Top 04 Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio Reviews

Milwaukee radios have been widely used for quite some time. They are known for being great equipment that can make Jobsites not so boring. In fact, these radios have such a big potential when it comes to their quality, they are surely one of the most competitive ones. If you are a person who works on a Jobsite or a construction site, our Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radio review article will be very helpful. Generally, these Milwaukee M18 radios are often being used by people who are active workers at construction sites, or by people who are the job site directors. So, if you have found yourself in this group of people, keep reading.

Of course, if you were wondering which Milwaukee radio is the best Jobsite radio, we must disappoint and tell you that there are actually four Milwaukee M18 best Jobsite radio reviews, and in this article, we will make sure you get to know them all and find out their strengths and flaws!

But first, meet the models’ names:

Best Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radio models:

  1. Milwaukee 2890-20 Dual Chemistry & High Sound Quality: Best Overall M18 Jobsite Radio
  2. Milwaukee 2792-20: Best M18 Jobsite Radio for battery charger with Bluetooth
  3. Milwaukee 2890-20: Best for cheaper and speaker M18 Jobsite Radio
  4. Milwaukee 2950-20 M18 PACKOUT: Ultimate Jobsite sound system radio and Charger

Top 04 Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio Reviews


The testing and buyer’s tips of the Milwaukee M18 best Jobsite radio

Of course, whenever you are looking for a new product, a device, in this case, it’s good to have at least a little bit of knowledge about it before you make the purchase. Luckily for you, we will be giving you some tips that could help you decide which radio is the perfect choice for you, so that you don’t make a mistake and spend your money on a device that’s not going to do you any good. Keep reading this Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radio review so that you don’t spend your money on foolish devices which won’t work at all!

Here is some of the basic information that will be helpful next time you are choosing a radio!

  • What is its power source?

When purchasing a radio for a Jobsite, you need to take its power source into careful consideration. Do you want to purchase a radio that works on batteries or is electrically powered? Before you decide that, you need to find out if your Jobsite environment has some power outlets that could be used to hook up a radio.

Of course, our tip is to look for Jobsite radios which have both electrical and battery power sources, as that’s the best and the most cost-effective device. Either way, deciding whether or not you want your radio to be battery-powered will help you in further determination.

  • Speaker and sound quality

We all know that job sites can sometimes become quite noisy. A place such as this one needs to have a radio with very loud speakers. So, again, the speaker and the sound quality are something you should definitely pay attention to, if you intend to use the radio at a Jobsite.

With that being said, you will need to find a radio that has really loudspeakers that could overpower the usual Jobsite noise. Sound quality is something that should also be taken into consideration, as you surely don’t want to purchase a radio which has poor sound quality and cannot even manage to deliver good quality sound.

  • Portability is important

If you are seeking for a Jobsite radio, portability is a feature you should be paying attention to. Of course, job site radios are not usually that lightweight, but they should be portable and not too heavy. As a Jobsite radio is usually the one that is being constantly moved, portability is one of those features that we can easily call essential.

So, if you want your Jobsite radio to serve you well for years, you should take these tips into consideration, and use them to determine your next purchase. However, we have given you only a couple of tips that will help you decide which radio to get, you should also add some things of your own (which you find important) to the list, and then seek a radio that has all of those features. There’s no doubt that you will find it!

In-depth product reviews of the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radios:-

1. Milwaukee 2890-20 18V Dual Chemistry and High Sound Quality

Best Overall M18 Jobsite Radio

Milwaukee 2890-20 18V Dual Chemistry

Why should you buy this Milwaukee 2890-20?

This radio is perfect to keep up the morale of your crew during any type of job. It is well known that good tunes make every worker more productive, and this radio high range will allow you to find something for everybody.

Who’s Milwaukee 2890-20 for?

While this Milwaukee 2890-20 radio can serve anyone well, its primary role is to entertain workers that work in environments where regular radios can be easily damaged. The device’s shock-absorbing end caps allow it to survive drops from even the biggest heights and other impacts as well.

