The Kenwood KMR-D378BT Review (A Great Marine/Motorsports CD AM/FM Radio!)

We have tested the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio, and we are bringing you our opinion and the full review in this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio article. Perfect for Marine/Motorsports CD AM/FM Radio, Sirius Alexa, Bluetooth, Wireless Streaming – Pandora & Spotify, USB, and Aux…

We have a new Kenwood radio that we would like to introduce you to. This Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio is one of the best Marine and Motorsports radios currently on the market. This radio also has Bluetooth technology, and there is no doubt that it serves the purpose well.

This Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio is one of few Kenwood radios that have the most positive user reviews. So, let’s see if this radio actually deserves all of those positive thoughts and reviews.

Let’s also see all of the things this stereo radio can do in our Kenwood KMR-D378BT review.

Why do we like

71EQc23HHHL. AC SL1500This radio has a super practical and easy-to-use design. We think that it is very friendly since all of the options and buttons are clearly pointed out on its hardware. Besides that, this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio has shown us a miraculous performance, and you are about to see why in the continuation of this article. What do we like about this radio?

  • The performance
  • The practicality
  • The design and size
  • It works so much better than the last one
  • The sounds come alive
  • Easy to install and operate

In-depth reviews of the Kenwood KMR-D378BT

Let’s start off by describing this radio’s design, and then we will head over to the performance and features that this radio possesses.

The Design

This radio weighs around 3.1 pounds and is around 10 inches wide. Due to its dimensions, it fits into the medium-sized radios group. It is available only in black color, but, we can say that it looks pretty classy and stylish.

The Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio has a very simple design. The LCD screen occupies the most space of this radio, while the other space is being filled with buttons that help with the navigation through the radio’s system.

In the front, this radio has a USB input that can be used for connecting many different devices to it. For example, you will be able to charge your phone, or tablet by connecting it via USB cable to the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio. Besides that, it also has an AUX input that can be used for various different things.

We loved that this radio has the ability to change colors due to the variable color illumination. Bright variable color LEDs can be adjusted to match any kind of color dash lighting. Another really good feature is that this radio has a conformal coating that improves its moisture resistance to the circuit boards, and prevents corrosion.

The Kenwood KMR-D378BT Review A great marine CD receiver boat stereo radio


Performance and specifications

The Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio is a radio that is mostly being used in marines and motorsport vehicles. One of the main features that it possesses is definitely the Bluetooth technology that is built into it. Due to this technology, a user will be able to connect up to five Bluetooth devices to the radio. In other words, you will be able to enjoy audio streaming just by switching the devices with your friends or family.

But, have in mind that you are able to only switch between two devices with a single touch of a button.

Another great thing is that this radio can be controlled through the remote application on your smartphone. The phone that is paired to the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio should have the remote application installed. That way, you can easily control your Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio through your phone.

If you are wondering what is the application- it is Google Alexa and Amazon Alexa. With Alexa on your phone, you can easily play any kind of music you want to listen to on the radio, check the weather, some local news, and other things.

We loved that this radio has a wide range of frequencies, but, that it also is compatible with a broad range of audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, and ACC.

Our general experience with this radio’s performance is really good. It was able to deliver a stable, clear sound to our speakers, and there were no signal dropouts whatsoever. This is a generally very good radio.

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Other, additional features

From some less important, additional features, this radio has one that caught our attention. Namely, the Drive EQ feature that is built into it boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal in order to overcome the negative impact of road noise.

In other words, when this radio is turned on, you will not be able to hear any kind of noise that roads make, and that may be unpleasant to the human ear. For example, if the road is not made out of good material, or it has some holes here and there, the sound the vehicle makes while riding on that road will be heard minimally. Some noises might be covered up wholly.

Highlight Features

  • This is a medium-sized radio
  • It has an LCD display with buttons
  • This radio has a USB input
  • It has an AUX input
  • This radio can change colors
  • This is a marine and motorsports radio
  • You have the ability to charge your phone through this radio
  • This radio has a conformal coating
  • This radio has Bluetooth technology
  • Five devices can be connected to it
  • This radio can be controlled through a remote app
  • This radio is compatible with a broad range of audio file formats
  • This radio has a Drive EQ feature built into it

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The user manual

As you have probably already assumed, this radio (like all other Kenwood radios) has a user manual. The user manual is available to anyone that buys this radio. But, it is also available to anyone with internet access since we were able to find the PDF version of it on Google. Check it out HERE, if you want to find out some more technical things about this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio.

Our Take on Kenwood KMR-D378BT

And now, in the few future sections of this article, we will be talking about our experience with this radio, as well as the way it worked, and who should buy it.

Is this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio any good?

After testing out this radio, we can confidently say that we loved its performance, and we loved it actually! It was able to do everything that the Kenwood company said, and it completely fulfilled our expectations. We have expected nothing but good quality from the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio and that is exactly what we received. This is a truly amazing radio!

Why is this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio important and for who?

Well, since this is mainly a marine and motorsports radio, we would say that this radio should be very important for those people that own those kinds of vehicles. Since it will work best there, we can totally recommend it for that kind of usage.

But, generally speaking, this radio can be used in any kind of vehicle too, if you like its features, of course. But, by all of the reviews that we have read about this radio, people that own marine or motorsports vehicles have been the ones that got the best performance and ended up being very satisfied with the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio.

Why do you need this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio and why should you buy it?

If you are a lover of new, modern technology gadgets and devices, then you should definitely take a look at this Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio. Since it has Bluetooth technology built in it, you will be able to connect up to two devices to it. But, besides that, it also has a built-in Alexa. And, you are also able to listen to the tunes you want by connecting them to Spotify or Pandora.

Conclusion of the Kenwood KMR-D378BT review

Testing out this radio was one of the most pleasant things that we got to do. Its performance fulfilled all of our expectations, and we can now say that we are happy with how it worked.

We believe that this radio is really perfect for marine and motorsports vehicles and that it for sure makes the atmosphere and the mood in the way better.

There is no doubt that we think that you should definitely consider buying this radio, or at least check it out. We hope that our Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio review was helpful and that you have learned something new today. Enjoy the holidays!

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Is there a better alternative?

This Sony MEX-M772BT Marine radio is the one that definitely caught our attention, and we think that it can be an excellent alternative to the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio one.

This Sony radio has somewhat similar features to the Kenwood one. It has dual Bluetooth connectivity, as well as voice control with Siri as well. We loved that it also has an anti-corrosive coating that will make it last longer. Check it out by clicking HERE.

FAQs related to Kenwood KMR-D378BT

Q-1. Am I also able to connect my iPhone to the Kenwood KMR-D378BT radio?

Yes, this radio is also made for iPhones and iPods, as well as Android devices.



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