Sangean ANT-60 Review | A good quality portable shortwave radio antenna

Old, but practical devices (since 1999)
If you are not part of the Generation Z group, then you for sure know that small shortwave radios were being used a lot back in the 90s. Discovering shortwave radios was a true revelation back there, and a lot of people started using them. The Sangean ANT-60 antenna was actually released back in 1999.

Since then, it has been re-designed quite a few times, and that is why, today we have a lovely, portable, and good-quality shortwave antenna. We would love to present you with the Sangean ANT-60 in our review and show you all of the things it can do!

Sangean ANT-60 Review | A good quality portable shortwave antenna


Do not worry, its performance is much better than back in the day, and it can catch even more signals when connected to a shortwave radio!

What is the Sangean ANT-60 antenna?

The Sangean ANT-60 antenna is a shortwave small, yet very powerful antenna whose job is to make the reception of radios a lot better. It works best with radios from the Sangean brand, but, it could be connected to other radio brands as well.

The details Sangean ANT-60 Antenna Review

Why we like it

There are, obviously, a lot of things that we love about this lovely shortwave antenna. For example, its design is very convenient and practical- it can easily be attached to any kind of shortwave radio without getting in the way of the user. What do we like about this antenna?

  • The length of the cable
  • The extraordinary reception, both Indoor / Outdoor Application
  • The ability to connect to any kind of shortwave radio
  • Improved reception
  • The price

Let’s see all of the things that this Sangean ANT-60 antenna can offer to its users.


The Design & Features

When you take the first look at this antenna you will notice that its size is very much practical. Namely, this antenna is only around six inches big and 1.5 ounces heavy. It has a very modern design in sleek black color, and could easily fit into any kind of interior if needed.

On top of that, this antenna contains an easy hookup to snap onto a telescoping rod if needed. This means that it could be easily connected to it. The connection won’t be a problem, since the ANT-60 also comes with a 23 feet long cable that can be extended a lot if needed. Since this is a portable receiver, it means that it could be used in indoor and outdoor circumstances.

Due to the 3.5mm headphone jack, this antenna can not only be connected to Sangean radios, but to all other radios as well. So, if you are an owner of any kind of radio made by any kind of brand, this antenna will be suitable for it, you do not have to worry about that!


Its performance was amazing! The antenna basically did everything that it was supposed to. It has shown us great reception by even catching some radio stations that we did not have access to before we connected it to our radio. As you can see, for just a small amount of money you will be purchasing a good quality shortwave antenna that will for sure serve you well for years.

Highlighted features

  • This is an affordable shortwave antenna
  • This antenna contains a 3.5mm external antenna jack
  • The adapter plug comes with it inside of the box
  • This antenna can be extended to about 2 feet
  • It is designed to improve the reception of any kind of shortwave radio
  • It works best with Sangean radios, but, it can be connected to others as well
  • It has a great design, modern as well

The user manual and set up

Even though these shortwave antennas are really easy to use and set up, the user manual can sometimes come in handy. Every single one of these Sangean ANT-60 shortwave antennas is packed with one user manual that contains every little detail the user should know about the device.

This manual is simple as well. We were able to find its PDF version online, and you can read it whole just by clicking on this link HERE.

Our take on Sangean ANT-60 Review

Let’s begin by talking about the actual worth of this Sangean ANT-60 shortwave antenna. What do you think, is it totally worth the money? Well, we are about to see.

Why is Sangean ANT-60 antenna important and why should you buy it?

If you are a proud owner of any kind of shortwave radio, then you should definitely be seeking for an appropriate shortwave antenna. The Sangean ANT-60 is just that- a perfect, the small, and practical shortwave antenna that will work well on any kind of shortwave radio.

If you are wondering why would you need to buy this kind of an antenna for yourself, well, the answer is pretty simple. In order to have great reception on your shortwave radio, you will for sure need to buy a reliable antenna to make all of that happen. This Sangean ANT-60 antenna is capable of doing just that and a lot more!

Namely, you will be able to have an amazing radio signal reception no matter where you are, the distance between the broadcasting towers is just a number- this antenna will make sure you have the right amount of strong signal that you need.

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How we picked and tested Sangean ANT-60 antenna

Since we own one of Sangean’s portable radios, we can say that this antenna was able to work amazingly when connected to it. The thing is, there is absolutely no doubt that this antenna will work amazingly with any kind of shortwave radio brand. And we have decided to test that out too.

First, we have tested it on our own Sangean radio and it has shown us an amazing performance. The signal was strong all the time, and we even received some radio stations that we did not have before.

After testing it out on one of Sangean’s portable radios, we have borrowed the C. Crane CC Shortwave portable travel radio from one of our friends to see how this antenna would act around it. And as you may have already assumed, this antenna worked great with it too! We had no doubts that it would have an amazing performance on it as well, and this just proves that the quality of this antenna is really at one of the highest levels. We’ll see in future reviews whether or not some of the similar antennas will be able to top the performance of this one.


Is there a better alternative?

An antenna that has a similar price to the Sangean ANT-60 one, and which also has a somewhat good quality is the CC Shortwave Reel antenna. Namely, this antenna costs around fifteen dollars and is able to make the performance and the reception of your shortwave radio a lot better.

We must say that it has very similar features to the Sangean ANT-60 one. For example, it is able to improve the performance of any kind of shortwave radio, and, due to the spring-loaded clip, it could be easily attached to any kind of retractable antenna. Anyone that purchases this CC shortwave reel antenna will be receiving a one-year warranty.

Conclusion of Sangean ANT 60 Review

What can we say, except that this is definitely one of the best shortwave antennas that we got to test out, and own until now? We totally recommend it to anyone that would like to increase the performance, and therefore, the reception of their radio too. By adding the Sangean ANT-60 antenna to any kind of shortwave radio, the reception will for sure be much better than it was before. And, who knows, you might even discover some other radio stations to which you did not have access before.

We don’t have to hide it- this antenna is both practical and affordable. Even if you end up not liking its performance, you really have nothing to lose since it costs only seventeen dollars. But, there is really nothing to worry about the Sangean ANT-60 antenna’s performance will amaze you!

Thanks for taking the time to read our Sanegan ANT-60 antenna review friends!

FAQs about Sangean ANT-60

1. How do you attach this ANT antenna to your radio?

You can easily attach this antenna to your radio with just a simple cable. But, in order to do so, you must first make sure that the radio to which you want to attach this antenna contains a headphone jack. If it does, simply place the antenna’s cable there, and that would be all.

2. Am I able to attach this antenna to headphones with a portable radio?

No, you cannot. You will have to connect the antenna directly to the radio via cable.

3. Does this antenna come with a clip to attach it to a portable antenna?

Yes, it does contain a clip that you can easily use to attach to a portable antenna.


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