The Kenwood DMX706S Review [A parking guideline car with android auto & apple CarPlay]

A radio Receiver with multiple modern features… Welcome to the comprehensive, exciting, and intriguing review of the Kenwood DMX706S  Receiver/radio’s performance and features.

Trying to find the best digital multimedia receiver for your car can be tough. Trust us, we know… You must pay attention to all of the little details, size, display dimensions, features, and specifications. It is often quite hard to find a car radio Receiver that has all of the best things combined. But, we think that this Receiver might have them.

The Kenwood DMX706S is a digital media receiver/radio that follows all of the latest technology. It is built to satisfy a modern user’s needs. It is quite resistant and has many features that make a user’s life way easier. And, we are about to discuss all of those features in this Kenwood DMX706S review.

Why do we like

71793W9y9iL. AC SL1500This Receiver has certainly caught our attention. But, on the other side, the thing that kind of bothered us is that this does not have a CD receiver. For users that like the music of a good old CD, the lack of this feature might be a bummer, but, not having a CD receiver is being covered up by all other amazing features.

And here are the few things that we loved the most about it. The things that we liked about this receiver.

  • The ability to mirror a smartphone on its display
  • The high-resolution audio sound quality
  • The size of the touchscreen display
  • Smart and comprehensive control with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The details reviews of the Kenwood DMX706S

So, let’s start this review by talking about the specifications, frequency, and performance of the Kenwood DMX706S radio. And, the second section of this article will include our take, and how we tested this radio.

The Design of the Kenwood DMX706S

The first impression is always the one that cannot be changed that easily, right? Well, this radio Receiver has left an amazing impression on us, and hopefully, it will leave the same feeling on you too.

When you first take a look at the radio, you will be able to see the seven-inch touch screen display with round edges and a few extra buttons on the bottom for better navigation. You will probably notice that this is a medium-sized digital Receiver that is around ten inches wide, and four pounds heavy. It is able to easily fit into any kind of car.

This Receiver’s design enables the driver easy access to all of its features. The clear resistive touch panel is very clear, and it brings true joy while using it. It is built that way in order to reduce glare which includes a resistive touch sensor. That way, a driver will have very accurate control while performing any kind of operation.

Remember, Kenwood’s motto is Safety, and this radio Receiver’s design is just that.

Performance and specifications

One of the main features of the Kenwood DMX706S Receiver is its ability to connect to five devices via Bluetooth at the same time. A user will be able to enjoy audio streaming by switching from one device to another anytime they want they just need to touch one simple button.

Another amazing feature is Kenwood DMX706S Receiver’s ability to be fully controlled through a remote smartphone application. Both Android and iPhone devices have the ability to do this, which increases the safety of the car. Since other persons in the car can have full control over the radio, the driver can fully commit to paying attention to the road.

But, on the other hand, a smartphone device can also be connected to this Kenwood DMX706S radio via an app where the whole phone could be mirrored on the Receiver’s display. A driver could answer hands-free calls on the display just by clicking on one simple button, receive messages, use maps, and basically do anything that they usually do on their phones.

The name of the application is Apple CarPlay, and it provides a safe usage of a phone in the car. Have in mind that your device will need to have at least a 12.0 iOS version in order to be able to connect to the Kenwood DMX706S.

The best thing that this model offers is definitely the dual-camera and parking guidelines. This is an especially convenient feature if you are a driver that just got its license, and needs a bit more time to practice. With the two camera inputs, your parking skills will for sure become better, and you will never again miss a perfectly fine parking spot just because you think that it is too narrow.

We have chosen this radio not only because of its awesome features but also because of its great reception. Namely, the Kenwood DMX706S has shown effectiveness in areas that have a weak signal and was still able to play and receive no broken signals. Since it supports all kinds of frequencies and audio file formats, a user will be able to play any kind of audio file they want.

The Kenwood DMX706S Review – A parking guideline car with android auto & apple CarPlay


Other, additional features

For the fans of newer music, this Receiver can offer them the ability to connect their smartphone devices to the radio and play sounds from Spotify or Pandora, or some other popular music application. As long as you have the internet on your phone, your car will be filled with your favorite playlists from Spotify!

Highlight Features

  • This Receiver has an LCD touchscreen display with a few extra buttons
  • This is a medium-sized radio
  • This Receiver has a clear resistive touch panel
  • This Receiver has Bluetooth technology
  • This Receiver can be paired with up to 5 Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • This Receiver can be controlled through a smartphone application
  • This Receiver has dual camera inputs and parking guidelines
  • This car can play music from Spotify or Pandora
  • This Receiver has a wide range of frequency
  • Files such as WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC are supported on this model
  • This Receiver also has a Drive EQ feature that boosts specific frequencies in order to minimize the unwanted road noise

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Inside the box

When you purchase this radio Receiver, you will be receiving the Kenwood DMX706S digital radio Receiver itself and the user manual as well. The user manual contains all of the information that you will need in order to navigate yourself through this model and use it properly.

We have found the manual online and decided to share it with you too. Click HERE if you want to see it fully.

Our take on the Kenwood DMX706S

We have come to the second section of this article where we talk about our opinion, its performance, and how this Receiver worked. So, let’s start

Is this Receiver any good?

Testing this Kenwood DMX706S  was a fun thing to do. Clearly, we think that this is very good and has a good quality. But, its price might be a bit too high. We agree that a Receiver of this good should cost more than a hundred dollars, but Kenwood really went and pushed the limit this time, and set the bar very high.

Even though we cannot say that this is affordable, we can totally say that it is very good.

Why is this Receiver important and for whom?

For drivers that do not know how to park properly, or for new drivers with small experience, this should be of massive importance. Since it has two features that will help you with parking, you will also learn, as time passes, to park better by yourself.

So, in other words, this will provide you with safety, but, also learn you how to park your own car without the help of any kind of technology.

Why do you need this Receiver and why should you buy it?

If you are a person that likes devices with high quality and a bunch of helpful features, then you should definitely put this model on your shopping list.

Not only will it give you excellent signal reception, but it will also provide you with a dozen features that not many devices have. You will be able to make calls hands-free and not invade your safety while doing so. And, if you are really not a fan of road noises, this will get you covered by covering all of them up due to the Drive EQ feature.

Price of the Receiver when tested: $399.00

Kenwood DMX706S Review – Conclusion

We have noticed that this Receiver has many positive reviews and just a few negative ones from the users. And that is just what we have expected from a radio Receiver whose price is that high, and not quite affordable.

When buying an expensive device such as this one, we must first see all of its components, specifications, and quality. We assure you that this has proven to us that it is totally worth the money, and your time. Thank you for reading this Kenwood DMX706S Receiver review. Until next time!

Is there a better alternative?

While searching the market we have stumbled upon a few devices that are similar to this one, but whose price is ridiculously low. It got us thinking whether or not those kinds of devices are actually a scam since there is not a scenario in this world where you could get a radio this good for less than a hundred bucks.

For example, this P.L.Z MP-800 Car entertainment radio has very similar features to the Kenwood DMX706S. Kenwood has clearly set the prices very high, but, we do not think that any other Receiver whose price is less than a hundred dollars can be as good as the Kenwood ones. We will let you be the judge of that!


1. Where can I buy this model of Kenwood radio?

Kenwood devices are available for users in all parts of the world. The full list and where to get your own Kenwood radio can be found on this website HERE.



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