The Sangean PR-D7 Review : AM/FM digital rechargeable portable radio (white & black)

A simple and affordable AM/FM radio… In this Sangean PR-D7 review, we will discover all of the great things that this radio is able to do.Sangean PR-D7 Review

The Sangean PR-D7 radio is a classical AM/FM radio that is easy to carry around. Since it is quite medium-sized and portable, you can easily bring it with you everywhere!

This radio will for sure bring a piece of good quality music into your life, and spice up your minimalistic décor with its white(PR-D7) and black(PR-D7 BK) design.

Are you intrigued and want to find out more about what makes this radio so wonderful? Well, let’s head straight to the point and start our Sangean PR D7 review!

In-depth Sangean PR-D7 review

Why do we like this radio?

We like this radio generally because it is a pretty simple radio that does its job well. It can play you your favorite radio stations without receiving any kind of broken signals, ever.

Besides that, its design is also pretty much attractive and perfect for people that like a minimalistic kind of style. It also has a simple LCD display with a bunch of buttons that can help you use it easily.

Generally speaking, we have loved every little thing about this radio, and we are truly happy that we got to test it out and see all of the things that it can do! What do we like about this radio?

Sangean PR-D7 am/fm radio white
  • It’s design
  • Its overall performance
  • The quality of the signal it receives
  • It works on rechargeable batteries
  • Portable but bigger than a pocket-size radio
  • Ability to use standard or rechargeable batteries

In the next section of the article, we will be describing the Sangean PR-D7 radio’s design, performance, and all of the features. We will also talk for a bit about its price and range.


The Design of the Sangean PR-D7

This radio weighs around 1.27 pounds, and it is around five inches wide. As you can see, due to the dimensions of this radio, it is totally practical and easy to carry around. Since it is portable, as a user, you will have the ability to bring it with you even on on-road car trips, or picnics.

Even though this radio is kind of small, that does not affect its performance in any kind of way. Namely, this is a small yet very powerful radio.

This radio is available both in white and black color, and we can say that it looks like a regular, modern radio. We think that it will be able to fit into any kind of interior décor, but, especially the minimalistic one, due to its prestigious design.

The left half of this radio is being occupied by one speaker, while, on the other hand, the right side of this radio is being occupied by an LCD display alongside some buttons that help with the usage.

The On and Off button is red and it is located on the face front of this radio.

The Sangean PR-D7 Review AMFM digital rechargeable portable radio (white & black)

Performance and specifications of the Sangean PR-D7

Like most of the Sangean radios, this one too is able to catch both AM and FM signals. Namely, it works on 87.5-108 MHz frequency for FM signals, and on 522-1629 kHz for AM signals. It has an automatic PLL synthesized tuning system, which means that it will be able to seek radio stations by itself.

And, of course, since it has digital tuning, it is also able to save 10 memory preset radio stations (5 for FM, and 5 AM ones), right after auto seeking for them.

When it comes to the power source of this radio, this radio works on rechargeable batteries, but, it also does come with an AC adapter in the box. And, if your batteries are about to run out, you will be notified on time by the battery power indicator, so that you can charge, or change the batteries before they run out of power.

Our experience with this radio is super great. This radio was able to provide us with an excellent sound, and also a super reception. We did not receive any kind of radio stations that have had a broken signal, which is really amazing. We have nothing but positive words for this radio’s performance.

Other, additional features

This radio, as well as other alike Sangean radios, has some additional, special features that can for sure come in handy to the user. For example, it contains a sleep timer, as well as the snooze function. But, it will also be able to wake you up in the morning if needed due to the Alarm by radio or Human Wake system buzzer.

Highlighted features

  • This is a portable radio
  • This radio has an LCD display
  • This radio has a PLL synthesized tuning system
  • This radio has 10 memory preset (5 AM/5 FM) radio stations
  • It contains a battery power indicator
  • It works on rechargeable batteries
  • Good for moving around the house/cottage or backyard, not for travel.
  • The AC adapter comes with It in the box.
  • This radio has an alarm and snooze function
  • It also has a sleep timer
  • Digital Tuning System

The user manual

When you receive this product, you will also receive a user manual with it. This user manual can help you with a lot of things, especially when it comes to setting up and properly using this PR-D7 radio. We were able to find the user manual online so that everyone reading this can see it if they are interested. You can find it by clicking HERE.

