Sangean WR-11 Review | AM/FM tabletop radio for clear & static free listening!

Who does not like vintage radios?

This radio really took our breath away! When we first saw it, we instantly thought that we were going to fall in love with this radio, and we totally did!

This Sangean WR-11 Wooden Cabinet FM/ AM analog radio really blew us away with its looks and performance, and we are pretty sure that you will be impressed as much as we are right now. Sangean recently also released the new model of the Sangean WR-11 radio, the WR-11 SE radio.

So, without further ado, let’s start our discussion and the Sangean WR-11 review right away!

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Why we like it

We definitely like this radio because of its design and the performance that it has shown us. The design is just perfect for those old souls that enjoy being in the presence of things that look old. We loved the sound that this radio was producing because it was so clear and loud.

  • Has a standard headphone jack
  • Has a universal AC power adapter.
  • The design is retro; vintage
  • Providing clear, excellent sound & static-free listening
  • best sounding tabletop radio

Performance, features, additional interesting stuff about the Sangean WR-11 radio, review

We would like to begin with the actual Sanegan WR-11 radio review. In this section of the article, we will be talking about the radio’s performance, design, features, and other specifications.

We have picked this radio for testing because we thought that it looked really cool and vintage and that it will give us that retro sound that we have been seeking, and we were totally right.

Let’s begin…..

The Design radio has definitely a different kind of design from all of the other radios that we have reviewed so far. Namely, the outside of this radio is made of wood it is actually a walnut wooden cabinet. The left half of the radio is being occupied by a bass speaker, and the right half is occupied by buttons and an LCD display with a backlight.

This radio has a total number of three buttons. One is for analog tuning, and the other two are for adjusting the sound that the radio produces.

We could say that this radio is a middle-sized radio that is around 10 inches wide, and it weighs around 0.5oz. In other words, this radio is pretty heavy, and therefore, it is not meant to be carried around all the time.

This radio contains a 3 inches full-range speaker with an Enlarged magnet, and we can say that it looks pretty classy.

Performance and specifications

This Sangean wooden cabinet receiver radio is actually an FM and AM analog radio. It does not tune automatically and you have to do all of the work by hand. We think that this is pretty great since the radio gives us retro vibes. The tuning is soft and precise and not that hard.

This radio is able to catch both FM and AM radio signals. The frequency for FM signals that this radio can catch is between 87.5 and 108MHz. While, on the other hand, the frequency for AM channels is between 570 and 1710kHZ.

What is interesting is that this radio actually has both EUR and USA AC power supply, which enables super easy charging and you do not have to worry about different power inputs.

As we have already mentioned, this Sanegan WR-11 radio has one speaker with deep bass compensation. The sound it produces is really clear and light.

As we have said before, this radio will work only when It is directly connected to the power source. It does not have any kind of spare batteries built in it, and will only work when it is connected via an AC cable cord to a power source.

Other, additional features radio does not have that kind of important additional features. We would like to point out that it does have a 3.5mm standard headphone jack if you would like to have a private listening session. Besides that, this radio has DC-in, Aux-in, and AC-in jacks as well. And, it contains an FM F type terminal antenna too.

Technical Spec:

  • The tuner is Analog AM/FM
  • None Presets
  • Controls by Rotary dial with AM/FM selector switch
  • This has Analog band with backlight and LED tuning indicator Display
  • This is Wooden MDF Cabinet
  • Speaker has 3″ full-range driver (7W)
  • Inputs has 3.5mm AUX-In and Outputs has Record-Out, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Dimensions size is  9-3/5″ x 4-3/5″ x 6-1/8″
  • Weight is 5 lb 3.11 oz

User manual

If you decide to buy this radio, you will be receiving all of the necessary components with it in the box; including an AC cable cord and the user manual. The user manual is able to help you set up your radio and tune it. You will see that the user manual contains all of the necessary information that you need to know about this radio, as well as the safety instructions, and how to handle your radio properly.


We believe that one of the most important things, whenever you are buying some electronic device, is the warranty; and Snagean company thinks so too because it offers a three-year warranty to all of the buyers that order their radio off from Amazon.

Our take of the Sangean WR-11 Review

In the next section of this article, you will be reading our thoughts about this radio and our point of view.

After spending some time with this radio, we are pleased to say that this radio is very good. We are really happy with its performance and the way its design perfectly fits any room. It brings that kind of an old, vintage feeling to the room and makes it better with its appearance.

We would have to say that you should buy this radio because its price is affordable and reasonable. Besides that, there is a sea full of radios with worse quality than this one, and we have nothing but positive thoughts and comments about this radio. This radio really does have pretty amazing features, as you could read in the previous section of this article. We believe that if you are a person that likes vintage lookalike things, then, this radio is just perfect for you.

Why is this radio important and for who?

This radio is important for those people that love good quality, clear sound of music to fill in the silence in their room. It is also for those people that do not know how to use those fancy new technology radios. This one is pretty easy to use, and it does not require some skills in order to use it.

And, if you are wondering why do you need this radio and do you really need it, our answer is a totally strong yes. You will not be disappointed at all if you decide to buy it, because this radio is truly perfect in any way imaginable. This radio is a must-have because it, first of all, looks amazing, and has a really cool design, and secondly, produces a clear, good sound. Besides that, it has some other additional features that we had found very helpful.


We will be ending this article with nothing but good feelings and happy thoughts about this radio. The testing time that we got to spend with this device was truly magnificent, and we are very happy with this radio’s performance and the sound that it produces.

So far, none of the Sangean radios that we have tested have disappointed us, we were really happy with their quality and features. We would like to recommend this Sanegan WR-11 radio to everyone that likes vintage lookalike things in their room, and that likes the good sound of music.

Sangean WR-11-radio

Sangean WR-11-spec


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