Why did we pick Milwaukee 2890-20?

Not only does this radio play some good tunes it also has a special onboard compartment with has a double purpose to protect your phone and even charge it with its 2.1A USB charging port. The digital tuner is easy to use and offers up to 10 presets, allowing you and your crew easy access to your favorite radio stations. This Milwaukee 2890-20 radio also works in both AM and FM radio bands, allowing you to search for any radio station you want.

The physical design of the radio allows it to fit in everywhere easily and its small dimensions and light weight make it convenient to carry around. It is also compatible with M18 18v lithium-ion Milwaukee batteries, including: 48-11-1860, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1828, and 48-11-1815, 48-11-1840, 48-11-1820.

All in all, this Jobsite Radio is more than a convenient investment that will surely pay off! Its price isn’t even that expensive, it’s quite affordable actually, considering all of the features it offers.

2. Milwaukee 2792-20

Best M18 Jobsite Radio for battery charger with Bluetooth

41E1iLzscJL. AC

Why should you buy this Milwaukee 2792-20?

This is a tried and trusted radio for two years now, the first to bring Bluetooth to the job site all the while delivering the best sound quality and reception.

Who’s Milwaukee 2792-20 for?

For anyone not familiar with Milwaukee radios, the Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Jobsite radio should be a great start, since it’s reliable with a good reputation in the industry.

Why did we pick Milwaukee 2792-20?

Like the previous designs, it has a built-in battery charger for M18 batteries. Its 40-watt amplifier and premium speakers emit a good quality and rich sound for your enjoyment. Customize the sound to your liking with the equalizer. The USB power port can be used on the go or plugged in; it will still provide the user with a 50% faster device charging (USB 2.1A output). It uses an M18 REDLITHIUM battery. With 10 radio station presets you can memorize your favorite radio stations for ease of access. And while looking bulky the radio weight only 17 lbs. making it easy to carry around.

Taking all of the things into consideration, as well as the pricing and the availability of this Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Jobsite radio model, it’s quite convenient and this investment will surely pay off in the long run!

3. Milwaukee 2890-20

Best for cheaper and speaker M18 Jobsite Radio

61gv9uXJwzL. AC SL1000

Why should you buy this Milwaukee 2890-20?

This is a cheaper alternative to all the aforementioned radios. It’s not as advanced as they are but it will do its job well.

Who’s Milwaukee 2890-20 for?

For people that can’t/don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money on other radios but still want a Jobsite radio that will satisfy everyone.

Why did we pick Milwaukee 2890-20?

The Milwaukee 2890-20 M18 Jobsite radio has dual speakers and passive radiators, meaning it delivers a clear and loud sound with great bass. With a great reception and signal accuracy to boot. Integrated handles make it easy to transport and store. Everything else is pretty much similar to all the other radios we have described, except for its lack of Bluetooth, which is the reason it has a lower price.

The digital AM/FM tuner allows up to 10 radio station presets. Its equalizer is also customizable, and the weather-sealed compartment also allows for the safekeeping of sensitive valuables, inside of which you can charge portable electronic devices with a 2.1A USB charger. A 3.5mm AUX cable for wired playback is also included.

As you can see, this Milwaukee 2890-20 M18 Jobsite radio might be one of the best Milwaukee Jobsite radios so far. It’s surely one of the most affordable ones. So, if you are looking for a cheap Jobsite radio that will be able to be there with you for years, the M18 is your model!

4. Milwaukee 2950-20 M18 PACKOUT

Ultimate Jobsite sound system radio and Charger

81h5KQAfFCL. AC SL1500

Why should you buy this Milwaukee 2950-20?

If you want a reliable radio and a charger in one then you should definitely get this device.

Who’s Milwaukee 2950-20 for?

