How to Troubleshoot Jeep Renegade Radio Problems?

Knowing various troubleshooting methods for your Jeep Renegade’s radio problems can always come in handy.

But what are the Jeep Renegade radio problems you might face?

Bluetooth connectivity issues, button malfunctions, and the radio not turning on, display-related problems such as a tendency to go blank or inaccurate data being displayed are common Jeep Renegade radio issues. Updating the software, and replacing the damaged wires, and other damaged components can fix these issues.

Want to know how you can solve these problems? Well, we got the details right here! Keep on reading. 

What Are the Jeep Renegade Radio Problems?

Sadly Jeep Renegade faces a handful of radio problems. Although not all of them happen at the same time and most of them can be fixed easily, it is still quite frustrating for the owner.

So, let’s dive straight into the depth of these problems and see how you can address them-

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Problem 1: Radio Doesn’t Turn On

There could be a couple of different things causing the radio to not turn on at all. It is usually a power-related issue. Fuse being blown, wiring issues, faulty radio, and battery issues can cause this. 

Other Jeep like Jeep Cherokee also faces radio problems like this.


In order to see which is causing the radio to not turn on at all you need to go through each of these probable causes one by one by following these steps-

  • Check the fuse: First, locate the fuse box and check the fuse for the radio. The location of the fuse box in a Jeep Renegade can vary depending on the model year and trim level. In most cases, the fuse box is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle. If it’s blown, replace it.
  • Check the wiring: Next, check the wiring for the radio to make sure it’s not damaged or disconnected. If it is damaged, replace the wiring as soon as possible. While replacing damaged wire ensure that the wiring harness is not damaged. And be careful replacing damaged wiring harnesses as not all wiring harnesses are the same.
  • Check the battery: After that make sure the battery is charged and not dead. If it’s low or dead, jumpstart the battery or replace it.
  • Check the radio unit: If none of the above solutions work, the radio unit itself may be faulty and need to be replaced. Consider taking the vehicle to a professional mechanic or car audio technician for further diagnosis and repair.

Problem 2: Radio Turns On But the Buttons Dont Work

Radio tuning on but button not working is another of the radio problems Jeep Renegade faces. A faulty Control panel could be causing this problem for your Jeep Renegade Radio.


Let’s see how you can address this issue-

  • Check the wiring: First, you need to check the wiring of the control panel to see if there’s any wear or tear on them. If you do find any damaged wires replace them as soon as possible.
  • Reset the radio: After that, you can try resetting the radio by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. This will reset the system and may fix any software issues.
  • Update the software: Check if there are any available firmware updates for the radio unit or control panel. If there are, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to update the software.

Problem 3: Can’t Connect to Bluetooth

Sometimes the Jeep fails to connect to Bluetooth ultimately. There are a number of possible causes for why the Jeep Renegade radio occasionally fails to establish a Bluetooth connection. But the most probable reason is Bluetooth settings on the Jeep Renegade radio may have been altered.


In such cases where a Bluetooth problem occurs, there’s usually a software update that needs to be done. But before taking the Jeep to the dealer make sure to go through the steps down below. 

Because sometimes it’s only a matter of some quick fixes and the problem is resolved.

  • First, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the radio and that it is set to “Discoverable” mode.
  • Next, the device you are trying to connect to the radio should be properly paired with the radio, and that needs to be within range.
  • After that, move the device and the radio away from other electronic devices to avoid interference.

If the problem stays even after making sure of these points then take it straight to a dealer for the software update

Problem 4: Display Tends To Go Blank

The display of a Jeep Renegade’s radio may go blank due to a variety of reasons, such as a blown fuse, loose wiring connections, a software update, or a faulty display unit. But more often than not it is the software update that causes this problem.


In some cases, it may be a minor issue that can be fixed by resetting the radio, while in other cases, it may require a more extensive repair.

If the display goes blank, it’s recommended to first check the fuse related to the radio and then check the wiring connections to ensure they are secure.

And if it isn’t the fuse or the wrong wiring issue then it’s most definitely caused by software update issues. And for software updates, you will need to take it straight to the dealer.

Problem 5: Displays Inaccurate Information

Sometimes after getting your Jeep’s screen turned on you will notice it’s displaying inaccurate information. Along with wiring issues and software glitches, faulty or improperly connected Antennae could be behind this mishap.

Moreover, if the radio is unable to pick up a strong signal, it can result in inaccurate information being displayed. And if the signal isn’t strong then sometimes your FM would work but the Am won’t work.

Lastly, the display unit itself can be faulty and cause this problem.


Here are some detailed steps that you can take to solve the problem of inaccurate information being displayed on the Jeep Renegade’s radio:

  • Step 1: Start by checking the antenna connections to ensure they are secure. If the antenna is damaged or faulty, it may need to be replaced.
  • Step 2: Ensure that all the wiring connections related to the radio are secure and not damaged. If you find any loose or damaged connections, repair or replace them as needed.
  • Step 3: Try resetting the radio by disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes and then reconnecting it. This can help clear any software glitches that may be causing the issue.
  • Step 4: Check the Jeep Renegade website to see if there are any software updates available for the radio and install them if necessary.
  • Step 5: Last but not least, check the signal strength and try adjusting the antenna to improve the reception.