Price of the radio when tested: $59 (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

Our take on the Sangean PR D7 radio

And now, let’s talk for a while about how we tested this radio, what we think of it, and whether or not it is worth the money.

  • Excellent portable radio
  • Perfect radio for elderly: Great reception; Convenient preset buttons
  • Great small desktop radio
  • Great little cordless rechargeable radio
  • Remarkable Sound, Loud and clear!
  • Easy to Operate!
  • Best bathroom/clock radio. Better than Sangean K-200 Multi-Function Upright AM/FM Digital Radio
  • Amazing durability and Outstanding value for the price
  • A Great All-around Radio for Home or Office
  • Excellent Compact AM FM Radio

Is this Sangean PR-D7 radio any good?

Our own personal opinion and experience with this radio are super positive. We loved the way it worked in our favor, and its overall performance was really good.

Due to the wonderful design, performance, and reception, we could easily say that this radio fits in the group of our good quality radios that we love to recommend to everyone!

Why is this Sangean PR D7 radio important and for who?

This radio should be important for everyone that likes simple radios that are able to do their job well. And, this radio is just that, simple, and it gets the job done. Besides that, it is portable and medium-sized, which means that you are able to bring it with you anywhere you want, and it also has rechargeable batteries that do not run out of power that easily.

Why do you need this Sangean PR-D7 radio and why should you buy it?

We think that anyone who is seeking a good quality radio that will not cost them a lot of money should decide to buy this radio. This is a small radio with an attractive design that is able to provide you with a bunch of radio stations of good quality. The sound quality that it produces is also at the highest level possible.

Sangean PR-D5 radio, black

Besides all of that, it will for sure bring a dash of new vibrations to your room, and make it look better!

Sangean PR D7 reviews from some real buyers

 [Sample BestBuy buyer review…   1. “This radio reception is great !! better than the cheap radio’s Good speaker. Like this radio the 5 preset stations. alarm, sleep, I sleep different hours & I use it for alarm so easy to the adjust. you can see the time and radio stations at the same time. I recommend this radio I brought it on it its ratings and the ratings were right.” Read more buyer reviews at bestbuy

 [Sample eBay buyer review…   2. “Great set but use re-chargeable; this radio is well built and performs outstandingly in both bands. The only issue is you can not turn off the backlit LCD display & which drains the batteries fast. Use re-chargeable only unless you can afford boxes of the typical alkaline types. …This was our second time with this model as my wife listens at night every night till she falls asleep. this radio’s Ease of programming is another plus… We are very seniors who grew up in the world of radios.” Read more buyer reviews at eBay

Is there a better alternative?

Now, it was a bit hard for us to find an alternative that could come close to this radio this time; but, we did manage to do so after a while of searching. Take a look at this Panasonic RD-2400D AM FM radio. It costs around thirty dollars, but it is way smaller than the Sangean PR-D7 one.

Besides that, this radio also has some other features that the Sangean one does not have, for example, the Panasonic radio has an antenna that in some cases makes the reception better.

Of course, we will let you decide which one is better, and which one you like more.

Conclusion of the Sangean PR-D7 review

This radio is for sure one of those radios that are just as simple as its name sounds. The Sangean PR-D7 radio has charmed us, and we really loved its performance in any way possible. It was able to give us a good quality sound, as well as the amazing reception that did not have any kind of broken signals; even when we carried the radio with us, and around the house.

We can easily say that this radio is probably perfect for people that like to travel with a little bit of music by their side. Since it has rechargeable, durable batteries, this radio will for sure spice up your trip and make it a lot better.

In other words, we totally love this AM/FM radio and everything that it can do. And, we hope that you will love it too if you decide to buy it.

Thanks for reading our Sangean PR-D7 AM/FM Digital Rechargeable Portable Radio review!

FAQs about Sangean PR-D7 radio

1. Can we connect our headphones to the Sangean PR-D7 radio?

Yes, since this radio has a Headphone socket, you will have the ability to connect your headphones to it and enjoy your own private music session. But, have in mind that this radio does not have a USB socket, which means that you will not have the ability to connect or charge your phone through it!



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