Kenwood DDX419 Reviews | A great In-Dash Head Unit Car Stereo/radio

The Kenwood DDX419 might be one of the best Kenwood Car stereos made. Let’s see what it can do in this Kenwood DDX419 review.

This Kenwood DDX419 is the perfect example when the price and the quality are at the exact same level. This Car Stereo radio is definitely the leader of the market in the touchscreen radio’s niche. It is designed to combine quality and practicality into one device.

This digital receiver absolutely follows all of the latest trends and has a very modern design. There is no doubt that it is able to make the car atmosphere way better so that everyone could feel more comfortable.

But, let’s see what else this Car Stereo radio can do, welcome to the …Kenwood DDX419 radio reviews

kenwood ddx419 reviews | a great in-dash head unit car stereo radio


Why do we like this?

A radio like this one can for sure get anyone’s attention easily. The attractive design followed by a bunch of useful features often tickles a lot of people’s imagination making them want to know more about it. And, that is exactly what we liked most about this radio. It is sensual, practical, makes the mood in the car way better, and most importantly, it has the ability to play a very clear sound.

  • The practicality
  • The design
  • The DVD/CD receiver both
  • For 2-DIN Head Unit, Car Stereo allows
  • Have a care-free cruising

We believe that everyone that buys this will simply be amazed by its performance, we sure were. The unique design and the signal reception were so amazing that we put this radio on the top of the list of our favorite Car Stereo radios.

In-depth Kenwood DDX419 Reviews

As usual, we will start off by describing its unique design.

The Design

This Kenwood DDX419 Car Stereo has a bit smaller display than the previous Kenwood radios that we have reviewed. Moreover, the 6.1-inch touchscreen display has a variable color button that changes the color of the outline of the radio and sets the mood.

The right side of the display, a small portion of it to be exact, contains six buttons that help with the navigation through the radio, while, the LCD touchscreen occupies the left side of the display.

This Car Stereo weighs around 6.2 pounds and is 7.5 inches wide. Because of that, we can say that this radio might be one of the smaller Kenwood radios. But still, the size of the display is practical and can fit into any kind of car.

In-depth Kenwood DDX419 Reviews


Performance and specifications

Kenwood DDX419 allows the driver to use all of its features while paying attention to the road and staying safe. Due to the Bluetooth technology, and the ability to connect to smartphone devices, this Car Stereo enables the driver to hands-free calls.

Five devices can be paired to the unit at the same time. But, you can switch between two at once. If you have an iPhone, you can easily connect it to the unit, and mirror your whole phone on the Kenwood DDX419 radio’s display. How cool is that?

That way, you can access all of your files on your phone, send messages, make calls, visit maps, and even stream movies or TV shows. With that being said, you will fully have control over the music that is being listened to on the radio. You can even use Pandora or Spotify on the Kenwood DDX419 radio, with just a few simple clicks.

When it comes to the frequency, this radio can play AM and FM signals, while also supporting other audio file formats. MP3, WMA, and AAC files can all be played on it. Do you own a SiriusXM tuner? Well, if you do, you can even connect it to the radio and enjoy listening to all of your favorite music, watching sports, and all of the stations that are being covered up by satellite radio.

Other, additional features

Does the road noise bother you? Well, it won’t bother you anymore since you can fully control and minimize it due to the driving EQ feature. You have full power over it and can adjust it with just a few simple quick touches on the display.

By connecting a few wires, you can easily gain access to the audio controls on your steering wheel. You will need an adapter for your car, of course, which is not included and can be bought separately.

There is also the CD/DVD receiver for all of those CD lovers out there. Some of the previous Kenwood radios do not have it, which is a real bummer, but luckily, this radio has it!

Highlight Features

  • This Car Stereo has a six-inch touchscreen display
  • The display has a variable color button
  • This  has a DVD/CD receiver
  • This Car Stereo enables hands-free calling
  • This has Bluetooth technology built into it
  • This has a drive EQ feature
  • iPhones can be mirrored on this Car Stereo
  • You can play even movies and TV shows on the Car Stereo’s display
  • You can play Netflix on the Car Stereo’s display
  • You can turn on Spotify or Pandora
  • SiriusXM can be connected to the radio
  • This has a wide range of frequency
  • This can play WMA, MP3, and AAC files
  • You can gain access to the audio controls on your steering wheel
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Box items of Kenwood DDX419 Car Stereo

When a customer receives this Car Stereo/radio, the box will contain the Kenwood DDX419 itself, as well as the user manual for better navigation through it. Some customers often find it hard to use new devices at first, and that is when the user manual kicks in.

