Uniden BC75xlt All Lockout: What To Do About It?

While using the radio scanners, the problem with the frequency and channel lockouts is very common. 

So, what to do with Uniden BC75xlt all lockout issues?

You have to unlock the channels one by one or all together when you face this lockout issue. When you start the radio scanner for the first time, you will get the all-lockout situation where you must unlock the channels. If the issue doesn’t go away even after unlocking the channels, you have to replace or recharge the battery. If the issue is still persistent you have to replace the scanner. 

To know more details on this issue, keep reading more. 

What Does BC75XLT ALL Locked Out Mean?

On the Uniden BC75XLT scanner, the “ALL Locked Out” message means that no channels are programmed into the scanner. 

The lockout in the Uniden scanner is a useful feature by which you can temporarily or permanently block a station with the continuous transmission. So, it helps us get uninterrupted service. 

In a temporary lockout, the channels will get unlocked as soon as you turn the scanner off. But you have to unlock the permanent lockout manually.

When you use the scanner for the first time, you will find the Uniden scanner all channels locked out. Then you have to unlock it manually. You can also lock all the channels accidentally. System malfunction can cause this problem as well.

uniden scanner bc75xlt all lockout
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How To Unlock Uniden BC75xLT All Lockout?

To unlock the scan mode, you have to program the BC75xLT scanner. 

Unlocking All The Channel:

If you want to unlock all the channels together, follow the process mentioned below. 

Step 1: Stop the scanning by pressing the “Hold” button.

Step 2: once the scanning is stopped, press the L/O button and keep holding it. A message “Confirm Unlock All Channels?” will appear on the display. 

Step 3: Press the “Pgm/E” button to confirm and unlock all channels. You can cancel unlocking by pressing the “Clr” button.

Step 4: Turn Off the scanner and turn it On to check if the channel works. 

Take a look at this video for a better understanding. 

If these unlocking methods don’t work you have to perform other troubleshooting processes mentioned in the next segment.  

Speaking of radio channels, do you know radio waves are bad for our health? So, try to block as many radio waves as possible. 

Unlocking A Specific Channel:

You may sometimes want to keep unnecessary channels locked while unlocking the channels you want to listen to. In this case, you can unlock specific channels. To unlock channels one at a time, follow the process below. 

Step 1: Tap on the “Hold” button. 

Step 2: Enter the number of the locked-out channel you wish to unlock using the keypad. You can also choose the desired channel by scrolling down to it while keeping the “hold” button pressed. 

Step 3: Press the “L/O or TL/O” button to remove the lockout status of the channel. The TL/O indicates the lockout is temporary. After pressing the button the L/O or TL/O button will disappear. 

Step 4: Turn the device Off and then On it to check if the channel works. 

This is how you can unlock your desired channels one by one. 

Other Troubleshooting For Uniden BC75xLT All Lockout

Sometimes, even after programming the scanner, you still can face this problem. Like troubleshooting the Delphi radio, all the radios and scanner problems can somehow be fixed by troubleshooting. 

Here is a troubleshooting guide that you have to perform step by step. 

Replace the Batteries:

If the battery is drained or has a low charge, it can cause this all-lockout problem. So replace the batteries and try again. This scanner runs on two AA batteries. You can use either rechargeable AA batteries or AA alkaline batteries whatever you prefer. 

You also have to set the battery setting to the battery type you are using. For example, if you are using rechargeable batteries, set the battery settings to rechargeable. While using alkaline batteries, set it to alkaline.

Replace the Batteries
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Recharge the Batteries:

If you are using rechargeable batteries make sure to charge them properly. And try to charge them with a different USB to make sure the current USB isn’t faulty. Also, while charging the battery, the scanner must be turned Off. 

Using pre-charged batteries is the best idea as charging through the device requires a long time. 

Faulty Device:

If nothing of the above works, there must be a fault in the device. Especially if you have purchased a refurbished product. For example, faulty wiring, a faulty switch, or faulty units. 

The wiring of these scanners easily gets ruined and replacing them is complicated as all the wiring of Uniden scanners is not the same as pioneer wiring. Pioneer uses the same wiring harness in all models for fewer complications. 

In this case, the repair cost is almost half the price of a new scanner, and repairing is not worth it. So, better if you can send back the product and buy another from a trusted dealer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do I Reset My Uniden BC75XLT Scanner?

To factory reset the Uniden bc75xlt scanner, Press and hold the power button of the scanner to turn off the device. After that you have to press the “9”, “2”, “Hold” and the power button together. Hold it for three seconds and the scanner will be reset to its factory default setting. 

What Frequency is Uniden?

The frequency of Uniden depends on the model. UBC125XLT Radio has a frequency of 25 to 960 MHz (with gaps). For UBC75XLT radio, the frequency is 25 to 512 MHz. For the XTRAK40 model, the frequency is 400 to 520MHz (in 12.5kHz steps). 

What Is The Alternative Of A Uniden Scanner? 

Whistler scanners are a good alternative to Uniden scanners. Icom is another fantastic alternative to Uniden. You can also go for Retevis and AllAboutFun scanners. These are good brands that manufacture high-quality radio scanners. 


Here goes all the discussion on Uniden BC75xLT all lockout. Hopefully, this article cleared up all your confusion about the lockout problem. 

I am really sorry if your device turned out to be faulty beyond repair. Try to buy a brand new one from an authentic seller next time. 

That’s all for now. Have a great day!


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