Sangean U3 Review [AM/FM ultra-rugged & water-resistant digital tuning Radio]

A basic, Intuitive Controls, Impressive Design, Portable Radio, and Decent Price. This is perfect for outdoor, it works no matter where we use it like Worksite, Beach radio; Big and Tough Radio…

The Sangean U3 radio is a basic, AM FM digital radio that is able to give you the sound of good quality music that you have been needing. Namely, this radio has a digital PLL synthesized tuner which basically does all of the work instead of you. In other words, this radio is able to find the best quality radio stations by itself in the blink of an eye.

If this sounds good to you, proceed to the next section of this …Sangean U3 review… in order to find out if you need this radio, and why is that so.

Why is Sangean U3 Radio important and for who?

Anyone that wants to enjoy listening to good quality music should consider buying one of these Sangean U3 radios for themselves. It will be able to deliver you the kind of satisfaction that you have needed and will make you happy.

After testing this radio on our vehicle, we can for sure say that it is one of the best ones that we have seen in a while. So, we totally recommend it to people that just like the good sound of music.

Why do we like Sangean U3?

91N39FwMi8L. AC SL1500Oh, there are a bunch of things that we like about this radio. We could write one whole radio naming the things that we adore. But, we will try to keep it short and to only point out the things that we adore the most.

Namely, the performance of this water-resistant Sangean U3 radio is out of this world! We loved that it has 10 station memory presets and that is, as we have already mentioned, water-resistant and durable. The sound that this radio creates was super clear, and we loved the range of radio stations that we received and were able to choose from.

What we like about this radio

  • The water-resistant and durable design
  • The LCD display
  • The feature that allows you to listen to the radio on your headphones
  • The whole performance of this radio

The review of the Sangean U3 Ultra Rugged and Water Resistant Radio

Okay, so now, we are going to be presenting you with the Sangean U3 radio. We will be showing you all of the things that this radio can do, as well as the technical stuff and the specifications. So, let’s begin.

The Design of the radio

This radio is around fourteen inches wide and is around 9.5 pounds heavy. This radio is designed to withstand the extreme conditions. In other words, it is water-resistant. It consists out of a mount protective roll cage armor that is very strong.

The front of this radio is being occupied by one huge speaker that takes up most of the radio’s space. The speaker is also water-resistant with high-quality full-range sound, as well as the ability to provide sufficient audio quality, especially in noisy environments or occasions.

This is a modern-looking radio that is actually really attractive. It is available in a dark, vivid, blue color while the other parts of it are black. This radio also has an LCD display with a clock and all other radio information.

You have probably never seen a rugged radio that is able to hold and not break due to an accidental dropping or other ragged abuse, well, this radio is just that.

Performance and specifications

This Sangean Ultra Rugged radio is an AM/FM radio that has a digital PLL synthesized tuning system. In other words, you do not have to move your pinky, because this radio will tune itself. The tuning is very precise and this radio has 10 station memory presets (with 5 AM and 5 FM stations).

As you can see, this radio has the ability to catch both FM and AM signals. The frequency for FM radio stations is around 87.5-108 MHz. While, on the other hand, the frequency for AM / MW stations is around 520-1710 kHz.

The speaker on this radio is around 6.5 inches wide, and it has a full range, as well as the dynamic bass compensation for a richer, and deeper bass. It has an excellent sound performance, as well as high sensitivity.

When it comes to the power supply, this radio works on 6 attached power cord batteries. They do not come in the package alongside the radio, so, the user will have to buy them separately. Besides that, this radio also has a 7W AC adapter. Have in mind that you can also charge this radio through your vehicle.

We have already mentioned that this Sanegan U3 radio has one huge speaker that takes up much space of the whole radio. After testing it, we have come to the conclusion that this radio is able to produce a sound that is super clear, and loud too. The bass is there to enhance the sound and make it even better!

Sangean U3 Radio Review | A good AM/FM ultra rugged & water resistant digital tuning Radio

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Other, additional features

We have pretty much mentioned all of the radio’s features and what it can do. It does not really have other special features. But, it does have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means that you can enjoy listening to music on your headphones whenever you want to.

Besides that, we have already mentioned that this radio has a backlit LCD display and that it is very sensitive. But, it also has two alarms that can be snoozed off, as well as an adjustable sleep timer. You can also connect your iPod or an MP3 to it since it has an AUX-in port.

Another great thing that certainly comes in handy is the ability to charge cell phones. This is a great thing especially if you decide to bring this radio out for camping and your phone battery is about to die.

Highlighted features

  • This radio is water-resistant and ultra-rugged81kLszUabFL. AC SL1500
  • This radio has an LCD display
  • Has available in Blue/black color
  • This radio possesses a digital PLL synthesized tuning system
  • It has a 10-station memory preset
  • It works on FM and is the frequency
  • It has a dual alarm with a snooze function
  • It also has an adjustable sleep timer
  • You can connect your headphones to it
  • It has a protective roll cage for a better durability
  • This radio works on 6 D batteries
  • It has an AC adapter as well
  • This radio has a headphone jack
  • It also has an AUX-in port
  • It can auto-scan for radio stations
  • It has the ability to charge phones

The user manual

The user manual should come in the box alongside the radio. The AC cable and all other components should be there as well. If by some chance, a user does not receive the manual in the box, they can view the PDF format by clicking HERE.

Price of the radio when tested: $118


Our take on the Sangean U3 radio review

And now, let’s talk for a bit about our thoughts and experience with this radio. We have been testing it for a while and we have now formatted an opinion that is worth sharing.

Is this radio any good?

After spending enough time testing this radio, we have come to the conclusion that this radio, is in fact, a good one. It has been able to perform well, and it did everything it was supposed to. The quality of the actual radio and the materials that it was made of is at a high level, and we think that the radio cannot break that easily.

Besides that, the performance was amazing as well. The radio automatically searched and found all of our favorite radio stations, and we got to enjoy the clear, loud sound of our favorite songs and artists.

Why do you need Sangean U3 Radio and why should you buy it?

The price of this radio is very reasonable, and we think that you would be actually saving by making this purchase. See things this way, why buy cheaper radios that have poor quality and which will serve you for at least a month, when you can buy a perfectly good radio for just a few bucks more?

You will be saving a lot of money like that. Besides, our recommendation is to buy it because you will be getting an amazing performance and quality that will for sure not disappoint you. Watch more

Is there a better alternative?

We have tried to search the web for a bit in order to find an alternative version of this radio, and after a while of searching, we did manage to find a radio that has a somewhat good quality. Check out this Eton Ultimate Camping radio with the SAME technology.

This radio can be used for charging your phone, as well as a solar panel. This radio also has Bluetooth technology that will allow you to stream music from your phone to this radio’s speakers. Besides that, this radio is able to catch up on weather alerts so you will be staying alert wherever you go.


Our final words are nothing but only positive words of affirmation towards this radio. This radio is truly worth your attention and we think that anyone who has some taste would enjoy the company of this Sangean U3 radio.

We were glad that we got to test it out and to share our thoughts with you in this Sangean U3 radio review.


1. Who makes Sangean radios?

Sangean radios are being made in several places across the world. The main headquarters are in Taiwan, Taipei, and in China.



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