Ridgid R84087 Review: 18V Lithium Ion Cordless/Corded Jobsite Radio

Ridgid R84087 review

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With its ShockMount protective armor, the Ridgid radio will keep pumping out the tunes no matter what your Jobsite can throw at it and it will do it whether running on battery power or 110V.

The Ridgid R84087 radio will operate on any Ridgid 18 Volt lithium-ion battery.

Many users have remarked that the Generation 2 model is a much-improved radio over earlier versions of this offering from Ridgid.

Probably the most mentioned feature is how much better its radio reception is over previous models.

The fact that you can dock just about any iPod in a sealed compartment is another big plus. The iPod battery also charges when docked. You can even control the iPod from 25’ away by remote!

A cable is included to connect to any other brand of mp3/music player as well. When you pick up the radio it doesn’t feel or look like it could hold the weight of a vehicle or survive a fall from a height but as you can see from the video on the home page that this is one tough Jobsite radio.

The included remote will operate the radio tuner or the iPod from as far as 25’ away. It stores onboard or on a keychain in your pocket.

The integrated power cord wraps around the base so it won’t be forgotten or lost.

The antenna folds down and rotates to prevent accidental breakage.
Several reviewers were very pleased with how long the radio will operate on a single battery charge.

Like all the Jobsite radios it has nice big, easy to manipulate dials and buttons that are easy to use when wearing gloves.

Along with the digital tuner, it has a backlit screen, 15 radio pre-sets, a digital clock and a backup battery that keeps track of all your settings when the unit is turned off.

Perhaps best of all, the Ridgid radio carries the Ridgid tools lifetime warranty.


This means that they will repair or replace your radio, including the battery if it fails due to workmanship or material defects. Please note that like all Jobsite radios, a battery and battery charger is not included with your radio purchase.

This warranty is truly an outstanding feature. I know of no other tool company that offers such peace of mind protection, and to include batteries in the warranty is unheard of!

Chances are you will never need to take advantage of the warranty on the tools, but I can guarantee you that the batteries will eventually wear out.

To have them replaced for free makes this Ridgid radio a very worthy candidate if you need a job site radio, the beach, the boat, or anywhere else that you need a tough portable entertainment center!

Highlight Features / Spec

  • Dual power sources
  • Ridgid radio app compatible
  • mp3 player or smartphone Storage
  • Multiple music sources like play music with aux AM or FM radio, Bluetooth,
  • 10.93 pounds Weight
  • Size is 18.35 x 9.49 x 9.21 inches
  • This is Gray color
  • The Material is Plastic
  • This radio Power Source is AC Outlet and Battery
  • Has Voltage 18 Volts
  • Battery- this is Versatile and durable as well as good battery life
  • A Great sound radio
  • This is Water-resistant and tons of features
  • This is Great workplace radio with Bluetooth for you

Ridgid R84087 Review

Customer Review:

” Ridgid has really made some great upgrades to this jobsite radio compared to the last generations.

They slimmed down this model to make it a bit more versatile, but its still built extremely tough. The speakers are hidden behind a screen to help prevent dirt and debris from getting into them, and the radio itself is weather resistant. The screen will also provide added protection to the speakers do to falling and denting.The sound quality is unbelievably crisp, and can be heard easily on large job sites. you can adjust the base and treble to your liking, and you can also enter up to 10 of you favorite preset stations. That being said, the base really thumps on this radio and really adds depth to your music.

The user face is extremely easy to use, and easy to see. The digital screen is bright and will allow you to see the time, station, battery etc. even in the darkest settings. It also comes with an AUX and USB port to charge your phone and/or play music.

The 18 volt batteries last a very long time in this radio. A fully charged battery should last a full day with no problems at all. It also comes with a cord to allow you to plug it directly into an outlet if desired. The also include 2 AAA batteries that will prevent the clock from dying once the battery/electricity is removed. (the compartments in underneath).

The Bluetooth works extremely well on this. My Samsung phone had no problems at all connecting to it straight out of the box, and it gives you a range of about 30′ before it starts to breakup. If you don’t want to stream the music, the AUX is another option for music playing.
The coolest this about this radio is the Ridgid app that you can download on your phone. Its extremely user friendly, and allows you to adjust any function of the radio. You can change channels, adjust bass treble, set the clock, add or listen to preset stations, choose between FM, AM, AUX or Stream/Bluetooth, adjust or silence the volume or even download the user manual. The other cool thing that it allows you to do is record an audible track, and play it back on the radio. You can set a daily reminder that will alert you through the radio, or send a message to your phone. Not to mention, you can stream youtube, I Heart Radio and you mp3 music straight from the app.

This is probably the coolest, most versatile radio out on the market for this price. It will hold up to anything you can throw at it, and it sounds great. I 100% recommend”



Photo source: amazon.com


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