The Kenwood DPX594BT Review (A great CD radio receiver with Alexa Voice Control & Bluetooth)

A radio Receiver that cares about your safety… Let us present you with the Kenwood DPX594BT CD Receiver in our Kenwood DPX594BT review. A modern radio that changes colors.

You have probably seen radios that can enable their users to have hands-free communication. But, let us introduce you to the Kenwood DPX594BT radio Receiver, a Receiver that truly cares about your safety!

In this Kenwood DPX594BT CD radio Receiver review, we will be talking about all of the things that this radio Receiver can do, and how it makes its users’ lives way easier. Did you know that it can be connected to a smartphone and be controlled via an app? Well, let’s talk about that, and some of its other features as well.

Why do we like

There is a huge list of things that we love about this radio. For instance, we loved that we can stay safe while driving at all times due to the hands-free communication system. This is a very helpful feature, especially for people whose job is to drive around all day. We can only imagine how much this feature makes their jobs easier.

Kenwood DPX594BT CD Receiver with Bluetooth and Alexa Voice Control

  • The performance
  • The safety it enables
  • The design
  • The sound it produces
  • For Bluetooth and Alexa Voice Control
  • This has Pandora, Spotify, and add satellite radio
  • Excellent stereo for the money

In-depth Kenwood DPX594BT Review

We will be beginning this review by talking about the design of this Kenwood radio. After that, we will proceed to fully describe its performance and its features as well.

The Design

When it comes to the weight of this radio, this Receiver weighs around 4.5 pounds. While, on the other hand, this CD Receiver is around 10 inches wide. We can easily say that this Receiver is one of the bigger Kenwood radios that we have reviewed so far.

This is a black Receiver that has an LCD screen with a bunch of buttons around it. We love its minimalistic, modern design, and the blue outline of the buttons.

The front of this Receiver also has a few sockets and jacks whose purpose is to connect other devices to it. For example, the Kenwood DPX594BT review has a USB socket. In other words, you have the ability to connect/charge your phone through your radio’s car.

design, performance and its features Kenwood DPX594BT CD Receiver

Performance and specifications

The Kenwood DPX594BT Is a CD receiver with the ability to catch both AM and FM signals. Since technology has been developing, it is very hard to find a good car Receiver that still has a CD receiver, most of the radios today have a slot for Micro SD memory cards or flash drives.

There is no doubt that this is actually a very modern radio. The Bluetooth technology that is built into it proves that. Namely, up to five Bluetooth devices can be connected to this Kenwood Receiver at the same time. And, in order to make the enjoyment of listening to your favorite tunes even better, you can switch between devices anytime you want to.

The Bluetooth technology has enabled hands-free calling to other people. The drive will be much safer that way.

To make things even better, this CD radio Receiver can be fully controlled through your phone. Since this Kenwood DPX594BT Receiver supports Amazon Alexa, you can easily just download the app and control it through it.

The main frequency signals that this radio can catch are AM and FM. An amazing thing is that it is also compatible with various audio file formats from high-res FLAC and WAV to MP3, WMA, and AAC.

We have spent some of our time testing this radio, and our opinion is that this CD radio Receiver is really good and capable of providing excellent service. Its overall performance is solid, and it is able to do everything it is supposed to.

 Kenwood DPX594BT CD Receiver with Bluetooth

Other, additional features

If you are one of those people that does not like road noise while driving, this might be perfect for you. The Drive EQ feature has the ability to eliminate unpleasant noise. It boasts some frequencies in the audio so that it overcomes the negative road noises.

We have already mentioned that phones can be charged through this radio. But, due to the Rapid Charging feature, a user can charge his smartphone up to 1,5A.

Highlight Features

  • This Receiver has an LCD screen
  • It is one of the bigger Kenwood radios
  • This Receiver contains a USB Socket
  • This Receiver has a high-contrast 3-line display with variable-color illumination
  • This is a CD receiver
  • This radio Receiver can catch both AM and FM signals
  • This Receiver has a built-in Bluetooth technology
  • 5 devices can be connected to it at once via Bluetooth
  • You can make hands-free calls through it
  • The Receiver can be controlled through a phone app
  • The Receiver supports FLAC
  • Thus Receiver contains a Drive EQ feature
  • It contains a rapid charging feature
  • This Receiver is only available in black color

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The user manual

Kenwood user manuals are understandable, and they have everything that a good manual is supposed to have. Any user of the Kenwood radios should have received this user manual in the box alongside the Kenwood radio.
For all of those who are interested in reading this manual, we were able to find it online in PDF version. Check it out HERE if you would like to read it and see some more information on this radio.

The Kenwood DPX594BT Review (A great CD radio receiver with Alexa Voice Control & Bluetooth)

Price of the radio Receiver when tested: $$

Our Take on the Kenwood DPX594BT

In the continuation of this article, we will be talking about the testing, and what we actually think of this Kenwood radio. We will also discuss whether or not this is worth the money.

Is this CD Receiver any good?

We have spent quite some time testing this Receiver to make sure that our opinion is valid, and it is! We believe that this radio is truly amazing and that it is quite something special. There is not a single thing about it that we did not like. We can say that the Kenwood company has really outdone itself with this device; just magnificent.

The sound it was able to produce was super clear, and we owe it all to the magnificent speakers. Also, there were no signal dropouts, and the signal was clear, as well as strong all the time.

Why is this radio important and for who?

Since this is a very modern radio Receiver that has a bunch of newish technology, we think that it should be important for people that love those sorts of things.

Besides, this should be considered very important for all of the drivers out there. In order to stay safe while driving, this hands-free communication is enabled. That way, you can make calls with others even while driving, but, you won’t need to hold the phone in your hands. This radio for sure makes lives easier.

Why do you need this radio and why should you buy it?

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, we think that this Receiver will be perfect for those people that have a fondness for technology. If you think that you belong to that group of people, you should definitely consider buying this Kenwood DPX594BT radio.

Since this DPX594BT can also be controlled through a smartphone, the safety level rises while driving. Your kids or other friends can be able to change the songs and generally control the radio even if they are in the back seat.

Conclusion of the Kenwood DPX594BT Review

We can continue talking about this Kenwood DPX594BT CD radio Receiver for days if we wanted to. Unfortunately, we must end this article, but, we are ending it with nothing less but good and a positive review of this truly remarkable radio.

We hope that it will be able to serve you as well as it was able to serve us. Thank you for reading this Kenwood DPX594BT radio review!

Is there a better alternative?

There is a huge list of Bluetooth radios available on the market. We have spent quite some time looking for the one that we can call an “alternative” to this Kenwood DPX594BT radio. We found one eventually. Check out this Sony WX920BT CD radio Receiver that has a very similar design to this Kenwood DPX594BT one.

This Sony Receiver has an amplifier and is considered a very powerful radio. The colors on the display are able to change depending on your car’s interior, and you have the power to change them. This Sony Receiver is a solid radio Receiver with a bunch of interesting features.

FAQs about Kenwood DPX594BT

1. Is Kenwood a good brand?

Kenwood is the fifth most popular brand in the world. It is known for its good quality, trust, and reliability.



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