exactly, as it tends to be confused with the transcription title of a radio transmission since the steps currently cited are very similar to those of citing a Transcription of a radio transmission.
  4. As the last step, you must provide the name of the website that published the radio broadcast, including the URL of the broadcast of said program. This information in the citation generates confidence in the source from which the information was extracted, especially when the source is reputable.

By following the previous steps, we will be able to obtain a complete and reliable reference quote from the radio broadcast.

Examples of radio broadcast quotes

Next, we will show some examples of how to cite a radio broadcast correctly, following in detail the steps described in the previous part.

Mostly, these quotes that refer to radio podcasts are usually attached to reference lists that are placed after the exposed information, although on some occasions, it is necessary to refer the quote in the text, as we see in this example:

APA format structure  Last Name, First Initial. (Function). (Year, Month Day). Title Episode [Format]. In First Initial LastNameProducer (Function). NameSeries. City, State/Country: Producer.
References list 
    • Dane, F. (DJ). (2015, July 31). Lucille Werner manipulated Lingo [Radio Broadcast]. In P. Franssen (producer). Frank and Friday Show. Hilversum, The Netherlands: Radio 538.
    • Cornish, A. (Host). (2017, May 17). This simple puzzle test sealed the fate of immigrants at Ellis Island [Audio podcast transcript]. In All things considered. NPR
    • Vogt, P. J., & Goldman, A. (Hosts). (2019, June 27). Dark pattern (No. 144) [Audio podcast transcript]. In Reply all. Gimlet Media
Text format
  • According to the radio broadcast, ‘Lucille Werner manipulated Lingo’ … (Dane, 2015).
  • Dane (2015) suggested in the radio show ‘Frank and Friday Show’ that … 
  • (Cornish, 2017; Vogt & Goldman, 2019)
  • Cornish (2017) and Vogt and Goldman (2019)

In the previous examples, we saw not only quotes from radio broadcasts but also examples of quotes from transcripts, in some cases, you can count on the transcript of a certain broadcast and use some fragments of the transcript as quotes.

In the beginning, we have attached to the APA structure adapted to the previously exposed steps, so that we can see how the structure of the citations that must go in a list of references is adapted, and also in the same text if necessary a faster date.

How to Cite a Radio Broadcast

The importance of correctly citing a radio broadcast

The value of information is uncountable; therefore, it must be taken care of appropriately. World copyright and intellectual property protection organizations have focused on creating demanding guidelines for the use of certain information, as there is information that can steal benefits from the author when used fraudulently. There are very heavy fines and penalties for people who use other people’s information in an inappropriate way. These fines and penalties include incredible sums of money, many years in prison, or probation. The fines are dependent on the type of material used and what has been done with that material, including the time it was spent in use.


It is important to create original material, material that gives added value to the researcher looking for truthful and quality information. Citing information from radio broadcasts is a good way to provide updated and accurate information since it is information that was exposed to large audiences so that it is always filtered, prepared, and verified.

It is necessary to know how to cite this information correctly, to avoid intellectual property problems, but, above all, to give added value to the information that you want to complement. An excellent text related to natural disasters can be accompanied by a reference to a radio broadcast moments after a disaster, which includes a detailed analysis of the disaster. These types of quotes give enormous added value to the information that is being transmitted.

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