The Sangean U4 Review : AM/FM/RBDS Weather Alert Digital Tuning Radio

A rechargeable digital weather alert radio receives all 7 NOAA weather channels

This bad guy might be one of the best digital weather alert radios which you have ever seen. Namely, the Sangean U4 radio is really way different than all of the other, basic weather alert radios which you have been running into so far. The U4 does not only have Bluetooth technology built into it, but it is also made out of resistant, waterproof materials.

You are about to see all of the amazing things that the Sangean U4 radio contains. But, what’s also amazing about it is definitely its affordable price. Even if you try to look for a better weather alert radio for less than $150, you won’t be able to find it.

Let’s see what else is so amazing about this receiver with our editor’s Sangean U4 Review…

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What is the Sangean U4?

So, basically, the Sangean U4 is a utility and a weather alert radio. This is an amazing combo since usually utility radios do not have the weather alert feature. With the Sangean U4 by your side on the construction site, you will not only remain entertained all the time while you are working, but you will also remain safe since it will be able to notify you of all of the possible dangerous weather obstacles that are about to hit your area.

Why do we like the Sangean U4?

As you can see, everything about this radio is pretty much attractive. Let’s start with its design first, it has very nice and practical dimensions, and, the yellow color makes it easily visible in the dark. On top of that, the built-in smart battery charger will make sure that your batteries are always full and ready to work.

The good thing about that smart charger is that you can even charge your smartphone if you connect it to the radio.91gN7TvuEcL. AC SL1500

To make things easier, we will just put all of the Sangean U4’s features that we like in the table below:

  • The attractive design
  • The huge speaker
  • The large LCD display with backlighting
  • The dustproof and waterproof design
  • The ability for its batteries to last for hours
  • For Power Source
  • NOAA Weather Radio

The Sangean U4, an ultra-rugged smart rechargeable digital tuning radio review

So, let’s describe briefly this radio so that you can see all of the amazing things it is supposed to do.

The Design and Features

The Sangean U4 is not quite that small. To be precise, this radio is around 12 inches wide, and it weighs around 11 pounds. As you can see, this radio can be carried around, but it is for the best if you place it somewhere where you won’t need to move it that often.

This radio is built that way to be rain, dust, and shock resistant which makes it the perfect job site radio. It contains IP64 water and dust resistance, and, in addition to that, it also has a built-in protective roll cage which makes it even more resistant to the outside factors.

Using it is very easy since it contains an easy-to-read LCD display with a white backlight. The display contains a clock and the radio station information, but, in addition to that, it also has a dual alarm feature with a snooze function.

This radio definitely fits in the group of modern Jobsite radios. Namely, it contains modern features like Bluetooth technology and Aux-in. The Bluetooth technology allows the user to connect this radio with their smartphone and to play any kind of music or programs which they would like to listen to. If you want some privacy while streaming your favorite music, simply connect your headphones to the U4 and begin your private session (this is possible due to the built-in standard 3.5 mm headphone jack).

As the name itself says, this is an NOAA weather alert radio which can receive all 7 NOAA weather alert channels. The user will automatically be notified of all of the hazardous conditions that might surprise you, which means that you will have enough time to prepare yourself and react a certain way.

Besides that, this is also a standard AM FM radio which can receive strong signals with a wide range of frequencies (87.5-108 MHz for FM signals, and, 520-1710 kHz for AM frequencies). The huge speaker is there to make sure that you have an amazing experience while listening to your favorite music since it contains also a treble control and rotary bass.

The Sangean U4 Review : AM/FM/RBDS Weather Alert rechargeable digital tuning radio receives all 7 NOAA weather channels


We can say that the performance of the U4 has been really good. Namely, it has been able to catch distant signals and easily keep them strong. We received lots of radio stations which we were able to enjoy listening to. Even the Bluetooth feature has been working awesomely!

We must mention that this radio works on six 1.5V batteries which are able to last for hours. Even if you need to recharge them, the charging process will only last a while since the radio itself contains a built-in smart battery charger. On top of that, it is also featured with a phone charger so that you can charge your phone anytime it is connected to the unit.

Highlighted features

  • This is a standard-sized radio
  • This is an NOAA weather alert radio
  • It contains a Bluetooth feature
  • It works on six 1.5V batteries
  • It is featured with a phone charger
  • This radio can work on a wide range of frequencies
  • Headphones can be connected to it
  • The LCD display is big, equipped with a white LED backlight, and is easily readable
  • The radio is also featured with a dual alarm, the HWS, and a snooze function

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The user manual and set up

For all of those who are interested in reading some more information about the Sangean U4, we have found the user manual in PDF format. The user manual comes with every unit inside of the box, but, you can read the full version of it in the PDF format just by clicking HERE.

The price of this ultra-rugged rechargeable digital tuning radio when tested: $250

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Our take on the Sangean U4 review

Interested in knowing what we think of the Sangean U4? Well, let us tell you our opinion in the continuation of this article.

Should you buy this radio, and is it worth the money?

Are you a Jobsite worker who would like to make their shifts just a little bit interesting? Well, this radio is the perfect thing that could make your everyday boring job fun. Just bring it to work, play some music and look at your motivation going up.

Even if you are a family person, you might need to have a radio like this on in your home. Since this is an NOAA weather alert radio, you should definitely own it in your house just in case. You will be notified on time if some dangerous weather is about to hit your area. Owning a radio like this one is definitely good if you live in areas that have unstable climates.

Is there any kind of an alternative for it?

We have found several alternative models which can serve the purpose as well. Check out this NOAA weather alert rechargeable radio. It costs only around $36, which means that it is more than affordable. Check out the website link which we left you above in order to see the full list of features that this radio has.

To be honest, even if you purchase it and end up not being happy with its performance, you have nothing to lose. Since it has a very cheap price, the money loss can be forgotten.

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In conclusion

There is absolutely no doubt that the Sangean U4 is up to the task to keep you safe if you are working, or if you are at home, or generally no matter where you are. Whether you decide to buy this model or not, is totally up to you, but, are more than sure that you will love its performance and everything that it has to offer you.

And, if you are a proud owner of the Sangean U4 radio already, we would love to know what you think about it! Let us know!


Is this radio-loud?

Yes, this radio is super loud since it contains a large speaker with bass control.

Is it possible to hook up a CD player to this radio?

Yes, of course, it is possible! Since this radio contains a headphone jack, which is also usually a CD player output, you can just connect these two together. After that, you can enjoy listening to any kind of songs you want from your CDs.

Am I able to hook some other additional speakers to this radio?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot do that. This radio only has a headphone jack and not an additional speaker jack. But, you won’t have the need to connect any additional speakers to it since it can produce a very loud sound.

Keep your family safe and entertained at the same time with one of the Sangean U4 radios in your possession.



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