Sangean PR-D5 Review [A great portable radio with digital tuning & RDS]

A retro-looking radio…

The Sangean PR-D5 radio is a stylish AM FM stereo radio that can give you everything that you need. Not only will it fit perfectly into your home interior, but it will also make your life a little brighter by bringing good quality music into it.

This is a digital radio with a PLL synthesized tuner that can find all of your favorite radio stations and memorize them in seconds. Oh, and have we mentioned that the radio is available in both white and black color? Well, let’s start our Sangean PR-D5 review and see all of the things this radio can do.

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sangean pr d5 portable radio review


Why is this radio important and for who?

This radio should be considered as an important thing by people that have a good taste.  If you are one of those people that likes to keep their décor in order so that nothing stands out, this is probably the best radio for you.

Besides that, it will make you happy for sure with the performance and the great reception. All of your favorite tunes and radio stations will be blasting off in your living room all thanks to the dual speakers that this radio has.

Why do we like this radio?

First of all, this radio works perfectly and it has an amazing design. We think that the reception and the design of this radio is what we like the most. It has a minimalistic, simple, yet very modern and stylish design. We think that it is able to perfectly fit any kind of interior and décor that you may have in your room. And, a huge plus is that this radio is available in two colors, and you can choose whichever you prefer more.

What we like about this radio

  • It has a simple, yet stylish design
  • We have liked the performance
  • The reception

Let’s talk about this radio’s preferences, as well as the performance that it has shown us. At the end of this section, we will also display the cost of this Sangean PR-D5 radio, as well as the things that the box with it contains.

The design of the radio

This radio is around sixteen inches wide, and around two pounds heavy. This radio is designed that way so that it can be one of the best performing Sangean portable radios that can be found today. Even though this is a medium-sized radio, it is very powerful and capable of catching strong signals.

It has two 2.5 inch speakers that are located both on the left and the right sides of the radio, while the middle of it contains an LCD display with a backlight. Besides that, this radio also contains a whoppingly large 200mm ferrite antenna that helps a lot with the reception of the radio, and it makes the whole performance way better.

As you can see yourself, this is a very modern, retro looking radio that is available in multiple colors. You have the ability to choose whether you want this radio in white, or black color.

Sangean PR D5
Sangean PR-D5BK (Black)
Sangean PR-D5
Sangean PR-D5 (White)

Performance and specifications

This is an AM FM radio that works on 87.5-108 MHz frequency for FM signals, and on 522-1629 kHz frequency for AM signals. This radio has 10 memory preset stations, and is able to automatically seek for them due to the PLL Synthesized tuning system. In other words, this radio can find active radio stations on its own in just a couple of moments.

As we have mentioned before, this radio has two stereo speakers with Radio Data System text function that makes it a standout portable receiver.

When it comes to the power source and the power supply, this radio is capable of being powered by the AC adapter that is included in the box with it, or by 6 C batteries. It also contains an optional DC power output that enables you to have the flexibility a portable radio should have.

This radio has shown us excellent performance, and we are more than happy with the way that it worked all the time. It was able to receive signals from all of our favorite radio stations, and we got to enjoy listening to them. Overall, the performance of this radio is really good.

Other, additional features

This radio has one feature that can really come in handy. Namely, you are able to connect your portable digital player to it. Due to the 3.55 mm aux-in socket, you are allowed to connect your iPod, smartphone, or other portable device using the stereo cable. You are also able to connect your headphones using that socket.

As we have mentioned before, this radio also features a sleep timer and a human wake system buzzer alarm. You do not have to worry about sleeping in for work, you will be up and ready to go on time.

Highlighted features

  • This is a medium sized radio
  • It has dual 2.5-inch speakers
  • It has an LCD display with a backlight
  • This radio has a 200mm long antenna
  • This radio is available in two colors
  • It has a PLL synthesized tuning system
  • It also has 10 preset memory radio stations
  • This radio contains Radio Data system text function
  • The AC adapter is included in the box
  • It can work with an AC adapter or by 6 C batteries
  • It contains a DC power output
  • This radio has a human wake system buzzer alarm
  • It also contains a 3.5 mm jack for headphones or smartphones

The user manual

As we have mentioned before, the AC power adapter comes in the box with this radio, but, so does the user manual. The user manual is there to help you with all of the problems that you may experience with this radio. If it’s not working properly, you can check about your issue in the manual, and see some possible solutions. Besides that, if you do not know how to install this radio, or how to use it, the manual also contains a step-by-step guide.

If you cannot find your user manual in the box with the radio, view this PDF version HERE.

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Our take of Sangean PR D5 Review

Shall we talk about our experience and thoughts about this radio? Yes, we shall!

Price of the radio when tested: $72.70  (Check Latest Price on Amazon)

Is this radio any good?

In our own personal opinion, we have loved this radio and we consider it to be really good.

Why do you need this radio and why should you buy it?

This radio will not only look great in your room, but it will give it more style and the sound of happiness. You will be able to listen to all of your favorite tunes and radio stations anytime. And, an even better thing is that you can actually connect your phone to this radio. In other words, this radio can act as a huge powerful speaker, and you can play tunes from your phone.

We believe that these are the main reasons why you should definitely think about buying this radio.

Is there a better alternative?

We were searching on the web for a while before we were able to find a radio that can be called a decent alternative to the Sanegan PR-D one. We have found this Tecsun FM Stereo radio that is worthy of your attention.

This radio has many different features, including the alarm clock, as well as the headphone jack. And, you know what the headphones actually come with the radio in the box. It is perfect for travel due to its very convenient and practical size.

Conclusion of Sangean PR D5

This is one of those radios that charm you as soon as you see them for the first time, and also impress you later with their performance. This is a very good radio that probably has everything that one radio should have: the looks and the good performance.

We are super happy with the things that this radio has been able to do for us, and we hope that you will be too if you decide to buy it for yourself. This concludes our Sangean PR-D5 radio review, until next time!


  1. How can I improve FM radio reception?

If the radio has an antenna, fully extend it so that the radio can have a better reception. This will usually help a lot with the overall reception of the radio and not just with FM signals. Some of the antennas on radios are even 3 feet long!

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