The 27 Best rap radio stations in 2022

True hip-hop aficionados must have access to the top hip-hop radio stations. A wonderful method to listen to your favorite music during your daily commute is to dial into a hip-hop radio station. These stations are fantastic places to look for new music.

Hip-hop music

Despite having a significant influence elsewhere, hip-hop is today particularly well-liked in the United States. In 2020, hip-hop and R&B musicians accounted for almost one-third of all music streaming.

Despite the hip-hop genre’s increased popularity, finding quality hip-hop stations without doing some study can be surprisingly challenging. If you’re having problems finding your favorite music on the radio, don’t worry. We’re looking at some of the best hip-hop artists today.

The finest rap radio stations have all been listened to in order to compile this final list of the best in the business, which includes the most well-known stations and information on how to locate them.

27 hip-hop radio stations review

1. Streetz 94.5 FM

Local FM and online stations.

For hip-hop fans is one of the best rap radio stations.

A relatively new hip-hop station, Street 94.5 FM, is receiving a lot of listeners as a result of its online translation.

The station’s call letter W233BF has survived a change of ownership better than most. Streetz 94.5 tried very hard to be the better and ideal spot for all rap enthusiasts, but it did not need to play the current hip-hop music that all the other radio stations are playing.

The Streetz has made an effort to support numerous indigenous musicians in addition to modern urban rap and is substantially less mainstream than other nearby stations.

2. Hot 97 – WQHT-FM

Location: New York, NY

Station Type: Online / Local

The arrogant claim that it was the first station ever is made by the hip-hop radio station Hot 97 WQHT-FM in New York. The station is located in Lower Manhattan’s Hudson Square neighborhood, and the Empire State Building acts as its transmitter. In addition to hip-hop and rap music, the station carries a wide range of urban contemporary music.

Given their effect on some of the largest trendsetters in the city and the variety of cultures they represent, it is not a surprise that they are among the top hip-hop stations in New York City. Similar to the greatest hip-hop record pools, Hot 97 is known for its eclectic mix of some of the top musicians in the music business.

3. Power 105.1, WWPR-FM

Station Type: Online/Local

For fans of Urban Contemporary, Hip Hop, RnB

WWPR-FM is an urban station licensed in the New York area and owned by iHeartMedia. The station’s studio is located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan’s AT&T skyscraper, from which it broadcasts. The National Breakfast Club’s morning program’s flagship transmitter is housed in the Empower State Building.

Power is ideal for listeners of hip-hop, R&B, and modern music. The station offers a wide range of rap and hip-hop music programs in addition to a number of podcasts that you may download. It’s interesting to note that Power’s morning program is also referred to as the world’s riskiest morning show.

One of the best public shows on most networks and a very intriguing one is the Breakfast Club, which has been discovered since 2010 by well-known presenters like Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee. What’s even more incredible is that it is known as “the most dangerous morning program in the world.”

There are broadcasts from Power 105.1 all around the New York metro region. In order to hear 105.1 FM, Visit or search for the station on the iHeart Radio app to listen locally.

4. Power 106″ 105.9FM

Station Type: Local/Online

For fans of hip-hop music in Los Angeles, contemporary urban

The hip-hop radio station Power 106, which made its debut in Southern California in 1986, is owned by Meruelo Media. Numerous known and up-and-coming hip-hop artists call Los Angeles home, and Power 106 provides a stage to highlight remarkable talent.

Expert Advice: They routinely interview some of the biggest names in music, such as Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, as part of their ongoing talent. Despite only airing in the Los Angeles region, you may enjoy their variety of genres, from oldies to the newest releases, by watching their shows for free online.


Station Type: Online

For fans of old-school rap and hip-hop broadcasting station

Visit the BIGFM US RAP website to witness some of the radio station’s intriguing creations if you’re a fan of classic rap and hip-hop. Although it is situated in Germany, the station keeps up with the latest news in the rap and hip-hop scene and broadcasts both entertaining music and enlightening talk shows.

De La Soul followers are drawn to it because of the distinctive vibe on the radio station. Despite being totally online, the station has regional affiliates all throughout the United States, which helps it spread its distinctive musical style to a global audience.