It’s perfect for anyone that needs a strong radio which will cover a large area, to give everyone a taste of the sound. It can also be used at parties, for your personal enjoyment, and for many more activities!

Why did we pick Milwaukee 2950-20?

This Milwaukee 2950-20 M18 Packout radio has 10 speakers which cover the entire room with 360° sound, making it great for large indoor areas and the outside. It can charge all M18 batteries making it convenient for charging mobile devices and M18 standard batteries with its built-in 6-inch cord (USB 2.1A output). The Bluetooth 4.2 feature allows you to stream your music from 100 feet away and even more. And if you don’t have a radio signal and Bluetooth available you can use a built-in AUX instead. And with that, the sound is completely customizable to your preferences with a built-in equalizer, adjustable bass, and treble.

Its design makes it water and debris-resistant, including a water-sealed storage compartment that allows you to put away your more sensitive devices in case of freak weather. Plus, a rubber over-mold protects the interior compartments, consequently making the speakers very impact resistant. The controls, batteries, cord, and onboard storage can be easily accessed when the device is stacked.

Now, if you are looking for a resistant radio that has a lot of amazing features, the Milwaukee 2950-20 M18 Packout radio one might be the perfect choice for you!

How we test these radios

Testing the radios is the most interesting activity we get to do around here. This is the part when we actually meet the radios and get to experience all of their features personally. As these four Milwaukee M18 radios are all Jobsite radios, we have decided to place them in their natural environment – the Jobsite and there test their abilities. This Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radio review and testing part will be helpful to you if you want to know more about the resistance and quality of these radios. It’s important to know that we have decided to test these radios in a nearby construction site in San Francisco, USA. It was the closest Jobsite, right near our house, and the workers were polite enough to allow us to test these models there!

As the Jobsite is a pretty loud, noisy place, we can say that all of these models’ speakers have passed the test of loudness. In other words, they were perfectly working even in these noisy conditions. This means that their speakers are strong and capable of providing a good quality sound even at the, let’s call them, extreme conditions.

On the other hand, all four models also passed our resistance test. Jobsites are crowded places where things can get easily broken. So, we came to the idea to test the resistance of these radios by putting pressure on them and having them experience all sorts of job sites’ everyday conditions. It’s safe to say that even after that, they have survived and still work, which only means that they are quite resistant to the outside factors, and can work even in the most extreme conditions.

All in all, our tests have only proven to us that these Milwaukee M18 radios have extremely good quality, and that they are surely one of the best Jobsite radios out there.

Conclusion of Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio Reviews

Gathering all of the information about these radios together, and taking our own experience with them into consideration, we can easily say that all four Milwaukee radios from the Jobsite M18 series are quite amazing. In fact, all of these radios have great qualities and amazing features which any modern Jobsite worker might need during a regular day.

To conclude this, if you are looking for a great Jobsite radio that will do its job well, and provide you with all of the necessary features on the job site, these top 4 Milwaukee M18 models are the perfect choice for you! You surely won’t make a mistake if you decide to purchase one of them!

Thank you for taking the time to read our best Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radio review, until next time!

FAQ related to Milwaukee M18 Jobsite radio

  1. Does M18 mean 18V?

Yes, M18 stands for 18V, and these batteries are produced by the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

  1. What is the difference between M18 and M18 Fuel?

Although M18 and M18 Fuel are similar in many ways their main difference is that Fuel tools use POWERSTATE brushless motors. This is very powerful and works great with Milwaukee REDLITHIUM high-demand lithium-ion batteries.

  1. Does Milwaukee M18 radio have Bluetooth?

It depends on the model, but most newer designs (meaning several years back) have an integrated digital Bluetooth.

  1. Is Milwaukee M18 Fuel worth it?

It is definitely worth it, the Fuel line can take a beating and still operate years later.

  1. How much is an M18 Milwaukee radio?

It depends, prices range from as low as $120 and up to $300.



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