Sangean ATS-405 Review | A great portable shortwave receiver

Are shortwave radio receivers out of style?

Since we live in a modern age where technology has been upgraded a lot, and every day new technology devices come to life, devices like short wave radio receivers are not being used as much as before. But, luckily, for those who are fond of such older technology, there are still a bunch of brands producing good quality, affordable portable shortwave receivers. And, the Sangean ATS-405 is just that!

We would like to introduce you to this Sangean ATS-405 model of AM FM stereo receiver in this review. So, let’s begin right away!

The details Sangean ATS-405 Review

sangean ats-405 review


Why do we like this

Well, there are actually a lot of things to like about this receiver. For example, the size of it is very much compact, and due to it, it can be carried around easily. On top of that, since this is a short wave receiver, it has a wide range of frequencies that it can work on. The important thing is that both AM and FM radio stations are available on the Sangean ATS-405. What do we like about this radio?

  • It has a good frequency range
  • It has a nice, modern design
  • It is made out of good quality materials
  • This radio can be carried around easily due to its practical size and weight

As we usually do, we will start off by fully describing this receiver, while also talking about its specifications of course.

The design and features

You may think that this is just a basic radio when you first take a look at it, but, actually, this receiver Is much more than that. It is available in only white/gray color, and it looks so good in it. It could definitely fit into any kind of interior or space where you decide to place it.

Let’s describe its design more precisely. Namely, the display of this receiver is being occupied by his one big speaker, an LCD screen, and a lot of buttons that help with the usage and navigation throughout the receiver.

The good thing is that this receiver actually weights only around thirteen ounces, and is ten inches wide. Another amazing thing is that this receiver, which is very much affordable, is equipped with a lot of features that are only available in more expensive, and a lot of modern receivers.

For example, this modern design, as well as the easy use of the control panel, alongside the ability to be tuned by five different methods is impressive. There are the 10 keypad direct frequency access keys that also help with the tuning. The good thing is that the manual tuning is the main tuning there, but the analog (by buttons) is available too!

As we have already mentioned, the frequency that this receiver can catch is quite big. It usually covers around 150-29999 kHz. It can also catch both AM and FM signals!

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We haven’t mentioned its power source, and that is actually basic batteries that can be charged via a power adapter. The power adapter comes with this receiver in the box so that the user would not have to worry about that. The battery is actually able to hold for quite a while without needing another charge, which is amazing for travels.

On top of that, the Sangean ATS-405 digital multi-band world receiver actually has an amazing reception. We haven’t had any kind of problems with it since the signal was able to remain strong on all terms. Even when we decided to take this bad boy with us on a ride, it was able to give us a perfectly stable, strong signal!

Highlighted features

  • This is a professional digital multi-band receiver
  • It contains a total of 108 presets
  • It is able to work on a wide range of frequencies
  • This receiver is only available in white color
  • It contains an LCD screen with buttons on the display
  • This receiver works on rechargeable batteries
  • This receiver also contains a LED low battery indicator
  • It can be carried around easily due to the practical size
  • It is very easy to use due to the approachable display
  • This portable receiver is perfect for travels

Our take on the Sangean ATS-405

Let’s see if there is a replacement for this receiver, and whether or not you should even consider buying this radio.

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Is the Sangean ATS-405 receiver any good?

Our overall opinion about this receiver is that it is definitely worth your time. We did not believe it at first, but, after giving it a chance and testing it for a while, we have seen it with our own eyes- this is one of the best affordable portable shortwave radios that you can find currently on the market.

Even if you would look, you would see that the market is overflowing with a bunch of expensive shortwave receivers, and some even have fewer features than the Sangean ANT-405 one. In our case, we would always pick the more affordable model after making sure that its features are what we are looking for and this one has exactly that.

Why do you need a Sangean ATS-405 receiver and why should you buy it?

If you are a fan of shortwave radios then we really do not see the reason why you should not buy this Sangean ATS-405 one! It is affordable, practical, and portable due to its perfect size. The main reason why you should buy this cheap shortwave radio is that it has all of the features that any other more expensive model may have. So, why spend a lot more money on some other devices when you can spend less and get an awesome quality device instead?

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The user manual

If you are wondering if this receiver comes with a user manual, the answer is yes, of course, it does. This user manual is available online too, and you can read it just by simply clicking HERE. The good thing about this manual is that it contains basically all of the information that any user should know. It does not matter if you are familiar with this kind of technology, the manual can always be useful!

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Is there a better alternative?

We were able to find an alternative for this model easily this time. Check out this C Crane CC Skywave AM FM shortwave portable radio receiver. It basically has everything that the Sangean ATS-405 has, and it is affordable as well too. So, if you for some reason, do not like the Sangean ANT-405 receivers, you could buy this C Crane one instead.

Conclusion of the Sangean ATS-405 review

There’s nothing much to say actually, we do not have to hide that we adore this receiver and could recommend it to anyone! Since it fits the group of one of the most affordable receivers due to its ridiculously low price, even if you decide to buy it and end up by not being happy with its performance- you have nothing to lose!

But, the chances are that you will fall in love with the Sangean ATS-405 as much as we have! Hope you enjoyed reading our Sangean ATS-405 review!

FAQs related to Sangean ATS-405

  1. Am I able to use this radio as a wake-up system?

You for sure can! Since this receiver has an alarm clock built into it, it could easily wake you up in the morning when needed. The good thing is that either the radio itself (music) could wake you up, or the alarm clock.

  1. Does this receiver have a socket for an external antenna?

Unfortunately, this receiver does not have that kind of jack built into it. Some other models of Sangean shortwave radios do have that, so, you can check the Sangean ATS-505 model for example.

  1. Does this receiver come with batteries?

No, batteries should be bought separately. This receiver does come with an adapter that can help with the recharge of the batteries when needed. You can also detach them and put new ones in, you do not have to charge them again.



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