6. Box KBXX 97.9

Location: Houston, Texas

Station Type: Online / Local

Head to Texas for KBXX 97.9 The Box, another high-quality radio station with a wide range of city and live music.

The website features fantastic information including event boards, interviews with famous people like Nicki Minaj, and a range of music genres to listen to. Houston’s KBXX 97.9 is one of the few radio stations in the area.

Since 2001, Mod Hatta’s morning show has been broadcast from The Box. The Box is a station and website to visit for ideas if you want to compile a list of the finest summer songs.


Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Station Type: Online/Local

The iHeart Media radio station network now includes Memphis’ hip-hop radio station KJMS.

Although this region of the country has traditionally been primarily identified with the blues, KJMS has updated its production to give listeners more contemporary urban music.

Originally known as KWAM, the station changed its name to KRNB before settling on its current moniker, K Jams.

Despite the fact that a large portion of its broadcasts is based on hip-hop and rap, they also diversify its programming with conversation shows and other things like podcasts, which you can view on its website.

It is a channel for education that provides unique insights into the market. So, if you’re interested in the income of DJs, check out their programs.


Location: Springfield, Georgia

Station type: online/local

Hip-hop, rap, and R&B fans in Georgia can listen to WEAS programming. FM’s The radio station was initially started as an easy-listening station to fight the glut of country music stations in the Springfield area before eventually becoming what it is now.

Rock and jazz are also covered by the station, which is owned by Cumulus Media, although you won’t find either of those genres on their website. Additionally, you may access events and competitions, hip-hop artist interviews, and the latest news in music and culture through our live streams.

9. Hot 107.9 Atlanta

Station Type: Local/Online
For fans of hip-hop broadcasting station

Popular Georgia radio station Hot 107.9 in Atlanta is likely best known locally for its morning program, The Morning Hustle. A fantastic lineup of hosts, including Jay Nix, Mo Quick, and other DJs, produces a wide variety of modern urban music.

One of the most influential rap stations in the region, they assisted in the career launches of a number of well-known performers, including Chris Luva Luva (formerly known as Ludacris), among many others.

Atlanta is in many ways the birthplace of high-caliber rap, and the city has produced some notable hip-hop musicians.

10. WAG

Location: Columbus, Georgia

Station Type: Online / Local

Other than well-known hip-hop radio stations in Georgia, WAGH is another iHeart affiliate that plays popular contemporary music locally.

Visit their website to listen to the newest songs from the top performers in the industry. Their extensive roster of hosts might also be helpful if you’re trying to decide on a DJ alias for yourself.

In order to maintain its own identity, WAGH, a station dedicated to hip-hop, dropped the term “The Beat” in 2004. Columbus, Georgians who like hip-hop music continue to tune in frequently, despite the station being one of the state’s newest.

11. V-103, People’s Station

Station Type: Local/Online

Audacity V-103, frequently ranked as the best radio station in Atlanta, is another rap station. Given the high caliber, the appealing individuals that have created many of their shows, and the superb musical selection, this is not surprising.

The V-103 website can help you stay current with the most recent releases, tours, and forthcoming events, as well as hear rumors if you’re looking for music business news.

There are numerous excellent DJ pools out there that have a fantastic selection of urban contemporary and rap music, and it’s likely that many of the DJs listed here will have their own playlists.

12. 102.1 FM “The Hip Hop Station”

Location: Greensboro, NC

Station Type: Online / Local

Hip-hop radio station 102.1 FM plays music continuously with a focus on rap and hip-hop. One example of a station star who achieved great success in the music industry is the late Tre Black, who performed on 102.1 as Tre Bien. This radio station has a strong connection to the genre’s past.

Audacity, Terence J., Mad Hatta, and the former E! News anchors all own The Station.

Listeners in the European Union cannot now access 102.1 FM, however, if that situation changes, heed our advice because we will update it.

13. WJLB

Location: Detroit, MI

Station Type: Online / Local

Urban contemporary music is featured for locals and visitors alike by Detroit-based WJLB, which has a presence across the country online. The Bushman Show, Zack Bogue, and Dr. Darius are among the regular programs on the station. A number of podcasts about music and culture are also broadcast there.

