The Sangean PR-D4W Review [AM/FM Weather Alert Portable Radio]

Stay safe with Sangean PR-D4W AM/FM Weather Alert Portable Radio…

Are you one of those people that like to go on an occasional walk, or hike in the woods? Have you ever experienced bad weather coming out of nowhere while you were in the middle of your walk? Well, if your answer is yes, you will never experience that sort of thing again with the Sangean PR-D4W radio by your side.

This is a weather-alert portable radio that will keep you safe and notified at all times. Bad weather will never surprise you again. And, even if you find yourself in some kind of danger, this radio has a flashing LED light emergency siren that will get you out of trouble

The details Sangean PR-D4W Review

Let’s start our Sangean PR-D4W radio review so that you can find out more things about this wonderful radio.

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The Sangean PR-D4W Design, Performance, and specifications, review

So, let’s talk about all of the things that this Sangean radio is able to do.

The Design

This radio is pretty lightweight it weighs around 1.13 pounds which makes it easy to carry around. The size of this radio is also very practical. Namely, it is only around ten inches wide, which is very convenient.

The left half of the radio is being occupied by a 3-inch full-range speaker which is very powerful and is able to produce a super clear sound. The right half of this radio is being occupied by the LCD display and, underneath it are some buttons that are meant for easier navigation through the radio.

This radio can also be used in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, or wherever you want to be connected to the outside world. We have found it practical for hikes or trips as well since it can easily fit into our backpacks.

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Performance and specifications

This radio’s performance is really good, and we are overall happy with it. It was able to pick up strong signals and transform them into a stable, clear, and loud sound.

This is an AM FM weather alert portable radio that also has AM auto-tracking for improved sensitivity and bandwidth narrowing to obtain superior AM reception and crystal clear sound. It works on 87.5-108 MHz frequency for FM signals, on 520-1710 kHz for AM signals, and on 1-7CH for Weather alerts.

With less noise and interference, you will be able to experience great reception no matter where you are. Besides that, as we have already mentioned several times, you will be informed at all times about severe weather conditions, emergencies, and other dangerous occasions all due to the weather alert function.

This is a certified Public Alert emergency device that is able to receive all 7 NOAA weather channels, and that also has many other features worth your attention. This radio has a red LED light with an emergency siren built into it which will automatically turn on whenever there is a danger that you should know about. You are also able to use this siren if you find yourself in danger so that the nearby people can her and help you.

This Sangean PR-D4W radio features up to 25 memory preset stations and is able to also automatically scan and look for them. Besides that, this radio has a built-in dual alarm clock, and also sleep and snooze functions too. Let’s not forget to mention that this radio’s power source is four 1.5V batteries. The AC adapter for charging comes in the box alongside the radio.

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Other, additional features

You do not have to worry about your radio’s batteries running out, you will be always notified on time to change them due to the battery power status indicator that is built into this radio.

Additionally, this radio also has a few jacks that can be used to connect other external devices to it. It has an aux-in for headphones, and also the DC-in jack.

sangean pr-d4w review

Highlight Features

  • This is a somewhat lightweight radio
  • It has an LCD display
  • This is a weather alert radio
  • It has a built-in red LCD flash and a siren
  • This radio is able to catch both AM and FM radio signals
  • Can catch all 7 NOAA weather channels
  • This radio automatically scans for stations
  • It has 25 memory preset stations
  • This radio has two alarm clocks as well as the sleep and snooze functions
  • This radio has a low battery power indicator
  • It has HWS (human wake system) built into it
  • It works on four batteries
  • The AC adapter is included in the box
  • It has a headphone and DC-in jack

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Why do we like this radio?

A lot of things have intrigued us, and we loved a lot of things about this radio as well. For instance, the fact that it has its own emergency siren in case of danger, or urgent need, is marvelous. This is a radio that we truly want to have by our sides if we ever find ourselves in danger, or if we want to stay ahead and avoid potential danger as well.

What we like about this radio

  • The size
  • The practicality
  • The LED siren
  • The radio station preset number
  • The automatic alerts

The user manual

As we have previously mentioned, the AC adapter will come alongside the radio in the box. Another great thing is that the user manual also comes with the radio in the box. This manual can help a lot, especially if you are one of those people that cannot get in the hang of technology, or does not know how radios work.

If the radio is, by chance, not in your box, you can always view the PDF format of it by clicking HERE.

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Our take on the Sangean PR-D4W

And now, we are going to be talking about our honest opinion about this radio. Besides that, we are going to be discussing is this radio is worth the money and whether or not you should buy it. Let’s go!

The Sangean PR-D4W Review [AM/FM Weather Alert Portable Radio]

Is this Sangean PR-D4W radio any good?

If you ask us, we are more than happy with the whole performance, quality and the things that this radio has done for us. So, our opinion on this matter is that the radio is truly good and is able to do all of the things it is supposed to.

After testing it for a while, this radio just became a part of our daily routine. Namely, whenever we were going for a walk, even if it was a super short walk, we have always brought this radio with us in our backpacks and bags. We simply wanted to stay alert and be ahead of some danger at all times. And, this radio did manage to keep us perfectly safe!

Why is this Sangean PR-D4W radio important and for who, why do you need it and why should you buy it?

There are many areas and countries in the world that tend to have more bad weather and extreme conditions than other countries in the world. We cannot think of a better way to stay alert at all times, so that you can react and hide properly, than this Sangean PR-D4W radio.

This radio has the power to notify you in case of an emergency so that you can stay ahead of danger at all times and remain safe. We think that people that live in those kinds of areas of the world should definitely find this radio important and consider buying it.

We can only imagine how hard it is to be woken up at night by a bad storm that may have consequences. This radio is able to protect you, and we think that it is super important to have this kind of radio lying around at home.

Price of the radio when tested: $$

Is there a better alternative?

Finding an alternative to the original, better product is always a hard thing to do. But, we did manage to find a very similar radio that is cheaper, and also has a few extra features that this Sangean PR-D4W one does not.

Take a look at this RunningSnail Emergency Crank radio on amazon. This radio costs around thirty-six dollars and it has all sorts of amazing features. For instance, it has an emergency flashlight in case you run out of power or if you find yourself lost in the woods. This is one really good emergency radio that will also keep you safe and notified.

Conclusion of the Sangean PR-D4W reviews

Finally, all that we have to say for the end is that this radio can really come in handy. You will be calm knowing that you will be alerted in case some dangerous weather conditions are about to happen, so, you do not have to worry about that.

We hope that this Sangean PR D4W radio review was somewhat helpful to you and that you might decide to buy this radio afterward!

FAQs related to Sangean PR-D4W

1. Is Sangean a good brand?

Sangean brand is one of the best radio brands out there on the market. It is for sure one of the most used and frequently bought radios ever. This company exists for years and has been building its reputation that long!



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