Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker Review

A device that you might haven’t seen before…

This pillow speaker is definitely a breath of fresh air for us. We have not had the chance to test a similar device like this until now. And, we are literally dying to show you everything that it can do!

Namely, this pillow speaker, and an amplifier are built to perfectly fit under your pillow without giving you the feeling of discomfort; on the contrary, it will enable you to listen to all of your favorite tunes, podcasts, and basically anything that you want!

Are you as eager as we are to find out everything that the Sangean PS-300 pillow speaker and amplifier can do? Well, let’s not keep you waiting then!

Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker Review | Has In-line Volume Control and Amplifier


The details review of the Sangean PS-300 pillow speaker and amplifier

Since we are dying to show you every little detail of this Sangean PS-300 device, we will start right away with its What is the Sangean PS-300?

What is the Sangean PS-300 pillow speaker / amplifier?

If you have never heard about the pillow speakers and amplifiers before, we will explain to you what they are short. So, basically, these are devices that are specially designed to fit right under your pillow. These speakers are able to be connected to other devices so that you can play your favorite tunes, podcasts, or watch your TV shows quietly even. The great thing is that your significant other, or someone that is next to you will not be able to hear what you are listening to!

Why we like it

61kKolUzOVL. AC SL1500We like this pillow speaker mostly because it has an amplifier built into it! This gives you the power to listen to anything you want to privately, but, it also gives you the ability to turn on the amplifier and bring the level of loudness to the next level! What do we like about this pillow speaker?

  • It has a very convenient and practical design
  • This pillow speaker can basically fit under any kind of pillow, no matter the thickness
  • The size of it is perfect
  • The amplifier makes the enjoyment of listening to tunes way better

The Design and Features

So, this pillow speaker is available in white color only, and it could easily fit under any kind of pillow due to the amazing size and design. It is only around 3.5 inches big, and the speaker takes the most of its size. It is super flat, so it won’t cause you any kind of discomfort.

The 6.5-foot cord comes with it in the box, and it can easily reach out to your nightstand, table, or TV. You can easily place your audio device there without having the fear that you will knock it over at night!

The volume control is there to help you adjust the volume to make your listening comfort better! This Sangean PS-300 for sure brings you only the best quality sound!

Even if you use this pillow speaker amplifier for hours, its batteries won’t run out that easily. But, when they do, you can change them easily since it works on a 1AAA battery. It for sure works on a wide range of frequencies, since it can catch 100-20000 kHz.

the Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker features and specifications

The customer will be receiving a one-year warranty for this pillow speaker amplifier!


The best thing about owning one of these is that you can have your own private concert whenever you want to. Forget about headphones, this device is much better, we have seen for ourselves!

It was able to deliver a good quality sound even when we have decided to turn on the amplifier. The volume control for sure helps with adjusting the right level of the sound while listening. And, we love that it can be connected to a lot of audio devices (iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, smartphones, and even TVs)

Highlighted features

  • This device is compatible with CD players, smartphones, and even clock radios
  • Some other external devices can be connected to it, as long as they support 3.5 mm headphone jacks
  • It contains an amplifier which can be turned on and off anytime
  • It has a built-in volume control
  • It works on a wide range of frequency
  • The design is very convenient and practical
  • The size is perfect as well
  • It can easily fit under any kind of pillow

61T64OdLIzL. AC SL1500

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Our Take on Sangean PS-300 review

Let’s see right away why do you need to get one of these devices for yourself!

Why is this speaker important & why should you buy it?

This device screams privacy! You probably know that, if you have a significant other sleeping next to you, they sometimes get annoyed when you listen to some music in bed because it’s too loud. Well, you would not have to get screamed at ever again!

With the Sangean PS-300 under your pillow, you can have all of the comforts you need while blasting out your favorite tunes or even watching shows privately. The person sleeping next to you won’t hear a thing! Even if you are to AC/DC in the middle of the night!

How we picked and tested this pillow speaker

As soon as we spotted this device, we knew that we must try it out and let you guys know what we think. That was really the best decision that we have made since this pillow speaker is literally amazing!

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you for sure know that some of the battle episodes can be really loud. Well, we decided to connect this Sangean PS-300 to our TV and play one of the battle episodes. The best thing is that when we turned the amplifier on, we have had full control over the loudness. But, when the amplifier was off, only the one laying on the pillow could hear what was happening! That’s really amazing, and all of that enjoyment costs only twenty-five dollars!

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The user manual and set up

Unfortunately, we were not able to find the PDF version of the user manual that comes with the Sanegan PS-300 inside the box. Actually, we think that there is no user manual but a simple pamphlet that contains all of the necessary setup information.

But, let’s be real here, this device is simple enough already, you might not need a user manual to use it after all!

Is there a better alternative?

You could have figured it out by now- we absolutely adore this Sangean PS-300 pillow speaker amplifier. It is absolutely magical, and it works amazingly! But, we could not help but notice that the market is currently overflowing with pillow speakers from different manufacturers.

With that being said, we were able to find one pillow speaker that could easily be used instead of this Sangean PS-300 one. The C. Crane Co SSV Soft Speaker is a pillow speaker with volume control. It costs around twenty-five dollars which is very much affordable. It contains a frequency response of 20-20000 HZ. And its design is really something different! Namely, the teddy bear soft cover is there to protect your ear, and to make the overall design of this device better!

Conclusion of the Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker

If you were looking for a sign to purchase your own pillow speaker amplifier, here it is now! This Sangean PS-300 will give you all of the privacy that you might need and provide you with endless amounts of comfort while doing so.

A lot of happy customers of this device are there as proof that this device truly works, and that it has an amazing performance! Have in mind that it will be able to work perfectly under any kind of pillows. It does not matter if your pillow is flat, thin, or thick, that will not have any kind of impact on its performance!

If you decide to buy this Sanegan PS-300 pillow speaker amplifier, we would like to hear all about your experience! Thanks for joining us today in this review!


  1. Does the speaker prevent your bed partner from hearing the music?

Yes, if you put this amplifier even on the maximum of loudness, the partner beside you will still not be able to hear the music that you are listening to.

  1. Will this be audible under a foam pillow?

Yes, namely, this speaker amplifier will be able to work on different types of pillows. It does not matter if they are a bit thicker, you will still be able to enjoy listening to your music.

  1. Can this speaker amplifier be used on a TV?

It for sure can! If your TV possesses a mini headphone jack to which you can connect this device to it will be able to work just fine!

  1. Am I able to buy an extension cable for this device if I want it to be around 8ft?

Of course, you can! You are able to buy any kind of 1/8-inch stereo extension. If it has the right jack, it will work on the Sangean PS-300 for sure!



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