Sangean WR-2 Review (AM/FM-RBDS wooden cabinet digital tuning radio receiver)

The Definitive Review of Sangean WR-2 (Color: Black, Walnut, White); Find out everything about the Sangean WR-2 needs to know

The market for home audio equipment has so many options that even when you know your budget and the features you would like your radio to offer, there are still so many options that it can feel impossible to choose one.

Today we will make a thorough assessment of the Sangean WR-2 AM/FM-RBDS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning radio and review some of the advantages and disadvantages that this unit has in relation to the rest of the field of competitors.

Sangean WR-2 Review (AM/FM-RBDS wooden cabinet digital tuning radio receiver)The Sangean WR2 is designed for users who are looking for a radio to put in their home that will provide a warm, clear sound while maintaining a classic aesthetic that will look great on any bookshelf or cabinet.

If you are in search of a radio with a user-friendly interface that you can control remotely from the comfort of your couch, the WR-2 may be just the unit for you.

However, find out everything about the Sangean WR-2 All features and specifications of this radio are explained. A detailed Sangean WR-2 review of all advantages and disadvantages of this page…


The Details Sangean WR-2 Review

Why We Like this

There are several reasons why the Sangean WR-2 caught our eye and kept us coming back with its great functionality and user-friendly interface:

  • Appearance: The WR-2 has a sleek look that seamlessly brings together the appearance of a classic radio interface with the modern aspect of a high-quality LCD display. The display has 8 different brightness levels to accommodate all types of users and environments. It is available in white, black, or a walnut finish, which is a personal favorite because it is similar to antique cabinet radio units from fifty years ago.
  • Reception: It has connectors for external AM and FM antennas, but the reception using just the internal antennas is among the strongest compared with similar units. Connecting it to an external FM antenna gave an excellent signal, especially on channels that are not particularly strong in that area.
  • Sound: The WR-2 produces a warm, deep sound that is not as bassy as most modern radio speakers. There are bass and treble controls so you can customize the sound exactly to your liking. It is also quite loud when the volume is turned all the way up. The interface also features a “loudness on/off” button to enhance its range depending on the space it is placed in.
  • Simple Interface: Though the WR-2 supports many features and customization options, the interface is very straightforward and easy to use. The volume and tuning knobs allow for precise adjustment and are synced with the digital display so it’s easy to know exactly which level or channel you are on. The button design is also a familiar one so that anyone who has used a radio will figure them out quickly.



Exploring the Sangean WR-2’s Features and Specifications

Now that we have highlighted some of its strong points, let’s take a closer look at all that the WR-2 has to offer so you can have a clear idea of how to compare it with other home radio units in its price range.

As mentioned above, the WR-2 has an appealing design that features a classic metallic interface housed in a wooden cabinet to give it an antique feel. The 3.5”x2.17” LCD display is easy to read and has 8 brightness levels so you will never have trouble reading the screen in any environment.

The WR-2 also has a 3-inch 7W speaker with an enlarged magnet, which produces quite the volume level for its size. The sound quality is excellent and both the bass and treble can be adjusted to suit your ears or the acoustics of the space it is in. There is also a loudness enhancer that can increase the speaker’s range.

The WR2 also supports an external antenna terminal, but the internal antennas alone give quality reception and range. There are 10 memory presets (5 AM and 5 FM) as well as a scan feature to easily cycle through stations. The frequency ranges from 87.5-108FM and 520-1710AM.

It operates using a PLL synthesized tuning system and offers bass compensation for richer bass quality. Although it does not have Bluetooth connectivity, there is an AUX-In terminal that allows you to connect it with external devices.

The WR-2 has a 9-15 Voltage power adaptor socket for both vehicle and traditional outlet powering. However, it does not support an internal battery and relies exclusively on an outside source of electricity, making it not a viable option for mobile use.

The radio also doubles as an alarm clock with an adjustable timer and snooze function. You can set it to wake up to the traditional buzzer or a preset AM or FM radio station of your choice.

However, it is important to note that you can only set one alarm at a time and some users have reported having difficulty navigating the alarm menu. As is the case with most alarm clocks, the buzzer is designed to really wake you up and some may find it very annoying.

The WR-2 also comes equipped with a remote control that enables you to do all the basic functions of the radio from across the room. You will also receive a user’s manual so you can further familiarize yourself with all that it has to offer.

The WR-2 is relatively small considering all that it offers but is weighted and durable in a way that makes it feel well-crafted. It is 9.45”x4.41”x 7.61” and weighs approximately 5lbs. 11oz.

A Sangean WR-2 retails at $149.99, but brand new units can be purchased on Amazon directly through Sangean for between $121 and $141 depending on which color you order. A manufacturer’s warranty can be obtained upon request.

Sangean WR 2 Specs
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Our final consensus of the Sangean WR 2 review

The Sangean WR-2 is a solid choice for someone who is in search of a more traditional style clock radio with a classic aesthetic and straightforward, easy-to-use radio functions. Its greatest strengths lie in its sturdy, stylish design, its simple functionality, and its sound quality. You can certainly find other radios within the same price range that offer the same functions, but it is unlikely that they will look so good or be so well built.

Despite some difficulty navigating the menus, particularly that of the alarm, users have reported an overall pleasant experience using the WR-2. Though the interface is easy to use, the buttons are quite small and the tuning knob is shallow, which could present problems for users with larger hands or poor eyesight.

Another important concern that potential buyers may want to consider is that there are many users who have reported experiencing difficulties with Sangean’s customer service. For some, friendly and helpful customer service is very valuable when purchasing a product and this could potentially affect your decision-making process.

This is not radio for someone who is looking for all the modern features and values the bells and whistles over simplicity and a fashionable aesthetic. However, if you are not so concerned about all of that and only wish to own a radio that looks nice, gets great reception, and is easy to use, the WR-2 just may be the radio for you.

We hope that this in-depth review has given you a better idea of what it is like to own the Sangean WR-2 and has clearly addressed all of its potential advantages and shortcomings. Having confidence when making a significant purchase like a new radio is essential. Whether or not you decide to purchase this particular model radio, remember to inform yourself, but don’t get too overwhelmed by all the technical details. At the end of the day, your journey to finding just the right radio for you should always be fun!

Any Further Questions?

Q-1. Sometimes I prefer to listen to music at home using my headphones for a more intimate listening experience. Does the WR-2 have a headphone jack as well?

Yes, there is a standard headphone terminal on the front face of the unit. The speaker will automatically turn off as soon as your headphones or another speaker is inserted.

Q-2. Does the radio have a sleep function that you can set to shut off the radio at the desired time?

Yes, it does. The sleep timer can be set for between 15 and 60 minutes and the radio will automatically turn off once that timer ends.

Q-3. Does the WR-2 display the time or the radio station when it is on? What about when it is off?

While the radio is on and playing unless your alarm is currently going off, it will display the station it is currently playing. When turned off, it has a digital clock display.



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