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The Classics Never Fade… The most practical and Best Pocket Radio that you have ever seen… this Sangean DT-200X review, you will be reading about one of the most practical radios that we have ever seen. This is an FM-Stereo Digital Tuning Pocket radio that everyone should own.

Besides that, you will be also finding out about all of the features that this radio has, why should you buy it, is it worth the money, and we will be also presenting you with some of the user’s experiences that they have with this radio. We can tell you that this is a digital tuning radio that has a built-in loudspeaker. With it, you are able to listen to all of the latest news, sports events, and more…We will be also answering all of the frequently asked questions that you may have, so stay tuned.


In-depth Sangean DT-200X Review

But first, let us give you some basic information about this radio
A radio that has it all…

We have to say that we have a very positive opinion about this Sangean DT-200X radio, and about the Sangean company as well. We will try our best in order to describe and bring closer this radio to you so that you can see what we see, that it is magnificent.
Sangean DT-200X radio Review

The magnificent world of Sangean DT-200X radio

The Sangean DT-200x radio is a handheld portable radio. In other words, it can easily fit your hands and pockets, which means that it is pretty small. This radio looks pretty simple due to its elegant black color, but it does have pretty impressive features.

For instance, this radio can memorize 19 random radio stations, and it has an LCD display. Besides that, it is able to automatically find radio stations that are near you. It also contains a PLL Synthesized tuner. And, one of the most important features that this radio has is the auto shut off mode, where the radio will shut down automatically after 90 minutes of active listening to save your battery.

When it comes to the battery, this radio works on two 1.5V batteries. And the approximate lasting of those batteries is a few days. Of course, the duration of those batteries may vary it depends on how much you are using your radio. These two 1.5V batteries are this radio’s main power source. The battery can last longer if you use headphones with this radio. Basically What is amazing is that it has a standard 1.5mm headphone jack, so that you can have some privacy while listening to music.

This radio also has a low battery indicator. In other words, you will be notified if your battery is about to die so that you can turn it off on time.

Let’s talk for a bit about the frequency of the radio, this radio has an FM wire antenna which helps it catch many signals. The frequency may vary, but, it is around 87.5-108 MHz when it comes to FM signals. The radio is also capable of catching AM and MW signals as well.

As we have already mentioned, the radio is pretty small. Its height is around 4 inches, and its width is around 2.5 inches. The radio is not heavy at all, it weights around 3.8oz, which makes the radio even easier to handle.

If you decide to buy this radio, you should know that you will be getting a three(03) year warranty for it. You will be also receiving all of the necessary items with this radio in the box. That includes the user manual that will help you manage the radio and learn its controls. You can easily set the radio up just by following all of the instructions in the manual.

The Sangean Dt-220x is a super affordable radio. It costs around forty bucks, and you can easily find and order it off from

We have found many different customer reviews online about this radio, and most of them were positive. One user even said that this radio is “One of the best radios that he has ever owned”. We have to say, that we totally agree with this user.

Highlight Features & Specs

  • This is a great AM/FM reception (with a switchable 9KHz/10KHz AM Band)
  • Selectable stereo/Mono Switch with Dynamic Bass Boost
  • 19 Random Preset Stations & My Favorites for Quick Access
  • Station Auto Seeking
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack with Built-in Speaker
  • Lock Switch Preventing Accidental Clicks
  • Power Source is Battery Powered
  • This radio is 1.2 x 2.5 x 4.2 inches(8 Ounces)
  • Station Auto Seeking for AM/FM
  • Stereo/Mono Switch with Dynamic Bass Boost
  • Built-in Speaker and LCD Display
  • Detachable Belt Clip
  • Color- Black

Our take of the Sangean DT-220X:

We have had a really fun time testing out this radio. And if you are wondering: Are these radios any good, we have to say that they really are! We are really impressed with how this radio has performed in our testing session. And, if we may say that it has some pretty amazing features and that is super practical.511VmeVjRNL. AC SL1000

Why important is the Sangean DT-220X radio and for who?

Since Sangean DT-220X radio is pretty small, everyone can find them practical and useful. We’d say that they are important for those people that just cannot leave their house without listening to some music. And due to the size of this radio, you can carry it everywhere. Yes, since it is the modern age, smartphones have become a necessity, but, if a person is an old soul that likes the sound of a radio, then they should definitely like and buy this little thing!

Why do you need Sangean DT-220X radios?

As we have mentioned before, the radio is pretty small so that means that it can be used all the time without interrupting your everyday activities. If you agree that music makes everything better, then this radio should be on your must-have list. You do not have to worry about it falling out of your pocket or hands because it fits perfectly there!

We believe that listening to music can boost up your mood even if you have been feeling down for a while, and this radio can help you achieve that.

Should you buy a Sangean DT-220X radio?

You should definitely buy this radio if you like what you have just read. We totally recommend it because we have made sure that it has good quality. It is up to you if you like all of the features that this radio has and its design, of course.

Is there a better alternative?

Sangean company is pleased to offer you some other handheld radios. We have decided to test out this model because we liked its design and features. You have the ability to explore for a bit and find other Sangean handheld radios and see which one fits you best.

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What’s in the box

  • This radio
  • Belt Clip
  • Earbuds
  • Owner’s Manual

Conclusion Sangean DT-200X Review

It is totally subjective whether or not you are going to like Sangean radios. All that we are here to do is to educate and inform you about the radio and its features. You can see yourself what other people have said about this radio. Do your own research before deciding to buy it so that you are a hundred percent sure that you want to own this kind of radio. There are many different review websites that could help you make your own decision, we are just one of them.

FAQs related to Sangean DT-200X

q-1. Where is the Sangean DT-200X being made?

All of the Sangean radios are being made in Taiwan.

q-2. Why is this radio’s price so good?

We must say that this radio is more than affordable. We assume that its price is appropriate because the Sangean company wanted to enable everyone to own a good quality radio.



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