How to program Baofeng UV-5R for police scanner?

Some of you bought this or similar devices in order to listen to police frequencies or similar frequencies. First of all, I must say that listening to or broadcasting on these frequencies is not legal in most places, so this article is purely for educational purposes. Only follow if you checked your local laws or if you are ready to pay costly fines. Either way, let‘s start by talking about How To Program Baofeng UV-5R For Police scanners? Is it actually possible to listen in on police frequencies with Baofeng UV-5R?

Table of Contents:

  1. Program Baofeng UV-5r with the computer
  2. Program Baofeng UV-5r with CHIRP
  3. How does Baofeng UV-5r compare to other scanners?
  4. Program scanner codes
  5. CHIRP programming settings
  6. Different Settings gathering
  7. Baofeng digital police scanner – how to actually set up?
  8. How to set the language to English?
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

How to program Baofeng UV-5R for police scanner with Computer, CHIRP, and other scanners

Program Baofeng UV-5r with the computer

Programming the entirely reasonable Baofeng UV-5R (likewise accessible as Pofung UV-5R) double band versatile radio can be very confounded. Fortunately, there is a program called CHIRP. This free and open-source radio programming device together with a USB programming link makes setting up your radio a breeze. In this blog entry, we will introduce CHIRP and a programming link on Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu/Mint/Debian) to work with the Baofeng UV-5R transceiver.

It will empower the fundamental downloading and transferring of frequencies and settings from and to the radio. In later posts, we will have a more top to bottom glance at all the settings accessible. At that point, we will additionally perceive how to program the radio for GMRS or PMR use, and how to set it up as a fundamental radio scanner.

Program Baofeng UV-5r with CHIRP

CHIRP is a free, open-source instrument for programming novice radios. It underpins numerous producers and models, just as it furnishes an approach to interface with different information sources and organizations.

Another huge bit of leeway is that it’s multi-stage: it’s accessible for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Trill not just makes the programming a lot simpler, it likewise gives access to highlights not accessible through the radio’s catches or keypad.

For example, with CHIRP you can give every memory channel a name or ‘alpha tag’ of 7 characters. At that point rather than the recurrence, the tag can appear in the radio’s showcase. This labeling should not be possible by utilizing only the radio’s keypad.

With CHIRP, you can likewise alter the radio’s settings. You can even change very barely any settings that are not accessible through the keypad and LCD screen.

Simply click the “Settings” tab on the left, beneath the “Recollections” tab.

Here you will likewise discover your transceiver’s firmware form under “Different Settings > Firmware Message 1”.

You can just transfer a picture to a transceiver with a coordinating firmware variant.

How does Baofeng UV-5r compare to other scanners?

The Baofeng/Pofung UV-5R is a handset with filtering capacities. It is anything but a ‘genuine’ radio scanner. Devoted radio scanners will consistently beat the UV-5R: they ordinarily have more channels, more extensive recurrence run, more modes (like AM and SSB), quicker filtering, and much better affect ability to more vulnerable signs.

What’s more, generally significant of every one of them, a genuine scanner is likely much simpler to program. The primary favorable position of the UV-%r: it’s extremely modest.

Program scanner codes

In the wake of beginning the CHIRP programming, you will have the option to choose two tabs. The first and default one is the “Recollections” tab that holds all the memory channels and their individual settings. The subsequent tab is the “Settings” tab. This tab holds several gatherings of worldwide settings for the radio. We will begin with the Memories tab.

These are the fundamental segments you should set. Tip: you can conceal unused segments (like Tone, DTCS, Offset, and so on.) utilizing the menu View > Columns:

  • Loc – Yep, it’s the memory area (going from 0 to 127).
  • Recurrence – You got it right, it’s the recurrence (9 digits: xxx.xxxxxx).
  • Name – Alpha tag (7 characters). The custom name that you can give this channel, will be noticeable in the LCD show when set.
  • Duplex – Set this to “Off” to forestall unintentional transmission. At the point when set to Off, the PTT-key will be bolted for this channel.
  • Mode – Usually NFM, with the exception of HAM groups.
  • Skip – Setting this to “S” will bar (or “lockout”) this memory channel from filtering. A.f.a.i.k. you can not set this utilizing the keypad, just through the product.

CHIRP programming settings

There are likewise some worldwide settings you should change for the greatest examining joy.

Fundamental Settings gathering

Transporter Squelch Level (from 0-9). Set it somewhere in the range of 1 to 9 depending on how boisterous your condition is.

Show Mode (A): Set it to “Name” so the LCD show will show the channel’s alpha tag rather than the recurrence or channel number.

Show Mode (B): Set this one to “Name” as well, see above.

Propelled Settings gathering

  • Output Resume: this will figure out what the radio will do when it goes over a sign while examining.
  • TO: Holds on a sign for a plant pre-set time and afterward keeps filtering.
  • CO: Holds on a sign, and proceeds after the sign is lost.
  • SE: Stops on a sign. You need to squeeze SCAN to continue examining.

Different Settings gathering

  • VHF TX Enabled: Disable this to forestall transmissions on VHF.
  • UHF TX Enabled: Disable this to forestall transmissions on UHF.
  • After you have set both the channels and the settings, it is a decent second to spare your work once more. At that point, you ought to transfer it to your (Radio > Upload To Radio or ALT+U).

61DNDeWlUNL. AC SL1000Baofeng digital police scanner – how to actually set up?

At the point when CHIRP is done transferring the picture to your radio, it’s an ideal opportunity to allow the enjoyment to start.

* SCAN: Press and hold this catch to begin examining. Press it again to quit filtering.

Bolt up/down: Press these catches to alter the examining course (rising or sliding).

How to set the language to English?

At the point when you reset the UV-5R or force it up just because the voice prompts will be in Chinese. to change the language to English is simple:

  • Press the MENU key to enter the menu
  • Press the up or down bolt key to choose “VOICE” (menu thing 14)
  • Press the MENU key to pick “VOICE”
  • Press the up or down bolt key to choose “ENG”
  • Press the MENU key to affirm
  • Press the EXIT key to leave the menu
how to program baofeng uv-5r for police scanner
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Conclusion – is Baofeng UV-5R a good police scanner and does it work?

As you saw in this article Baofeng UV-5R isn‘t the best police scanner around, but it will work in a pinch if you take time to set it up properly and also check in with your local on if this is actually legal, this article is only for educational purposes, I am not responsible for any actual fines you get or similar stuff.

Either way – I hope I will see you next time when we actually delve a bit deeper into this topic and also review a few new hot devices. I hope you will stick around.


Q-1. What is Baofeng UV-5r?

The UV-5R is a modest however not too bad Chinese transceiver that is sold at the ultra-minimal effort of around 30 USD (25 EUR). The radio is the double band (VHF/UHF, 136-174/400-520MHz, 5 Watt) and has 128 memory channels which can be alpha labeled.

Together with the checking abilities, this makes the UV-5R additionally an essential but valuable examining radio. The inclusion of the GMRS, FRS, and PMR groups, the FM radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz), and the LED spotlight settle on it a well-known decision for ‘preppers’. What’s more, at that cost, the radio even accompanies a wrist lash, battery, and charger notwithstanding.

Q-2. How Can Baofeng UV5R Programming Without USB Cable

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