The Sangean RCR-20 Review – A great Digital Tuning Clock Radio

In this article, we are going to be presenting you with this Sangean RCR-20 radio. Here comes our Sangean RCR-20 review!

A smart FM-RDS (RBDS) AM radio…

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This Sangean RCR-20 radio has it all… Digital tuning, alarm clock, sleep timer, and, of course, built-in Bluetooth technology.

Have you ever wanted to listen to some music on your phone, but you wish that you have had a louder speaker next to you? Well, this radio can be used as a speaker, since you can connect your phone to it. Besides giving you the taste of all of your favorite tunes, it can also catch and play you your favorite radio stations.

Let’s start our …Sangean RCR-20 review… and see what else this radio can do.

Why is this radio important and for who?

Are you a fan of devices that have newer technology? Well, if you are, this radio might be just the right choice for you. You can easily use this radio on multiple occasions. Namely, you can play your favorite radio stations, or, you can hook up your phone to it and use it as one huge speaker.

sangean rcr-20 review

Besides that, since this is a multipurpose and multifunctional radio, you will be getting a lot for just a small amount of money.

Why do we like it

Many things are what caught our eye on this radio. The main thing is definitely its practicality. You can put it wherever you want due to its compatible size. It can also be easily carried around. Of course, since it needs a power outlet in order to work, your choices might be limited.

What we like about this radio

  • The Bluetooth technology
  • The design
  • The compatibility and practicality
  • The overall performance

The review of the Sangean RCR-20 Digital Tuning Clock Radio

Let’s start this review by talking about the design of this Sangean RCR-20 radio. You will see for yourself how this radio has a magnificent, yet very simple design. After that, we are going to be talking about the specifics and performance of this radio.

The design

This is a radio that is around fourteen inches wide, and around three pounds heavy. As you can see, it can be easily carried around due to its compatible size. This is a radio that can deliver a big sound in a small package.

This is a powerful audio radio with a ported bass tube that is specially designed for more bass and loudness compensation that is able to give better bass characteristics and is able to help deliver sound beyond its size.

Due to the bass treble and balance controls, you will be able to further adjust the sound of this radio to your liking. And, since the radio has an LCD display, with a few buttons, you will for sure manage to adjust the sound perfectly.

The middle part of this radio is being occupied by a digital LCD display, and an alarm clock, while the rest of the radio is being occupied by speakers and a ported bass. Amazon Price
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Performance and specifications

This Sangean RCR-20 radio is an FM / AM stereo radio that has digital tuning. It will be able to catch signals and your favorite radio stations as soon as you turn it on, you do not have to tune it by hand. And, it also contains 10 radio station presets by remote control.

Because we have already mentioned that this radio can catch both AM and FM signals, let’s talk about the frequency for a bit. Namely, this radio works on 87.5-108 MHz frequency for common areas (by default), and on 522-1710kHz for AM signals.

Its LCD display is around 80mm wide, which means that you can see everything perfectly clear, and adjust all of the commands with ease.

And, when it comes to the power of this Sanegan RCR-20 radio, you will not have to worry about that. If the power is out in your house, or in the area where you are, this radio will still be working, due to the battery backup that is built into it. The memory presets will also stay the same, and you will not have to rest them. This is also a great thing especially if you want to wake up in the morning with an alarm without worrying.

This radio comes with an AC adapter in the box, which means that you will not have to buy it separately. Another great thing about it is that, since it contains a USB port, you can easily connect your phone to it and wake up with a fully charged phone!

And how can we forget, this radio has a built-in Bluetooth technology (4.1 version, class II) which means that you can easily connect any other device to it and listen to all of the tunes that you want!

We are really happy with the overall performance of this radio. We have definitely adored the bass reflex design since it enhances the bass, gives a richer one, and the music sounds way better because of that.

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Other, additional features

Besides those main features that we have already mentioned, this radio also contains a few extra features that make the experience with it even better.

Namely, this radio has two alarm timers with an HWS (human wake system), and also a buzzer for the radio. Besides that, it has an adjustable sleep timer as well as a snooze function. You are also able to connect your headphones since it has an AUX-in headphone jack, and a USB socket.

Highlighted features

  • This is a digital tuning radio
  • It has 10 radio station presets
  • It contains an LCD display with an adjustable backlight
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth technology
  • It can be used for charging mobile phones
  • It contains an adjustable sleep timer, snooze function, and two alarms
  • It has a basic design
  • It also contains an AC adapter
  • Has a headphone output
  • It has a USB port
  • The bass and treble controls exist

The user manual

Of course, this radio comes with a user manual in the box! The manual must be there so that the people who cannot quite get in the hang with technology use it just as easily. And, if, by chance, you cannot find your user manual in the box alongside the radio, do not worry. We have been able to find a PDF version of it online, check it out HERE.

Our take

And now, let’s talk about our experience and an opinion that we have of this radio.

Is this radio any good?

After spending some time with this radio, and gaining enough experience with it, we can easily say that this radio is overall good.

It has been able to show us great performance, and generally satisfy our needs. The Bluetooth technology that is built into it really does come in handy, especially since we sometimes like to listen to one specific song. And, since this radio has a really good speaker and bass as well, we can enjoy listening to our favorite music from our phone on our radio!

Why do you need this radio and why should you buy it?

This radio is one of those radios that can just help you and make your everyday life way easier. If you like to work, and just generally enjoy listening to some music, this radio is then perfect for you.

Since you can connect your phone, and use it as a speaker, you do not have to listen to some boring songs on radio stations that you cannot skip. This way, you can easily play whichever song or playlist you want.

This is an inexpensive radio that will be serving you well for a long time, for sure. You will be also saving a lot of money if you buy it since there are many expensive radios available on the market, which have worse quality and cannot do their job well.

Price of the radio when tested: $$

Is there a better alternative?

Finding an alternative can often be a hard thing to do. Although, we were able to find one radio that has somewhat similar features as this Sangean RCR-20 one. Take a look at this Emerson SmartSet Alarm clock radio with a Bluetooth speaker.

Now, this radio costs around forty bucks, and it can also be connected to an Android or an iPhone. You will be able to listen to radio stations or use this radio as a speaker for your phone.

Conclusion of the Sangean RCR-20 radio review

Finally, we can say that this radio has fulfilled our expectations and that it was able to serve us well without having any kind of issues. All that we can say is that we are happy with the overall performance of the radio, and it was truly worth the money.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet good radio, this one should definitely be on your shopping list. This is the end of our Sangean RCR-20 review, we hope that it was helpful to you!


1. Are Sangean radios available in Europe?

Well yes, Sangean radios are also available in Europe, and not just the USA. Actually, you are able to get your Sangean radio wherever you are in the world, because they sell worldwide, and are one of the most famous radio brands ever.



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