The review on Sangean SG-112 AM/FM multi-powered weather emergency radio

Do you want to be safe whenever you go on a trip?

Is safety the first thing that worries you whenever you go on a trip, a hike, or on some kind of camping in the woods?

Well, if you are afraid of bad weather bringing you harm, worry no more! The Sangean SG-112 radio is a perfect public alert certified radio which you will be able to find on the market. It also has a very competitive price!

Interested in finding out more details about this multi-powered weather alert radio?

We are here to tell you all of the important things which you should know before buying the Sangean SG-112 radio.

The review on Sangean SG-112 AM/FM multi-powered weather emergency radio


The details Sangean SG-112 review at a glance

What is the Sangean SG-112?

The Sangean SG-112 represents a revelation when it comes to the weather alert radios. Namely, this radio will not only notify you of some dangerous weather circumstances which are coming your way, but it will also make your trips way more fun by adding a little bit of music to them. Since it can catch both AM and FM radio signals, you will always be able to tune into your favorite radio stations and never miss another radio show.

Why do we like it?

This model is definitely a very nice addition to our collection of radios. It for sure makes us feel more secure, and it is great for when we go camping in the woods. Since we adore nature, our camping trips are something that we do regularly. You cannot imagine the number of times bad weather has caught us off guard and ruined our trip eventually. With this radio by our side, we will stay ahead of all dangerous obstacles that may cause us harm, and remain safe at all times.

But, besides the fact that the SG-112 is a radio that cares about your safety, we have also loved some other things about it. What we liked about the SG-112

  • The design is very practical
  • It can be carried around easily
  • It is able to fit into your pockets and hands as well
  • This is one of the cheapest weather alert radios

We are super eager to talk about all of the features that this radio contains. So, let’s see what the fuss is all about right away

The design and features

There is no chance that you won’t notice that this radio is available only in green color with some black parts. The green color really gives us some kind of military vibe, and maybe that is why we feel so safe with it. Oh, and, the size is also perfect. Namely, this radio is around six inches long

When mentioning the size of this radio, we cannot forget to mention its design as well. It is designed that way so that it can be carried around easily without getting in the user’s way. Its right half is being occupied by one giant powerful speaker, while, the left half contains an LCD display with orange backlighting. The backlight for sure helps with the navigation throughout the radio in the dark, since it can easily be spotted.

Since this radio is able to work on both AM and FM frequencies, that means that you will always be able to listen to your favorite radio stations, no matter where you are- its reception is amazing, but, more on that later. To be more precise, the SG-112 is able to catch 87.5-108 MHZ and 5221710 kHz frequencies. On top of that, 19 preset stations are already waiting for you!

Whenever there is some kind of weather emergency coming your way, this radio will notify you of the tie. There are severe weather warning methods that the SG-112 supports. One of those methods includes an LED flashlight and a loud emergency buzzer.


The reception of the SG-112 is truly amazing, and you won’t be experiencing any kind of signal dropouts while using it.

The battery is able to last for hours. And the good thing is that it is powered by a high-power 850mAh lithium-ion battery which can be recharged by three methods. The first method is by using the hand crank at the top of the radio, the second one is by USB, and the third one is just simply by placing it in the sunlight. Since it has solar panels, you will never run out of battery as long as the sun is high up in the sky.

We forgot to mention that the SG-112 contains a USB slot. With that being said, you can charge it by connecting it to the power source, and, you can also charge other media devices through the radio just by connecting them together via USB cable.71Nmuysum0L. AC SL1500

Highlighted features

  • It is only available in green color
  • This is a weather alert radio
  • It contains an LED flashlight
  • It has an LCD display with an orange backlighting
  • This radio can be charged in three different ways
  • Other devices can be connected to it via a USB cable
  • It is able to catch both AM and FM frequencies
  • It is also featured with an emergency buzzer
  • The speaker which is built into it is powerful
The price of this multi-powered weather alert radio when we tested it out: was $90

The user manual and set up

To learn how to use the Sangean SG-112 properly, you can simply check the user manual which you have received with the unit in the box. If, by any chance, you have not received any kind of user manual in your box- worry not, we have a solution for you. Just by clicking HERE, you will be taken to a website where you can easily find the manual and read all of the things that interest you.

Our take on the Sangean SG-112

And, if you follow us for quite some time, you know that we love to give out our opinion of the devices which we test out. Let’s see if the Sangean SG-112 is really worth your money.

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Should you buy this radio, and is it worth the money?

If you are a person that goes on small trips, hikes, or occasional camping trips, then, you for sure need to have one of these by your side. The bad boy SG-112 will be providing you with all of the safety that you need. Never again will you be unpleasantly surprised by bad weather that ends up ruining your day, or, even worse, your whole trip! With this radio in your possession, you will manage to avoid those kinds of circumstances all the time!

Oh, and its price is more than reasonable and affordable. We have had some free time to check the market and we have come to the conclusion that there are many other models, from different brands which offer basically the same features for a similar device, but whose prices are very high.

Is there any kind of an alternative for it?

Considering that, after our search of the market we only found devices with similar features and quality but whose prices are so high up, we won’t be displaying any kind of alternative model for the SG-112. Instead of that, we will let you do your own research before purchasing anything. If you think that some other, more expensive model is better than the Sangean SG-112, go for it, and purchase it. But, in our own personal opinion, we think that the SG-112 model is one of the few which has the quality and the price range at the same level.

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In conclusion Sangean SG-112 review

Finally, we can say that this would definitely be one of our top choices and one of our must-have items if we would have decided to go on a trip right now. It will definitely bring us all of the fun we need, and keep us safe while doing so. What more could you ask from a radio like this one?

Go ahead, if you have decided that you need to own a weather alert model radio, the Sangean SG-112 might be the perfect one for you! We hope that you will enjoy it (if you purchase it) as much as we have enjoyed spending time with it while testing it.


What is the difference between this model and the MMR-88 one?

Okay, so this model is definitely cheaper, so, the pricing is one of the most important differences between these two. On another note, some less important thing is that they have different colors. Generally speaking, these two models are very much similar.



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