How to Crack Sirius Satellite Radio: is this possible?

Radio companies have had a global impact since their inception. Not only the visual is attractive, but what is transmitted by voice and sound almost anywhere. From comedy shows, news, music, and many other broadcasts. One of the services that have revolutionized radio and television media has been the subscription since it allows the user to have access to preferred material whenever and however, they want, therefore, this has been a great advantage for companies. Who decides to provide radio or television service in this way? A prominent company in the radio industry has been Sirius Satellite Radio(which is known today as SiriusXM).

SiriusXM is not such an old radio, as it emerged in 2002, but it has had a great impact on the radio for its excellent content on music, sports, talks, documentaries, and many other contents, which are well chosen and filtered to provide the best quality to consumers.

Cracking Sirius Satellite or programming error?

When an excellent service or product is released, there is always a group of people trying to imitate or get the service for free. When it comes to a software-related product, such as a video game, operating system, or multimedia product, there is always an attempt to crack the product, and Sirius is no exception.

There have been many attempts to hack this service and get it for free, but they have been unsuccessful. Many users enjoyed a few years of free service thanks to certain plans offered by Sirius, but the benefit has not lasted forever.

The access to the network for free was made on purpose by Sirius for old users so that those loyal users of the service could have access for life, but what they never realized was that there was an error or bug allowing access to material published by Sirius for free to a wide audience. This bug went unresolved for many years, which could have created a huge gap between security and the black market.

A company called TippingPoint, learned of the problem in the system, in the programming that managed the radio service, which happened when the Zero Day Initiative of the company, which is an entity that pays hackers to reveal technical details in the security of the systems so that the company TippingPoint reported to Sirius in 2008 the information related to the access error.

A possible theory of the impact that this illegitimate access by people is the fact that radio receivers have been created in inhospitable places where it has receptivity of the radio signal for life, which could generate losses of millions of dollars to the company Sirius. A relatively positive thing is that these material access failures did not affect the safety of users in general, but simply that more people could access the Sirius radio illegitimately.

Sirius’s way of dealing with this huge problem was by deactivating many memberships and a system reconfiguration, making it clear that this problem arose from Sirius’ carelessness. The TippingPoint company did not determine how many people were aware of the problem, but it was noted that there are many people doing the radio hacking, according to Forslof, who is a security response manager at TippingPoint.

how to crack sirius satellite radio is this possible

The resource that represents access to Sirius and its content

Sirius is a gold mine for many hackers, as we are talking about approximately 20 million subscribers. Not only because of the reach of people it has but the type of quality content it must transmit.

Just talking about the music available on this radio, we already talked about an invaluable resource. The famous Pandora Now, with renowned artists such as Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Khalid, Dua Lipa, and among others. Golden music from the 50s to the 80s, music that marked important milestones in their respective genres, or also, the famous pop2K, where we can tune in to music like Justin Timberlake, Eminen, and others.

Just talking about music, we have excellent material, but there is other material like sports. Listening to an NBA game with excellent narration and with the radio signal almost anywhere is something that many people love and pay for it. These materials and many more are available on this radio service offered by SiriusXM, therefore there is no doubt that it is a gem in the radio industry, a gem that many hackers wish to obtain or have already obtained.

SiriusXM: Music, Podcasts, Radio, News & More

A possible way to get SiriusXM service for life for free or very cheap

Cracking a SiriusXM account in the computer sense is almost impossible, as it has long been proven that there are no secure systems, but security is one of the main investments made by companies offering membership accounts. There is a way that you can get SiriusXM service for life and for free, because, although it does not have to do with interfering with computer systems or sophisticated methods, it is always a bit annoying to run this way: Go to a thrift store hand and look for an older model Sirius device with a lifetime subscription.

When Sirius was released, there were certain models of radio devices that were obtained and affiliated with the Sirius plans at the time, so that for old users, Sirius had a promotion or opportunity to have a lifetime subscription. These devices were small, practical, and relatively inexpensive, looking like this:

This is one of the models, but there were others. The recommendation is to go to a second-hand market and be able to come across one of these devices and be lucky enough to have active subscriptions to the service, which would indicate that, since those years, approximately between 2002 and 2008, the subscription has not It has been canceled or has been granted lifetime access, so you can now get the SiriusXM network for free.

There is another practical way to be able to pay only $ 5 per month of subscription, and not the approximately $ 50 that you must pay per month, which is somewhat expensive, and is simply to contract the service as a new customer and get an initial free trial, so when the trial ends, you can cancel the pending subscription. When this happens, sellers can be offered $ 30 for 6 months, as if it were a “negotiation”, so that the service can always be obtained at $ 5 per month. When the period is ending, the subscription can be canceled, which sellers can contact again to offer you a better offer and propose again the $ 30 for 6 months, or in some cases $ 60 for 12 months, which it is the same as $ 5 a month.

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Final Words of the how to Crack Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius radio is one of the most acclaimed by the public, one of the best in content and quality, and also one of the largest sources of piracy. There are always ways to find cheaper access to these types of services without aspiring to piracy, in a prudent and legal way.


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