Review on the Sangean ANT-100 External Weather / FM Radio Antenna

An antenna that works on all radio models!

The Sangean ANT-100 is generally a basic, yet very powerful antenna. It has loads of features and hardware elements that help to make the reception of the radio signals! This is not an overpriced antenna that will not do its job well! Far from that, it is very cheap and can help you in a lot of ways.

Learn how to make the most out of your radio by adding this antenna to it to boost its signal in this …Sangean ANT-100 external radio antenna review…

Review on the Sangean ANT-100 external antenna (Weather & FM radio)


The details of the Sangean ANT-100 review

What is the Sangean ANT-100 antenna? The Sangean ANT-100 antenna is an external radio antenna that is able to make the signal reception of any kind of radio a lot better. It is basically built to get along best with the Sangean CL-100 radio, but, it works amazing with other models and radio brands as well.

Why do we like it

When you have a wonderful antenna right in front of you, there is really nothing not to love. Besides having a very practical and long design, this antenna is also very much affordable. Due to the length of it, the reception is way better, and the quality of the sound the radio produces increases.

Using this antenna every day will show you the real difference it makes, and the influence it has on your radio’s reception. The market may be full of loads of similar antennas, but the Sanegan ANT-100 is only one! What do we like about this antenna?

  • The design and reception
  • This really worked well for Range and Reception
  • This is the best small antenna for long-distance
  • NOAA Radio Antenna- it works well with the weather radio
  • The easy use
  • The fact that it can easily be installed

And now, in the following section of the article, we will make sure that we fully describe this antenna’s design, as well as its performance.


The Design and Features of the Sangean ANT-100

As you can see, this model of the antenna is pretty much simple. It is designed that way in order to increase simplicity, and decrease the negative effects of the outside on the signal reception. Due to the extraordinary length of this antenna, the reception is a lot better, and it has a wide range. Some say that this antenna is even able to catch signals that are forty miles away from it! The length of the antenna is 14.5 inches to be precise.

This antenna possesses a standard 3.5mm RCA connector which can easily be placed into any kind of radio. Since this is a Sangean model of antenna, it works best for Sangean radios, but, it is not a secret that this antenna can also be connected to other radio brands as well.

It is made out of good quality materials, the whip is covered with coil and black steel, which means that it can hold on, and be resistant to most of the outside factors that may cause it harm.

What’s great is that the user does not buy the coaxial cable separately since it comes packed up with the antenna. The 6.5 feet coax cable with the 3.5mm RCA connector at the end is a great combo. read more on Flyer- pdf

Performance of the Sangean ANT-100

The great thing about this antenna is that it also has a wide range of frequencies. And, that is exactly what it was able to show us. Namely, it can catch both AM and FM radio signals. Occasionally, it was even able to catch weather signals, which is great cause it means that it can warn you of some possible dangerous obstacles coming your way.

Generally speaking, this is a good quality antenna, basically the perfect choice if you are looking for an affordable antenna with good reception and great performance.

Other, additional features

Due to the coiled whip with a magnetic mount, this antenna is able to be attached to any kind of magnet-friendly surface. If needed, it can also be connected to the outside of your car and connected to it to make the reception better.

With any purchase, the user will be receiving a one-year warranty for this model. No need to worry about it breaking due to outside factors, you can easily replace or fix it with the help of the warranty.

Highlighted features

  • This antenna is able to improve the reception
  • It contains a 3.5mm RCA connector
  • It can be assembled easily
  • The user manual comes with it in the box
  • The 6.5 feet coax cable also comes with it in the box
  • It is made out of black steel
  • It features a magnetic mount
  • The user receives a one-year warranty
  • This antenna is around fourteen inches long

The user manual and set up

The user manual for this device is pretty much simple, it only has one page. The person who purchases this antenna will be receiving this short user manual alongside it in the box. But, for all of those that are curious, we have found the PDF version of it. By clicking HERE you will be taken to the website where you can read it fully.

The set-up is pretty much easy, and the whole process is pretty much included in the user manual. The mounting, the assembling, and the connecting antenna to the radio are fully explained there. And it can be done in just three simple steps and a couple of minutes.

Our Take on the Sangean ANT-100 radio antenna

In the next section of this article we will be talking about this antenna’s true worth and whether on not should you buy it.

Why is Sangean ANT-100 Antenna important and why should you buy it?

This antenna should basically be important for anyone who has been lacking a good quality reception on their radio for some reason. Even if your radio is working perfectly fine, why not make its reception even better by making the range bigger. That way, you might even uncover some new radio stations, and open up new opportunities for yourself.

Some users even say that since their nearest broadcasting tower was not working properly, they bought this antenna just so that it can catch signals from the second nearest broadcasting tower- and the antenna succeeded. As you can see, if you are lacking a good quality signal, now is the right time to invest your money (a small amount) into this antenna; it won’t disappoint you!

How we picked and tested this antenna

Testing this antenna was a piece of cake, and we ate it with pleasure! We have decided to test this antenna on one of our Sangean radios, on the Sangean CL-100 to be precise. It may seem that this antenna is rather small, and it may not look like it can deliver an excellent performance. But, trust us on this one, it was really able to boost our signal reception and make it a lot, a lot better.

At one point, this antenna was even able to reach out for signals that were around 40 miles away from us, which is really impressive. Having in mind that this is a cheap antenna, nobody could expect that you would receive such quality for a small price.

Is there a better alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative to this antenna, you can for sure check out this antenna’s brother. The Sangean ANT-60 antenna is a short wave antenna, unlike the Sanegan ANT-100 one, which is a long-range antenna.

So, if you are looking for a short wave antenna, we could not think of a perfect alternative to this one. It costs around eighteen bucks, and it has a 3.5-millimeter standard mini plug. It can basically fit into any kind of radio, and make its reception a lot better. The good thing is that when purchasing this antenna, you will also be receiving an adapter plug so that you do not have to buy it separately.


There is no doubt that this antenna is able to improve both FM and the weather band signals. It can make a visible change in your reception, especially if you end up using it for quite some time. If the radio that you possess also is able to receive AM signals, there is a high chance that this Sangean ANT-100 Antenna will make the reception for those signals better as well.

Why buy an expensive antenna when you can get this cheap one for just a couple of bucks that can work perfectly fine, and deliver you a high-quality reception?

Thank you for taking the time to read our Sangean ANT-100 review, hopefully, you have found yourself a new antenna!

FAQs about Sangean ANT-100

1. How tall is the Sangean ANT-100 antenna?

This antenna is around three feet tall, having in mind that we also counted the base.

2. Am I able to plug this antenna into my car radio?

Unfortunately, you probably will not be able to use it on your car radio since this antenna uses a different kind of plug. The plug that is needed for your car stereo is the Motorola plug.

3. Can this antenna receive both AM and FM signals?

Yes, this antenna is able to catch both of those signal types.

4. Am I able to use this antenna as a replacement antenna for another radio, not the Sangean one.

Yes, this antenna can also be plugged into some other radio models, having in mind that the plug must be the same.



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