Mercedes Benz Radio Code ‘Wait’: How To Deal With It?

The Marcedes Benz radios are secured by an anti-theft feature and you have to enter a code to reset the radio after a battery change. 

Sometimes, the process can get messed up and the radio can keep showing a “wait” message which is confusing to many owners. 

So, what’s the Mercedes Benz radio code ‘wait’?

The Mercedes Benz radio shows a “wait” message when you enter an incorrect radio code three times. With every three incorrect code entries, the wait time keeps increasing. To get rid of this code and keep your radio running, you have to wait till the waiting period is over and enter the right code after that. During the waiting period, you have to keep the battery connected. 

To understand the whole process more clearly, keep reading. 

Why Is The Mercedes Benz Radio Code ‘Wait’ Showing?

The Mercedes Benz radio code shows “wait” if you enter the wrong code multiple times.  Depending on your Mercedes-Benz model, the wait message can stay for a certain amount of time before allowing you to enter the correct code again. 

But usually, in all car models, the code comes three times. The first time, when you enter an incorrect radio code three times, the “Wait” message will stay for around 5 to 10 minutes. 

During this time, you will not be able to enter any radio codes. Once the wait time is over, you can attempt to enter the correct radio code again.

Gradually the time will increase with every three incorrect codes entered. And the “Wait” message can stay up to 24 hours if you keep entering the wrong codes.

mercedes radio code 'wait'
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How To Reset Mercedes Radio Code Wait?

When your Mercedes Benz radio shows the code “wait”, the only thing you can do is follow the message and wait to reset the code. Once the code showing time is over, you will be able to enter the code again. Make sure to enter the right code this time. 

However, here’s a thing that Mercedes Benz owners get confused about. You might be waiting for days to make the message go away, but it’s still there. Some car owners even complain that the Mercedes radio stuck on wait even after a year. 

To reset the wait code or to make it go away, you have to power the radio for the whole waiting time. If the radio requires 24 hours to reset, you have to keep the ignition on for 24 hours. 

If you stop the ignition during that time, you have to restart from the beginning. Sometimes, it’s not possible to leave the ignition on for this long time, as the battery gets drained. In this case, you can keep the battery connected to a battery charger.

mercedes radio code  reset
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Where Can I Find My Mercedes Radio Code?

It’s really natural to forget the radio code as you don’t require it frequently. But to get your radio working, you need the code. Here are the options by which you can get your Mercedes Benz radio code. 

From the Owner’s Manual:

If you are thinking about how to get a free radio code, the owner’s manual is your solution. This has to be the easiest solution as the owner’s manual has everything from troubleshooting a Delphi radio to getting any car-related code. 

Depending on your car’s model, the radio code can be found in different places in the owner’s manual. Here are those locations. 

  • “Radio,” “stereo” or “security,” sections of the owner’s manual.
  • First or last few pages of the manual.
  • In a separate piece of paper card within the owner’s manual. 

If you don’t have the owner’s manual or you can’t find the code here, follow the other options described below. 

Speaking of the owner’s manual, always try to store the owner’s manual safely. It comes in very handy when you have to solve different car issues like the Jeep radio not working

From VIN Number:

Find out the VIN number of your car. It will work as proof of your ownership of the car. The number should be located the under the dashboard’s far-edge windshield. If the number is not there, it can be in a tag on the driver’s door. This video might help. 

Take note of the number and call your closest Mercedes Benz customer care and request them the code. They will ask for the VIN number and some other information to ensure your ownership. Once they are convinced, they will give you the code. 

From Service Center:

If none of the above options work for you, go directly to the nearby authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer store with your car. They will search their database and retrieve the code for you. 

Also, while you are in the dealership store, ask them to fix other radio problems as well. For example, unintentional switching from radio to aux. They can easily solve these problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is My Radio Not Working In Mercedes?

The reason behind your Marcedes not working can be a dead battery. Try recharging the battery and turning on the radio. Other reasons behind this problem can be a loose speaker or radio wiring connection, a blown fuse, faulty speakers, and a bad antenna. A damaged tuner can also be a reason behind this problem. 

Why Does My Radio Turn On But No Sound?

If you have unknowingly turned the volume off, you will hear no sound even if the radio turns on. Make sure the volume is not muted. This problem can also occur due to any problem with the speakers, wiring, or amplifier. Also, if the audio source is not selected for the radio, you will face this problem. 

How Do You Delete Radio Presets On A Mercedes?

You can not delete a specific preset on a Mercedes. To delete all the presets, you can pull out the fuse and reconnect it and the radio will be reset. If you have all the stations booked and want another channel. Just tap on the new channel you want and replace it with the preset you don’t want. 


So, here goes your solution for the Mercedes Benz radio code ‘wait’. I hope with little patience you can get rid of this annoying sign and listen to your favorite station again. And for the next time, keep a note of the radio code to avoid the hassle. 

It’s time for me to go. Have a great day ahead and goodbye!


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