For all of those who are interested in reading it, we have found a PDF version. To view it, click HERE.

Price of the Car Stereo when tested: $$

Our Take on Kenwood DDX419 Car Stereo

In the following section, we will be displaying some personal comments about this radio base on actual consumer Kenwood ddx419 reviews, and we will be discussing as well whether or not this radio is worthy of your money and time.

Is this Car Stereo any good?

Overall, this device pretty much has all of the features that one user could need on an everyday basis. Unlike some other Kenwood radios, this one does not have parking guidelines and two cameras for better and safer parking. We can say that this is its only flaw. Other than that, this radio is friendly, easy to use, and very simple. There is no doubt that you will not need a manual in order to use it.

Why is this Car Stereo radio important and for whom?

The Kenwood DDX419 is a radio often used by music lovers, and professional drivers. This device can enable a lot of things that a professional driver might need in order to perform their job well, and stay safe on the road. The hands-free call feature is the perfect example of that sort of thing.

The Kenwood professionals are very committed to making their customers’ lives way easier, and providing them with the best quality devices in the world, and this radio is an example of that kind of combination.

Why do you need Kenwood DDX419 and why should you buy it?

If you are looking for one of the better radios on the market that also has a reasonable price, you should definitely consider buying this radio. Not only will it last a while, but it will also serve you well for years. As you can see, this Car Stereo radio follows the latest modern trends and is featured with a bunch of gadgets that could make your everyday regular life easier.

Our own personal comment is that this is totally worth the attention, and we would always choose it instead of buying a cheaper copycat Car Stereo with fewer functions.


Is there a better device on the market?

Finding a better alternative for devices is often pretty hard, but we do manage to find them. After searching the web for a while, we have accidentally stumbled upon this device: Power Acoustik PD-710B single-DIN multimedia source.

We have previously mentioned that we think the original radio is always better than an alternative. But, if you find yourself in a certain financial situation where you cannot afford the Kenwood DDX419 Car Stereo radio, we can recommend you this Power Acoustik one as a replacement. The price range is a bit different, and the alternative costs around 164 dollars. It comes with a lot of features such as a CD receiver, Bluetooth technology, LCD 7-inch touchscreen…

Final thoughts of the Kenwood DDX419 Review

Kenwood is a Japanese company that is known for making good quality radios, and some other household devices as well. As you could have seen from our previous reviews, their radios have had a huge impact on their customers’ lives, making them a lot better.

This Car Stereo is a perfect example of when the price range and the quality become one. Who has said that you have to spend a lot of money on a good quality product? The Kenwood DDX419 radio is perfect for everyone that likes to have a good quality radio with an amazing reception, as well as some awesome features to spice up its performance.

Thank you for reading our Kenwood DDX419 radio review!

FAQs related to Kenwood DDX419

1. Is Kenwood trustworthy?

Kenwood is one of the most popular brands in the whole wide world. A lot of happy customers from around the world (and their reviews) can testify that Kenwood is a trustworthy company worth your attention.

2. Is Kenwood a good brand?

Kenwood brand is among five of the best brands in the whole wide world. They are often described by customers as a brand that produces well-made devices of good quality.

3. Why is satellite radio so popular?

With over 19 million Sirius XM listeners tuning out the traditional AM and FM radio, is satellite radio all it is hyped up to be? For generations, radio was a free commodity, symbolizing a sense of freedom both in the music played and the ease of accessibility for everybody.

Satellite radio is available almost everywhere in the country, with consistency between your stations no matter where you travel. With AM or FM coverage, you might find a radio station you like just outside of St. Louis but well before you’ll be hitting the seek button in search of the stronger signal before you’re even halfway to Kansas City.

Satellite radio allows you to trek across the country’s heartland listening to the same station the whole way through. This is because a satellite signal’s footprint covers millions of square miles, whereas FM AM radio is restricted to areas that are higher in population, making service in the rural areas between cities and towns extremely limited.

Listeners also enjoy a much wider variety of channels with several different programming options within each genre. Even in a major metro area such as New York or Los Angeles, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a few listenable stations that satisfy each niche. While your options are limitless, your commercial interruption is noticeably limited.

Don’t be fooled, Satellite radio still has advertisers and isn’t commercial-free as some subscribers expect, but you can finally say goodbye to DJ’s bragging about “40-minute music hours” only to interject both between songs and on extended breaks. If you’re not morally opposed to paying for radio, satellite’s superior quality and programming are no doubt an upgrade.



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