The station, one of the oldest on this list, deviated from the Top 40 format and concentrated on contemporary hip-hop rather than enduring oldies when it first went on the air in 1941. It is an excellent option for students looking for inspiration while creating a top 16-song playlist because of its appeal to a younger audience.

14. 106 KMEL “San Francisco’s Home for Hip-Hop and RnB”

Station Type: Local/Online

For fans of Hip Hop, RnB

A popular rap station in the San Francisco Bay Area is KMEL. Numerous musicians, including Mariah Carey, En Vogue, Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground, MC Hammer, Queen Latifah, Boyz II Men, and many other well-known vocalists, are attributed with commencing their great careers as a result of KMEL.

Numerous well-known individuals from the Bay Area and the national media have either worked at or joined KMEL. Alex Bennett, Howard Hoffman, Rick Chase, Bacca Boys, Renell Brooks-Moon, and J.J. are on this list. Paul Emerson is present.

15. 98.2 The Beat LA

Location: Los Angeles, California

Station Type: Online / Local

98.2 The Beat L.A. performs a fantastic job of showcasing the long history of hip-hop production in Los Angeles on the radio.

A handful of the names that have recently appeared on the Los Angeles airwaves thanks to The Beat LA are Stingray, Kokane, Double K, 7 SOLO, and Megan Thee Stallion. DJ King Assassin created the station, which is syndicated and transmitted globally.

Since 2008, they have brought together fans of hip-hop music from all around the world, as stated in their mission statement, calling for an inclusive and passionate community.

16. One Love Hip Hop

Station Type: Online

For fans of pop, and classic rap, an only hip-hop station

One Love is a multimedia platform created to celebrate and encourage cutting-edge music and art, and it is one of the most well-known hip-hop music stations online.

One Love’s vast selection of tracks, with a strong emphasis on the hip-hop, R&B, and rap sectors, may readily appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. The station also presents a huge selection of entertainment.

One of the things that make One Love Station such an appealing option for music fans is its upbeat demeanor. To encourage you to support newbies, this organization keeps an eye on the hip-hop landscape and frequently features a variety of new and upcoming artists.

One Love is totally hosted online, so no matter where you are in the US, you can listen to music at any time.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Station Type: Online / Local

WGCI FM, an urban contemporary music radio station with a strong hip-hop and rap lineup, is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Another radio station, this one, launched in 1958 with very different programming that amused listeners with classical music and shows tunes.

The station now concentrates on rap and hip-hop, runs a website with competitions and breaking news, and produces a few discussion shows.

You won’t go wrong by listening to these seasoned DJs if you’re looking for beginner DJ advice.

18. Cadillac Music

Station Type: Online

For fans of RnB, Old School Rap, Hip Hop

It would be cool to have a hip-hop station presented by DJ Snoopadelic, alias Snoop Dogg.

RnB is present, but RnG, or rhythm and gangsta, predominates.

Roll down the Caddy windows and share what you’re listening to with the world because Snoop’s ears are taking over the playlists.

It should not come as a surprise that they have very high criteria for musical taste.

19. Hot 96.3

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Station Type: Online / Local

Rap, soul, and hip-hop are broadcast on Hot 96.3 in Indianapolis, and more people watch their broadcasts online. The most recent music news, event information, and competitions can all be found on their website. You can tune in to them live online or on a regular radio station.

Angie Ange and The Morning Hustle Show, two syndicated programs that are also played locally by DJs, are popular with regular listeners. The station’s website also offers a convenient option to follow on all social media platforms if you are a regular fan of the DJ.

20. Hip Hop Dugout

Location: N/A

Station Type: Online

Another online radio station that allows you to stream music from anywhere in the world is Dugout Hip Hop Radio Station. It is one of the sites for hip-hop and rap lovers that is expanding the quickest, and it offers a variety of viral interviews, news, and entertainment.

You can check out the newest streams and playlists on the website, which feature everything from modern pop and new urban albums to vintage hip-hop and RnB. Tracks from some of the most well-known musicians in the genre are mixed well with songs by recently discovered artists.

21. K104 – 104.5

Station Type: Local/Online

For lovers of vintage rap, hip-hop, and soul

Rap and soul music fans from Dallas and Footer. It’s important to note that the K104 has long provided the TX with its repair.

