The Kenwood DMX4707S Review – A great digital multimedia Car Audio/Radio Receivers

A Perfect Digital Media Touchscreen Receiver w/ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Car Audio Receivers…

Are you looking for a 4 in 1 device that can let you mirror your phone on its display? Well, let us introduce you to the Kenwood DMX4707S; a digital multimedia receiver with a touchscreen display that can be connected to your smartphone.

In this Kenwood DMX4707S review, you will find out about every magical feature this digital receiver has, that will make your life way easier!

This Kenwood DMX4707S receiver has a bunch of features that we’re able to catch our eye on, and we actually liked all of them. The only thing that we kind of does not like is that this is not able to play CDs. But, this is, of course, expected from the newer generation receivers because they have a bunch of features that follow the latest technology.71 jeGnonSL. AC SL1500

What we liked

  • The Graphic EQ feature
  • The displays size
  • The ability to mirror your smartphone
  • The touchscreen display

What we didn’t like

  • That there is no CD receiver

The details Kenwood DMX4707S review

As usual, we will first start from the beginning and build our way to the top. In other words, we will first talk about this Digital Multimedia Receiver’s design, and then finish the review off with its price and compatibility.

The Design

The first thing that we have to say is that this Kenwood DMX4707S is designed to keep safe all of the persons that are in the car. It is built to minimize any kind of distractions so that the driver can stay focused on the road at all times.

To make things easier, this receiver can be controlled with voice, and through a huge LCD touch screen display. The radio receiver features a fixed 6.8” widescreen capacitive LCD display that will fit into any kind of car. To make the mood and the atmosphere in the car even better, this LCD display also has LED backlighting.

And, when it comes to the size and weight of the whole receiver, this receiver weighs around four pounds and is around nine inches wide. As we have mentioned before, it can easily fit into any kind of car.

This Kenwood DMX4707S receiver has a full touch screen display unlike some of the other Kenwood radio receivers. The clear glass display has a swipe function that provides a superior picture and touch panel control.
kenwood dmx4707s review


Performance & Spec.

This Kenwood DMX4707S is a capacitive touch screen digital multimedia receiver that can be connected to both Android and IOS devices. Do you wonder how? Well, due to the Bluetooth technology, and a few applications that can be installed onto smartphones, you can easily control your radio through your phone, or in reverse, mirror your phone on your radio.

This helps a lot and it increases safety while driving. The Apple CarPlay is a super safe way to use your iPhone while driving. By downloading and connecting your phone to the Kenwood DMX4707S radio, you can use Siri, send messages, view maps, receive calls, and even play any kind of music that you would like.

If you have an Android device, you can also connect it to this receiver, you will just need a different app The Android Auto is an app that helps minimize all of the distractions that a driver may have. You are also able to fully use your Android the same way as an iPhone while driving.

As Kenwood says, their top priority is to keep the users safe on the road. That is why this receiver has the rear view camera input with parking guidelines. To use this feature, the user will have to install the compatible backup camera onto the vehicle. This is a pretty great feature that most of the newer receivers have, and it can help a new driver out a lot.

With the parking guidelines, you will learn and always park as a professional.

Let’s focus for a while on the basic features of this receiver. Namely, this is able to receive both AM and FM audio signals frequency. With that being said, it is also compatible with a broad range of different kinds of audio files and formats. For example, it can play FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, and AAC audio files.

And, in our experience, this radio receiver is shown to us and has nothing but good quality sound with loudspeakers. The bass compensation was at a high level, and the sound was generally very clear. Since we are old soles, we kind of missed not being able to play CDs in our car, but that feature was replaced by all other, new ones. This is a very solid radio that can for sure provide any user with good sound quality.

Other, additional features

We are already used to the fact that almost all of the Kenwood radios have the Drive, and Graphic EQ features. This one has both. And the Graphic EQ feature can be used to tailor the sound quality on the radio to your preferred taste. In addition to that, the Time Alignment feature is also there to further adjust the sound, and make the overall performance of the Kenwood DMX4707S receiver better.

Highlight Features61YGimIL7pL. AC SL1275

  • This receiver can be voice-controlled
  • This receiver has an LCD touch screen display
  • The LCD display has a LED backlight
  • This receiver has Bluetooth technology built into it
  • It can be controlled through smartphones
  • This receiver can mirror your smartphone on its display
  • The Apple CarPlay is a safe way to use your iPhone while driving
  • The Android Auto is a safe way to use your Android while driving
  • This receiver has rearview camera input with parking guidelines
  • The Mirror OA application helps with the mirroring of smartphones
  • This receiver can play a wide range of formats and audio files
  • This receiver has a Graphic EQ feature

The user manual

When a user receives this Kenwood DMX4707S receiver in the box, he also receives a user manual with it. The user manual is there to provide additional support and to essentially give step-by-step guides when it comes to the setup of the receiver. We have found this radio’s user manual online, in PDF version. If you are interested in reading it, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Price of the radio when tested: $379

Our take on Kenwood DMX4707S Receiver

Before ending our article, and giving you our final thoughts, let’s see If this digital receiver fits in the “good” group receivers, or is it just a basic receiver radio.

Is this Kenwood DMX4707S any good?

Our own opinion after testing it is that this Kenwood DMX4707S receiver should definitely be considered as one of the better Kenwood receiver radios. It has everything a simple person would want a radio to have. All of the special features are there to make the user’s driving easier, and safer. We generally think that this receiver is worth your attention.

Why is this Kenwood DMX4707S important and for who?

If you are a businessman that does not have time to spare, and you need to constantly use your phone, but get to the wanted location at the same time, this receiver will be perfect for you. Due to the ability to connect to your phone, you will be able to easily use your phone through your radio’s display.

Making calls while driving will become much safer since you can do it hands-free. You can even answer calls just by clicking on one button on your Kenwood radio’s display, and voila! Safety has never been at a higher level!

Why do you need this Kenwood DMX4707S and why should you buy it?

This multimedia receiver is a device that everyone wants to have, that’s for sure! There is no doubt that this receiver will make everyone’s lives way easier. So, if you are ready to switch it up from an old radio with buttons, and the ability only to play radio stations, to a new, radio with multiple functions, you should definitely consider this one as your next purchase.

This radio is perfect for family cars too! If you have impatient kids who make travels way harder than they actually are, have in mind that they can be calmed down with this radio. Since you can connect your phone to it, you can also play movies, TV shows, and basically play any kind of media since you are mirroring your phone to the receiver’s display. Does this sound good?

Is there a better alternative?

Unfortunately, this time, we were not able to find a radio receiver that comes close to this one, and that is good enough to replace it. We were able to stumble upon a bunch of receivers that had quite similar features but whose price was way too high. So, why buy a radio that costs a lot more money, but has fewer features than this one? That’s nonsense!

Conclusion of the Kenwood DMX4707S Review

As you can see for yourself, this receiver’s price range, as well as all of the features are for sure at a good level. Kenwood really stepped up their game while making this one. As mentioned, the Kenwood DMX4707S receiver can offer its users safety while driving, and a lot of fun as well! Thanks for reading this post!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Kenwood DMX4707S receiver review. We will continue reviewing all of your favorite devices at full pace in the New Year as well. Cheers!


1. Can this radio play music from Spotify or Pandora?

Yes, by connecting your smartphone to it, you will have the ability to play any kind of music that you like; even if it’s music from Spotify, Pandora, or even YouTube.



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