The Sangean HDR-14 Review | HD Radio digital and analog AM/FM stereo reception

An upgraded portable digital and analog HD radio

Sangean HDR-14 HD Radio digital and analog AM/FM stereo reception

Sangean is a brand that has been manufacturing all kinds of radios and similar devices for decades now. The Sangean HDR-14 is just one of many examples of how an older device can be upgraded to meet the modern standards. Lots of innovations have made the new Sangean HDR-14 nearly perfect, and you will be able to see why.

So, join us in this Sangean HDR-14 review to be introduced to one of the best portable HD digital and analog radios.

In-depth review of this Sangean HDR-14 HD Radio/FM Stereo/AM Portable Radio

What is the Sangean HDR-14?

This model of Sangean stereos is yet another digital and analog stereo that the Sangean brand has to offer you. This is a portable stereo from the HD radio series that just keeps getting better and better as years pass by, With this model, Sangean really did outdid themselves, and you are going to see why in just a minute.

Why we like the Sangean HDR-14 stereo

We adore this radio, and you will see why. We believe that you will be able to like it just as much as we do because it has a lot of amazing features. You can easily carry it around even in your hand because it is able to fit into it perfectly. This means that your new trips or even walks will be filled with the joy of listening to your favorite radio stations, on-demand.

What do we like about this receiver?Sangean HDR-14 HD Radio/FM Stereo/AM Portable Radio

  • The size
  • The portability and mobility
  • The reception
  • The HD Radio digital and analog AM/FM stereo reception
  • The battery duration
  • The user manual which contains all of the necessary details

The Sangean HDR-14 is a digital and analog stereo

Let us present you with one of the best portable radios that you will stumble upon. Here are all of the things that you should know about it.

The design and features of this stereo

When you take the first look at the Sangean HDR-14 radio, you will be able to notice that the size of the radio is quite convenient. In other words, this radio is around five inches long, and it weighs 0.42, which makes it easy to carry around. Besides the portability, the Sangean HDR-14 has other qualities as well.

Let’s focus on its amazing design at first. As you can see, it is made to perfectly fit into your hands so that you can carry it around without any trouble. On top of that, this radio also has an LCD display with orange backlighting which makes it also very visible and easy to read. The left half of this device is occupied by one huge speaker, while the right half is the display itself with an LCD screen and some buttons.

The Sangean HDR-14 Review | HD Radio digital and analog AM/FM stereo reception

The features which this receiver has been out of this world. Considering the size of it, the features are pretty awesome, and you are about to see why.

So, first of all, this receiver works on 3 AA batteries which are not included with the radio and must be bought separately. The battery lasting is quite long, but more on that later.

So, one of the main features of the HDR-14 is that this is actually an HD radio that is able to receive both AM and FM radio signals. The reception is great on both, and it can work on quite a wide range of frequencies. And what’s more awesome is that there are actually 40 memory presets just waiting for you (20 AM and 20FM ones).

On top of that, the two-alarm timers, a buzzer, a real-time clock, and sleep functions are there to make your life easier. All of those features belong to the HWS group- the humane wake system.

Specification Summary:

Sangean HDR-14-Specs


Okay, so the performance of the Sangean HDR-14 is overall good. We wanted to point out that the batteries which power up the unit are able to last for quite some time without needing another charge or change. Even the charging is quite fast, and you will not have to wait for a long time just so that you can use it again.

Yet another perk of owning this radio is that you will always have great reception of both AM and FM signals. No matter where you are, this radio will make sure that the signal quality is always at the highest level possible. We are also happy to mention that even though the HDR-14 is small, it is able to reach out for signals which are not that close to it.

Highlighted features

  • This is an HD radio that can be tuned both digitally and manually
  • It can catch both AM and FM signals
  • It contains a PAD service
  • This stereo supports the emergency alerts function
  • It works on batteries
  • The user manual comes with the unit inside of the box
  • It contains a human wake system, a buzzer, and a snooze function
  • The display is large and clearly readable
  • It works on three AA batteries which can be charged through an AC adapter
  • The battery low LED indicator is also featured
  • This is a portable stereo

The user manual and set up

When purchasing this HDR-14 stereo, a customer will be receiving a user manual alongside it in the box. You already know the drill the user manual contains all of the necessary items and information that any kind of new user should know.

Handling the Sangean HDR-14 stereo will be a piece of cake for you if you read the user manual bottom to the end. Some people usually skip reading it, but, we think that it is important. That’s why we have even been able to find the PDF version of it. Click here if you have any interest in reading it.

The price of this stereo when we tested it out: $71.95


Our take on the Sangean HDR-14 Radio

Let’s see now whether or not you should decide to purchase the Sangean HDR-14.

Our take on the Sangean HDR-14

Should you buy this stereo, and is it any good?

You have seen for yourself- this is definitely one of the cheapest, portable, small radios that you will be able to find on the market. Our opinion is that it is very convenient and that it can for sure make any kind of hike, a small trip, or similar activities fun. Of course, you shouldn’t expect of it to be able to produce an amazing quality sound that is also loud. Since this is a small radio, it doesn’t have that kind of power. So, in that case, don’t put your expectations very high.

On the other hand, the Sangean HDR-14 will be able to make you happy if you are okay with owning a small radio that has great reception and that can basically play all of your favorite radio stations.

Is there an alternative for it?

This time, we wanted to really make sure that we have found the right alternative for the Sangean HDR-14, and that’s why we have spent a little bit more time on finding it. Eventually, we have stumbled upon XHDATA D-328 Shortwave AM FM DSP Portable small radio.

This radio basically has the somewhat same features as the original Sangean HDR-14 one. One small difference that gives the XHDATA radio some points is that it is able to read SD cards. This means that you can put any kind of songs you want on your SD card, and then simply place it on the radio and listen to them. This sounds awesome, right? Well, it really is impressive since this radio is not quite a modern one.


Final words

In the end, we will just mention that you should definitely visit the Sangean HDR-14’s official webpage on the Sangean website. Just by clicking here, you will be redirected to their official website where you will be able to read even more specifications that we haven’t mentioned here. You will also be able to see some more photos in their photo gallery if you are interested.

So that’s pretty much it, we are absolutely sure that if you decide to purchase the Sangean HDR-14 HD digital and analog radio that it will be able to make you happier and to fill your everyday activities with music. Because everything is better with just a little bit of music, right?


Q-1. Does this radio receive HD AM broadcasts?

Yes, we can confirm that the Sangean HDR-14 is able to receive AM HD radio stations. These radio stations will have amazing quality and sound great.

Q-2. Does this radio come with a case?

Unfortunately no, the Sangean HDR-14 doesn’t come with a case. But, cases are very much inexpensive so, you can purchase one for just a couple of bucks.

Q-3. Is this radio able to cover up the whole room?

Technically, it does have the power to do such a thing. The thing is, since this is a small radio, you should know that the best quality sound will be heard right next to it. You cannot expect a small radio to have the power of a big one with loudspeakers.



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