For almost ten years, Skip Murphy and the Home Team, one of his long-running morning drive shows, ranked first.

Several well-known characters from the program have recently kept their jobs, including Wiig and comedian Nanette Lee.

22. Doggystyle

Station Type: Online

For West Coast Rap and Hip Hop enthusiasts

Due to Snoop Dogg’s canine style on Dash Radio, West Coast rap music with a homage to the past is experiencing a rebirth.

The label was first introduced in 1995 under the name Doghouse. It’s an effective approach to show the music’s more contemporary elements to an online audience.

T.LEE, Snoop Dogg, Millbeatz, Young Sagg, Clay James, Brielle Marie, SD the Emcee, and numerous other artists are among them.

23. V-103, The People’s Station

Station Type: Local/Online

Urban Hip V-103, one of Atlanta’s best radio stations, is another Audacity rap station for hip-hop aficionados. This is hardly surprising given their great and devoted hosting and the top music choices on numerous episodes.

The V-103 website is the best source for the most recent information on albums, tours, forthcoming events, and gossip in the music industry.


Location: New Orleans, LA Station

Type: Online / Local

WQUE-FM, who is from New Orleans, has musical skills in practically every genre. The station shifts away from the jazz and blues feel that is frequently associated with New Orleans and focuses on the hip-hop and rap genres that are popular in the area.

The Breakfast Club’s breakfast presentations feature live acts in addition to vintage raps that keep the residents informed. The entire site’s content is available for free viewing. Therefore, even if you live elsewhere, you won’t have to lose out on the outcomes.

25. Dirty South Radio

Station Type: Online

For lovers of urban hip-hop from the South

Dirty Southern Radio, which transmits from Ground Zero: Washington, DC, is very southern and filthy. Delivering hip hop around the clock in a city where history, war, and peace are made and broken every single minute will serve as the soundtrack to the everyday struggle to survive in the modern free world.

26. 181.FM The Beat

Station Type: Local, Online

For fans of hip-hop, modern rap, and R&B

Rap, hip hop, and R&B music are brilliantly infused in Waynesboro, West Virginia. Names like 21 Savage, Trey Songz, Bad Bunny, Lil Tjay, Saweetie, and Childish Gambino are frequently mentioned.

How to listen: If you’re not in West Virginia, go to 181.FM/recent/181-beat to listen.

27. KCEP

Station Type: Local/Online

For fans of RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, and Jazz

With bustling programming, renowned DJs and celebrities play a range of music. The top radio station in Las Vegas is KCEP.

Hip-hop radio stations are a terrific method to frequently stray from the norm and find well-known artists who infrequently appear on the top 40 list. Since its debut in 1972, it has gained popularity, and considering the eclectic mix of soul, jazz, R&B, and other esoteric genres that it features, you might be wondering where DJs get their music from.


What is the best rap station on the radio?

The best rap radio stations use their web platforms to broadcast top-notch rap music around-the-clock, both domestically and internationally. Top 5 Rap Stations:

  • Streetz 94.5 FM
  • Box KBXX 97.9
  • Hot 97 – WQHT-FM
  • One Love Hip Hop Radio
  • Power 105.1, WWPR-FM

What is the rap station in Alabama?

You can listen to WEUP on 103.1 FM for hip hop and R&B, and you can also listen to rap radio station owned by the WEUP inspirational and gospel stations here at 1700 AM and 94.5 FM

What are the rap radio stations near me?

Near me are such rap radio stations as:102.1 FM “The Hip Hop Station” and One Love Hip Hop Radio.

What is the hip-hop station in Columbia South Carolina?

Cumulus Media is the owner of the Charleston, South Carolina-based commercial radio station WWWZ. The mainstream urban music on the commercial radio station combines hip-hop and R&B. The site lies north of Charleston, and St. Thomas Island is home to the transmission tower.


We sincerely hope you liked reading about the top rap radio stations. If you’re looking for your next fix of rap, this list examines 28 of the top radio stations out there.

Rap radio stations come and go over time. To get the most up-to-date information, check back here since we’ll update this site as new stations launch.

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