If all the above steps have been taken and the issues persist, it may be a problem with the display unit. You will have to replace the display/ radio unit to solve the issue.

Problem 6: Frozen Screen 

This usually happens when there’s a bug in the operating system. But software issues such as software updates or loose wiring can also cause this problem.


Follow these steps one by one to solve the screen freezing issue-

  • A quick fix for a frozen radio screen is to restart the radio. To do this, turn off the car ignition, wait a few minutes, and then turn the ignition back on.
  • Next, check if there are any software updates available for the radio and install them if necessary.
  • After that, check all the connections related to the radio and ensure they are secure and free from any damage. While doing this check the fuse box as well.

But if none of these work, you can reset the radio or consider taking it to a professional mechanic or car audio technician. They can help you with further diagnosis and repair.

How to Reset Jeep Renegade Radio?

For resetting the Jeep Renegade radio of model 2015 up to 2023 follow the steps below-

  • Step 1: First you need to turn on the Jeep.
  • Step 2: Next, press and hold the “Volume” button and turning knob on the radio both at the same time for at least 10 seconds. The screen will go blank and turn back on within a few seconds. This is a soft reset. This method is good for fixing any glitch while using the radio.
  • Step 3: Another way to do this is to use the power button. Put the car in Run mode and hold the right top of your screen for a couple of seconds and it should go into resetting.

Alternative  method: There is another way you can do the reset by following the steps below-

  • Step 1: First you need to open the hood of your Jeep Renegade and remove the negative battery cable. You can remove this cable using a socket wrench from the terminal.
  • Step 2: Next, move onto the positive terminal and remove the positive battery cable as well.  
  • Step 3: Keep the cables away from the terminal and wait for 4-5 minutes.
  • Step 4:Now, put the cables back on one by one carefully and start the engine. These steps will delete all of your channel savings and settings as well. So, you will have to set the radio according to your liking again after this method. 

How to Replace Jeep Renegade Radio?

Usually, radio problems get fixed after the hard reset of the radio, but if the system problem still persists then you may need to replace the radio completely. In Jeep Renegade the Display sceen and the radio is one imbedded unit.

Let’s see how you can do that but before here are the tools you will be needing for the process-

  1. Screwdriver
  2. T20 star screwdriver
  3. Butter Knife

Now let’s move on to the steps-

  • Step 1: First, you have to remove the plastic trim panel that surrounds the radio and climate controls. Use the butter knife to pry around the edges carefully of the panel until it pops off.
  • Step 2: Now you need to remove the four screws that hold the radio in place using the screwdrivers. The screws are located at the corners of the radio.
  • Step 3: After that, gently pull the radio out of the dash and disconnect the  electrical connectors from the back of the radio unit. There should be at least 3 separate wires connected to the back of the radio along with a slightly bigger connector. You will have to push on the sides of the bigger connector to remove it.
  • Step 4: Now replace the old unit with a new one and reconnect the connectors in the same exact place. The wires usually have the same color so you can match in that way. Or check the manual of the radio to be sure which connector is for what.
  • Step 5: put the radio back inside the compartment and screw in the four screws using the screwdrivers.
  • Step 6: Last but not least put the trim panel back onto the radio and gently push the panel until it fits back in.

 If any confusion arises here is a video guide for the removal and replacing process. 

It’s important to note that the exact steps to remove the radio may vary depending on the year and model of your Jeep Renegade. 

Additionally, some Renegade models may require a special tool to remove the radio, so it’s always best to consult the vehicle owner’s manual or a professional mechanic for specific instructions.

Aftermarket Radios For Jeep Renegade

You can find a variety of options of after-market radios for Jeep Renegade. One of them is the well-known ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL.

This is a versatile car stereo that offers a range of features which will enhance your driving experience. The 7-inch HD touchscreen display of this stereo will allow easy and swift navigation.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can be supported by this. You can access your favorite apps, music, and navigation tools directly from the display.

Another outstanding after-market radio is the Philips Car Audio. This is a very simple and affordable car stereo with basic audio playback features. This can easily fit into most standard car stereo openings because of its 1-Din form factor. This is one of the budget-friendly options as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which audio system is normally used in Jeep Renegade?

A standard audio system with a Uconnect 3 infotainment system along with a 5-inch touchscreen display is used in most Jeep Renegades. Moreover, it has a six-speaker audio system, AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. USB and auxiliary inputs, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls are also available.

Can you upgrade the speakers in your Jeep?

Yes, you can upgrade Jeep speakers. You can choose between a pair of 6×9″ speakers and tweeters or a pair of 6.5″ speakers and tweeters when you purchase the Jeep sound bar converter kit from Stinger Off-Road. Both adapter plates for either speaker size are included, as well as any speaker size of your choosing.

What is the lifespan of a Jeep Renegade?

You should be able to get between 100,000 and 150,000 miles, or roughly 240,000 kilometers, out of your Jeep Renegade. This is typically between 7 and 10 years for most drivers. Keep your maintenance routine up to date to increase the lifespan of your Jeep Renegade.

End Words

That’s the end of our discussion on Jeep Renegade Radio Problems. Although this Jeep model is known to face many radio issues thankfully all of these can be solved using the troubleshooting method mentioned above.

Until next time!


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