The Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio Review

A classical Sangean internet radio…

If you are in need of a radio that has good reception, has great design, and is super affordable, then you might need to give this Sangean WFR-28 radio some of your attention.

Namely, this Sangean internet radio is able to catch around fifteen thousand radio stations from all around the world. And, we believe that you will like the fact that you can easily control the radio by using your phone.

Since this is one truly magnificent radio, let’s head over straight to the …Sangean WFR-28 review… part and see what else it can do.

In-depth Sangean WFR-28 review

Why do we like this radio?
We were truly pleasantly surprised when we saw that we can literally play radio stations from Japan, Norway, and basically, radio stations that are so far away from us, on the other side of the world. This was one thing that we loved about this radio. And, the design is just so classical which we also adore.
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  • The ability to connect to the internet
  • The design
  • The color
  • The overall performance of it




We will first start by describing this radio’s design, and then we will move on to its features, and pricing.

The Design of the Sangean WFR-28

This radio is a genuinely medium-sized radio that weighs around two pounds and is around fourteen inches wide. It is available in only one color- black, which makes it elegant and easy to fit into any kind of home interior.

This radio contains an easy-to-read LCD display with a backlight and around ten radio station presets (5 for internet radio stations, and 5 for FM ones).

The left side of this radio is being occupied by one big speaker, while on the other hand, the right side contains the high-resolution LCD display, alongside the buttons that will help with tuning and operating the whole radio.

Performance and specifications of the Sangean WFR-28

The Sangean WFR-28 is an internet radio that is able to catch around 15-20 thousand internet channels and podcasts. You will be able to control this radio also with an application that can be downloaded on your phone. This application is also available for both IOS and Android devices, and it represents a true revelation when it comes to radio technology.

That application allows users to have full control over the media and music streaming from a local computer or NAS device. The user will also be able to have full control over the FM functions.

The name of the application is Undok, and it can even allow users to connect to Spotify and to listen to their own playlists on the Sangean WFR-28 directly. In other words, this Sangean radio is able to act like one huge speaker that can produce good quality, loud sound.

When it comes to the frequency that it is able to work on, it works on around 87.5-108 MHz for FM signals and around 2.4-2.4835 GHz for WiFi (internet) signals.

With this radio, you will be able to access many radio stations and podcasts from all around the world. And, you will have the option to save those stations by marking them as your Favorites in the menu.

Since this radio comes with a customized EQ, you will be able to adjust the bass and the treble level as you please. We loved this radio, and its performance truly surprised us. We were able to enjoy listening to our favorite radio stations and even connect our phones with them. Can you imagine how things are super easier when you can just change the song on the radio from your phone? The sound was amazing and loud, full of rich bass that enhanced our whole experience with this radio.

Let’s not forget to mention that this radio operates on batteries so that it can be mobile, but, it also is able to use an AC charger when the batteries run out of power. The AC charger comes with the radio in the box.

The Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio Review


Other, additional features

Additional features on this radio are actually the basic features that any kind of radio has. For example, this radio has two alarm timers and buzzers, as well as a snooze function.

And, you can also connect your headphones to it due to the headphone jack. But, you are also able to charge your phone through it, since it has a USB socket.

Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio

Highlighted features

  • This is a medium sized radio
  • This radio contains an LCD display with a backlight
  • This is an internet radio
  • You are able to connect an IOS or an Android device to this radio via an application
  • This radio has a rich bass and loudspeakers
  • It comes with an AC charger in the box
  • It comes with the customized EQ
  • You can charge your phone through this radio due to the USB socket
  • It has a headphone jack
  • This radio contains a sleep timer, a buzzer, and a snooze function

The user manual

Like all other Sangean radios, this one comes with a user manual too. The user manual is available in multiple languages so that people from all around the globe can use it and understand it well. We were able to find an online version of this manual, and you can read it by clicking HERE.

Price of the radio when tested: $142.77

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Our take on Sangean WFR 28 review

Do you want to find out what we think about this radio and how the testing process went? Well, keep reading this article to see if we think that this radio is good or not.

Is this Sangean WFR-28 radio any good?

Yes! This radio is marvelous and amazing! We loved every little thing about it, especially the fact that we could basically listen to any kind of radio station from around the world. If you ask us, we think that this radio is worth the money and that it can offer you a lot of amazing things.

Why is this Sangean WFR-28 radio important and for who?

If you are a person that likes new technology, you will for sure find this radio super important. It is one true revelation, and since it can grant you access to worldwide radio stations, we think that you will adore it just as much as we do.

This is also a good investment that will not cost you a lot of money, but that will bring you much joy. Instead of just buying a speaker, you will be getting a 2-in-one device (a radio, and a good quality speaker).

Why do you need this Sangean WFR-28 radio and why should you buy it?

The answer is pretty much simple, anyone that would like to enjoy a little bit of music from all around the world should consider buying this radio. You will have the ability to choose from around fifteen thousand radio stations from different parts of the globe.

Besides that, if you are a bit lazy person that gets annoyed when they have to get up out of bed just so that they can change the song; this radio might be perfect for you. Since you can connect your phone or other devices to it, you can easily change the song, or play whatever you want from your phone to your radio.

Is there a better alternative?

We were looking for a while before we stumbled upon a radio that has similar features to this one. Take a look at this Ocean Digital WIFI internet radio. This is basically a smaller, cheaper version of the Sanegan WFR-28 radio that has poorer quality. But, it will for sure get the job done, and bring you the pleasure of good music.

Conclusion of the Sangean WFR-28 radio reviews

This is for sure one of our favorite radios that we got to test and review so far. It is really something different, and we loved its overall performance. Since it was able to literally do anything that the manufacturer said, we can easily say that this is one good quality radio that is totally worth the money.

The sound quality that the speakers of this radio produce will for sure bring you the same amount of joy that it has brought to us if you decide to buy it. We think that you will not end up disappointed and that this radio is able to serve well for years.

This concludes our Sangean WFR-28 radio review, we hope that you were able to find out and learn something new from us today. Feel free to share your experience with us if you are an owner of this kind of radio.


1. How old is the Sangean company?

The Sangean company has been established back in 1974 and makes it up and running for around 40 years now.



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