The Kenwood DMX7706S Review [double-DIN digital multimedia receiver with bluetooth]

Smart, comprehensive radio… Let’s see how the testing of this Kenwood DMX7706S radio receiver went in our Kenwood DMX7706S review

Are you a fan of touch screen modern car radios? Well, we think that you will just adore this Kenwood DMX7706S radio then!

This is a double-DIN digital multimedia radio receiver that has Bluetooth technology built into it. This radio receiver is just like a tablet, it can basically do all of the things that a tablet can do. We simply adore new technology and are so eager to show you what this radio can do, and what are its best features.

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So, let’s begin with our Kenwood DMX7706S radio receiver review right away!

Why do we like

This receiver ended up on our list of one of the best receiver radios that we have tested so far. We think that this receiver has everything that any kind of driver might need. For drivers that do not have much experience, there is the parking line feature that will for sure make their parking experience better. While on the other hand, for the more experienced drivers, there is the hands-free calls feature.

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  • The performance
  • The safety it enables
  • The parking guidelines
  • The sound it produces
  • For Dual Camera Inputs and Parking Guide Lines
  • For a Small package, great sound
  •  Huge upgrade in my Jeep
  • Great radio! Amazing customer service!

In-depth Kenwood DMX7706S review

Let’s start off by talking about this receiver’s design, describing it fully, and then we will continue by talking about its features, performance and etc.

The Design

This Kenwood DMX7706S receiver has a 6.95” touchscreen display which is pretty easy to use. When it comes to the size of the display, and the whole receiver actually, it is around 10 inches wide, and 4 pounds heavy.

Even though this is a touch screen receiver, it does have a few buttons that help with the navigation. Those buttons are being located at the bottom bar of the display, and among them are the Home, Menu, and ATT buttons.

We cannot forget to mention that the LCD touchscreen contains LED backlighting that provides a high contrast ratio, crystal clear display, and vivid text.

Generally speaking, this receiver is designed to be safe and to provide safety for everyone that is in the car. It has the ability to help you minimize distractions and stay focused on the road the whole time. This Kenwood DMX7706S’s multimedia receivers are able to combine an intuitive voice-controlled interface while delivering a superior sound quality which makes it the perfect complement for your car!
The Kenwood DMX7706S Review Double DIN digital multimedia radio receiver with Bluetooth


Performance and specifications

The Kenwood DMX7706S is a double-DIN digital multimedia receiver that has Bluetooth technology. But, we must mention that this receiver, unfortunately, does not have the ability to play CDs. So, if you are a fan of good old music from your CDs, this receiver might not be for you.

The Bluetooth technology enables hands free calling and music streaming. In other words, you will have the ability to connect two phones to it, and to switch between two whenever you want. We love that this receiver cares about the driver’s safety at all times.

Most of the Kenwood radio receivers have the ability to be connected to smartphones via an application. This one has that same ability too. You are able to connect both an Android and an iOS phone to this Kenwood DMX7706S radio receiver, you just need to download the application from the store. With that being said, you will have the ability to fully control the radio with your phone. That also includes receiving messages on your radio’s display, using Siri, and many more.

One of the most amazing features that this receiver has is the dual camera parking guidelines. This is an amazing feature that will for sure come in handy for any kind of driver, no matter the experience. The two cameras that can be added to the car can improve your parking skills for sure. Since you will be able to see the parking guidelines on your Kenwood DMX7706S receiver’s display, you will never make any kind of mistakes while parking, and you will remain safe.

We always talk about the most impressive features that one receiver has, that we often forget to mention the most basic ones. It is very important to say that this receiver is able to work on both AM and FM frequencies. When it comes to the FM signals, the frequency range is 87.9-107.9 MHz, while, for AM signals the frequency range is around 530-1700 kHz.

We were able to experience high-resolution audio whose sound quality definitely exceeds CD standards. We loved the overall performance of this receiver, and we can proudly say that we recommend it to anyone that likes modern technology.

Other, additional features

From the additional features, we can say that this receiver can play music from Spotify or Pandora when connected to a smartphone. But, the user will also need to connect the smartphone device to the radio receiver via Bluetooth or USB.

But, besides that, this radio receiver also has the ability to boost specific frequencies in the audio signal in order to overcome and completely cover up the negative impact of the road noise. You will not be able to hear any kind of bad road sounds while driving due to the Drive EQ feature.

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Highlighted features

  • This receiver has a touchscreen display
  • This receiver has a few buttons for better navigation
  • The LCD screen contains an LED backlight
  • This receiver cannot play CDs
  • This receiver has Bluetooth technology built-in
  • This receiver enables hands-free calling
  • You are able to control this receiver through your phone and an application
  • This receiver can catch both AM and FM signals
  • This receiver can play music from Spotify and Pandora
  • This receiver has a wide range of frequencies
  • This receiver has the Drive EQ feature
  • This receiver has the dual camera input and parking guidelines feature

Kenwood DMX7706S – Application Controls

Kenwood DMX7706S - Application Controls

The user manual

A user manual is one of the most important things that the buyer receives when buying any Kenwood radio receiver. We have found a PDF version of it for anyone that is a bit curious and wants to read more about this Kenwood DMX7706S radio receiver. You can access it by clicking HERE

Price of the radio receiver when tested: $$

Kenwood DMX7706S Review, Our take

So, let’s see whether or not we were able to find a replacement for this radio receiver. But first, is this receiver worth the money?

Is Kenwood DMX7706S any good?

We wanted to spend as much time as we could with this receiver, so, we started testing it out before the holidays. After spending a few weeks with it, we can easily say that we are really in love with this radio.

Whenever we used our car (and we used it often due to all of the Christmas shopping), we enjoyed listening to the good quality music that this radio was producing. So, yes, we would like to recommend it to anyone that simply spends a lot of time in their car because this radio is really good.

Why is this Kenwood DMX7706S receiver important and for who?

This radio receiver should be important for all of those people that like to have a good radio in their cars. Yes, this may sound very simple, but, trust us, a good radio makes the atmosphere in the car way better. Besides, due to the hands-free communication feature, professional drivers no longer have to take risks, or miss calls, they can simply answer them on their radio. How cool is this?

Why do you need this Kenwood DMX7706S and why should you buy it?

Are you a new driver that still needs to gather some experience in order to master driving? Well, this receiver might be the perfect pick for you. Due to its driving and parking sensors, you will always stay safe and park the right way. We think that this should be one of the main reasons to definitely get this Kenwood DMX7706S radio!


Conclusion of the Kenwood DMX7706S Review

There’s nothing left to say, we believe that we have already let you know what we truly mean about this radio- we loved spending time with it.

Hopefully, if you decide to purchase one of these bad boys, you will enjoy their performance as much as we have. Thank you for reading our Kenwood DMX7706S radio review. Happy New Year!

Is there a better alternative?

Take a look at this Boss audio systems car DVD player that we managed to find online. We think that this Boss radio can be a pretty good replacement for the Kenwood DMX7706S radio receiver. This receiver costs around a hundred dollars, and you can check it out by clicking HERE. In addition, read more reviews of the brand double DIN Receiver


Q-1. Where are Kenwood radios being made?

The Kenwood manufacturing company is originally from Japan, but, they have dozens of headquarters in all parts of the world!



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